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  1. I'm also not getting my Twitch containers.
  2. TheKrimzonDemon

    64 damage and a kill

    I had a Kraken way back when where I did less than 500 damage to each ship I sank. I was a kill securing machiiiiiiiiine.
  3. The first thing to understand is that every ship is different, I always suggest playing a new ship in co-op a few rounds to get a feel for it, and for how to outfit it as far as mods. Personally, I take propulsion on very few cruisers in randoms, and take steering most of the time in its place. However, in competitive, I take propulsion, because there a more cautious, hide and seek approach tends to net the desired results.
  4. It almost feels like WG wants us to stop playing their game. Or something.
  5. TheKrimzonDemon


    Welp, my interest died when I didn't get picked lol. No interest at all in yet another weekend where teams don't try to win, just try to sink the event ships.
  6. TheKrimzonDemon

    Update 0.10.1, Clan Battles restrictions

    I'd argue Kita should be on the list, otherwise, no complaints from this guy.
  7. TheKrimzonDemon

    Ships Bought With Tokens: Non-Convertible XP

    The xp will convert like normal as soon as they are fully released. It has always been this way with early access, it will most likely always be this way. You can't convert the xp right now because they aren't officially released.
  8. TheKrimzonDemon

    My Precious... (PVE Thread)

    I decided on Shikishima over FDR. Shiki is just stoopid broken in co-op lol.
  9. Black seems to be doing the work I need it to do.
  10. TheKrimzonDemon

    Clan Battles: "Greece" Season

    I won't be surprised if/when Kita is banned for the season, not because I want it to be, I intend to play it, but because it's just so stupidly brokenly powerful.
  11. TheKrimzonDemon

    This game is junk now

    The thing everyone has to remember is this is a game, and multi-player games change constantly. Sometimes, those changes are huge, and take time to adjust to. Those who can adapt thrive, and those who can't become food for those who can. I understand many of us find a sweet spot within the game, and we don't want to lose it and in effect begin again, searching for a new sweet spot, but this is how it is, and always will be.
  12. Man, you've got the cursor over Mod one, the stock mod, not Mod 2, the upgrade.
  13. TheKrimzonDemon

    Battlecruiser Branch - a topic for discussion

    The BC's in game, such as PEF, Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Dunkerque, Stasbourg,(To name a few), function just fine in the battleship branch. More, were they to create a BC branch and shift ships to it, they'd have to rework how BC's are implemented in the game, most of them would actually become much, much weaker, would be in essence cruisers, another branch we already have. It wouldn't be worth it, and they'd become meaningless, they wouldn't be able to fight anything but each other effectively. I'd like to see more battlecruisers in game, but I'd prefer they be worked into the battleship branch.
  14. TheKrimzonDemon

    Bureau Ships after rework

    If anything, secondaries are better, because pretty much anything with them can make effective use of them. I've noticed no real difference in my secondary focused ships, and an improvement in the old ships I wouldn't use them on. So, yes, Ohio is still very much worth it.
  15. All of them. Plus, it takes many Des Memes to hold the ladder whilst the GK's screw in said light bulb.