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  1. Ares1967

    Just heard a cat in game

    Its not ARP, the Cat capt is from HSF. And it sounds nothing like a cat. More like a drunk ogre with indigestion.
  2. 17. My first real foray into Ranked. Was playing a radar Mino and on a great run to reach rank 4 with one star to reach rank 3. I had just had an amazing run winning something like 10 of 12 and poof... 17 straight losses to drop to rank 8.
  3. Again, rambling nonsense. Back in the day if I wanted AC, an Auto Transmission, and even a radio, all options, in a new car I had to pay for them with cash. There was no other way to get them. It didn't change my ability or opportunity to drive and enjoy the car. My 65 Mustang Fastback and 70 Mach I were no less enjoyable because they were manuals. My 72 Rallye Challenger was no more enjoyable because it was a slapstick auto. I wanted a 65 Shelby Cobra but it was locked behind financial requirements I couldnt meet. It didnt change my enjoyment if what I could afford. There wasn't a car forum for me to whine about the unfairness of not getting what I wanted. You WANT the rewards of the training center. You dont want to meet the requirements. So you decide to cry about it. I don't care about WGs reasons for adding the training center. They aren't showing up on my doorstep with armed thugs. They aren't restricting my access to any part of the game. IF the reward ships turn out to be OP I'll express my displeasure. IF it ruins my enjoyment of the game I'll stop playing. Until then... IDGAF.
  4. Wth are you rambling about? What version of the game requires any specific ship? You can play every mode with only tech tree ships without spending a red cent. That makes acquiring a premium ship, regardless of the requirement to get it... 100% optional. Not optional would be telling you that unless you spend money or regrind lines, your account will be locked, or restricted in modes.
  5. Ares1967

    Statistical name analysis (in-depth study)

    Appropriate with Subs coming. Make sure you become a KM Sub main.
  6. Ares1967

    Conqueror Heal Buff - Working as intended

    You don't get to move the goalpost. You said "Overpowered or great at everything." "As strong as or stronger" is an attempt at changing the target. Play that game elsewhere. Haze made the case for a couple of Conq strengths. It was you that dropped the OP tag and tried placing your own twisted logic to his post. I don't need to see an allusion. I know when Haze thinks something is OP he'll say so, no reading between the lines required.
  7. Ares1967

    Looking at another T6 cruiser for Ops

    Budyonny and Makarov both rock solid for me. Mak is Nurnbergs C hull with a single triple torp launcher per side. Still has that fantastic 6 sec reload, 360 degree rear turrets, and crazy long range. Budy is... well.. Nine 152mm RU rail guns. Her torps if you're skilled can dev strike, from full HP, any BB in Ops other than the Izumo.
  8. Ares1967

    Conqueror Heal Buff - Working as intended

    Where did Haze say Conq is overpowered or great at everything? When did competitive become the final measure of quality? How many T10 ranked or CB seasons since the recent Conq changes? Answers: He didn't, it isn't and never has been, and zero. IMO, Conq is one of those fringe ships that's very good for those who figure out how to use her and very frustrating for those who don't. Lots of those ships in the game. Some of us like the oddballs. We dont care if it's a great competitive choice. I love Podviosky and Yorck. Neither would be the meta choice for a T5 or T7 ranked season.
  9. Ares1967

    Vet rages on this lil nublet

    Exactly. I'm at the point where if I'm going to play Co-OP I make up silly challenges.... can I dev strike both these BBs with Khaba?.. I'm going to burn this full hp Texas down with Krazy Kreme... you get the idea. Co-Op prepares you for nothing. Even Operations is a far different environment than Co-Op.
  10. Ares1967

    Vet rages on this lil nublet

    As I type this you are showing 118 random battles, the majority of them at T9/10. To call your average performance in those 118 battles poor would be kind. Players at T10 have an expectation that their teammates will at a minimum have an idea how to play a map in PVP. They believe you'll have some small idea how to play a type of ship in PVP. You don't have any idea what you're doing other than being able to use the WASD keys. How bad do you play? You have 21 randoms in Georgia, averaging 29,736 damage. Georgia players have bad rounds where they do that much damage with secondaries! I've played three T3 BB's in randoms, I beat your Georgia output in two of the three and not far off in the third. Seriously, if you want to play PVP at least have the decency to start with lower tiers. You have every right to play the game as you wish, but just because you "can" do something doesn't mean you should. A 350lb fat man has the right to strut around in a speedo or yoga pants. Thank god the vast majority of those men have the sense not to subject us to that sight. Doing what you're doing is disrespecting your teammates. I'm not going to defend your antagonist, he was wrong, but no more than you are. Difference, he was aggressive, you're passive-aggressive.
  11. Ares1967

    I got Denied

    I haven't. Bad experiences with that tag, twice involving a CV. No no no
  12. Ares1967

    Unobtainable Armory Camos?

    I gave you a +1 just because some snowflake gave you a downvote. The exclusive camo doesnt give exclusive bonuses. No reason other than envy to cry about making them available to players who have the skill and make the effort.
  13. Ares1967

    When will Kutuzov be sold again?

    Um... no. Belfast doesn't have a 7.7 km smoke firing penalty, MK does. Belfast has among the best concealment among cruisers, MK is among the worst. Belfast has Radar, MK doesn't. Very very few DD players will go anywhere near a Belfast. Those that do usually regret it. You get in spotting range of a Belfast and you're barely outside its radar range. You get within its smoke firing detection and you better hope its guns are pointed the opposite direction. I'm a better than avg DD player and I dont go near a Belfast unless I'm certain I have it at a disadvantage.
  14. Ares1967

    When will Kutuzov be sold again?

    We had a similar experience. CB on Hotspot. Kutie smoked in a cap when I was only 7km from him in Akizuki. I had a teammate about 5km behind me in a Buff. We sent flowers to his widow.
  15. Ares1967

    French DD Tips Guide!

    About 7-7.5 km will get you cits on most cruisers in Ops. Furry Taco can be a bit trolly but still get 3.5k or more per salvo with AP.