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  1. The only thing I've ever seen in effect is a chat ban. Just tonight I had a pink Lyon intentionally throw a game by sailing on the map edge back and forth and refusing to shoot. Follow that up with a tier 10 DD on my team that was sending out torps trying to kill some of our teammates because he said he hated their clan. Reported both of them as did others. I fully expect no action to be made about either troll.
  2. Sothron

    Azuma vs the Alaska pt 2

    That were as effective as 14" guns. I usually put that disclaimer in to explain why that ship is so unique and awesome but I am at work so made a mental error.
  3. Sothron

    Azuma vs the Alaska pt 2

    I have stopped believing we will see either ship. I had a personal wishlist of certain ships to hope to get in this game when I first started playing and those 12 inch guns that were as effective as 14 inch guns on the Alaska was on that list.
  4. Sothron

    Can we have more info on wows future plans?

    I hope we see Italian battleship line coming out this year. It seems kinda silly we don't have the fourth or fifth largest navy in the world in this era in the game but we are getting a paper ship line of make believe Russian battleships instead. I know this is a RU company with a large RU player base but that kind of thing should come after all the major navies are represented in the game.
  5. I've never wanted to play less than after this CV rework. I am a whale and I don't see the point of spending another penny until this gets fixed. It was bad enough playing cruisers before this. Now you get to watch your AA be worthless while being perma spotted all game so between dodging 2 CV torps you get to eat citadels all game long from T10 BBs. Fun and engaging.
  6. I have noticed it hadn't been tracking my last two weeks or more of games. Today the site will not load up at all. Does anyone know what is happening to the site? I can only assume the CV/AA rework has borked their WTR system?
  7. Sothron

    Karma - This is how you get more of it

    I have been top player on either side multiple times and never gotten a compliment. Oddly I've gotten negative karma from what I guess is someone from the other team upset that I killed them. I look at more than who finished first to compliment. If someone got killed early or mid game but they were playing for the team then they will get a compliment from me.
  8. Sothron

    Karma - This is how you get more of it

    I only have karma of 19. I can finish top three and carry a team and get nothing. I give out compliments every game until I run out of them. I don't do it to expect karma points back and so far the results have backed that thinking up.
  9. This is one of my main issues with this rework. You are spotted almost immediately now and remain spotted the rest of the game. I like playing cruisers the most. Watching red Yamato and other BBs target me almost from game start to be dead that soon trying to support the DDs is incredibly frustrating. I don't understand how WG wouldn't consider what it would mean to have both sides basically perm spotted the entire game.
  10. I have limited free time and have premium. I didn't vote to be a beta tester for WG on my own time and my own dime.
  11. Apparently I ran out of likes. This is pretty much the game after the patch from hell. I thought T10 meta was too passive before this. Sweet Moses! It is far worse now. People hunker together with non stop waves of planes coming at them. All strategy is tossed out because perma spotting has ruined stealth play not just for DDs but for cruisers and BBs. Teams move in one pack with the few stragglers put at the extreme ends at game start getting almost instantly wiped out by CVs targeting them knowing they have no overlapping AA to fear. If WG wants ships to be perm spotted all game then what is the point of caps and DDs? I don't pay premium time to live test something that should have stayed on test server. I have played this game for a long time and never have been this dissatisfied with the game meta and game play. If we could limit the matches to only one CV per game it might at least give some chance of DDs and cruisers to cap and have more chance of living.
  12. Sothron

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Is there any way to bring back the lemon crosshair mod? It was the only mod I ever used and with my vision issues it really helped in aiming.