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  1. Why you heff to be mad!!

    I got reported 2 times in my last match last night for playing Belfast. It didn't help that I harassed the reds from start to finish and carried my team. :P We're 20 times more likely to get reported for doing well or being in a certain ship in this game, rather than getting complimented for being a good player. The karma system is a joke.
  2. @renegadestatuz, reset the timer, yet again, bud. Moving on. Why is so so hard for people to understand that A) Subs would be hellishly hard to balance for this kind of game, and B) Subs would be bad for the game, period. Do you WANT 4/5 of the playerbase to bail on the game?
  3. Paying for the upper hand - Advertising

    A) They could, can be, and will be available to earn. B) If you aren't any good, those buffed skills will help you not at all. C) A better player will already hand you your a**, it changes nothing, except perhaps how quickly he hands you your a**. I'm a good player, however I suck b*lls in Bismarck. I just got wrecked at the very beginning of my round because the other team knew this. Had I had my unique KM captain on Bis, it would have helped me exactly not at all. Ergo, very not P2W. Skill, not money, determines the outcome.
  4. Paying for the upper hand - Advertising

    This right here, I agree with everything he said, 100%. If this game was P2W, a lot of bad players would be unicums by now. They aren't, nothing WG has done has improved average or poor players gameplay at all. Things have improved the better players play, because they have the skill to make those things sing. Skill, not money, determines how well you do in this game. More, I'd argue that divisions far more drastically affect the outcome of a match than money ever has or will, and anyone can division, you don't have to buy your way in. I once saw an Emerald own a team all by itself. Thank GOD it was on MY team. WG frequently drops the communication ball, no-one should be surprised by now.
  5. Theres another part, you have to do that 50k to RU ships, as well. It says it right under the first 50k part.
  6. This has got to be one of the least P2W games I've ever played.
  7. Hipper commander skill pure trash

    In a word, what? If you could maybe make less sense, that would help us understand.
  8. Z-39 Concealment Bug or Nerf?

    Z39 is also rather freakishly strong. Good ship.
  9. After 5 matches, I'm averaging almost 63k, as of right now, she's my second best damage DD. I'd rate her as very, very strong, which makes sense, as her build is a combo of z23 and z46. Her lower rate of fire is offset by the higher damage on her guns, and her torps can reload in 81 seconds. They're shorter range, which makes you go in closer for your shots, this leads to increased accuracy. More hits offsets the lower alpha, plus they appear to have a higher chance for flooding. I've got about 20 torp hits in 5 rounds, all have caused flooding, without any flags to increase the chance. I already have a Liquidator from her.
  10. LOL. Right. Because everyone won't just vote for themselves or not vote at all. There's a lot of salt on the losing team, my friend.
  11. It happened to me 8 times in around 4500 co-op rounds.
  12. Abruzzi.

    Own both, says one is bad, other is godly, has played neither. Seems legit.
  13. Abruzzi.

    She's a light cruiser. What, exactly, were you expecting, that she somehow be able to one shot T9 BB's? She's a perfectly serviceable scout and support ship, which is exactly what she is. Shocking, amirite? Just because you can't make it work doesn't make it bad, it just means you can't make it work. I find it odd, also, as your stats say you've never played the ship. I wonder how you've formed an opinion on something you have no experience in. In fact, the only nation you've played is France, and your 3 most played ships are premiums. Going on the available stats, I have to say that it's the driver, and not the ship, or ships, in your case. You have less than 450 rounds played, you'll eventually gain the experience to make ships do what you wish them to do. :)
  14. WR% and Balance - When do you take notice?

    You know, rating the ships themselves with a WTR, like we have for players, would tell a much more clear story, I believe. Green ships are good, blue ships are really good, purple ships, just wth were you thinking, WeeGee? You'd score the ships just like you would the players: WR, survival, damage, kills, KDR, accuracy, etc. WR alone, just like with players, doesn't actually give you a clear picture.
  15. Can not log onto the public test server

    Well, today for the NA server is Wed, May 16th, sooooooo. Knowing the actual date of the server in question is OP...?