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  1. Ares1967

    Rare ships

    Makarov IS Nurnburg in her historical Soviet refit. Nurnburg was awarded to the Soviets by the reparations commission after WW2 and renamed Admiral Makarov. I have her as I'm a fan of Nurnburg and needed a Russian cruiser trainer. She does very well in Operations. She is a rare sight, I've played her in a whopping 6 randoms.
  2. Ares1967

    Spectating Div Mates Quicker

    Better is to go to free camera. It gives you a better view allowing you to play overwatch for your divmate.
  3. Ares1967

    It is a Torpedo Fest

    That's bad but how about two BBs in the same div?! Getting dev struck by the same DD that's in full gunboat mode. A while back I was playing Leningrad on Shards with a pair of Scharnhorst on the red team. As they pushed the B cap I'm blasting away at around 10km, dropped torps just because... and dev struck the first. Surely the 2nd would try to avoid me, right? Nope, never touched the rudder or changed speed.
  4. Ares1967

    Top 5 favorite ships for anything

    Podvoisky Leningrad Asashio B Akizuki Sims
  5. I wish I remembered to take the screenshot. A red Benson hit shore close to the A cap on Trap and went vertical, standing straight up on its stern.
  6. Ares1967


    Yesterday I was in a T5 match driving the Podviosky. Myself and an Exeter had 1 CV, 2 DDs, 4 BBs, and a Cruiser, trying to kill us... yes, that's 8 on 2. Between us we killed 6 of the 8. We lost. Sometimes this game is digital masochism.
  7. You either knew before the battle started they had a radar advantage or you didnt bother checking. If you knew then you either knew where the radar ships were or you didnt bother checking before you pushed to help your DD. If you knew the radar ships were there and you pushed anyway... your mistake. If you didnt bother checking... your mistake. MM screwed your team by giving the red team a radar advantage, then you screwed your team by not accounting for it. But you had to support your DD right? Tell me how losing a cruiser and a DD is better than losing just a DD. Yes having a big mismatch of radar ships is a huge advantage to the red team. Throwing away your ship is a bigger advantage to the red team. Stop doing it. When teams get to chain radar you either move to where they don't have radar or you delete the radar ships. Its really not that hard to figure out.
  8. Ares1967

    What are the odds...

    What are the odds you spend as much time getting better as you do creating stupid threads. About zero of course.
  9. Ares1967

    Hello Mr. Nelson, What are you doing Here?

    You're missing it. The problem with making special rules is it gets exploited. Under what you're proposing, If I'm grinding my T8 and I div with my buddy in a T7 I'd never see a T10 match. That means my grind gets easier. Further it probably means any T10 I avoided yanked some other T8. That T8 player may have been in line for a T8 match till I screwed with the system. I have a very low opinion of Div anchoring. Pre-rework it wasnt uncommon to see it happening with a Saipan. Saipan had T9 planes and in the hands of a competent player was murder on its opposing T7 CV. Saipan with two T8 div mates would never see worse than a T9 match and was rarely enjoyable for the opposing team. I propose that divs get anchored to the top teir ship. In the event of a fail div CV get automatically dragged into a +3 for the CV.
  10. God no. I remember the first time seeing that thing in the wild. Was just a normal day on the tranquil seas around Trident.. in the distance I spy a ship and take careful aim... what... da... $%#&... is... that...
  11. Ares1967

    Who have you seen in game

    I spotted @Kevik70 in the Alaska on Shatter a few days ago. His comrades on the west side derped hard leaving him unsupported and heavily out numbered. Spotted @Reymu yesterday... it was such a bad day I've blocked out all details.
  12. Um.. yeah. Two consecutive salvos at a broadside Alaska at under 6km yesterday. Overpens and misses. Jump in Hindy. Had a GK smack me through the nose at over 15k for +20k on consecutive volleys.... Some days are just gonna be painful.
  13. No one cares about nuclear powers or Russian BCGs. No one cares about what China might become. Contrary to your claim, everyone cares about the USN. That's because it's the worlds most powerful conventional military force with the worlds 4th most powerful air force. Before the USN decisively took the title it belonged to the RN, who held it for centuries. Why is this important? Because practically every navy of note derives its naval honors traditions from the RN. Not France, not China, not Russia, and certainly not some snide whiner on a forum.
  14. No they do not mount them that way when underway. In the USN the aft staff only used for two flags, the Stars and Stripes and the Religious services flag, while services are being held on board. The forward staff flys the "jack" usually a solid blue with 50 stars, although there are special occasions when others are authorized. When a USN vessel gets underway, as in the moment she is no longer moored, or the anchor comes free of the bottom, the Annoucement over the 1MC is "Underway, shift colors" Jack and colors come down and simultaniously, another stars and strips is hoisted from the designated mast. The moment the ship is moored, or anchor touches bottom, the reverse occurs.
  15. Ares1967

    Is there an xp spreadsheet?

    I had to laugh when I read your post. The concept of WG being totally open about something is on par with the Flat Earthers Society. Beyond the scope of rationality.