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  1. Players, seriously, if you don't stay together and near Trans, she goes down, and you lose, wasting everyone's time in the bargain. No, the Op isn't easy, and it's not meant to be, you have to work together to just win it, let alone 5 star it. I know teamwork is an oxymoron in this game, but the Halloween scenarios require it. Pay attention, listen to those who've done it well already, and learn. Krimzon out.
  2. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    Cossack or Haida?

    In a word, Haida.
  3. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    Daring build- suggestions?

    Pretty much what I was going to say. This guy nailed it.
  4. 3 of my most played BB's are on that list. This is really quite concerning. Mass, especially, gets nailed by it, as she is 100% a close range secondary ship. This change would mean that she couldn't do that, and her guns miss a LOT at range, which means she immediately would become worthless. Nelson has the heal, and didn't really have much decent armor anyway, and Lyon, like Nelson, does most of her damage at range, so I should be able to cope with the change for them. If, and I stress if, this goes live, they should offer a refund for all those who bought Mass, and honestly, Gascogne as well.
  5. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    Gallant Nerf

    I actually disagree with you on this, bud. Aside from a slower acceleration, and a middle of the pack firing range, she's far, far superior to both the T5 and 6 tech tree RN DD's. The tech tree hydro isn't overly useful, and you lose that very important speed boost to get it, plus, the severely gimped smoke is just, no. I prefer Gallant over Jervis, as well, Gallant has longer ranged, faster reloading torps, in addition to the better smoke and a speed boost. I made a reply on someones topic the other day to the effect of I'd take the T3 Vampire over the T5-7 RN Tech Tree DD's. I wasn't kidding. All the RN based premium DD's, save Cossack which I don't have so I can't comment on it, are better than the tech tree variants.
  6. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    Premium CV Refund

    Hey Fem, do we know when the Beta starts?
  7. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    Thanks Wargaming for the free stuff

    Thanks for enabling me to refill my speed flags! Like, seriously.
  8. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    Premium Shop Rip Off Thievery!

    You split it between accounts, there is no error on WG's fault, it's entirely on you. The bonus is for the account, not for the payment method.
  9. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    So what's happening to premium CVs?

    They don't know yet. I have this weird feeling that when they know, they'll tell us. No idea why I have that feeling...
  10. Th3KrimzonD3mon


    I'd disagree with Ishi, I find her quite fun to play. KK, however, is so hilariously bad, just, wow. I mean, I laughed while playing her and constantly apologized to my team.
  11. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    Ranked Sprint Awards

    I'll drag Fujin and Kami in to ruin peoples days, but I doubt I'm going to be dedicated about this Sprint thing.
  12. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    purchase ship when previous ship is researched

    Nurnberg is a better Konigsberg, and fun to play. You either play the ships, or you burn the free XP to bypass them. Those are your options, and other than simply not playing the line any further, your only options, and they're the same options for us all.
  13. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    Mass vs FDG: P2W!

    The stock may be, however, that's true of virtually every ship in the game.
  14. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    Mass vs FDG: P2W!

    Entirely false, I routinely hit targets at FdG's max range.
  15. Th3KrimzonD3mon

    Mass vs FDG: P2W!

    If you're going to come on the forums and make long winded complaint threads, I suggest getting your facts straight before you do so. FdG has both better sigma and better dispersion than Massachusetts., and her main gun range and secondary range is longer than what WG gave to Mass. More, one really needs to invest in IFHE to get Mass' secondaries to perform adequately. WoWs is very much not P2W. You really need to learn what "P2W" actually means.