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  1. ....Well the latest news is that LWM and WG have parted company on a far from amicable basis....I just want to say that's the last nickel I'll ever spend on this game, and I don't care at all who knows it.....Whatever the repurcussions of my decision, I'll only be able to enjoy this game as pure F2P from now on, and it'll just never be the same....Subs or no subs, I'm going to chuck it in for the most part and go back to playing blitz chess online....That is all.
  2. ....if nothing else I'm gratified to have garned a fair amount of sincere opinions on the matter....I wasn't enitirely expecting the topic to get hot rather rapidly.....Yes, time will tell--personally the acid test for me would also be having to get into ranked (where typically I don't excel because of the pressure/salt from teammates, depending on the situation) with subs and/or doing ASW work in a BB/DD....and then there's the new Dutch cruisers coming into the full tech tree soon and the new airstrike option some high-tier ships are getting....when I first saw the new symbols for the airstrikes in randoms playing on the main server, I was perplexed because I hadn't familiarized myself completely with the news of it and that option....(in fact Im still a little weirded-out as to what that capability is and how/when to use it at what tier/type/branch of the tech tree). ....generally my opinions and my call for input from the playerbase in threads past usually disappears pretty quickly--but I seemed to have struck a chord with a few of you highly experienced players. ....Thanks again!...I'm off to do RL stuff now but I'll check back tonight!
  3. ....I've been using subs (mostly the Cachalot and sometimes a U-69) and practicing some ASW (both with the Fubuki and the Gaede for DDs) and also conning both the Andrea Doria and F. Caracciolo (but a bit less often)... and plan to take another 1/2 sorties in whatever ship up until this round of testing ends tonight in my time zone, and it seems to me the two year wait we've had to finally bring U-boats, etc, to the game will likely go over well with a fairly wide swath of the playerbase.... ....Here's a sample of the after action screens from my very first sortie in a U-190 in co-op, with no upgrades mounted yet and using an 11-pointer for a captain....apart from that, the configuration was just every combat flag that was usable (apart from the Juliet Yankee Bissotwo that prevents flooding)....also see below my 2nd sortie of today in an F. Caracciolo (again, stock upgrades, typical combat flags and this time a 14-pointer at the helm).. .... ... Who's with me on my recent impressions?....Does anybody have any more predictions about how much the game will change T6+ ...?
  4. commodore_torakula


    ....In addition to concurring that Das Boot is a tremendous movie, I'd like to add that the original written version of it is even better....Buchheim, the author, really knew whereof he spoke....At one point he goes on describing what the German submariners are doing while the U-boat stays submerged to let an Atlantic storm pass over--and for 60 pages I stayed riveted.... ....Also for fans of the movie--you can look for the original German version, which was in 6 episodes (I'm not sure about its running time) and I haven't seen, but is probably every bit as compelling.
  5. commodore_torakula

    Z-31 versus T7 Italian BB

    ....Well the consensus seems to be with the Caracciolio....thanks to everybody for their input.
  6. commodore_torakula

    Z-31 versus T7 Italian BB

    ....I have enough fxp and silver to get either soon, but because I value your guys' opinions on the matter, I thought I'd float this as a topic. ....Usually my butter zone, where I can compete best, is in T2-7 as a DD/BB main. I really have enjoyed using the T6 Andrea Doria and the T4 Dante Alighieri so far, so I know I'm liable to like the T7 BB too. On the other hand, I don't know much about the new branch of the German DDs except in passing--supposedly the Z-31 isn't much of a gunfighter, but that's probably not a huge drawback as I seem to have always done best as a stealthy DD skipper with long range torps and good concealment. ....I've looked at the specs on both ships and simply can't make up my mind. Your thoughts?
  7. commodore_torakula

    You're favorite looking boat?

    ....here's an example of my taste in ships: the Normandie, decked out in the free perma-camo I got to go with it at some point (I forget how exactly--it was long ago, some mission during the rollout of French battleships) is not a particulary handsome ship--but this paint job on it is, in my opinion, one of the very best in the game. The scheme was made to look like another ship--a luxury liner also called the Normandie.
  8. commodore_torakula

    You're favorite looking boat?

    ... Tough call, very tough call... ...I've started topics about the aesthtetics of ships a few times, and I'd like to get specific and riff a bit on it. ... For the CVs, (and I almost never play them), it is the Lexington/Saratoga. There's something about the bridge of the Lexy and that one photo of her being sunk with the crew ready to abandon ship that inspires me. There's also something about Saratoga having been tested right after war to see the effects of nukes on ships that can evoke my emotions on the matter--given that I'm a huge Jack Benny fan and they did a particular show aboard her a few weeks before that happened. ...For cruisers, (the type I play least in this game apart from CVs) the current look of the Regia Marina is best--I do like the red and white stripes on the bows and having played the Andrea Doria a bit so far and not their cruisers hardly at all yet. And I almost love the Dante Alighieri both for it's effectiveness so far with me at the conn and the fact that I too love poetry--an excellent thing to name a capital ship after. For a specific cruisers' looks, the best is the new De Ruyter we'll have in the tech tree soon. ...For BBs, it has to be the Iowa. I've visited 2 of the Iowa class BBs so far, the Missouri on Oahu that's very near the Arizona memorial, and the Iowa its new home port of Los Angeles.
  9. commodore_torakula

    How's everyone's March Madness going?

  10. commodore_torakula

    Reached 12,000 matches, time for another AMA

    ....Cold baiter?
  11. commodore_torakula

    Reached 12,000 matches, time for another AMA

    ....The Konig Albert is the ship I have done best with the past few years....I picked it up when they warned it was going off the market and it was easily the best buy I ever made....It competes with T4 well even though it's a T3....In fact I hope they don't ever bring it back for sale because it's that rare and useful, I feel distinctive conning it....even though my overall kill ratio is only 0.81 in randoms because my first few years of playing I still had a lot to learn, in the Fat Albert it's about 2.14. ....I think historically though, the coolest ship is the Iowa, BB-61, which is near me in San Pedro (port of Los Angeles)---visited her once and had a blast.
  12. commodore_torakula

    Reached 12,000 matches, time for another AMA

    ...Thank you too, you're very sweet for a wolf....Supposedly one of them was a sort of step-Mom to two of my ancestors.
  13. commodore_torakula

    Reached 12,000 matches, time for another AMA

    I don't know, but I do know that the African swallow is non-migratory.....at least according to the Pythons. Yes, I encountered Cleopatra at Actium and gave her fleet a proper hiding....She was so distraught apparently she topped herself by letting an asp bite her.....heckuva a way to go. And no, I haven't heard of that particular Ferret.
  14. commodore_torakula

    Reached 12,000 matches, time for another AMA

    ....I take it you know Tora from the movie "Tora, Tora, Tora," which was about the Pearl Harbor raid....No, there's no special signifigance otherwise....And yes the Akula class was a Soviet sub, an SSN if memory serves, not a SSBN boomer.
  15. commodore_torakula

    Reached 12,000 matches, time for another AMA

    ....I've fielded fewer times than you might think, so I'm happy to do it again.....It's a portmanteau (two words that have been joined into one, like "spork" for a spoon with tines)....Tora is the Japanese word for tiger and Akula is the Russian work for shark.....