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  1. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    Attacked for mounting Spotter on DM

    Agreed. I run a number of non-meta builds as well, simply because they work for me. My difference is I still try and play to the ship in questions strengths. I don't think I've ever chased someone out of a game and raged at them, and I've been at this a LONG time. I've sought them out and apologized for something I did, but never have I attacked them. I mean, it's absurd.
  2. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    Attacked for mounting Spotter on DM

    DM is a DD killing machine, due to turret traverse and rate of fire, and that's before you pop radar. She has lower, better arcs than Woostah and MinnyMouse. The only cruiser that's as good as or even close to DM in the murder of DD's at the edge of radar range and back is Zao, because Zao's HE is just absurdly powerful, and she has the extra turret and laser sighted rail guns in her turrets, she gives up RoF for accuracy. The others have such high arcs, it's difficult to nail DD's consistently. Neptune's pretty good at DD murder, but only if she's alive, they don't tend to last long.
  3. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    Attacked for mounting Spotter on DM

    I don't agree with people attacking fellow players, I just don't. We all need to be constantly learning in this game, because it constantly changes, no one player is so good that this isn't required. I'd like to point out a few things, both within the game, and with how you play. Please understand that at no point am I attacking you, in any way. Ok? Now, for DM, in all game modes, radar, even without the special module, is the go to consumable. It does things spotter planes simply can't, and its cool down is far faster, and it just has much more spotting range for your team. That's the important thing here, "team." You are part of a team. When you play in a manner that clearly doesn't facilitate teamplay, people are going to call you out on it. They want to win. radar is for teamplay, it helps win games, DM with spotter is, well, selfish, and doesn't lead to wins much of the time. Next, I'm going to do a few comparisons, statistically, between you and I. I repeat, I am not attacking you in any way with these observations. You have about 1100 more rounds played in randoms than I do, the following are some key statistical differences between us: With 50% more rounds than myself, we have almost the exact same average damage; My average XP a match is almost 500 more points than yours; My spotting damage and spotted ships is higher; My kills on average is higher, and so is my overall KDR; My WR is almost exactly 10% higher; And most telling, really, is that my survival is well over 2 times yours. You're getting most of your damage farming BB's, and you aren't finishing them off. I'm killing more, dying less, spotting more, capping and defending more, and damaging the right things at the right times. What I am not doing is putting myself in bad positions trying to farm damage, because farming damage doesn't help the team win, lethal damage does, and getting sent back to port when my team needs me most. I am playing to win, not to drive my damage up. A cruisers primary jobs are: Spotting, counter DD, and counter cruiser play, and in the current game format, AA protection. These things only become more important the higher one goes in tier, not less. Damage may look good on your stats, but the wrong damage to the wrong things at the wrong times causes your teams to lose their games. I'm not calling you out on anything, I'm not saying you're a bad player, honestly, you aren't bad player. Your WR will skyrocket if you use the skill your stats show you have for your teams' benefit, instead of just your own. Some players, they'll call you out when they see the things I've pointed out, players are constantly looking each other up, if only to confirm what they perceive to be "facts" in battle. Then, they come after you. I don't agree with what they do, however I do understand the frustration they feel, at times, with what they believe is selfish play. While there is no real "only way, the right way" to play this game, we can, and should, always try to improve. You're a good player right now, however, with just a little tweaking in how you do things, you could be a really good player, or even a great one. The skill is clearly there, it's up to you to reach your potential. 'Nuff said, have a good one, bud.
  4. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    This is why there is no such thing as kill stealing

    I remember a match in De Grasse back in the spring where I got smacked hard as soon as I was spotted. I spent the rest of the match with 743 HP, over 100k damage, and top of the match in scoring. That was the day I mastered the art of dodging incoming fire.
  5. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    Am I reading this right?.....

    Depends on the bote, and the people you're firing them at. I mean, we can go a whole day without landing a fish, these days. Still, 2k matches. Just, ouch. Playing nothing but torp firing ships, it would take the average player like a year and half, if not more. I mean, OUCH.
  6. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    Flank Bell Fridays - Most Effective Destroyer

    The one I'm in when they sail right into my torps, that's the most effective DD for me.
  7. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    West Virginia 44 released.... for wows blitz.

    Yes! That thing! No idea how to use it, though...
  8. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    West Virginia 44 released.... for wows blitz.

    That's the thing with the dial and numbers, right?
  9. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    West Virginia 44 released.... for wows blitz.

    Note I got downvoted for that, too. xD
  10. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    Community Contributers have higher odds of Supers.

    This man, this man right here! He totally gets it.
  11. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    Community Contributers have higher odds of Supers.

    Dang right I summoned you. It's what I do. It may be all I'm good at. I should be regretting my life choices about now.
  12. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    Nicknames you have given to your ships

    Kronnie the Kommie, because I never remember how to spell the dang name. Glorious Communist, October Revolution. French Fry, Friant. "My T3 battleship", St Louis. Citadel Circus, Black Swan. Hockeystick, Okhotnik. Graf Zepplin, Grosser Kurfurst, because I burn, like, a lot. "My 16 friends", Lyon. Muddy Sue, Mutsu. Mutt Sucky, Mutsuki. Hissin Yuck, Hsienyang. Mumu, Chung Mu. Sandman, Wakeful. The Thundering Herd, Cossack. Thunderer, Lightning. Yammytater, Yamato. Buffyhellno, Buffalo. Alice, Dallas, because she hits like a 5 year old girl. Orange Julius, Guilio Ceasre. NormanDIE!, Normadie. About 30 ships are referred to constantly as "FML", it should be self explanatory. At some point, I've had names for all of them, these are just the ones that instantly come to mind.
  13. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    Am I reading this right?.....

    I'm sitting here trying to figure out how long it would take to get 10k torp hits in this game, and, honestly, my mind is shutting down over it.
  14. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    Community Contributers have higher odds of Supers.

    My friend, you aren't getting what we're saying, and what WG said: The SC comes when the roll comes up with a ship you already have. So, if the roll keeps coming up with ships you don't have, no SC. If one of, if not the, only ships they didn't have was MO, then that's the ship they got. I got a ship followed by 4 SC on my NA alt last week, and that set of crates netted me 9 ships out of 20 crates. I'm not a CC. I don't record vids for YT, nor do I stream. RNG does appear to like me when I spend money, it doesn't appear to like me when I'm playing rounds with @RedSeaBear, and, for some reason, it seems to think I'm God-like when I'm playing with @Lord_Zath. (Zath is better than RNG, he causes all the botes to turn broadside for me to pewpew at my leisure.) RNG is just that, sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad, and sometimes you're that poor dude in the middle with no RNG at all.
  15. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    How long do they last?

    I see what you did, there.