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  1. commodore_torakula

    Funniest usernames that you've come across?

    Yah, I saw @Boner_of_Steel today....a little sophomoric, but again, it works.
  2. commodore_torakula

    [edited] [edited] [edited] [edited] [edited] [edited]

  3. commodore_torakula

    ST: New Map Bering Sea

    I approve....looks good.
  4. commodore_torakula

    For the love of god, Montresor, end the ridiculous mercy rule

    I like idea 2 rather a lot.
  5. commodore_torakula

    Ship that Tip! - 8th - 15th

    T3 Campbeltown This has been one of my favorite boats for a while, mainly because her torpedo range of 7.5km is excellent at tier--and because the detect with CE is only 5.8km; if you're careful, that can be used to victimize the big dogs that can't tell your stalking them. Its torpedo suite has a seeming drawback: Three tubes on each side that can't be aimed both to port and starboard. IIRC, this even led to LWM's review on the C-town being a "Meh-bote". But there's an easy work around--I move up toward the target until dropping on one side while turning away, then keep turning and bring the other side to bear from astern....If you time it right you'll peel off with them at about 6km to get close enough to hit more reliably, and still stay hidden. It can be great fun--and the ship's available for minimum coal so imo, every DD player should have one.
  6. commodore_torakula

    Ranked Sprint

    Hear hear!!....I still miss having it in the mid-tier fights that were so fun when I started out. It's the purest map and creates the most pitiless results, even when/if I couldn't hack it....taught me what little I know about playing DD in open water. ....Yah when I clicked on "Discuss in Forums" and saw there were already 38 comments in this thread I assumed 37 would be whining little maggots....Sure enough, I was wrong....A few people are actually trying to patiently explain this stuff. ....I'm not an apologist for WG at all, but I do know they are so friggin' generous to us except for the hours we spend (if we insist) that it's almost a crime.... ....The wisest thing I've heard said about this game was "It's free to play, and you can quit any time." ....Why didn't I think of that?
  7. commodore_torakula

    What is Your Favorite Sports Team?

    Check me on that....Their 13th.... IKR. As an arch feminist, I can always appreciate some good ole fashioned woman-empowering bikini-clad chichis....bravissimo!
  8. commodore_torakula

    What is Your Favorite Sports Team?

    Let's hear it for the UCLA softball team that just won their 12th Women's College World Series title!!
  9. yes it does....ta very much!
  10. commodore_torakula

    Because it's fun, right?

    Same here....pretty much all they do is screw up your aim....I can score hits at top range sometimes, but usually not....And I don't stay that far away from the reds after the first minutes of the match, like a good BB driver.
  11. commodore_torakula

    Chat Bans during ranked

    bravo!!....that is dedication.
  12. commodore_torakula

    Who have you seen in game

    also ran into @Rolkatsuki a couple times lately in their CV.
  13. commodore_torakula

    Who have you seen in game

    ....I was on the Trap map w/ @TenguBlade a while back....iirc it was a coop so we won easily....I still remember him from his reasoned comment on one of the first topics I set up years ago....he's been banned from the forums for a long time now....
  14. commodore_torakula

    Warships Leading Ladies - 3rd - 10th

    I prefer Dasha w/a beret....tres chic!
  15. commodore_torakula

    Who have you seen in game

    Was up against bots in coop with @YeOldeTraveller....and it was all bots on our side besides us....We too greased the red bots....I was in my new Yamato and he in a Gascogne....thanked me for getting a red off him a couple times....class act....