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  1. When am I going to make Lt. (jg)?

    welp I got my silver bar recently....(although that would be in the Air Force or Army....I don't remember what insignia a Navy Lt. (jg) has offhand.)
  2. The Username Awards

    Have another round for 9/16/18: Gold: MCHammered Silver: Ballermaris Bronze: nukewizard Honorable mentions: RavingSaint, Stalins_Choice, KingofAllFoxes, mr_nimitz
  3. Who have you seen in game

    ....came across @SgtSpud on Shatter the other while I was in div with another DD....s/he and another DD jumped us in one of the caps and deleted me forthwith.
  4. The Username Awards

    ...and a fresh batch for 9.12.18... Gold: FjordFiesta Silver: ASenileKnight Bronze: Arctic_Ebola Honorable mentions: Stabber4money, BadBoar, Kemosabe, Soundwave666, KoreanBarBq
  5. Should I Lay off Ranked in my Inferior Rig?

    Update: I shelled out some ca$h for a new ssd drive and began taking ranked with a grain of salt, as it were. ...My Gearing is still no better than it is in anyone else's hands, though. ...A vehicle's a vehicle's a vehicle, I find....perhaps the 10th season will take some interesting turns.
  6. The Username Awards

    Here's a fresh cut of names for 9/11/18....or 11/9/18 to our European populace. ....Gold: deathsgambit ....Silver: NorwegianWoo ....Bronze: concave_pants ....Honorable mentions: Flamebeing, QuisenBarry, LooseLips, BlackCloud, meow918, torpedo_66, Farshot, & nixed carry on and thx!....and do please pardon the lack of @'s that precede your names, friends.
  7. Who have you seen in game

    LWM...ebullient as ever...sry I gave you such a hard time over Patreon a while back...I wasn't thinking straight.
  8. Who have you seen in game

    IDNKnow that, compadre. ... ... ... .best of luck out on the cyberwaves, then.
  9. Brag a little...How many "Kraken"s do you have?

    A wise choice no doubt in decor....Personally, my favorite type of rock is malachite, which is green and black....although I also like "tiger eyes," but I forget the technical name of that rock.
  10. Who have you seen in game

    How's ranked treatin' ya Umi?....I'm guessing your definitely on the sauce.
  11. Who have you seen in game

    anytime I buy the farm in that Kag and come in the middle of the pack on my team is a-ok by me....wins a win and nobody gets hurt....I'm just sorry the TRB swarm I dropped into your smoke didn't connect....whoever that Aki that jumped me from the other side was really knew their stuff. ....(I bowed out of the match doing the F'n doggie paddle in whatever sector that was).
  12. Who have you seen in game

    @monpetitloup sunk my beloved Kagero in a matter of a few minutes into a match on Hotspot....I was chatting in text too much and so on, as is my way, when s/he and another red DD had me dead to rights north of the west side cap in a random 12v12....checked back later and found myself in the middle of the xp pack for a winning team. ....aargh!....
  13. ....Here's a chess analogy that might or might not hold true in this case: ....In a given Random match the FB causes a 12-11 matchup thereafter almost every time....(nota bene: sometimes on the late night MM creates matchups w/fewer than 12v12 on the NA server....that's an exception). ....There are 3 dimensions in chess: material, position, and time. ....Given the FB equivalent of an advantage in material, a typical chess strategy would be to continue to trade down evenly until the game ends with the FB winner's victory, by whatever means....think of this as a form of "leverage" if you will. ....On the other hand, WR = 2/3*FB in WoWs is probably much too simple an equation in ANY given meta, set of time constraints, or even whether or not RNG plays a factor in anything.
  14. These things happen, alright?.....mistakes were made....anyhow my pet theory on DDs having the #s advantage was loopy I'm sure....but clarify: How exactly did your side get 2 FBs in a single match? ....In a real sense, your first paragraph wants clarification....How objective do you expect "play" to be and, as others have brought up, what parameters would tend to confirm your assertion that it's DEFINITELY nowhere near the 2/3 mark?
  15. ....Thank you....That clarifies things a great deal....