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  1. No. Most of the ships aren't suited for Scenarios, due to the Tier level, and requirements, of said Scenarios. Only 1 T5 has decent AA, Texas, there are massive numbers of aircraft in Scenarios. For that reason alone, T5 needs to be excluded. It gets worse when people bring T5 DD's in. Aside from the Kam Triplets, T5 DD's are massively at a disadvantage in Scenarios. The differences between tiers 5 and 6 are far more profound than people realize, and those differences are glaringly highlighted in Scenarios. I'd personally prefer it to be T6 and 7, due to the tiers of the ships arrayed against us. I can live with T6.
  2. I had that thought, too. However, I don't recall getting more XP for rescuing sailors and soldiers from sunken ships. Maybe I missed that, I honestly don't know.
  3. I've got like 80 ships I've never lost in co-op with, I have a 95% WR with like...3800, 3900 co-op rounds, tiers 1-10. I have a few draws in there, which is highly amusing to me.
  5. Kill all the lawyers who make over 100k a year, USD's. Those under that will actually work. We need those specific lawyers.
  6. I use her fighters so protect my strike squads, specifically due to their issues, and their tiers. I go through all my fighters, but I get my strikes through, and I make sure to not go after anything with AA over 50 if I can help it, until the end or near the end of the match.
  7. Toxic chat, I take it?
  8. Man, I'm sorry Kaga isn't working for you. She's by far my favorite CV. Even with auto drops, you should be wracking up massive torpedo hit numbers, and the bomb hits ain't too shabby either. Her one issue is the fighters. The 2/2/1 setup works really well for me. I hope you can get her figured out. 07
  9. "Look how AWESOME I am!"
  10. I wonder if this guy's playing the same game we are.
  11. You have over 3k battles, and don't understand how the mechanics work?
  12. The KM hydro change happened months ago, you're just now noticing?
  13. That update is optional, so most shouldn't be using it anyway. It's in effect a beta version. I always avoid betas.
  14. Wasn't even aware there was a new update. My software is set to inform me when there is one.
  15. Not sure what to make of this, so I'm just going to laugh.