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  1. Ares1967

    Worst Played Ships

    Those results can easily cover the cost of premium consumables in Belfast. Not using them is handicapping yourself worse than not running CE on her capt. Superintendent is another must have. I tend to use her as a fire brigade. Be where I'm not expected when it's most inconvenient for the red team. Red DD driver... Haha, I got this flank .... oh crap...
  2. Ares1967

    Kutuzov really an OP ship?

    Des is actually correct when you think about how WG determines balance. Give MK to a unicum and its abilities can be exploited in ways no other cruiser in the tier can challenge. Give MK to a total potato and they'll use range/smoke to shoot at only BBs, easily exceeding their usual bad performances. Since WG uses the top and bottom X% to determine if a ship is OP the MK gets a guilty verdict.
  3. Ares1967

    Team Players Needed

    Bad math or sarcasm? A win gives a 1.5 multiplier on earned xp. Yesterday I played a T9 match where i did a total of 22k damage with no kills. My base xp was over 1900. A cruiser on the red team pulled a kraken and barely broke 1700. 1700 in a loss is a pretty good payout. 1900 in a win feels much better.
  4. Typical WG to hide a setting.
  5. Really? In that case I need to submit a support ticket. I want all matches I've lost due to total potato teams removed from my w/r calculations! On the thread topic. Streamers and youtubers generally have very high end computers set up for video rendering. The max graphic demands of wows is nothing to these systems.
  6. Ares1967

    Why the twitch crates make a lot of sense

    That would be a very long list. You have the "wows famous" from the EU, Flambass and Flamu who both stream in English. From the NA server, Ichase, zoup, notser come to mind. I watch and have div'd up with Iceman for a stream. Seriously your looking at a couple hundred streamers.
  7. Ares1967

    Amazing SC

    I went from Jan to Aug without an SC. Then less than a week apart I pulled back to back SCs from signal draws. Twice in the past month ive forgotten to collect containers only to immediately get a sc the next day.
  8. Ares1967

    Legendary Upgrades For Recently Released Ships

    Great idea. Boost the reload but increase smoke firing detection to max gun bloom.
  9. Ares1967

    CO-OP Battles please fix

    Seems to me if all you want is to shoot bots in a harder mode then Scenarios would qualify. Scenarios also pay out in the same range as randoms. You can even boost xp in scenarios by playing short handed. 4 player div in Cherry Blossom and Dynamo for example.
  10. Ares1967


    Mk 1/ Mod 0 eyeball will tell you if a ship is using the stock hull.
  11. Ares1967

    Naughty or nice?

    I already have the only Arsenal ships I'm interested in. I just want a sexy T9 DD to spend my coal on.
  12. Ares1967

    Who have you seen in game

    Now we know where the luck was. My div-mate got dev struck by the red Monty while bow on at over 20km. Amazing shot and perfect RNG. The red Kag dev struck our DM with no explaination. I had spotted the Kags torps with hydro a good 8km from the DM.... and he still ate them. Smh.
  13. Ares1967

    Who have you seen in game

    Yep, I was in Lightning. You were the Edinburgh that chased the red Baltimore all the way to the east border. That finished the east flank. Bad game stats wise but I was able to turn back their Kagero and ride herd on the GK in the west. I finished the grind to Jutland with that win. GG
  14. Ares1967

    BBs are Useless Now

    Stop shooting at the innocent DDs. We only wanna give you a hug.
  15. Ares1967

    Flint vs Belfast?

    Oh yeah, I've had that happen. Blap, lose 3 turrets, repair, blap, 3 turrets down. Real fun trying to defend yourself with 1 wing turret.