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  1. mofton

    Should Kitakami Be a CL or DD?

    From a balance perspective it might be needed. I'm honestly not sure if she looks good or bad at the moment, because overall she looks insanely asymmetric. Destroyer Leader I think is used as something of a misnomer. I see it as a role rather than a class for the most part, with exceptions for some slightly larger but still very destroyer-ish destroyers such as the British 5-gun interest standards or some US classes. The Treaty loophole for 1850t 'leaders' used to build ships like the Tribals didn't really generate leaders. The larger cruiser like 'destroyer 'leaders' are just cruisers doing a job. The British had C class cruisers acting as both destroyer flotilla leaders and as cruisers at the same time, that didn't make half of them a different type of ship. Given Khabarovsk and Paolo Emilio have armor, I wouldn't say that her having it discounts her from being a destroyer, though at 5,500t standard or more she is a step up above them again on size.
  2. mofton

    ST 0.9.6, changes to test ships

  3. mofton

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    I don't really understand why feedback is requested. It's going to come in three forms: a) this is great, b) do some other line and c) the stats look bad. All three forms are pretty worthless, positive feedback has no value, WG are not going to say 'oh, Italians? yeah, good point let's can this' and any comment on the stats will be met by rabid 'this is WIP!'. So this is pretty pointless, however I like having a vent and that's what the forum is mostly for. I'm not that happy with the choice here - Other lines/nations seem far more deserving than the USN which is pretty well stocked with ships, and already has two T8, a T9 and a T10 premium battleship to boot Splitting at T8 continues the benign neglect of lower tiers, though in this particular case a whole raft of copy-cat Standard type battleships has little appeal and if we're honest you're 'meant' to skip low tiers by loot box anyway These ships seem like a fun vs. power balance nightmare Concerns that can't be changed aside, I am not inspired by the flavor. I don't really like slow ships, and 23kt at T8, T9 or especially T10 is horrendously slow. The heavy main battery almost inevitably needs a reload nerf - 12 guns at 40s output is the same as 9 guns at 30s. Vermont's 18in caliber has in-game advantages over Montana. The turret traverse is a personal bug-bear but I can at least see that get changed. Overall though, if you stick with the slow concept I think it's inevitably not going to appeal to a lot of people, and that the gun trade offs needed may also deter. Good luck.
  4. mofton

    USS California Final Review - Shes here!

    If I wasn't going to buy it before, I'm certainly not now!
  5. There's nothing in the game that I don't already have or am not too excited about. I'll get Nevsky fairly soon, and then probably grind up the Petropavlosk branch for completeness, but no real enthusiasm there. There's no premium I'd spend cash on at this point, though I wouldn't kick Massachusetts out of bed. Really the only ships which would really excite me would be new Italian content, Dido, Renown or some British/German battlecruisers.
  6. Slaaneshi Noise Marines deploy in F-sharp:
  7. Henri, 2.9m. I suspect Minotaur used to have more, but I reset the British CL line and haven't done the French yet.
  8. mofton

    Premium Ship Review #150 - Siegfried & Agir

    Hi LWM, I think this section might have gotten loose, it's down below the camouflages. Another outstanding review(s) and I don't think it suffers from being a combo-wombo, what with the sweeping similarities. I bought Siegfried and I quite like it, though it's very much a challenge and in my view too matchmaking dependent, you end up with too many matches where your own 27mm plating has no value, but all the red cruisers are 27mm armed, and what you're supposed to do to ships like Alaska I'm not quite sure.
  9. mofton

    ST, changes to aircraft carrier research cost

    Too little, too late.
  10. Maplesyrup numbers for the last available week - http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/shipstatswk/svr/na/ship_20200620.html - on NA for T10 show: DD: 101,435 - 21.7% CA/L: 193,721 - 41.6% BB: 152,006 - 32.6% CV: 18,228 - 3.9% T9: DD: 78,811 - 22.4% CA/L: 138,973 - 39.6% BB: 133,183 - 37.9% CV: 0 T8: DD: 85,689 - 19.1% CA/L: 127,278 - 28.3% BB: 193,075 - 42.9% CV: 43,584 - 9.7% Obviously the key take away is that T9 carriers are terribly underrepresented (jk) but more seriously destroyers are at about 2.6 ships out of 12 at T9 and T10, and 2.3 of 12 at T8. They're also the least popular ship types except carriers across the board, being 50-66% as popular as cruisers and battleships.
  11. Anecdotally I see ever diminishing numbers of destroyers per side at T8+, quite typically 0-2. This is a poor showing overall. I've never been particularly excited by very high tier DD play, but have no interest whatsoever now. I think concerns that we'll end up with a 2-tier breakout of destroyer players are pretty likely. The superunicums can play around everything and will keep doing so, the squeezed middle won't cope and will increasingly go elsewhere, and at the bottom the potatoes who don't even know they're bad, enjoy the game and are happy with the odd torpedo hit will remain. I think like carriers the population may well death spiral. 2021, year of the destroyer rework, or just keep pumping out Russian radar cruisers?
  12. mofton

    Daring's Unique Upgrade in 5th Slot?

    I don't think it would make her a particularly good torpedo boat - Daring w/mooted upgrade - 2x5 TT, 112.5s reload, 18,442 damage, 10km range, 62kt speed, 1.3km detect Ship best stealth - 6.7km Gearing w/Mk. 16 Mod 1 - 2x5 TT, 103s reload, 19,033 damage, 10.5km range, 66kt speed, 1.4km detect Ship best stealth (no leg-mod) - 5.9km Gearing w/Mk. 17 2x5 TT, 116s reload, 17,900 damage, 16.5km range, 66kt speed, 1.4km detect The Daring torpedoes are held back by the reload already being pretty long for what they are, and the 10km range which is dangerous for working around radar. Giving up what is adequate concealment, worse than the high tier USN and PA destroyers, all the IJN torpedo boats, lower tier RN destroyers, but better than the gunboats) is not a great trade.
  13. 2020, year of ze Germans - Mainz, Aegir, Siegfried, Odin out already, then Munchen, Z-35, Lowenhardt, Pommern in-progress. Plus a carrier and a submarine line.
  14. Many of them would not stop bullets or serious shrapnel, but having a wind/spray shield may be useful. Some certainly would stop small caliber fire, at some ranges.