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  1. Ares1967

    Unsporting Conduct - Allied Aircraft Destroyed

    WG wasnt getting enough use from the automated penalties so they added automated violations.
  2. Ares1967

    So WG cut half exp from Narai? (PT)?

    WG adheres to the government method.. If it aint broke, fix it till it is.
  3. No its not. Intelligent play is the key to a successful Op. Examples of common ways to lose different operations. None involve bringing a low DPM ship. The Throw at Naval Station Newport: - "I must get damage immediately!" Rush the first wave, get beat to crap, out of position and exposed for the second wave, sent back to port before the 3rd wave even starts. Team down at least one ship very early. - I have no explanation for this one... A BB player decides to rush... Usually the same BB players that refuse to get anywhere near a red ship in randoms and spend a fair amount of time calling DD's OP, think its a great idea to rush out for point blank brawling with a bunch of torp spamming, napalm spitting bots... KIller Whale: - Lets all shoot the shore installations and transports while the Konig, K. Albert, Nassau, etc, are still alive shooting back. Often results in at least one cruiser being heavily damaged if not outright deleted. Said deleted cruiser then spends the next 10 minutes raging at the team for doing exactly what he was also guilty of. Worst example of this I've ever seen was a CV driver DBing shore targets and torping transports instead of the ships with guns. - Ima big slow BB with the longest ranged weapons in the match, of course I should go as far into the harbor as possible. Resulting in being unable to hit the reinforcement waves or even exit. Raptor Rescue: - We have to get that south CV for a star! 3 Ships head south, commonly a BB among them... results predictable. Aegis: - The "G" line shuffle... Alll BB's and most cruisers head for the safety of the a certain island along the G line. 1st wave doesn't die fast enough. 2nd wave doesnt lose a single ship. Every ship involved in the G line shuffle ends up focused by the first three waves. Finger pointing and incrimination for all. Narai: - Slow BB's hanging behind the green transports. (CO drivers, dont even start. I have the CO, I play it in Narai, I'm usually the FIRST ship to enter the harbor!) - Multiple ships going for the red transports, usually with the rest of the team in range also shooting the transports. - Repair circle camping.. while broadside of course.
  4. Right.... wait, no, ships aren't useless, players are. Below is a nice little cross section of results with DD's in Ops. 270 in Farra on Newport, another 270 with Akat in Narai, smokeless Guepard popping off a 173 in Aegis. I can post many more like these, many in ships people claim are garbage for operations. The best ship for Operations is one driven by a player who understands his ship and the Op. Some ships are easy mode, some require an actual thought process.
  5. Ares1967

    i can't decide

    I despise the Kita with a passion. I'd rather play Aki bottom tier in a CV match with 5 red radar cruisers than play Kita as top tier with no CV and no radar.
  6. Ares1967

    Why Why Is This Ship Not In The Game

    Right. Because with WG having that well deserved reputation for sticking hard and fast to real performance attributes there is no way they could possibly massage some numbers. Wake up please.
  7. Bingo... in addition switching consumables can trip you up. I was playing Black with speed boost instead of radar in co-op for some of the directives. My next three randoms in Black... no prem consumables and no radar....
  8. Actually the CO was the last ship alive. I rammed it at an angle with a very slow closing speed. I was surprised either of us survived the ram and didnt get my repair off in time. I've reached a point where I no longer care about even winning, let alone 5 staring an OP. I just play my ship as best as I can to max my score. With regards to the transports, if I'm not the one headed that way they aren't worth my time or effort. I kill what has guns as efficiently as I can and let the pubbies fight over meaningless transports.
  9. Ares1967

    Gunther Lutjens: Best Line Fit?

    Honestly? The Unemployment line. For what WG is asking for the capt it would need to at least be very suited to a specific line.
  10. Ares1967

    Best Ships to Use New Year's Camo on?

    Use it on one you'll never play so you dont have to look at it.
  11. Actually 24,000 dubs and completing the first three directives would have done it. I did two Dub boost, getting the second only after getting Directive 3 done with the Dub compensation for Gorzia, plus 4 directives. Now I'm just waiting to put another ship in my port.. Neutrashimy, not PR. I needed the steel from phase 34 plus the coupon.
  12. Ares1967


    The only thing we've learned from watching that video is how not to play Tirp or any ship in a 1v1. 1: The Tirp was either late loading in or AFK to start the battle. No way you get the corner of that first Island and still be closer to the A cap than he is to the B otherwise. 2. The Tirp drops his first torps.. Why? He didn't need to. 3. You baled on the A cap completely.. why? You had hydro up. You knew where he was. You could have covered yourself with the island and pushed back to start capping B while contesting A. 4. He chased you around the island. Why? He had the caps and cover. 5. The Tirp backed out and gave you a flat broadside target when you cleared the island.. and you did the same.... both of you screwed that up. 5a. You still ate a torp by giving him an easy drop. You should have never been unangled clearing that island, had he been loaded with AP you could have been badly punished. 6. The Tirp then proceeds to chase you and play your game despite having over 900 points and both caps to your 300. I'd have made you come to me on my terms or win on points/time. Patience and tactics are weapons just as much as guns and torps. Sadly the majority of players are simply looking to play shooty ships, this vid puts that on display. I'd congratulate you on the win but it would be like patting your back for being able to breath. Adding this edit... Players should be using Tirp for its torps. The mistake is relying too heavily on them. Torps only cover up bad play if the opponent allows it.
  13. Ares1967

    Dangling the Carrot

    I used to play War in Russia, also a Gary Grigsby game. Loved it and wish I could find a playable ported version for Windows 10. I've debated tweeking the old desktop and installing DOS just for that game. The Operational Art of War is the closest I ever found to WiR.
  14. Ares1967

    I ranked out in my Roma

    I think you're referring to one of the French T8 DD's. Lightning only has two centerline mounts while both French T8's have three mounts.
  15. Ares1967

    I ranked out in my Roma

    Congrats on ranking out but I'm curious what you mean by "controversial" ships.