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  1. Massachusetts personal best

    Incorrect. IFHE is gonna net you massive increases in damage on Mass's secondaries. Had you had IFHE on yours, you'd probably have had another 20-30k in sec damage, and a couple CQE's to go with that. Not knocking you, that's a damn good match, I just have a feeling it could have been even more glorious. The issue with Mass is that she's unique for USN BB's, and most players don't/won't spec a captain for a premium ship, they try to spec them to be as useful as possible. Personally, I use my Cleveland captain, which has IFHE. If i did have a 19 pointer free for the USN, then I'd possibly go full secondary nerd build on her with MFC, but I feel IFHE is better. Her sec accuracy is already insane. Edit: For whatever reason, I thought I was replying to the OP, who uses IFHE. #Imadummy
  2. Difficult question. Pretty much any BB that was hard to learn is at the bottom of my favorites list. I think the hardest to learn, in the tech tree, for me were Bismarck and Yamato. I still don't like Bismarck, and while I've become effective in Yamato, I don't find being everyone's favorite target the whole match fun. :P I'd change the question a bit: What BB that is said to be hard to play/do well in do you do well in? For me, that's Normandie and Lyon. I see, often, players who detest them, due to how they need to be played, and due to their guns, which can be quite trolly. However, I do very, very well in them, and enjoy playing them a great deal.
  3. The Kongo's were BC's. Just saying, lol. I'd argue that GC and all the Conti de Cavour's were, as well. I also see Cv's a lot, especially at t7 and under.
  4. Potatoes Spamming Report

    Nope, system doesn't work that way. One person can't get you chatbanned. Only a lot of people in the match reporting you, or reports piling up over time, get you chatbanned. Basically, if you get a chatban, you earned it. For the record, what you said up there would get you reported, and I have a good feeling what you actually said is worse than what you're showing. You earned it, man up and change the behaviors that got you the ban. Personally, if someone in essence told me "You aren't worth supporting, later, enjoy sinking", I'd probably report them, it is extremely poor team play. Also, discussing punishments on the forums, is, like toxic chat, against the ToS for the game and the websites.
  5. News flash: If I'm driving a DD, and I want the CV dead, it dies. Radar ain't gonna save it.
  6. My man, you're giving low quality bait threads an even worse reputation than they already had, with this post. In case you're serious...I honestly can't believe you're serious.
  7. CV Captain Matchmaking

    The MM has no way of knowing how many skill points a captain has, or what skills they are using. Also, if you were against a T5, then you also had a T5 on your team. Dual Cv's should, and need, to work together, combining fighters and coordinating their strikes for maximum effectiveness. In the future, make sure you're communicating with your fellow Cv driver. If you're alone, well, you just have to gain experience, and skill points, and the only way to do it is by playing matches.
  8. It's because A) They're tier 4, B) All lines start this way except cruisers, and that's because cruiser are the starting point in the game, and C) CV's are the most difficult ships to play in the game, a player needs the information learned prior to them in order to have a chance to understand the game enough to use them.
  9. Question about Alaska and Jean?

    This gif never gets old.
  10. Can we haz small reload buff for Atago plz

    Ah, ok. (Still, I thought it was hilarious if you'd called me catty. xD )
  11. Can we haz small reload buff for Atago plz

    WR is actually 50.18%. It's WR and damage are low for one reason only: Anyone can get it, and it's generally purchased by people not long after they start playing this game. They have zero idea how to use the ship, thus, lowered stats. Atago, even now, is one of the stronger cruisers in the game, and it has virtually no issues being uptiered. She's like a Zao with a longer reload, her HE wrecks face and burns the world, and her AP sends cruisers back to port with no warning. I'll tell you what doesn't "compute": "I have played the Atago almost 500 times and love it, its my most played ship", and then follow that with, in essence, bad bote is bad. No-one plays a bad ship 500 times.
  12. Can we haz small reload buff for Atago plz

    Did you just call me "catty", Warped?
  13. Clevelan to the Worst

    Is it wrong that I actually want that for an in game camo?
  14. Can we haz small reload buff for Atago plz

    Have you ever gotten a DS or 2k base xp in co-op? No? Good, because no-one else has, either. Also, I'm betting he wasn't on premium time, so, credits are lower.
  15. DD's high tier game is bad

    If you got one salvo deleted at 20k in a cruiser from a BB, then that is entirely on you, and has nothing to do with any class being OP, it has to do with your play and map awareness very much under performing. In any ship, any ship at all, if you sail in straight lines, you are cannon fodder. I one shot a Caledon a few days ago with Itchy Zuchini of all things. Don't sail in straight lines, understand where you are, what you can hit, and most importantly, what can hit you. This applies to all classes. Those who follow it get to one shot other players, those who don't get to be those who get one shot. If you aren't the predator, you're the prey.