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  1. mofton

    Shinonome needs a buff

    Better AA... Shooting down 0.0005 planes per game instead of 0.0001, is pretty meaningless. You could buff air detection range for better effect. Fundamentally Shinonome just doesn't like abundant carriers or lots of T8's. She doesn't fit the game.
  2. My personal advice is: 'If you can think of anything fun, dynamic or objective oriented and there's a carrier, absolutely don't do any of those things'. Edit: Also your advice on turning off AA should be caveated to turning it off only if the range is longer than your surface detection. For instance if you have 2.5km air spotting but 2.5km AA range there is absolutely no point in turning off your AA.
  3. mofton

    Weekly Combat Missions: British Cruisers

    So late-February release for Cheshire, that's pretty specific with 3 days left in the month!
  4. When you hover your mouse over the hits ribbon in the top corner it gives you a breakdown of pens, overpens, bulge hits etc. It would be nice if doing the same over the plane shot down ribbons gave you an in-game breakdown of what types you have shot down.
  5. There are lines I overall like, but man going through those T9 grindwalls again...
  6. mofton

    Ranked Arms Race: Your Picks?

    I quite liked Henri in previous seasons, and Minotaur because radar against Smolensk is sublime. If there are lots of carriers though... Probably nothing.
  7. Huh, you said HMS Lion, but what I think you clearly meant to say is 'I want two more preliminary Stalingrad designs because I find the history of them very interesting'. The cheek.
  8. mofton

    RN cruiser ammunition

    Well, the 'SAP' type AP of the main line doesn't reflect CPBC that well in my view, but if that is it then yes. RN cruisers didn't really use HE for anti-ship purposes so the 'most realistic' approach in my view would be to allow them only the CPBC/SAP type armament but modify the gameplay mechanics - historically those shells could overpen, but would like most shells start fires periodically.
  9. Ah, don't worry OP, I have plenty of capacity for hate and can hate both carriers and excessive HE spam simultaneously!
  10. mofton

    RN cruiser ammunition

    Well, to be honest they should only have the 'SAP' style CPBC as well and no pure AP.
  11. mofton

    premium italian cl after ifhe change

    The T7 cruisers seem particularly rinsed, it's not so much a choice between fires/damage but 'how screwed do you want to be when uptiered?' Without IFHE you keep fire chance but it's a hot 7% on Abruzzi and if you're bottom tier you'll be unable to pen 32mm and the increasingly abundant 27mm cruiser plating at T8+. Abruzzi vs. Hipper when you can't deal HE damage anywhere but the superstructure and have to rely on 7% fires and the hope for broadside and AP - that's really unappealing. On the plus side IFHE taking 50% works out sort of better for the low fire chance ships than the flat 3%. It used to be/is a 12% base Cleveland lost only 25% of its fire chance by taking IFHE while Abruzzi lost 42%, I guess at least it's now more even at 50% each...
  12. mofton

    Hawkins Armor Model

    Ohh 4 guns? The short range of T5 cruisers doesn't really help much either. I was more channeling the gender (assumed) of the driver than the ship.
  13. mofton

    Hawkins Armor Model

    Fortunately if the Hawkins is angled enough to autobounce you with his distributed armor he's only able to shoot back with 2 (trashy) guns with 14s reload. Eventually he'll turn to get some more guns and then the battleship-grade 9.2s (lol...) rudder shift will prove telling.