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  1. TheKrimzonDemon

    3 vs. 3 Playing Tier VIII Carriers

    This mode this time around shows just how tone deaf WG is. Alternatively, it could be said that doing this, this way, shows they don't care what any of us think. Both mindsets are, in this case, correct.
  2. TheKrimzonDemon

    Your Best Random Operations Game(s)

    I pulled a 250k damage GJ Maerker round in Newport, of all things. Easiest Newport win ever. Most of the damage came from guns, because yummy 150mm. Think I had only 4 torp hits.
  3. TheKrimzonDemon

    OP question: transferring to new server

    I've been having basic connection issues since the patch, but the above also happened to me.
  4. Could have sworn I read it had already begun. Huh.
  5. TheKrimzonDemon

    Update 0.11.8 - Bug Reports

  6. Superships aren't awarding SCs.**EDIT: And neither are T10's. I've now played Annapolis and Forrest Sherman, conditions met, no SC. How about you just let me know when it's fixed, and then I'll play some more.
  7. TheKrimzonDemon

    Captains... Get over your obsession with AP

    My dude, if you're playing Scharn long range, you are 100% doing it wrong. Not only is she simply far better close in, but her guns lose a LOT of penetrating power over distance, both AP and HE. Go on, get in there, wreck face, the worst that can happen is you get sunk.
  8. TheKrimzonDemon

    PSA: aiming reticle bugs in 0.11.7

    In this case, you're wrong. All you have to do to fix the camera/lock on bug is have the code running on one screen while playing on another, you'll have it right there as the code does things it shouldn't. And since it's a specific thing, you'll know exactly when to look at the code. One person could have this fixed in literal minutes. This not the kind of bug that will take exhaustive hours of searching. And I know this because I've done this exact thing with a number of games.
  9. TheKrimzonDemon

    Leaving the game frustrated -- "Mercy Rule"

    I had an all supership co-op round the other night where I was the only human. Good lord, Annapolis can straight wreck face. Nice 1050 base xp.
  10. TheKrimzonDemon

    Leaving the game frustrated -- "Mercy Rule"

    Here's a thought: Can they simply give the bots 12 ships, leaving the humans at 9?
  11. TheKrimzonDemon

    Leaving the game frustrated -- "Mercy Rule"

    You had two long posts in a row, I was looking out for your health.
  12. TheKrimzonDemon

    Leaving the game frustrated -- "Mercy Rule"

    My dude, take a minute and breeeaaattthhheee.
  13. There's so much that goes into flooding mechanics that I hesitate to accuse them of being off. What I do know is that with the right modules, flags, and captain skills, combined with the flooding mechanics changes, flooding is not nearly the danger it used to be, but players still smash that DC key as soon as they take flooding.