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  1. To me Hood's a weird case where they had completely sensible buff options (sigma to 2.0, improve krupp, keep turning radius tighter on a 'cos Warspite basis) but instead went with speed, 'the parachute launchers of death', 5'/s traverse and an 'optimistic' 32kt. I do agree that there's no real practice of making other nations' ships better than the USN because of spite. Being one of the first nations released and seeing a little power creep will never not be a problem. On the plus side Iowa's had a speed boost, Iowa/Monty have had a citadel lowering buff which is huge as well as getting access to an accuracy mod. North Carolina's had massively improved rear turret angles and her sigma buffed. Arizona is arguably the best T6 battleship in the game. Colorado's about to get a 20% HP buff while seemingly retaining her better-than-most repair party.
  2. My phrasing was ambiguous, I was pointing out that there were grounds to complain on Hood/Gneis, but KGV, Nagato, Scharn and Nelson are all faster than Colorado while being at about their historic speeds. That's why I separated those 2 groups. It doesn't really matter about a knot here or a knot there, Colorado was always going to be slower than the ships they were going to put in T7 - a whole bunch of them are newer (esp. Scharn/Gneis and now KGV). Does it matter that much? 21kt is slow as balls compared to 30kt or to 32kt, who really cares. The Germans and French in particular need some 'ahistoric refits' because after WWI the German fleet was on the bottom of Scapa Flow and the requirement for refits for them as low, so WG had to extrapolate. Colodado doesn't get her 1923 configuration as a top tier hull either. There's a limit to keeping it authentic, however it's the starting point of a chain. Does a ship exist that fits the tier? If yes use it. Does a ship exist which doesn't quite fit but could have fitted had it been refitted in a logical way? If yes, use it. Is there no built ship available, but a blueprint? If yes, use it. Is there not even a blueprint? If yes, make it up - in that order of priority. You could take it as a complement that WG think the early 1920's Colorado is effectively a match for the late 1930's KGV/Scharnhorst if you liked... As a USN player I'd be more concerned that certain ships are bad (which is true for many nations) than that they're particularly hit by fantasy refits.
  3. To a greater or lesser extent the USN ships are penalized by other nations getting ahistoric attributes - potential rather than realized refits in the case of many German and some British ships. On the other hand, Colorado is a particularly unfortunate place and most of the ships at her tier even if they're a bit faster than they should be would still be faster. Hood/Gneis doing 32 is a bit faster than they potentially 'should' be but only by a couple of knots, KGV, Nagato, Scharnhorst, Nelson are all faster and historic. WG did do a reasonable job of balancing originally, and they do try to go for balance rather than just slapping on never-happened upgrades willy-nilly, but the USN BB's up to T7 were slow to start with and they were only ever going to get relatively slower.
  4. The 18kt without upgrade is kinda rubbish. As WG have gotten rid of many of the worst of the former 'A' hulls (Amagi, Fuso etc.) there's certainly a justification for at least starting at 21kt stock. Colorado and the USN standards never did 18.6 as a top speed so it doesn't make much sense. Those 2.4kt make a bigger difference than say the 1.4kt you gain from 26.6 to 28kt on KGV to go from fine to fine (which similarly makes no sense). Jumping straight to 21kt is the least WG can do.
  5. I have no idea when Lo Yang will be returning to the premium shop, sorry.
  6. They said 'No more kidding around! That destroyer you keep asking about is finally arriving' - that'd be the Kidd which went on sale this month. Huang He seems to be the most likely follow up premium for the rest of this month.
  7. Yep, kiting an Atlanta at about 10km in a Blyska is a dirty thrill.
  8. Huh, I thought the joke was that the ship was first seen in July, abortively released in August, is still in test and will then have a 3-month exclusive period to current owners (meaning a balanced ship will be on sale sometime around February or so, merely 8 months after she was first shown. Or that the German tree is getting a carrier in game before the British one. Carriers working alone to target ships alone is par for the course.
  9. Definitely the way to go on Monarch. Stealth, position, decloak and pray to RNG (1.8 sigma and US dispersion isn't that good). 35% fire chance is practically the same as Bismarck/North Carolina and the slightly better HE damage isn't much to get excited about.
  10. The RN did some decent production runs too. If you look at the fairly incremental changes then the 'War Emergency Program' destroyers are 112 ships on the same basic hull. Then 86 Hunt Class destroyers. For cruisers the most numerous were 16 Dido Class cruisers and 11 Crown Colony Class cruisers, not 27 strong but not a handful. It often depends how you define a class as well. The Gleaves class were to all intents and purposes Benson's with different internals, that'd make the Benson-Gleaves class 99 ships in total. Less difference between them then between say the Dunkerque and Strasbourg which are considered one class - depending how you look at it. Regarding Atlanta, it doesn't seem uncommon to see cruisers approaching battleships in length. Battleships are relatively dense with wider beam and 12-15in armor belts which add greatly to displacement but not so much size compared to a 4-6in armor belt.
  11. I didn't think Monarch was weak, just unenjoyable and a symbol of bad decisions. I dislike WG's copy/paste approach to that ship. The 15in were usable, not the best punch but usable. Just poor synergy with the stealth (where you want accurate alpha rather than ROF). 15in also gets a little sad when uptiered against predominantly US, British and German cruisers. It's kinda sad uptiered anyway. The rear turret angles make it hard to be aggressive in any way, shape or form too. I power ground Monarch in 29 games.
  12. I was already approaching a 19pt captain when I got Segal, so I didn't want to build him up by a million XP or so, even though I have a number of 19pt captains and can build elite XP. Plus I've heard his voice acting is dire, I don't understand him as an inclusion and I thought he was a pillock even before the abuse allegations. If I could get a better traverse I might go for it, but setting bow camping Yamato's on fire from 17km and an island away is pretty hilarious.
  13. I don't like giving up the traverse time for a fairly slight gain in firepower, getting guns on target quicker is worth more to me. Definitely agree on AP on BB's up close, 7k-10k-7k salvoes in 10 seconds? Ouch.
  14. If you're going to skip one ship, I'd skip the Monarch. If it's quit the line or skip it, I'd skip QE it because KGV is well worthwhile. QE is also something of an outlier, going from 10x 41% fire chance (Iron Duke) to 6x 35% to 10x 41%, the only ship it trains you for in any way is Monarch and Monarch's still rather different. To me Queen Elizabeth is pretty underwhelming, as @ROY4LP4IN says she's not as good as Warspite (AA is not a decent trade for secondaries, maneuverability and turret traverse). I'd also strongly agree with advice to shoot mostly AP, you have 15in overmatch and underwhelming HE damage. Even on lighter ships shorter fuses make AP a little better than normal.
  15. Eh, the progression's all over the place as it is. Another jump wouldn't have been the end of the world, though not sure what they'd have gone with at T7 instead, maybe something Japanese. You probably don't want to spend 90s stealth torping in your Tribal. I think a 6-gun Tribal with repair will struggle compared to this ship, the firepower's the same but the lack of torpedoes and P-A smoke isn't good, not worth the heal. Also not sure how good the Y turret arcs are on a Tribal. I'd try a T8 RN JKN any day of the week, problem to me though is maintaining progression. You likely have a GHI at T6, then you want something a bit better but keeping the 4.7in/45 at T7. The 4.7in armed WEP's are little if any better than the T6's, trading maneuverability and concealment for some HP. I'm not that keen on them. Weird but not unprecedented on the krupp change. I think Murmansk benefits from that over Omaha too.