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  1. Ares1967

    few thoughts from an epic noob

    Farragut has the options she does because that's how the class developed during WW2. Late war many US DDs lost main armament or torp mounts because AA became more important. You can see this elsewhere as well. Nurnburg gives up two torp mounts on her C hull in exchange for AA. That's historical. Equipment has weight and ships were often very close to max safe top weight to begin with. To get something, you give something. Some ships never received improvements represented in game. Bayern was scuttled at Scapa Flow in 1919. In game we have a "might have been" improved version based on how other ships from the era were modernized. Equipment is based on tier for several reasons. Higher tier ships are the result of lessons learned and benefit from new tech. This is reflected in game by consumable options, improvements in rate of fire, better protection schemes, etc. There are also game balancing issue. The current concern by some with the USS West Virginia. She was a much diff ship in 1944 than she was in 1941. Putting her in game in her 1944 config is a huge headache. She's a slow T7 Colorado class but her AA/secondaries are on par or better than some T9s. When WV got her 1944 rebuild the USN didnt need a BB for fighting ships. They needed a ship that could pound shore targets and defend herself from aircraft. How does that fit the game exactly? Then there are business issues. WG is a business. They need to make money. I'm sure they could make multiple versions of every consumable to fit the tier. They could do a hull option for every configuration a ship class ever had as well. That adds to the client complexity and size, and developer man hours. One is going to cost some players money for computer upgrades. The other adds to WGs overhead cost. In the end, does it really add to the game experience? Just like WG has to balance ships for the tier they have to balance the game for profit and customer base. You're an outlier on this issue. Ford builds cars for a large customer base, Ferrari builds for outliers. Guess who's vehicles cost more.
  2. Ares1967

    Don't care for the halloween ships

    If you didn't earn it for what you were being accused of you certainly did for what hadn't been found out yet! That was my Grandmother's theory, and she was right. When she had an excuse for giving out a beating she made sure it was a good one. She knew I was a Hellion!
  3. Ares1967

    NHL 19 doesn't have Admiral Halsey!

    And here I thought all the excitement was for Curling. Easily the most exciting WO sport. I hear they're gonna add Cornhole to the SO next time around. The crowds will be insane, like the World Cup for rednecks.
  4. Ares1967

    DevBlog: New Soviet T7 premium cruiser

    Nurnburg/Makarov? 960/950fps with 16.5 km range and 6 sec reload. Tier 6 Konigsburg, same guns, same range, 7.5 sec reload. Tier 5
  5. Ares1967

    Stop shooting... and win.

    WTH??? The client has a mini-map, a timer, and a points display. Many players don't understand their use any more than you understood the OPs post. If you're ahead on points or overtaking and just going quiet to survive will win the game, that's the correct course of action, always. Too many players simply see the ship count and red caps and spam game chat till the last second of a match. These are the same players who throw matches because they can't stop tapping that left mouse button.
  6. Ares1967

    Yup. "Super" Containers suck

    Two SCs in the past 3 days. Both were 50 GamesCon camos... not too bad all things considered.
  7. Actually my friend he's not new. He's a reroll. Now you need to stop playing Star Trek and get back in WOWS so we can div up again.
  8. Ares1967

    Black ships... No thanks!

    I remember WOT had/has the T34 Black and IS-6 Black. Other than color same tanks as the regular premiums and they were quite popular for a short time. They were released shortly before the onslaught of "idiot resistant" premium heavies. I never saw the point of having them unless you were just hard core for training US and RU crews. For wows I'll just throw a few bucks to convert xp if I need to level a capt that fast.
  9. So now he's whining about a CV. When I last encountered JonnyBoy he was crying about my "totally broken" Belfast and abusing statistics. Jonny, it really doesn't matter what ship a good player is using. As long as you sail your BB in straight lines, 15km from the nearest friendly, you're gonna get HE spammed, cross dropped, and torped back to port.
  10. Ares1967

    few thoughts from an epic noob

    What you're suggesting effectively eliminates the entire reason for many of us to even be interested in the game. The ships in WOWS are mostly based in historical ships. I like loading up Leningrad, a real ship, then jumping into Yorck, a proposed ship, and the Bayern, a real ship with "what might have been" upgrades. I don't want to play World of Pure Fantasy Warships. Halloween ships are fun but I enjoy having them limited to special times of the year. I have no interest in Lego style armament swaps either. There are already quite a bit of tweaking available in modules and capt skills. Some combinations totally change the way a ship plays. Build your capt skills, learn the ships you like. Embrace a ship for what it is, not what you wish it is. If you dont like a ship, move on to another.
  11. Incorrect. You can achieve percentages above or below 50% when there's unequal distribution of something. In the case of w/r it's skewed because the majority of wins are achieved by a minority of players. The average overall w/r must be 50% but the Mean w/r, the point where 1/2 the player base falls on each side, isnt 50%. Also because of random mixed matchmaking, divisions, unequal number of games played, and the effect of certain OP ships skews results on individual ships. I recently finished the grind to Repub. My Alsace w/r is horrid, maybe below 40%. So far below my average BB and overall w/r you have to wonder if I was drunk or intentionally throwing matches.
  12. Late game on Islands of Ice. Sailing Hindy. All red ships spotted except Zao. I'm detected and it can only be Zao. Guess when I remember Zao has really good torps...
  13. Ares1967

    Torpedo of Doom

    The Blucher, a Hipper class, was the one torped by a shore installation.
  14. Just finished 3 Co-op in Mo, a ship I hate with a passion, doing 510, 558, and 756 base xp. Also completed all but one of the non-DD parts of this stage.
  15. Ares1967

    Elisabeth Reed

    EliZabeth is feminine. EliSabeth is masculine.