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  1. Hey there, I appreciate you helping prove my point, though naturally that wasn't your intention. Welcome to my Ignore List, it's full of people just like you, so you won't be lonely. :)
  2. 75k xp mission bugged

    So, have they fixed it yet? It's only a major thing within the game, and the silence on the issue makes them look even worse than they usually do.
  3. That people called the OP's post bad is very concerning to me. Gotta love the narrow minds of a certain type of people.
  4. Christ You Doom Sayers

    Someone has apparently not actually done any of the missions, and so doesn't know how difficult it really is. Isn't it interesting that the people who never do things are the ones who know it all about those things?
  5. MM imbalance

    100% agreement.
  6. MM imbalance

    Ok, you know, I try to deal with the MM, I think we all do in our own ways, but today has been absurd. Twice, my team faced 3 16 inch gunned BB's, 2 15 inch gunned BB's, and 2 14 inch gunned BB's, with 3 Scharns, 3 Konigs and a Dunk, and each of those red teams also had an extra DD. Those red teams also had radar(Go Indy!). Want to guess how that all turned out? The shocking thing, aside from how poorly the teams played, was how close we came to winning in 4 of them(Only to watch those wins vanish because derping around is just SO important). That's beside the point, the demoralization of the teams at the start shouldn't have ever been an issue. In one, we had a 3 man div bail on us due to the line ups before the round even began, that's the one we got obliterated in. No, they shouldn't have bailed, but they also shouldn't have felt the need to bail. It's like everything we all complain about or wish could be changed, all in the same battle. Yeah, I'm venting some frustration, but I'm not raging and cursing and screaming and blaming WG for the death of JFK and the fall of man, I'm just, you know, saying. While there are certain things the MM can't do, like determine which ships with a choice in the radar slot actually have it equipped, it CAN deal with things like the above, even numbers of DD's between teams, the disparity between the BB's. That it doesn't, even after all the complaints, to me shows that WG really doesn't care about the issue. I, for one, am willing to wait longer for a balanced match. I know some people are going to disagree, and that's fine, this is just my own feelings on the matter at hand. It sucks big time to look at the lineup and instantly think *even if we all play like unicums, this is gonna be way harder for us than it will be for them*, it's a game, it's supposed to be fun, and there's already enough uphill grind type things in this game, I feel that WG needs to take that into account. Peace, out.
  7. Oh, come on team!

    4 of my 5 teams today gave away the win. Only one red team actually earned the win they got, and honestly the MM helped them out in that regard. That 7-2 ratio team I mentioned? It happened today, again. 7-2, 975 points, all 7 ships were sunk by two half health and under cruisers. The average HP of those 7 ships at that time was 65%, and they LOST.
  8. Oh, come on team!

    The playerbase at large has an astonishing lack of tactics and strategy, even the basics. 'Tis life, it happens. I've had rounds where I sank when we had 950 points and a 7 to 2 advantage in ships, and lost.
  9. Bogatyr!

    And further, that must have been one heck of a rock you were under, to only be discovering this now.
  10. Musashi ain't worth it

    While I agree the price is horrific, people can do what they want with what they have, it doesn't affect me. Right now, I'm about to have 4 shiny new T10's, just because, rather than yet another premium IJN BB. I don't need it for captain training, and if it doesn't have some massive economic benefit coming with it, like MO, for that price, I see zero reason to waste the free xp on it. That's ME, though. Maybe some people collect, maybe some people don't have any premium IJN BB's, maybe some people just have 40 trillion free xp and won't even miss it when they use it, I don't know, and I don't care. It isn't MY xp, it's theirs.
  11. Musashi ain't worth it

    Thanks, bud, you just gave me my first hard LOL of the day. Have a +1.
  12. 3 t4 skills in most BB's is a waste, taking EM and AR both is a much better use of points. Just because they're T4 skills doesn't mean they're always going to be the most useful in a build for a particular ship. In a BB, your best weapons are your main guns, and no matter the national line, anything that brings those guns in to action faster is a massive plus. Some you need to build for secondaries, some for AA, some for concealment, but ALL for damage dealing ability.
  13. Impossible DoY missions

    "You didn't give me exactly what I wanted for next to nothing, so, you're bad, your game is bad, and everything about you and your game is bad, because I don't want signal flags, which help in so many ways in the game, because reasons. The joke's on you WG!" The OP is definitely not correct, incidentally.
  14. Impossible DoY missions

    Hey there Mr. Self Righteous! You fail to realize I know all about about that issue, and that, while difficult, it's still doable. It kind of irks me when people put words in other people's mouths and assume things. Also, it's "Holier than thou", not "Holier than though." I think poor grammar makes people look silly.
  15. 75k xp mission bugged

    Then you also need to extend the duration of the campaign, because I know for a fact many of us were intending to do this particular one, especially since one of the others is virtually impossible. Not impossible, but very nearly so, and it could take longer than the campaign originally ran for to achieve it, on top of that. tl;dr: You screwed us, now make it up to us. Please. o7