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  1. Why you like your username?

    Because it's almost a portmanteau in two languages. Tora means "tiger" in Japanese and akula means "shark" in Russian. As for the commodore part, I regret it because it's dead common.
  2. Corgi Event new one?

    The Corgis are truly the elite among us. Imagine a player so loyal to his/her calling that they'd gladly fork over doubloons to anyone that sinks them. This say it all to me.
  3. Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    It's JNSDF not JMSDF. The Japanese Naval Self Defense Force is not an entity that can offend. I recognize that WG is not using flags/emblems in the game that represent what historical events have been egregiously wasteful of human life and so on, but in this case their discretion is probably not what's at bottom.
  4. I know I did. The toughest part of the book on the USS Houston was the bit about the aftermath of her sinking, given that those men were either swept away and drowned, or essentially done for unless they were rescued by the Japanese. I couldn't go on at that point and had to take the book back to the library unfinished.
  5. I know co-op is baby level. ..but:

    Nice. So s/he's so cerebral that his WR is bottoming out while his/her destruction ratio is through the roof? That's my kind of person.
  6. Is anyone a fan of football / anyone watching the World Cup?

    Did I already mention I've been contemplating new uses for the word gasconade lately? Like Steve Martin said, "It's like those French have a different word for everything."
  7. Submarines

  8. I'm saying the most pinks I've seen on my side in any given game is 3 not including myself. I'm not saying anything else.
  9. Well put....the Minekaze/Isokaze were my go to ships way back when I was derping around ignoring the forums back in the day....A Minekaze like that now would probably just kill everyone on both teams with an attitude like mine....Incidentally, I think pinkness in this game is about as hysterical a color as we get.... ....My personal record for the most pinks in one fight on my side is 3. But I'd like to see 4 someday, as long as one of them isn't me.
  10. ...."the move fun [sic]" you wrote. ....So your pick for the most potentially fun ship is the Kitakaze. ....Nevertheless, you expect the Harugumo to be even better once you've gotten used to how to exploit her advantages to the utmost. ....Thanks.
  11. What's a krackin?....Surely we're not talking about the Kraken Unleashed!?
  12. ....As am I....thanks for the hyperlink.
  13. The dakka effect being?....
  14. I concur that the Akizuki is an excellent gunboat. I prefer the Kagero in a big way on account of my track record with her. The tags I put up for the Shimakaze and the Yugumo and the "new ships" thing is just to broaden the discussion I feel. I don't need a BOTH option in my poll on account of I'm asking whether or not one of the two ships will be the most fun to conn....perhaps my wording of the poll question is incorrect in that I should have asked "Which of these two ships will be better than the other?" In other words, I'm polling you on your opinion of these two potential pixel ships as potential dream machines, if you will; I'm not asking you to decide how they might do in a given meta or the current T8-10 environment of randoms, etc. Neither am I trying to say how they might do in a given player's hands with respect to MM's execution. Also: I'm not making any distinctions about how they might impact co-op play in any way or asking you to predict how well any given player might do with the ship under his/her control. That said, thank you for your take on the matter.
  15. With the upcoming addition to the tech tree of the T9 Kitakaze and the T10 Harugumo, I'd like to poll and troll for a bit and ask the forumites what they plan to do to exploit how these ships might affect the meta and balance of T8-10 battles....?