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  1. Ares1967

    Stop. Blaming. Wargaming/Lesta.

    Crap, I've been busted. Yes, this is the stealth account of a WG dev who's trying to get into the Cc program while simping..... I'll leave this link here... Where I posted this nice little pro-WG flowchart I have a long history of being bluntly critical of Wg/Lesta actions and Sub-Oct in particular. I don't go easy on them for ANYTHING they do. What I'm pointing out is many of the same people who are loudest in their criticism of WG/Lesta rush out every patch to give them money.
  2. Ares1967

    Stop. Blaming. Wargaming/Lesta.

    A simp for WG? Wow..... Your analogy is flawed. If you buy something shoddy and it breaks immediately its the companies fault, if you continue to buy the same product.......
  3. Ares1967

    Stop. Blaming. Wargaming/Lesta.

    Greed is not the fault of the customer. Supporting the greedy is. I love VW products, I refuse to give VW money. I use a windows operating system because the alternatives either dont do what I want or ... Apple.... I stopped buying consoles and paying for Live.
  4. Every "communications failure", loot box debacle, dockyard fiasco, toxic ship release, etc, leading up to the current state of the game is 100% due to a single group, the players. Primarily the the "Whales." I was a whale myself. Not a Blue like some of the collectors but maybe a Beluga. I hit the wall at the PR Debacle. Without our opening our wallets the game would be much different. People who still have wallets open are simply writing the paychecks of WG/Lesta employees. They don't care about the game and they don't care about your experience in the game. You're just an ATM to them. The people making the decisions have long since stopped caring about the game. They care about farming your wallet. Every time you open that wallet you're proving you approve of their decisions regardless of what you post in game or the forums.
  5. Ares1967

    There are no communication gaps. *Immediately has communication gap

    Cute but at this point it's just piling on. Since the PR debacle I've adopted a simple flow chart for translating anything coming out of Lesta or WG in general.
  6. Ares1967

    Pick ONE ship?

    Randoms... USS Texas. No Gimmicks. Not even close to having a single stat that is best in tier. Operations... Fushun. Speed, low detection, smoke on demand, 130mm citadel generators, 8km cruiser and BB killers.
  7. Ares1967

    This Is A First I'm Humbled

    Agreed on almost every point. Kami isn't a ship that should be racking up potential damage numbers when played well. Spotting OTOH..... I average nearly 46k spotting in my most played T5 battleship, USS Texas. Not exactly a front line pusher. Sub 1600 in a Kami is atrocious. In fairness some matches are just.... We've all had those matches where both teams get silly and you get wonky results. My 22k Asashio B Kraken comes to mind.
  8. Ares1967

    Say It Cant Be So

    Nailed it +1
  9. Ares1967

    nerf salem that i paid for really WG

    Khaba.. one of two DD's that take full pens from BB AP. Gun range nerfed.... too strong they said, too hard to hit they said.... meanwhile Kleber...... Sims and Kidd... The high speed low drag no fly zones.... Every other USN DD capable of mounting Def AA. Groz also still sailing with a sore brown starfish from the great AA massacre. I can't even remember the last time I saw a Groz in a random.
  10. There's a bit of a story behind that match. I was pushing up through the west cap and pretty much our entire west side was doing their best to keep up. Twice I had what should have been dev strikes on a pair of BB's turn into a combined 5kish damage because they were taking damage so fast my torps couldn't land. Most of my damage was actually from out gunboating a pair of DD's. Good team, hard on my damage numbers though.
  11. Ares1967

    New Halloween Event.

    Not true, You can freely change modules. The difference is the modules on the event ships can only be earned by completing event missions.
  12. Ares1967

    Why Do CV Drivers Target AA Ships?

    A few days ago while playing PEF I had the experience of watching the red CV's first squad fly between myself and our QE to attack our CV. You can guess that squad didn't survive long enough to drop. Sometimes the explanation is as simple as the player doesn't know any better and is just here to drop bombs/torps on ships.
  13. Ares1967

    Buyer beware: USS Oklahoma

    I play a fair bit of T5. Usually Texas. I have no issues getting close when I want. Seems to be a thing mid tier to overextend right into the waiting guns of a seal clubber. Played Texas a few hours ago in a T7 on Two Bros.... red team wanted to knife fight... I obliged them. :)
  14. Ares1967

    A Certain Campaign

    The only possible slowdown I found is a tier restriction for each stage. Stage 1 being restricted to T2-4 ships. Luckily I kept a few in port. Freemiums plus SC, Clemson, and Izy. I think I completed Stage 1 in two days. Sorry about the seal carnage.
  15. Interesting. You started a thread about offensive game tags directed at "dem" candidates. I've seen quite a few troll names referencing a certain non-dem in the past 3+ years, I'm certain you've seen them too. Did you report any of them? Were you offended? Also your sly attempt at slander... yeah, sorta advertises what your real complaint is.