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  1. Fletcher main battery build: Worth it?

    If you've gotten into a situation where you need that 3k extra HP in a DD, you are so definitely doing it wrong.
  2. Fletcher main battery build: Worth it?

    PT, LS, SI, CE should be your first 4 skills, SI can be switched with torp reload time, but SI should be the next 3 point skill. SE is, honestly, wasted compared to the other 2 3 point skills.
  3. Sorry, but "polite fellow" and "trolls his teams" aren't remotely the same thing. Consumables are important, very important, and for a great many players, just making the mistake on their own is infuriating, having someone trick them into doing it just causes rage. And you, for whatever reason, immaturity, I assume, think it's funny to hurt your teammates. You're a toxic player, and you earned your ban. Grow up.
  4. DD flags

    They stopped selling non economic flags in Jan 2017.
  5. IJN DDs are a Joke

    1-You're totally incorrect. 2-Insulting me because you don't agree with me is extremely childish and toxic, it's the behavioral step we take when we don't actually have a real argument.
  6. Petition to rename Pensacola

    I'll vote for that.
  7. Pink... well that escalated quickly

    Much agree that DD is easier to play solo with. There are a few BB's that bend the rules, so to speak, such as Lyon, but it's much easier to play BB's in a div. I find cruiser easier to play solo, as well.
  8. Pink... well that escalated quickly

    Ah. I thought you already had it. Makes sense, it's what I do with new toys, as well.
  9. Pink... well that escalated quickly

    Wombat, what were you even doing in T10 co-op? XD
  10. Aigle Marathon mission is to vague!

    It IS in the game, literally, and there's nothing vague about it. Right over on the left in the combat missions section. I find it...odd, that after over 9k rounds, you don't realize to simply check the tab when you log in to see what's on for the day/week/weekend. Blaming WG, or anything, for perceived issues you have the control to rectify is just not right.
  11. The New AA Troll at T7

    I took down 57 in a round with it a couple weeks ago. 'Twas epic.
  12. The weekends, what can be done?

    If you lose 12 straight matches, you're involved in the losing. Damage and kills don't matter of they don't come at the right times. Want to win? Play the objective and don't spend your time farming damage to cause yourself to look better, at your teammates expense. My WR is better on the weekend than it is during the week, also.
  13. The issue with the HE/AP types in this game is just that, it's a game, unless they make the mechanics work exactly as they would irl, nothing but AP is simply not viable, especially given their game model of 20 minutes or less matches. Personally, I like having options, being able to switch shell types has, many times, saved my ship, or a teammate's ship, it has won the game.
  14. USN CL/A Split - Incentivise Dropping Back

    Well stated. I agree.