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  1. Yeah, sorry, I had no idea they were from a friendly.
  2. Ok, I get that his response was...weird. What I don't get is what, exactly, you're complaining about. Shima vomits torps, it's what she does. You got spotted and got sunk, this happens to all of us. I'm not being snarky or attacking you, I honestly don't understand the problem, here.
  3. For all the game mods, I guess?
  4. The Rooskies play the game like I wish we would. Oh, I so wish it. Wish, wish, wish, wish. I wish I had a genie to grant the previous wish.
  5. Oh I do, I do indeed.
  6. There's so much wrong with the above, but, since I'm desperately trying to avoid my usual snark, I'm going to have to pass on it. I will say this: It should be, and is to virtually everyone else in the thread, blatantly obvious why the OP is being griefed. This is an absurd thing to have a complaint about. I'm not attacking the OP, I'm stating what virtually everyone in the thread understands to be a fact.
  7. I've never used a camo for what other people think. For the bonus, yes. For my own viewing pleasure, most certainly. I don't care what anyone else is using, and if there was a negative factor available for how little I care about what they see on my ships, then that's how much I care. If you're spending money so that people will think you're Way Cool, Jr., you're Way Doing It Wrong, Jr.
  8. There have been no changes to Oggie. You upgraded the hull.
  9. I prefer to think of it as "What's wrong with the rest of them?"
  10. Might want to do this with the NY port, so that the light shows the camo better.
  11. It does when the secondaries are also AA guns, which is much of the time.
  12. Ah, bud? People don't tend to sync drop to be on opposite teams. I mean, they can, but it isn't general practice. Also, they only have so many fighters, it isn't possible for them to be everywhere at once. Just because you didn't get them right when you wanted them doesn't mean they weren't doing their job. More, you were in the effing Kii, which has AA enough for everyone in the round, and yet you're complaining about no fighter help. Seriously? I mean, I just can't even with the entitlement being shown here.
  13. Indy herself isn't the problem. The problem is a ship with her design seeing the MM spread she does, more accurately, the specific ships in that spread. She just wasn't designed to fight them. That isn't the ship's fault, heck, many of those ships were never even built, so it shouldn't be surprising. She really has no business being at T7, as currently fitted out in game. WG justified putting Cleveland, of all ships, at T6, which is where Indy, without radar, belongs. That said, in the right circumstances, Indy can wreak holy H E Double Hockey sticks if given a chance
  14. I had the same thought.
  15. Really? Atago is unimpressive? This is the same Atago with which a total tater can wrack up 80k damage with their eyes closed and the keyboard upside down, right? Atago is one of the best cruisers, one of the best ships period, in the game. Also, you don't think cruisers are decisive? Seriously? Did the game radically change in the last week? Learn the ships, strengths, weaknesses, how to play one off the other. Learn how each ship fits with the other ships it sees in its MM spread. Just because you can't make ships work doesn't mean the ships don't work. Learn, learn, learn, and learn. And then adapt and overcome.