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  1. KrasnyKrimzonOktyabrskya

    Remove oppositions health bars

    You really, really didn't think this through. This was one of those things you type out, and then delete. Seriously.
  2. KrasnyKrimzonOktyabrskya

    German CVs look horrible

    They are bad? This pleases me.
  3. KrasnyKrimzonOktyabrskya

    CVs in Clan Battles ?

    After seeing what CVs did in the last Ranked season, it should have been obvious there was no place in CBs for them. They were frequently winning battles all by themselves. Strategy just went out the window. Being able to actually hold or contest a cap just went out the window. Just trying to get to a spot just went out the window. One doesn't need to have a BB to devstrike anything when the CV can devstrike half your team with just a couple of squadrons, and one doesn't need a ship to tank damage when the CV has obliterated anything trying to damage your team. Toss in the fact that the ships with RPF will be telling the CV exactly where to go with their strikes, as well. This is important: CV'S HAVE NO COUNTER. THEY ARE BROKEN, STILL. HAVING THEM IN ANY COMPETITIVE MODE MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL.
  4. KrasnyKrimzonOktyabrskya

    Update 0.9.3. European Destroyers: Part 2

    Not allowing the normal captain reset is nothing more than a blatant cash grab, because you know many WILL have to change their captains around, until they find a setup they feel ok with. First, you force CVs into CBs, which no-one wanted, and then you rob us blind on top of that. No. Just no.
  5. KrasnyKrimzonOktyabrskya

    Buff the Z52

    While I don't think Z-52 is a bad ship, I would agree Z-46 is better. Unfortunately, due to the hydro it has, I doubt WG will seriously consider buffing it until it's dead last in the standings. After all, they murdered poor YY, and the laughable buffs it just got didn't remotely come close to fixing that. WG isn't overly interested in making DD's better, anyway, they get far more nerfs than they do buffs.
  6. KrasnyKrimzonOktyabrskya

    WOWS please fix your invisible and disappearing ships again

    Odd then, isn't it, that I cannot recall it ever happening to me in the almost 4 years I've played? Spotting mechanics are a thing.
  7. KrasnyKrimzonOktyabrskya

    WOWS please fix your invisible and disappearing ships again

    I looked you up, as I always do when players whine and whine. I can assure you, 100%, that the problem isn't Wargaming. Your profile shows the following things, clearly: You do not understand the ships you play. You do not understand the ships you face. You do not understand the mechanics of the game at all. Your continued complaining shows me this, clearly: You've no interest in getting better, you want WG to make the game so unbelievably dumbed down that you don't have to even try to get better. I repeat, the problem is not WG. In closing, I truly, trulytrulytruly, hope to never see you on my teams.
  8. KrasnyKrimzonOktyabrskya

    [RBMK2] Chernobyl 2: Atomic Boogaloo

    The other one is Ducky_Shot, and that would be highly amusing.
  9. KrasnyKrimzonOktyabrskya

    [RBMK2] Chernobyl 2: Atomic Boogaloo

  10. KrasnyKrimzonOktyabrskya

    [RBMK2] Chernobyl 2: Atomic Boogaloo

    ..wait, weren't you just in Kraken and 07?
  11. KrasnyKrimzonOktyabrskya

    Do not buy MAINZ!!!!! Save your money!!!

    Sorry, bud, but you're wrong. Mainz is actually very, very strong. Also, if you're only making it 4 minutes in Co-op, that is 100% on you for yolo-ing in, in a light cruiser.
  12. KrasnyKrimzonOktyabrskya

    Yesterday Clan Brawl Feedback

    You realize that Brawl and CBs aren't the same thing, right? This game isn't P2W, we saw a ton of tech tree ships that did quite well. Drop your bias and "WAAAAAAH" and just enjoy the game.
  13. KrasnyKrimzonOktyabrskya

    TYVM for the T7 ranked season!!

    Scharn, Fast, Sims, and ATL again! It's been only 3 years since we got to do that.
  14. KrasnyKrimzonOktyabrskya

    All premium consumable will be free

    No, it won't. It really won't.
  15. KrasnyKrimzonOktyabrskya

    PSA: don't believe everything people said here

    I hate to break this to you, but your opinions aren't a PSA. No-one's opinion is a public service. So you do well with a ship, big deal, we all have ships we do well with. However, I can promise you that if I'm driving that Tirp against your Amagi, you'll be going back to port before I will. That's my own "PSA".