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  1. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    PSA - Win A Free Premium Ship or Camo

    Then would you care to explain how my WR got so much better?
  2. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    Total crap with the FPS drops.......

    I have a top of the line system, and it's happening to me, too. This problem isn't on the players. it's entirely on WG, who apparently haven't fixed the issue from last week as well as they thought. By that, I mean "at all."
  3. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    When did they buff dreadnought

    It was, iirc, the last patch of 2018, it may have been the January patch, when they gave it the correct speed. It really doesn't change anything, but its still nice.
  4. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    "Hurr durr playing DD against CVs is just fine"

    And I strongly suggest you check the attitude with mods, especially community volunteers. They're doing a job, a needed job, for free. Keep that in mind, please. More, I've seen nothing from this mod that would be against the norm, part of a mods job is to keep things from getting out of hand in advance, so we keep our threads open, keep the dialogue flowing, and don't get warnings and points against us, remember, we only get the 5 strikes, and then we just have to shut up and stew about whatever it is we wanted to talk about. If you have an issue with a mod, take it up with them through a PM, not out here on the forums. As an aside, I'm all but certain the volunteer mods have alternate accounts for their mod duties, to avoid having them community come after them, since we'd know who they were.
  5. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    Mouse's Previews of Yukikaze and Montpelier

    Welp, since I have Cleve and Harekaze, there's really no reason to waste any cash on these, no matter why they're being added to the game. Kag's already not great, I don't need to pay real money for a worse version.
  6. It took a full div from my clan for me to finally be able to five star it. Up to that point, the most id ever gotten was one star, and to date have lost that OP about 95% of the time. So, no, it really isn't worth it.
  7. Th3KrimzonD3mon


    I don't know why, but I get this feeling you're mad at WG for something... Inb4 the lock, screaming at people on the forums, WGs forums, telling them to drop the game, isn't going to help you with your "case" with WG, it isn't going to help you at all, honestly.
  8. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    WG's Match Maker fair?

    Funny, I'm over 60%. So, what you're actually saying is that the MM is fine, it's just you aren't good enough to get the job done. Ain't it funny how we tell the truth when we don't intend to?
  9. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    Reasons why XVM/MM Monitor are useful

    I'm honestly not a fan of the mod, however, that said, I know it's being used against me and my teams, so... It would be foolish of me to allow the reds a tool that I could use, but am not. Where can I find it?
  10. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    Weekend Motivation

    ...You mean people actually have motivation to play on the weekends?
  11. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    crowns after event

    Incorrect, crowns can be purchased with dubz, they cannot be converted into them. So...good luck with that, I guess?
  12. Realistically, not well is the answer I come up with. While the addition of French Naval units would have helped to a small degree, they'd have had to deal with the air assault the rest of the Allies had to deal with, and then there's the inescapable thing: As a fleet, and as individual ships, the French navy was vastly outclassed by the IJN, in number of ships, in ship types, in training, in armaments, and in a total lack of air power. At the time ABDA existed, the French adding ships to it would have made virtually no difference at all, except to cost the Allies ships they later relied upon. In the end, it was actually better for the Allies that the French weren't really part of the Pacific war in WW2.
  13. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    the spotting aircraft consumable

    Incorrect. The system is set so that you have the consumable if you need/when you really want it, not to just, you know, have it. And, it forces you to use strategy and tactics, it forces you to learn the game, and understand just when you really do need it. This is a good thing.
  14. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    Will IFHE be nerfed? What would it mean for light cruisers?

    To me, IFHE itself isn't inherently the issue, it's the RoF of the ships that usually take it. Combine increased penetration with absurd rates of fire and a high main gun barrel count, such as with the Akizuki line or Seattle/Woostah, and then you have a problem. I don't find IFHE to be that major a thing on ships such as Cleveland or Kutozov, or even Belfast, personally, the RoF is just low enough to give you a chance to avoid the incoming fire. When you have the Aki's or the ATL sisters, it's an inescapable flood of HE penning death. I love my ATL, Flint, and Akizuki, but the reality is that those ships, and their in game classes, shouldn't be among the highest DPM ships in the game. Throw in that they all have ways to deal damage without having to take it in return, and it becomes brutally unfair. When you have a situation where everyone loves to play it, and hates to play against it, it's right then you should realize it's over powered. Some ships truly need IFHE, many actually don't, but the game allows us to choose whatever we want for wherever we want it. This leads to Perth being good in most hands, and Akizuki being OP in most hands. The game shouldn't be doing our job for us, as players. I see both sides here, I know I benefit from it, personally. The thing is, how do we get it to where it's an all around "good", instead of what we have? How do we get it to where it's a real choice to make, and not a total iWin button of a no-brainer? I honestly don't have the answer. I wish I did, though I would suggest cutting the pen increase IFHE gives you in half, while leaving the fire starting reduction as it is when taking the skill.
  15. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    Fix your game

    More like a vodka break...