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  1. Ares1967

    Why Why Is This Ship Not In The Game

    Right. Because with WG having that well deserved reputation for sticking hard and fast to real performance attributes there is no way they could possibly massage some numbers. Wake up please.
  2. Bingo... in addition switching consumables can trip you up. I was playing Black with speed boost instead of radar in co-op for some of the directives. My next three randoms in Black... no prem consumables and no radar....
  3. Actually the CO was the last ship alive. I rammed it at an angle with a very slow closing speed. I was surprised either of us survived the ram and didnt get my repair off in time. I've reached a point where I no longer care about even winning, let alone 5 staring an OP. I just play my ship as best as I can to max my score. With regards to the transports, if I'm not the one headed that way they aren't worth my time or effort. I kill what has guns as efficiently as I can and let the pubbies fight over meaningless transports.
  4. Ares1967

    Gunther Lutjens: Best Line Fit?

    Honestly? The Unemployment line. For what WG is asking for the capt it would need to at least be very suited to a specific line.
  5. Ares1967

    Best Ships to Use New Year's Camo on?

    Use it on one you'll never play so you dont have to look at it.
  6. Actually 24,000 dubs and completing the first three directives would have done it. I did two Dub boost, getting the second only after getting Directive 3 done with the Dub compensation for Gorzia, plus 4 directives. Now I'm just waiting to put another ship in my port.. Neutrashimy, not PR. I needed the steel from phase 34 plus the coupon.
  7. Ares1967


    The only thing we've learned from watching that video is how not to play Tirp or any ship in a 1v1. 1: The Tirp was either late loading in or AFK to start the battle. No way you get the corner of that first Island and still be closer to the A cap than he is to the B otherwise. 2. The Tirp drops his first torps.. Why? He didn't need to. 3. You baled on the A cap completely.. why? You had hydro up. You knew where he was. You could have covered yourself with the island and pushed back to start capping B while contesting A. 4. He chased you around the island. Why? He had the caps and cover. 5. The Tirp backed out and gave you a flat broadside target when you cleared the island.. and you did the same.... both of you screwed that up. 5a. You still ate a torp by giving him an easy drop. You should have never been unangled clearing that island, had he been loaded with AP you could have been badly punished. 6. The Tirp then proceeds to chase you and play your game despite having over 900 points and both caps to your 300. I'd have made you come to me on my terms or win on points/time. Patience and tactics are weapons just as much as guns and torps. Sadly the majority of players are simply looking to play shooty ships, this vid puts that on display. I'd congratulate you on the win but it would be like patting your back for being able to breath. Adding this edit... Players should be using Tirp for its torps. The mistake is relying too heavily on them. Torps only cover up bad play if the opponent allows it.
  8. Ares1967

    Dangling the Carrot

    I used to play War in Russia, also a Gary Grigsby game. Loved it and wish I could find a playable ported version for Windows 10. I've debated tweeking the old desktop and installing DOS just for that game. The Operational Art of War is the closest I ever found to WiR.
  9. Ares1967

    I ranked out in my Roma

    I think you're referring to one of the French T8 DD's. Lightning only has two centerline mounts while both French T8's have three mounts.
  10. Ares1967

    I ranked out in my Roma

    Congrats on ranking out but I'm curious what you mean by "controversial" ships.
  11. 44 Battles in Tirp B. 36-7-1 Started last night and finished up tonight. VS CV: 1-2 Beat a Lex, close loss to Saipan and Shok. All three made exactly the same mistake. Seriously, as a CV driver there is absolutely no excuse to let a BB catch you parked behind an island. You know where it is, you know what it has to do to get to you. It takes a couple of seconds to recall or delay a launch so you can set a map path to avoid the BB. Those seconds cost the Lex and only RNG saved the Saipan and Shok. The Saipan got a nightmare DB drop. I think every bomb hit and penned while setting three fires.. OUCH! If he had landed even one more decent DB drop I'd have never caught him parked. VS DD: 7-1 Do your business or get off the pot. 7 of those DD's made the error of leaving AA on allowing me to get early damage and an idea where they were headed. One did it twice(!) and didn't survive past the second. None of those 7 had any idea how to deal with a solo BB. The one DD that beat me died doing it for a simultaneous kill. He played a perfect YOLO run. He didn't have his AA on so I got just a glimpse of him before my fighter expired. He waited for my fighter to expire before committing from where he was sitting. He used the islands to make sure I didn't detect him till he was within 3km. He cleared the island corner so close and fast I couldn't track with guns. He held his torp drop till he knew they would all land. My own torp drop was perfect as well but he had capped before I could get in the circle giving him the win on points. ?-0 vs Cruisers: Sorry, I don't have the exact numbers. Numbskull award to Mogami, yeah, broadside to drop torps at 7km. Trying to 1v1 a full health Tirpitz with your remaining ~1400 hp was never gonna work. One of the PE's did outplay me and by all rights should have won.Then RNGesus reached down from above to guide my shells and with a thundering voice proclaimed, "Blessed be the Tirpitz B in my sight." (I gotta stop reading weird things at night) 3 pens and 5 overpens from a single salvo of a KM BB.. gotta be a record. Secondaries played clean-up before his torps could land. ?-4-1 VS BB's: Mass, Tirp were most common. 3 Bis, and one each of Vlad and NC. Does Mass get extra XP or credits for ramming? Three times in the Sprint and all were vs a Mass. First the draw.. yeah. A combination of my flubbed torp drop and RNG saying "not today." Only landed two torps and he hit me with ~100 hp remaining. Just a single secondary pen or extra fire set would have saved me. Oh well. Rammed for a Loss, Another Mass on Sea of Fortune. Dude made his play and I was all in for it as I had the points advantage. Both of us near full HP but easily less than we needed to survive a ram. Guess who didn't have a ramming signal. (hint: the moron writing this) Rammed for a Win. Deja Vue.. almost. VS a Mass on Sea of Fortune again and the same situation... this time the Tirp had the signal. The other losses were close, 2 to Mass and one to a Tirp. To be honest I should have won two of those three but made one very critical error at the decisive moment in each. One Mass driver was just plain better than me. He was easily the best player I faced the entire sprint and I can see how he has a 68% w/r in randoms. Overall it was probably the most relaxing day I've had playing in 5+ years of WOT and WOWS. Everyone who chatted was friendly and no salt was mined.
  12. Ares1967

    A very underrated stat

    Battles: 7997 Wins: 4418 Losses: 3579 Battles Survived: 4171 Wins Survived: 3136 74.9% Losses survived: 1035 28.9%
  13. Ares1967


    Good advice.. but what happens when the Tirp driver actually has a brain? I haven't seen Ocean pop up yet so there is always cover for the Tirp to hide. If the Tirp driver plans his entrance he can prevent your cap and lock down. Eventually you have to engage him at close range or live with a draw. Since Tirp has exactly the same secondaries as Bis its pure RNG to out DPM a comparable build too. I'm not using AFT but with these small maps you have to abandon the cap to get outside my sec range. Do that and I'll hide with a cap you cant contest. Patience and tactics are weapons too. I'm at rank 4 with a 25-2-1 record. All matches driving Tirp with both losses and the draw purely the result of my major mistakes.
  14. I remember that vid. On the opposite side its no less amusing when you flush a DD out of smoke with DWT's because they don't know the diff.
  15. FTFY. Its just more glaringly obvious with DD players because they die so fast or rely on torps from range. On the subject of bad DD players.... 3 of my 6 ranked matches have been vs DD's, all three have been spotted well outside surface detection because they leave their AA on. One of those didn't learn the first time and didn't survive the second.