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  1. commodore_torakula

    Why is Dallas such a turd...

    ....actually the Atlanta is available in the premium shop....$41.16.
  2. commodore_torakula

    and done

    ...indeed....for a history buff like me, it would have been fun to have it....just got behind the power curve lately and I don't even have the inclination/time to make up for it by playing a ton....I've got 9/40 and it's the 20th not going to make that up in time.
  3. commodore_torakula

    Funniest usernames that you've come across?

    ....I still think Darth_Herb is the best one I've seen....not LOL funny, but it works.
  4. commodore_torakula

    I adopted Lert!

    ....Congrats on your new friend....I've adopted my last two cats and it's definitely the way to go....
  5. commodore_torakula

    Randoms Drinking Game

    ....surely not....I could easily play this game in a blackout....might not throw my skills off too much either. ....that said: yah no given the rules you'd be steaming drunk pronto.
  6. commodore_torakula

    I shall stop buying

    ....by all means, stop buying....For example, I'm not buying that you have no use for 26k in gold....but if you don't, more's the pity.
  7. commodore_torakula

    Randoms Drinking Game

    ikr....sometimes it's being a glutton for punishment
  8. commodore_torakula

    Why not be able to trade ships WG?

    ....but I'm talking about giving WG real money to make the trade.
  9. commodore_torakula

    Why not be able to trade ships WG?

    for starters, they DO allow gifting...I've gifted people premium time and you can buy ships as gifts...but that's not the point. ....I don't mean buying from someone's acct. through a 3rd party, I'm talking about trading through WG auspices.
  10. commodore_torakula

    Why not be able to trade ships WG?

    ....I was spitballing with people in the chat channel about stuff and something I've thought of before came up--why can't we trade ships to each other between accounts?....I've got ships that didn't work out for me and I'd gladly make trades. ....Of course, I get that it'd hurt WG sales to do this, essentially. ....Then someone said, "Well, why not be able to do it for a fee or a trading tax?" Good idea, I thought. I still don't know if it's feasible, but given something like a 30-50% fee on the value of the two ships being traded assessed to each user, it'd be like selling another ship to WG, right? ....So why not?
  11. commodore_torakula

    what goals do you have for each match?

    .... nice Kraken!
  12. commodore_torakula

    Monday Funday!

    ....I've gone through phases of favorites....early on, I'd platoon a Minekaze with an Isokaze over and over....then I got into high-tier and played a Kagero/Benson platoon even more....and for BBs I've played the Scharn a ton....now it's just whatever I'm in the mood for....I've gotten to where I have all the ships I might want and know how to avoid the ones that don't look right for me....I'm eager to see new ships whenever another arm of the tech tree opens up....nothing I like better than a NEW one.
  13. commodore_torakula

    What was the best deal you paid for in WoWS and why?

    ....I'm pretty fond of my Konig Albert, which was a steal at something like $12....it just outclasses everything it faces at T3 armor-wise....the guns are a little wonky, but more than adequate....I've had a few Krakens in it and nothing satisfies me more in-game.
  14. commodore_torakula

    what goals do you have for each match?

    ....I'm firmly in the "have fun" camp since I can't stress over stats....have to admit I have a bit of a kill fetish....there's no better sound effect in the game than that nice *clang* that goes with sinking an opponent. I love a good killsteal, even if it was instead of me, as long as my team gets the kill....
  15. commodore_torakula

    so tempted...

    certainly not without selling the upgrades unless you're going to mount them elsewhere...