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  1. I run AA spec on my USN DDs but not because of CVs. Spotter/fighter usage really puts a crimp on torp attacks and can spot a DD at ranges well in excess of normal. It gets annoying setting up for an ambush only to suddenly see a pair of cat fighters launched 4km away.
  2. The Nelson!

    Nelson is a fun BB. Great dispersion for a BB. Short fuse AP is deadly on even thin skinned cruisers and will often get full pens on DDs. 406mm guns overmatch the bow armor of every T5-7 BB. Often possible to keep all three turrets in action. Zombie heal is hilarious. Being a T7 will often be top tier. Great for playing the bully, but... Mid-tier tends to see more CVs and her AA is only fair. She's an xp pinata for a good CV driver if it gets isolated but a nightmare if the CV absolutely must sink her.
  3. Worst match throw?

    Face palm myself. I meant Indy, not Lex.
  4. Worst match throw?

    Sorry, indy. Duh me
  5. Tired of this.

    Only people who berate DDs for being smart are people who don't play them and those who are bad at the game. DDs aren't there to suicide. DDs biggest weapon isn't rewarded in the game. It's their vision. DDs are my best class by win rate and it's not because I'm great with torps or guns. It's because I rarely do something stupid to get deleted 4 minutes into a game. I'm usually still a threat late game. Often the last DD alive.
  6. Worst match throw?

    Had a match in Ops this morning that was jaw dropping. I was playing the Independance, Ops being the only place I'll play CV. Was sitting on 4 kills, 140k ish damage, and 50ish planes shot down. We're on pace for a 5 star Tactical Expertise when it happened. We need one more ship in the exit. Our Normandie, less than 1k from the exit suddenly turns north... loss. It got me thinking about those losses that are inexplicable. I was on the winning side of a match a while back that I don't think can be topped. We're up 5v1 with the only remaining red being an Akatzuki on very low hp. The reds are well ahead on points and hold all three caps. There isn't enough time to get all three caps and flip the points and no way we're gonna run down that DD. He started shooting... at 7km... from a Bismarck. He had exactly 1 hp left. Could have had a Solo Warrior. Decides on suicide by secondaries.
  7. Tired of this.

    What I see is a DD who overextended for no good reason.
  8. K, time to step back.

    DDs can totally lose a torp mount. It really sucks playing a DD with one mount and having it destroyed 4 min into a match.
  9. The number of dictators on that list is ZERO. Dictators survive because those keeping them alive and at the top are benefiting from it in some way. Power, money, and/or prestige. That's self-interest, not loyalty. Take away the benefits and you see immediately how loyal they are.
  10. You think? There's a fair percentage of players at low tiers with 5 digit game totals who rarely play higher than T4. I encountered a player with over 3k matches in the T4 Russian DD. As for the stat padding... right. How is playing a couple of matches a month at T4 "stat padding"?
  11. Jean Bart the Dissapointment.

    Preach it Brother Haze! Yeah Musashi is absolutely totally broken. Yamato with weak a/a and secondaries plus a slight dispersion nerf. This was a good idea how? I've experienced full hp Tier 10 BBs go silent and turn tail when they realize I can actually aim those 460s. It's stupid fun, makes a bunch of credits, and an indefensible addition to the game.
  12. Jean Bart the Dissapointment.

    Add all that and German hydro and I might actually have a BB I can win with.
  13. I've been detonated once in since before the last ranked season. Shima got my BB, Alsace I think. He had me with a perfect twin spread. First torp, BOOM. Kinda sucked for him really. He'd have gotten a Dev Strike anyway and credit for a bunch of torp hits.
  14. Ran in to

    Ikr. Go hop in a Yammie. Act afk for a couple minutes... then... oops.
  15. Where's my kraken?

    Taking into account the OP... yep.