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  1. We need a word to describe PV being brain dead easy to use?? Its no surprise to anyone who pays attention that Kongo has been power crept into near irrelevancy and PV makes window licking a viable tactic. Before anyone jumps on a soapbox to defend Kongo... I don't care. If you like the ship, fine. My T5 club bag is mainly Texas and Podviosky, neither of which are reknowned for being the best ships in tier. Somehow I get by with both.
  2. Last night @ClassicLib and I had the pleasure of a pair of battles div'd with a supertester while he played the T8 and T9 BB's. Our Discord chatter was.. interesting. I don't think he let anything under NDA slip and I wouldn't share if he did. This is about my observations. Holy crap are these things BAD in current form and I don't see any way of them reaching average without some heavy buffs. As many have mentioned the speed is a problem. More correctly lack of it, both in ability to move and ability to put shells down range. It wasn't crippling in either of our battles but only due to major misplay by our opponents. Battle 1 USS Kansas, top tier on Land of Fire. We spawned near the middle. Our ST moved up a bit in the middle to start the battle. Discord quote.. I'm going to cover the middle since I can't get anywhere else. Luckily the red team decided to over-commit on both flanks with zero coordination. That part played into the "strength" (?) of the Kansas since the battle came to him. That said, pretty much any other current BB in the MM spread, including New Mex with its glacial 34.5 sec reload, could have potentially done more damage in the situation. Our ST did well, as he usually does being a unicum level player, but hobbled by the ship, and quite vocal about it. Battle 2 USS Minnesota, top tier on Mountain Range. Middle spawn again. Luckily the red team was.... bad.. like a Georgia with 35 total random battles bad. Four BB's pushed hard into C, and.. parked. I know many of us have had the experience of playing Colorado in a T9 with a big map. Imagine the same, with guns that take roughly 10 seconds longer to reload. Again our ST did well, but considering he had 4 BB's just park in his gun range while multiple cruisers decided to run around broadside... In current form these ships may be the most balanced ever. The lack of speed is a great equalizer. To slow for good players to effectively take advantage of red misplays and shoot to slow to effectively punish those that come to you. You Co-Op mains? I feel for you trying to grind out this split. You don't get a service cost discount because you didn't get into battle. Grinding through the Minnesota in Co-Op is gonna take an incredible number of games. Both in the ship and in other ships to make the credits to play it.. or... $$ to shorten the grind. Good Luck! Overall I suspect 3 ships that will legit take over the top three spots for worst tech tree ships in the game. Unless WG packs them so full of gimmicks they barely float or makes massive buffs.
  3. Ares1967

    Make ranked 1 vs 1

    A Stalingrad in a random or ranked battle going 1v2 is actually rarely 1v2. The 2 probably have other ships to worry about as well as the bow tanking Stalingrad. Theres a decent chance one or both have been beat up already. Then theres the skill issue. There's a lot of players who will broadside anything. Those players never get the point and never will. Put a Stalingrad in a 1v1 battle with a competent BB player and its unlikely to work out for the Sgrad. The BB doesnt have to worry about his flanks. The BB starts on full HP with a full load of DCP and RP. There's a pretty good chance the BB player will have respec'd a captain and modules for a 1v1 season. Honestly an Sgrad has a distinct lack of tools for a true 1v1 vs a BB. DM, Salem, and Hindy stand a far better chance with stupid high HE DPM and the resulting fire starting capability. Hindy brings 51mm of HE pen and torps to the table. A Hindy with the UU is nearly invulnerable to fire. Salem has that super heal. Give me a Conq specced out for 1v1 and bring on a Stalingrad. I'll happily take that fight. I know he cant burn me down. He can't overmatch me. He can't outheal me. The Sgrad can't even outmanuever me.
  4. I'm learning so much from this thread. Agir doesn't perform in Co-op. Ships don't perform badly in co-op, players do. If you're being outplayed by bots, its all on you Agir can't stand up to BB's in a broadside slugging match. Is this a thing? Being able to survive a hit when you need to is one thing but... really?? Agir has questionable main guns. By the numbers. 9 Mains. 76mm HE pen. 2.05 Sigma. 204m Max dispersion. 27% base fire chance. Great among cruisers she isn't but she damned sure isn't a weakling either. Agir has short range secondaries. List of cruisers that have longer ranged secondaries: Siegfried. List of cruisers that aren't Agir's fraternal twin that can match Agir's secondary range and pen: zero candidates. Agir isn't the best at anything but the complete package is no joke. I only have 18 random matches in her and haven't quite figured her out. That said, in those 18 I've scored a pair of Arsonist, a pair of Close Quarters Expert, a dev strike on an Alaska with AP. Punched multiple cit salvos into several BB's, and slapped a few ships, including T10 BB's for +20k without scoring a cit. Go ahead and gripe about what Agir isn't, some of us are enjoying a really fun ship.
  5. Yes.. PLEASE buff Texas turret traverse. Make it easier to print Dev Strikes.
  6. You have 50 19pnt capts and every tech tree T10 in the game.... and you earned them all through co-op play.... coughBScough.... You're the posterboy for the definition of a "whale." You didn't earn that crap from playing co-op. You've spent the GDP of a small nation for dub's, credits, coal, steel, fxp, ecxp, premium ships, tech tree ships, signals, perma and consumable camo. As a small example: You already have all 5 currently available german CV's in port. Unless you achieved amazing RNG on the few free containers available so far you spammed the CC for containers, likely a lot, from the premium shop. Nobody said anything anti co-op. This is just another example of your fragile ego getting sensitive. Fact. Co-op play without substantial $$ investment is worse than losing without camo or signals in randoms. It doesn't matter what you prefer, or what you think of either mode, thats just the way the payouts are and anyone pointing out the problems with co-op isn't deriding the mode or the players.
  7. Or you could just press the h key, no mouse required.
  8. Ares1967

    Radar Counterplay

    In wows terms radar isnt a module, it's a consumable limited use resource. As a DD player would you like to make your smoke, speed and reload boosters, hydro, etc subject to being knocked out? Imagine getting your smoke knocked out early in a match by a rocket attack... be careful what you wish for.
  9. Ares1967

    you thought CVs were already bad

    Sorta makes me think you have no idea how a spotter works. Spotter planes extend range and give a different view. They dont allow shells to follow a different trajectory. They dont provide an aim point. They dont allow shells to spot, drop fighters, or loiter around a smoke screen. They don't allow in flight aim correction. When every ship that's not a CV uses its guns it's spotted unless its behind cover or in smoke. A CV can sit in the open, strike a target 30km away, and it doesnt suffer a concealment penalty. I wanna see Yammy, Mushy, or any other ship pull that off. And I just know someone is thinking... but DDs.... yeah, and? Two DDs and one cruiser can mount 20km torps. Every other torp equipped ship has to get closer, most MUCH closer. No torp equipped ship above T4 can reload torps as fast as a CV recycles planes without a reload booster. No torp moves at +100 kts. No torp can can have aim corrected after launch. I also know you didnt watch Flambass' video. Those rockets didnt take 3+ seconds to land. They hit about 1.5 sec after launch. Someone ran the numbers on the bismarck shot. Those rockets were moving about mach 9.7. Help me out here, what shell or torp moves faster than 1000m/s? I know Nevsky has 1k m/s shells. What mach is that?
  10. When I'm on the road using my phone for a connection I'll usually play a coop or 3 to make sure my signal is stable. At home I have a couple of playlists, blues, hair metal, and if I'm in a real agressive mood some real hard thrash metal.
  11. Ares1967

    Uboat captain Hats

    Fun fact. The "floppy" cap is actually the same regulation cover worn by regular officers. It was a fairly common practice among submariners, higher ranking armor officers, and pilots of many nations. The stiffener ring/band was removed to make it less likely to get knocked off in cramped spaces or to allow wearing a headset over the cover.
  12. Ares1967

    This HAS to drive Win rate fans NUTS!

    Many, possibly most, of those you call stats motivated are more correctly win oriented. I enjoy having monster stats in a win, in a loss it really doesnt matter. Better to be the worst winner than best loser. How can we care in a random match? Easy, the better you get at influencing the outcome the more you win. Not a difficult leap of logic.
  13. Ares1967

    The highs and the lows of random battles.

    Hmmm. Myoko T7 IJN cruiser. Clemson T4 USN DD that cant get into a T6 match normally. Fail div or brain fart? Anyway. Two lows and a lo/hi in the past two days. Yugo on Shatter... oh how I hate this map... green team "must social distance from the caps while driving broadside in the open". Red team "social distancing is for wussies. Oh look, a shooting gallery." Roughly 8m30sec from beginning to end. My damage. Zero. My shell hits. One shatter. No resets, no spotting damage, no cap points. My position in the results? 10th... let's see, i accomplished nothing and yet.... GK on Sea of Fortune. My PR for the match was 8... let's leave it at that. Prinz Eugen on Shatter (have I mentioned I hate this map?) dived with @ClassicLibin Odin. Red team push in get caps, green team lets flank on the map edges while totally ignoring a free C cap and chase the CV. Green Mass decides to intercept a pair of pushing Vlads and a PE by driving out broadside in front of them... cause that's always effective... but in this case I was perfectly positioned to intervene, panicking both Vlads by appearing under 4km on their port flank. Torp strikes on both for a Dev and a Double, forcing the red PE to switch his torp strike to me rather than the Mass. I die, the Mass finishes the PE. Shortly after Classic is contesting A vs a Wooster and an Amagi. Not good, except they both seemed unaware Odin has torps. He gets a Dev on the Wooster and a Flesh Wound on the Amagi. That's effectively a 5- 2 trade for our Div. Our Zao finally discovers the C cap hes been within a Km of for the past 7ish minutes. Red teams back has broken and we win. Satisfying and Frustrating. This was a T10 match. The C cap was available for free for most of the match. We had a pair of Yamatos, a Zao, and a Kag to take it at any time. Instead they allowed the Z23 and PE to finally take it uncontested about 10 minutes into the match. On the red team's part the Vlad's and PE had zero excuse for not knowing I was just around the corner, the Wooster had radared me less than 2 min earlier and I had been hydroing them for over 2 minutes. Not to.mention I had been blasting away at the Amagi, dived with the Vlads, every time he got spotted. And for God's sake, if you're driving a Wooster why on earth would you intentionally rush into brawling range of any BB, while being oblivious to its capabilities.?
  14. Musashi is a lot of things but easy to play isn't one of them. Unless you define easy to play as sitting as far away from anything red as possible. In that case every ship in the game is equally easy. Lion, Conqueror, and Thunderer get my vote for easiest ships to play. Thunderer for range, accuracy and insane HE damage/fire chance. Lion and Conq for the HE damage/fire chance and portable shipyard Repair Party. Nelson would be in the mix except she doesn't have great range and being T7 she can be overmatched by every BB above her and a large number of T6's.. and thats a big fat nose.
  15. Ares1967

    ETA for Canadian Carriers?

    Wait... @Lert has his own ship?