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  1. TheOneAndOnlyHellequin

    Ships occassionally WILL NOT TURN

    This has been happening to me for over 2 years, getting progressively worse during this time.
  2. TheOneAndOnlyHellequin

    German Torps

    Is balance, comrade.
  3. TheOneAndOnlyHellequin

    Totally Ruined Clan Battles with ship restrictions

    Your clan is one that benefits, and yet, here you are whining about it. The point is to win on skill, not because your team is running nothing but OP ships. Only those without much team skill will have problems.
  4. TheOneAndOnlyHellequin

    Torpedo reload speed

    Yeah, range, damage, and number all factor in, but even that isn't gospel. Many DDs have lots of torps with good damage, range, and reload. I guess some nations are harder to get out of the rack for reloading?
  5. TheOneAndOnlyHellequin

    DevBlog 417 - New Ships – Closed Test 12.2

    I think there must be an award for the worst ship design, because the ships have been getting uglier and uglier these last 4 years. But, hey, w still goes forward, and guns still go pewpew, so I'm good.
  6. TheOneAndOnlyHellequin

    Absolutely DISGUSTING restrictions on new clan battles season

    Well, they didn't ban Shikishima, so this guy is just fine. And, guess what? I'll be fine if they ban that ship, too. There's like 65 T10 ships. I have most of them.
  7. Yes, it uses free xp if com xp is used up.
  8. I'm somewhere around 60 mil XP left on ships. I haven't converted any in a good 5 years.
  9. TheOneAndOnlyHellequin

    Developer Bulletin for Update 12.0

    Who thought 3 more Kearsarges was a good thing?
  10. The 2 primary reasons any ship is built with most of it's armament aft: To enable the ship to use superior speed to outrun enemies, while still being able to use most of its guns, and to push down on the stern to get the prop/props to bite the water deeper, lifting the bow slightly to increase speed and handling.
  11. TheOneAndOnlyHellequin

    Detonations Still Exist?

    While I agree they're more rare than many understand, I've only had like 30 dets between all modes the entire 6+ years I've played, a few days ago the stars must have aligned, as I witnessed 13 dets, and caused 4 of them. I felt bloody awful for the players I det'd. It's a mechanic that's just no fun at all.
  12. TheOneAndOnlyHellequin

    DevBlog 398 - New Ships – Closed Test 12.0

    A T9 Iowa class battleship with...8 inch guns, that have a longer reload than DM, with the lovely USN floaty shells kept because why not. I admit, though, the vision of this thing charging into battle sure did make me laugh. Will you guys please share whatever it is you take during ship brainstorming sessions? It's clearly better than what I'm on.
  13. TheOneAndOnlyHellequin

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    350+ on my main, now.
  14. TheOneAndOnlyHellequin

    Economic Bonuses Associated with Unique Camos

    The bonus for a permacamo has been attached to the ship itself, now, instead of the camo. You still have the camo and bonus permanently. The new thing is called Bonus Package.
  15. TheOneAndOnlyHellequin

    Heritage of Hellas: Velos in the Armory

    Grind and then give you money. Sorry, WeeGee, gotta laugh at how absurd that is.