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  1. TheKrimzonDemon

    Destroyers with radar

    Ah, the FR DDs do NOT have very long range torps. 8km, that's it. Also, that isn't how I run my Black, far from it.
  2. TheKrimzonDemon

    Why do I need to re-train all my Capt on my french DD's

    -Paid to get the ships. -Refuses to pay to retrain them after the ships go live. Out of the two things there, which was cheaper, should you have paid for both? (Spoiler: It's the captain doubloon retraining.) Also, all you have to do to retrain is grind out the XP, and dropping 200k credits cuts the amount needed in half. Elite commander XP and Free XP will cover the rest, should you choose to use those. More, it's always been like this on early release ships.
  3. TheKrimzonDemon

    Clan Wars Unavailable

    As they've stated, and written into the update news articles, there are no CBs on days the game updates.
  4. TheKrimzonDemon

    issues with new update ?

    No issues here.
  5. I don't know about all that, but the last thing I want to HEAR is "You're the last hope!", because I hear that way too often.
  6. TheKrimzonDemon

    Opress To Set Priority AA Sector

    Yeah, it's beyond annoying, and extremely distracting. Proof yet again that the ones making the choices for the game don't play it, otherwise, they'd know how bad it is.
  7. TheKrimzonDemon

    Hilarious Anti-CV fail rantage.

    But, can we talk about the fact this happened in co-op?! A CV was an issue in co-op?!
  8. TheKrimzonDemon

    best research point strategy in Research Bureau

    Or, you could just be smart and not do it and spend 0 money on top of that. We already have the ships and can buy and play them when we wish. The RB is nothing more than an insane cash grab as people regrind lines to get a couple of ships, to add to the ton they already have. No-one should pay real world money for free tech tree ships. The first iteration of the RB was a cash grab that also turned your ships into complete P2W ships, this new version is just the cash grab part. Both iterations are wrong.
  9. Wow, he really thought all that through, didn't he?
  10. TheKrimzonDemon

    Time to talk summer slump numbers?

    I think the 2017 slump was caused by the normal "players who've been here since the start just need a break" thing. Players in any game, especially MMO type games, tend to wind down and take a break after about a year and a half of their starting the game. The slump during 2019 on the other hand was caused directly within the game, and is entirely Wargaming's fault. The continuously more difficult, never ending grinds, including never ending Ranked, Ranked Sprint, and Clan Battles, caused player burnout on a much larger percentage of the player population than I've seen in a game before. Seriously, think about it, we've been full speed ahead with no real in game break since CB season 1 began. That's almost 2 years, as of now. Add to that the horrific trainwreck that the CV rework has been, coming on the heels of all that. The energy, the ability to deal with the game has plummeted. Plus, the event rewards have decreased in perceived value constantly, while the work to gain those decreased value rewards has increased constantly. I'm not even going to go into how the quality of the teams affects whether people want to play, that's another whole discussion on its own.
  11. TheKrimzonDemon

    RPF doesn’t work

    The only problem with RPF is most players don't know how to use it properly, and most of the ones not using it have no idea how to use it against the one who has it. RPF itself works just fine.
  12. TheKrimzonDemon

    not enough time to complete objectives

    This. I also completed most of the credit missions in clan battles, in one night. These directives were far easier than the ones for Hill, which is absurd since they're both average powered T5 DDs. I gave up on Hill, however I got Siroco almost as soon as the last directive went live.
  13. TheKrimzonDemon

    Ranked meta shows unhealthy state of cruisers

    This. Plus, most of the T9 DDs, prem and tech, are just nasty, while the cruiser counterparts, aside from the Super Heavy Cruisers, simply aren't. Most of the tech tree cruisers are at best side-grades of the T8 cruisers, while the T9 DD's are pretty much all vast upgrades over the T8 DD's. Also, it isn't the DD's that are keeping the cruiser population low, it's the presence of so many Musashi's, because they don't even bother to laugh at the armor of cruisers, they simply ignore that it's even there to begin with.
  14. TheKrimzonDemon

    French DD event: WGing is copying EA's predatory money grab tactics.

    Apparently you don't realize no-one needs to buy any of the boxes, we'll get all those DDs anyway.
  15. TheKrimzonDemon

    leander and lighting

    Oh, noes, there's just no way that happened!