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  1. The_Hellequin

    Amalfi: How to SAP

    2 things: Don't aim at the belt, and damage saturation. Make sure what you aim at is something you can actually deal damage to.
  2. Why, thank you, kind sir!
  3. The_Hellequin

    Anyone have opinion on Somers?

    I prefer Somers over Gearing. Yes, Gearing has better detection and AA, but detection and AA do not a better DD make. Somers is great at cap contesting/taking and torping the living eff out of whatever gets within visual distance. Her guns are better than people realize, and she's fast, which Gearing is not. More, she has low torp detection, meaning you have a better chance of getting hits, plus, she has more torps than Gearing. All in all, she's a well rounded DD.
  4. I dunno, I find being able to fight back against a CV for the first time in close to 2 years pretty darn refreshing.
  5. The_Hellequin

    ST 0.9.11, Ranked Battles Overhaul

    This was very poorly thought out, and apparently is going to be poorly executed. So, same old, same old, from WG.
  6. The_Hellequin

    Ranked Battles

    I've been at this game for 4 years, and have 34 T10's. It's all about how much time you invest and how well you play while investing that time.
  7. The_Hellequin

    A Gascogne and Champagne Comparison

    The one thing Champ has is cruiser accuracy on 16 inch guns, but she's like Slava, she's more accurate at range. It comes down to choice and playstyle. Most players will do better with Gascgone than they will Champ, Gas can get them in the fight and do some good stuff while surviving longer, Champ requires patience, good awareness, and good target selection, and those are things that many players just don't have.
  8. How about you play something other than BBs all the time, which you arent even good at, and so learn to defend yourself against the various threats the game has to offer? No-one makes the "limit the ammunition except for BBs hurr hurr" argument unless they are a BB main and not good at the game. Position better, stop sailing in straight lines, stop charging right into the red team, learn to aim, choose the right ammo type for the engagement. If one does these things, one tends to not be worried about how much ammo the other guy has, because said ammo isnt hitting one's ship. This is a game, this isnt real life.
  9. The_Hellequin

    Spotted in smoke without firing

    The RM Cruisers smoke firing penalty is severe, and this is because the smoke isn't meant to be used for offense, it's meant to be used to reposition and break away from the enemy. It's better to be a good 10km away in RM cruisers when in smoke, anyway. This puts you outside the penalty for the entire line.
  10. Again, IFHE is not wanted or needed, because you need the fire chance of the 105's far, far more than you need the very, very situational pen increase IFHE would give them.
  11. KM BB's do not, repeat, do not, want or need IFHE. They have increased pen already built into the shells.
  12. Won't ever buff, eh? Someone hasn't been paying attention. Also, Pommern isn't bad by a long shot, and while her guns aren't the best in the game, they're far better than the "I cant make it work because Im bad!" crowd makes them out to be.
  13. The_Hellequin

    Proof: chat bans triggering without chatting

    A)Pretty much where I was going, and, of course, B) Speaking outside of Support about punishments is itself against the ToS.