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  1. TheKrimzonDemon

    Destroyers are bad for the game

    More, if he's after one ship the entire time, he's 100% doing it wrong.
  2. TheKrimzonDemon

    Destroyers are bad for the game

    Oh, but he did in fact refute the message, and he refuted the messenger at the exact same time.
  3. TheKrimzonDemon

    Max Battleships Great Again

    Clearly, you've never seen me play a battleship. I have no issues killing whatever I choose, and it's because I do aim correctly, and I don't play back and snipe, and I don't even run survival builds. The issue is 100% the player behind the keyboard.
  4. TheKrimzonDemon

    Desperation... Need Advice

    If having problems playing alone, div up, and maximize your chances of affecting the match towards the outcome you want, or, one could simply drop tiers, and administer whuppins until you feel better. Sometimes, a mental reset is all you need.
  5. TheKrimzonDemon

    Ghost shells

    2 things: De-sync with the server, and what's more probable, you fired, hit an island and didn't realize it, and the shells stayed rendered, causing you to think you'd hit the ship, when in fact you had not. I got hit with both last night in clan battles.
  6. TheKrimzonDemon

    No steel awarded for clan battles.

    Yes. In the div tab itself, where you'd go to assign a new commander for it, etc, there's a rating selection for Alpha or Bravo. You just have to be careful to check it, sometimes it glitches and you play a rating you didn't mean to play. Also, it auto sets itself to whatever rating you had last, so if you ran Bravo last, the next time, it auto sets to Bravo.
  7. TheKrimzonDemon

    Flambass Sends Mixed Messages

    This was my thought, too. :D
  8. TheKrimzonDemon

    Tier 9/10 Ranked Sprint - What is the point?

    12v12 ranked sprint is just randoms by another name.
  9. TheKrimzonDemon

    Invisible ships

    Again, I refer you to what I said last lol. Also, ping has nothing to do with watching a replay, all a replay does is show you what happened, it takes place entirely on your computer, though it uses the WG client to do so. More, our perception of time is different at certain point than we realize. We think things take, say, 5 minutes when in reality it's actually just one minute. Time feels different due to the circumstances. Dr Krimzon FTW again! :D You'll also see more things in a replay than you saw when you played the actual match, which is why replays are such a good learning tool for the game. Now, I'm not saying anything I said, aside from ping causing desync, is the reason for your issues, I'm simply stating things that could be the problem or part of the problem.
  10. TheKrimzonDemon

    Invisible ships

    Your ping is the answer, here. You were out of sync with the server. Also, the reason it seems that things are changing as you repeatedly watch something is because you HAVE already seen it, and your mind is filling in information it knows it already has to speed up the visualization process. Dr. Krimzon FTW!
  11. TheKrimzonDemon

    Invisible ships

    That sounds more like a graphics error on your end than it does a server side problem.
  12. TheKrimzonDemon

    Remove the Smolensk

    This. Especially now with the armor changes, plus, the IFHE smacked her around. Smol CAN be dangerous, but she's much easier to deal with now.
  13. Remember who you're quoting, though, my friend.
  14. TheKrimzonDemon

    The Bismark should no longer be Tier VIII

    Low quality bait, mate.
  15. TheKrimzonDemon

    The elusive Colbert and how do I get one

    If you don't have at least 5 T10 ships, you can't get her, at least not the way they're doing it right now.