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  1. I like both of those ideas....In fact, I was killed nearly back to back the same day in different PvPs years ago by @Blue_Water_Ops....My memory has always been 99% photographic--or "eidetic" to use the scientific term for that....Recently (in the past few weeks, not sure) that player blew me up again.
  2. ....Arright time to rejuvenate the OP's taste in military history...so I'm just scanning my bookshelf for the best one I haven't read already....Of course I could go w/Clausewitz's Vom Krieg, or "On War" but I'll leave that one out on acct. of I haven't read it all through and I'll try to pick one that isn't strictly about SLOCs and such. ....12/6/19: the winner is: "The Grand Scuttle," by Dan van der Vat and published by The Naval Institute Press....tbh, this book could've been mentioned above by another person's post....so beg pardon for the possible redundancy there. ....it is subtitled "The Sinking of the German Fleet at Scapa Flow in 1919" and is 234 pages without indices, maps, appendixes, etc. ....I've read the first 78 pages so far, and my impression of the work is that it's thorough and well documented. ....So anyway....I'm not the fastest reader in the world, but I could probably soak up the rest of this one in a few hours. I'll give you guys a more specific review of it when I finish it....that is all.
  3. commodore_torakula

    Which song is stuck in your head today?

    again, it has been a good time since one got stuck for me, but the theme this week was listening to Jethro Tull's "Nothing to Say" ....Which is convenient given the homage Dave Matthew's Band did to them by cutting "So much to say" when I was in college....which song is better?.....you make the call.
  4. commodore_torakula

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    heaven knows I don't get many citadels all told but this coop mission was notable for me in that I got 7....
  5. commodore_torakula

    Debate: which is the best non-premium T8 DD?

    well spotted on my error regarding the Kiev desmo........I literally got confused about which season we are on....I had been thinking T8 and so on in a 13th season of ranked....In the 14th season I can't do that at all....I'll have to rely on my skills in the Conqueror or Yamato or a Gearing this season....[edited] what a gaffe on my part.
  6. commodore_torakula

    Debate: which is the best non-premium T8 DD?

    ....Here's the thing about the Benson:....some people are going to go one way with her as far as AA capabilities are concerned, others are going to be like me and try out the hull option that gives her a better "belt" and durability and not bother with AA concerns or the missing turret. ....With respect to my polevalting over the Jervis* [note spelling]....for an option, I have to say that my impressions on the Lightning so far are that she's going to have to over rely on stealth and have a tough time staying hid....the concealment level and the angles on the fish are a tough call for how she stacks up against the Kagero, for example...as for the smoke, heaven knows I am an example of a DD skipper that'll smoke as a sort of panic-button and not pay a ton of attention to who is behind me as the spearpoint of the formation....I use that TRB in the Kag for a quick 16-torp spread to area deny or hassle close reds, regardless of type, etc. ....in a sense, what it boils down to is that my feel of the UK DD line looks this way:....the prem Campbeltown is excellent in my hands but the early ones in the tech tree are not really playable for me....The Vampire is another example of a fun ship to play, but then again that muddies the waters over the prem v. tech tree debate....TBH, I skipped the Jervis literally because when I saw her #s and such, I thought, "no way will I do well in that one".
  7. ....and i'd like to apologize for the TLDR of this post in advance, people....I would've written a shorter introduction, but I didn't have time.... ....In the current meta and with ranked kicking off it's 14th season....Let's try to come to a consensus on this.... ....I'll give you my full take on my experience of these ships: ....With the DWT-using PA line, I deferred to my instincts as a DD/BB main who plays DDs for the adrenaline and thought--nope, I'm not going down that tech tree...so: no idea....in fact the feel of being targeted by a PA with DWTs is alien to me--sort of like being the wingman in the old "Thatch Weave" in the days of the Hellcats and Wildcats....tough call there. ....The Kagero is my most played ship....Her stealth is excellent, her 'pedoes are long range dump-trucks of battlewagon annihilating little bastids....Her drawbacks are, like most of the IJN DDs, a slow reload on the arty and that she can only area-denial in the caps so much....I usually load the TRB, which throws off some players because they're not necessarily aware I can't provide smoke for the big dogs. ....With the Akizuki, again, I prefer a stealth-torp feel and the "bravery of being out of range" as a DD so I've only test-conned the Akis on the PTS....I don't feel like I'm ready to buy one or fxp one on that fork of the IJN DD line....I will say, though, during the 13th season of ranked using a Z-46/Kagero platoon of course the Akis and the T9 Kitakazes and T10 Harugumos were real trouble for me to deal with. ....As the French DD line has debuted recently, I have to say I didn't like the lack of smoke in the first few DDs....I took a Jaguar into a random with a pal on the New Dawn map and got dusted off immediately....The French DDs do not look like something I'll be good with until I practice in coop with them more....so much for fans of the Le Fantasque. ....As for the KM, I have the aforementioned Z-46 but have not played her very much apart from my foray into the 13th season....so with respect to the Z-23, again--I'd have to call "limited data sample" on that one....My go-to KM DD is the T-22 and I have a nice T-61 that's really a Gaeda with more stealth and quicker loading fish, but not the 150mm upgrade that the Gaeda has as an option for the MB. ....as for the VMF of the USSR/Russian DDs, I have never liked the feel of being a sort of cap-bully with arty that's meant to slice other DDs to pieces up front....I have experience of the Kiev and the Ognevoi in randoms that makes me conclude that with the heal buff they got some months back, I'd say I'd prefer the Kiev now for random/ranked, but pre-heal buff the Ognevoi was also good....2 things: the ballistics and the reloads on those two are like [edited] light sabers being tossed and everyone is telekinetic....You can barely miss when you're in tight going smash-mouth to another DD....the Ognevoi has that other weird wrinkle in that you can have a different torpedo suite with one hull or the other....So my vote there for what I'd want in the 14th season is Kiev. ....The Benson is, for me, a good platoon with the Kagero--you've got good smoke and a 10-torp spread to work with, so that really all you have to compensate for is the weird trajectories on those 127mm rifles that can be hard to walk-in at distance....She's near the top of my list among all these boats. ....Lastly, the Lightning is, in a way, my brand new toy....I finally fxp'd past the Jervis because I never like that one's specs....I did that today and took the Lighting back into coop--having barely tested her on the last time the PTS was up....so stay tuned to my full take on that puppy. ....So?....the verdict?....I *would've taken a Kiev into ranked in the next few days and see what else I might want to riff on herein. *[desmo spotted this error on my part] ....Your thoughts?
  8. commodore_torakula

    The Username Awards

    ...another edition: Gold: shipherder Silver: Beef_Buoyant Bronze: ChairmanMilo
  9. commodore_torakula

    Funniest usernames that you've come across?

    Has to be @HE_Shells_Are_Sexist......I didn't laugh.....I took a left turn on "what does that mean?" and a double-take and then realized it was, in fact, funny....That put a big grin on my face. .....btw have a look at my own related topic:
  10. commodore_torakula

    Who is to post last?

    That depends....Technically there is a La Canada Flintridge municipality near me--in the San Fernando Valley, in fact....it's also funnier if you realize that my typing said municipality's name might be funnier if I could give it a tilde so it's pronounced rightly if you can pronounce it in Spanish....(I can't seem to find 'insert symbol' here in the forum chatbox)....best I can do is put Can~ada.... ....all this leads to another joke, "I'm on the L.A. Canada Hwy"....as indeed one is going north on the 5 from La Canada Flintridge....In an automobile you'll be in Canada in about 24 hours of driving, I think.
  11. commodore_torakula

    PSA: Half off modules and port slots...

    ....thanks for the tip....WG seems to fall down a lot when people don't do that....in reality they just want to not read, so, by all means they should get over their "but it's TLDR, and that makes it WG's fault" stance.
  12. commodore_torakula

    No Armada this year?

    I suppose not....thanks for trying to talk me down....my reaction to his/her post was more about me getting angry at something else....I'll knock it off then.
  13. commodore_torakula

    No Armada this year?

    You be safe, I don't wish to....I'm a wildman, and I NEED the adrenaline playing this game gives me for about 45m a day....with respect to television--how primitive....and I never once broke a bone....so there. Good luck keeping your clan together, since by now it has dawned on you that WG's foibles are somehow everyone else's fault but yours.....go [edited] yourself.
  14. commodore_torakula

    Ranked Battles: the Fourteenth Season

    ....good call on account of redundant + CVs {edited} + slant on "Russian bias" + T6 and T8 and T10 are good whilst T7 and T8 and T9 are not. ....and now i'll address other person's quote because I misclicked on yours first and couldn't "kill" it. Now I see what you mean and thanks....your guess is as good as mine then....Given that it's the 14th season, i'll take a shot in the dark and go with a wishspell approach and guess something commemorating the battle of Lepanto, which occurred in 1571 CE and 1+5+7+1 = 14.
  15. commodore_torakula

    Ranked Battles: the Fourteenth Season

    ....I hear tell from the video "announcement" that there are 3 flags, one for each "league".... ....so A: there's 3 not 1....B: they are usable only during the duration of the 14th season....C: they are going out of style quickly for lack of what they "do" unlike how my default Military Contributor Flag "does" something already.... ....so in case you already knew all that, proceed to Ranked!!