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  1. True, 'not to scale' though and all that. I wanted a 30s illustrative image.
  2. Well, your opinion is equally valid to mine, if not more so depending on net alcohol consumption. I thought Normandie's turrets were sluggish too, but they're really not - 4'/s is pretty solid - QE gets 2.5'/s, New Mex and Fuso get about 3'/s, Warspite 3.3'/s, and Bayern gets 3.5'/s. Dunkerque is an outlier with 5'/s but that's really exceptionally good traverse. I think the problem is that Normandie's handling is so good, she outturns the turrets pretty easily. Dunkerque handles well but with 5'/s seems to stay on target, Normandie doing 29.5kts while having the same turning circle as New Mexico(?!) probably gets a very high rate of turn. To me that's a poor synergy, Dunkerque's handling plus gun handling work together. Normandie can't use both. That's my quack theory anyway.
  3. In addition to @Big_Spud's points on more guns for more hits, I believe there was also an issue of dropping below a threshold. Correcting for gunnery requires a straddle pattern, if you have fewer than 3 shells per salvo or half-salvo you start to struggle to determine how the shells are really clustering - 3 splashes can be a cluster, 2 are less so. See this example for a 2-shell vs. 4-shell salvo: It is far easier to see where the real aim point is compared to the target in the lower example than the top one, especially with the odd outlier. The RN typically fired half-salvoes rather than broadsides, and I believe the IJN followed the same practice, it seems to have been fairly commonplace. With a 6-gun ship you only have the bare minimum 3-shell salvoes per half-broadside. If one of your turrets gets knocked out you're down to either firing broadsides or 2-gun salvoes. HMS Courageous and HMS Glorious seem to have struggled with their 4-gun main battery to achieve many hits during their only engagement in WWI. Furious with 2x 1 18in guns would probably have been utterly useless at sea and mostly suited to a shore bombardment role.
  4. What's your solo WR

    57.76% in 6,390 Solo games. 71.3% in 238 3-ship division games. Definitely a division impact, but I've also only started divisioning up in the last 1,000 games where I'm pretty experienced.
  5. Why the Bismark was sunk

    Depends how you define early years, if 1941's early then there were some useful damaging attacks. Sinking is one thing, but if you can dilute the enemy force by damage that's a big plus. Gneisenau was torpedoed in Brest in April 1941, then bombed and while not crippled needed extensive repairs, hence she didn't sortie again until February 1942 when she made the Channel Dash. A whole critical year of the war lost. Scharnhorst was bombed badly enough to require 4 months of repair in July 1941, again around Brest, leaving her unavailable to coordinate with Bismarck and it looks like she was also holed up until Cerberus with Gneisenau. Prinz Eugen was bombed in Brest in July 1941 and put out of action for the rest of the year, before again Channel-Dashing. If Bismarck had put in to Brest in the same time period it's not unreasonable to suggest that she may have been pasted fairly frequently, and even lucky non-fatal damage may require long-term repairs. There's a reason the Kriegsmarine withdrew the 3 ships stationed there. Given the loss of Bismarck in May 1941 and Tirpitz' not coming online until late 1941 (for the Baltic fleet, followed by more training, refit and deployment to Norway) knocking out 100% of Germany's battleships with bombing raids for most of one of the hardest years of the war (before the US joins) is extremely useful. Bombing attacks on Wilhelmshaven and the earlier raids on Tirpitz in Norway were definitely ineffective, about the only early success in that area would be sinking Konigsberg alongside in Bergen, April 1940. You're right that the RAF struggled otherwise until late 1944.
  6. A Kent subclass may struggle at T7, although most were rebuilt with a 114mm belt, unlike some County class ships which had a 25mm plate to protect the machinery, I believe Canberra is the exception to that, meaning she'll be vulnerable to HE citadels from heavy cruisers and IFHE equipped light cruisers and destroyers - not an attractive in-game feature. Unless they adjust that significantly (or I'm wrong) it's probably fatal. I don't think she had the twin 4in HA gun upgrade either, and her AA should be very, very weak as a result - 10 or so DPS at T7. The County's are large slab-sided targets with very little going for them in-game. At T6 she'd still be badly flawed but would at least have something going for her in HP and firepower-ish. The Indefatigable class a contemporary of the T3 Bellerophon, age isn't an issue but I think combat capability will be. The Indefatigable class gave up a lot for not that impressive speed. I don't know if the Battlecruiser Australia, or the County Class cruiser Australia has a better claim on the name. Well, we have two already, although WG call them 'Commonwealth' in game. To briefly summarize the Royal Australian Navy in WWII, it was highly similar to the Royal Navy in structure, doctrine, ranks and tradition and entirely similar in equipment using 99% British built and designed weapons, ships and aircraft. Ships included for instance the Amphion sub-class of Leander class cruisers, the County class (of which Canberra was one), V&W class destroyers (of which in-game T3 Vampire is one) and a range of other destroyers including Q, N class, Tribal class, Daring class etc. In it's earlier years the two services were very closely meshed - the first two Captains of Canberra for instance were both RN, rather than RAN officers, and some of her other crew were RN rather than RAN. The RAN predominantly operated smaller ships, a handful of cruisers were the largest after the retirement of the Battlecruiser Australia and until early post-war acquisition of an Aircraft Carrier. The RAN worked very closely with and frequently in squadrons with RN ships, for instance HMAS Perth operated alongside RN cruisers in the Mediterranean, the RAN was frequently under RN control. In addition to operating with them, they frequently undertook area patrol missions, which would result in the mutually destructive engagement of HMAS Sydney and HSK Kormoran, a German commerce raider, and also operated extensively alongside the USN in the war in the Pacific including the Canberra being lost at the battle of Savo Island.
  7. Torpedo Hit Ratio

    I'd rather get 5% with a hit every-other salvo into a DD in smoke than 10% on a BB I'm suicide rushing.
  8. WGing Could ya Just?

    If the German nation wants to swap it's 2-10 branch for the British 2-premium approach of Gallant and Campbeltown, I'd be all for that!
  9. The same is true for IJN Destroyers more widely, they're battleship hunters in WOWS but as far as I'm aware Destroyers of only 2 nations landed torpedo hits on battleships in WWII and neither is Japan. Not that many battleships blapping cruisers either, though plenty of destroyer on cruiser and cruiser on destroyer murder.
  10. Akizuki has a 53% WR and does 38,600 average damage. There's a destroyer at T8 that has 48% WR, and there are two that do <27,000 average damage. Akizuki probably does have inflated stats thanks to a possible selection pressure - better players are 'stuck' on her while in most lines they'd grind up to T10 and stop playing her, however to what extent that's responsible for her very good stats is unclear. I would therefore be very dubious about buffing her, because freeing up 4 captain skill points is a buff. It is unfortunate that she doesn't fit in with captain skills, but that's hardly unique. Atlanta wants a different to normal build. Donskoi wants IFHE, Moskva doesn't. TA is far more useful on Gearing than Fletcher, EM is vital on Tashkent but not Khaba. I can't argue with the Harekaze buff. Asashio seems like another miss, and increasingly I wonder what the real joy is in implementing a class of IJN DD almost indistinguishable from Yugumo and Kagero is. Either it's samey, or it's gimmicky with a narrow middle ground where that works out. With all the normal Kagero advantages (5.4km stealth) and what works out as not unreasonable firepower (plus Z-39 can now go cry in a corner of low firepower) especially kiting this ship looks much stronger in utility, especially with both TRB and smoke - something that Shira was broken with, and broken without... How much the nerf will hurt the torpedoes I don't know, slightly more reaction time but still mostly insufficient for any kind of reactive dodging. If I were going to slap Asashio I'd hit her range to dissuade 'no brainer' torpedo acceleration, and force her closer and therefore into taking larger risks. There should be a risk/reward pay off and the risks at 16km out seem pretty slight to me, but 16x 72kt stealthy torpedoes will still be rewarding.
  11. Thanks Haze. 16 dice rolls is always good, bigger samples, more normal distributions, all to the good, plus you have 16 chances to win the lottery rather than 8. Is Colorado more accurate? Undoubtedly, is she twice as accurate? Hmmm.... Bretagne (putting the lack of sobriety aside) feels differently squishy to New York. You do get more distributed protection from HE spam, but Bretagne's scheme seemed purpose designed to catch as much AP as possible. Having some 50mm plates at T5, enough to autobounce AP and deter HE spam is useful, but the 180mm plates are overkill for those functions while being seemingly penetrated by heavy AP at any range while not allowing overpenetrations under any circumstances. Thanks Rockitd, everything's subjective I suppose and I was partially inclined to dislike Normandie in particular from the get-go. Will trade liquor for access to the LWM graphics department! I felt like a total scrub compared to your reviews on that front. Re-reading I did seem to put too much focus on bow-ability of the Normandie, I think I was comparing it to the Dunkerque, and the pic was definitely based on a particular comparison. Normandie's one I will probably spend some more time in. I did 'ok' in Normandie, in 7 games about 77k average damage and 4/3 win/loss. I just didn't like it. I am not a disciple of the 'target upper belt' ships - any battleship can do that for decent results, but it's better to take them off the board. Ships like Hood get some advantages at it, but Normandie doesn't really, it's just a consolation prize. She does handle fine, but really good turning conflicts with her less than admirable turret arrangement and it felt like I was fighting it. One Normandie game I had a large number of hits on a battleship for 2 fires which were so far apart he could repair them both instantly and <2,000 direct damage. The best result I've had since - chewing off something like 6,000 damage from an Emile Bertin, but in the circumstances of that ship for some reason just hanging out in secondary range and not going for a torpedo attack, while I was busy elsewhere. I feel like you need to take advantage of Normandie's secondaries, but that it isn't rewarding. I didn't realize Bretagne had 8in gun levels of penetration, that's pretty sad if so. If she does, then I'd like the ROF to go with it. I'm not that surprised that it's really bad, some of the 'better armored' cruisers did seem to have reasonable resistance to Bret/Norm at medium ranges and angles. That's also frustrating, sure you can delete an Omaha, anything can, but some cruisers have seemed problematic. Richelieu I don't know what the fix is either. The 25km range is jus a trap and we're going to see players using all of that range just because they have it. Even with good shell flight times and accuracy you just shouldn't do it. After a couple more games (now 8 of 9 in T10 MM) it's also frustrating just how blind she is, no hydro, no spotter plane and Gearing torpedoes are incoming. I may even consider a swap to Vigilance on the Captain build.
  12. Germany still makes bad ships

    Dseehafer is quite correct, I happened to visit Victoria, BC recently and the immigration office had a wall-sized image of the time Hood visited the city all the way back in 1924. She may have been old, but she was significant.
  13. Hello Gang, I was fortunate enough to be gifted some France crates and from them I unlocked the four available French battleships. I swiftly ground out the required base XP to unlock them and wanted to try a few games with each and give some early feedback. Others may review the ships more quantitatively, but this is entirely a 'muh feels' subjective review with occasional unchecked fact or figure thrown in for effect. The ground rules are - I played the ships a bit, but not a ton After every sweeping statement read 'to me' Same captain spec was used for almost all - having to change specs is unrealistic up a line I used a 19pt captain Much beer was consumed in the playtest This review ignores 'good for the game' considerations, it is entirely selfish Bretagne - Sad, Bad and Dangerous to be Around It is almost impossible for me to separate Bretagne the ship from Bretagne the T5 matchmaking victim. The 5 games I spent in Bretagne were generally frustrating and unproductive, 4 of them were T7 MM. My first mistake was to take AR over EM, and I'd consider the turret traverse without EM basically unusable. No one likes being unable to track, having to choose between maneuvering and aiming, no one likes waiting - this is why as a society Amazon 1 hour delivery exists, well some Amazon tech would go a long way on this boat. To summarize - Samey=lamey this is an ABPXY Super(ha!)-Dreadnought which does about 21kts and has 10 guns in the 12-14in range. Sound familiar? Yeah, that'd be TX, NY, Iron Duke and Kaiser, and people complained about 12-gun Conqueror... Slow to the show and nothing to do when you get there - 21kts, well I suppose someone has to be Scharnhorst food Unrewarding guns - they're just bad in every way, no ROF like Konig, no pen like NY, no mad-fires or HE citadels like Iron Duke, just bad accuracy, pen, traverse... Low HP, though this could be a plus as at least you get to die sooner and go back to port to rethink your life. Not everyone can be the 54k HP Kongo, but 42k is just... le sigh Distributed armor scheme can be pleasantly surprising for HE resistance and autobounce, but undercut by 19mm sections and with all the cons of the scheme too Summary image - Summary - Bretagne is like her namesake Brittany when you live in southern England, same climate, not that interesting for your summer vacation, oh and there are lots of bullies, and you're the slow kid. Your classmates are going to Rome or Disneyland. Perhaps a cheap flight to Greece beckons. FXP your air miles and save yourself the trouble. How to make this ship fun - You can't. Upgrading the traverse would be a quality of life change but won't fundamentally change the equation. Bretagne is over-tiered in this form and you can't afford to be a mediocre superdreadnought at T5. Suffering's good for the soul... Normandie - Conflicted as a Frenchman in 1941 Normandie wasn't rewarding. I want a ship that when I do good things says 'WELL DONE MOFTON YOU CLEVER BOY, HERE'S A CITADEL RIBBON'. Well that's a problem in Normandie. Battleships are about guns. Normandie's guns aren't fun. Ergo, Normandie's not fun. Battleship drivers want to see large numbers pop up on screen, and Normandie is absolutely not the way to make this happen, go get a Fuso. To summarize - What's got the bow-on number of barrels as a Fuso, the dispersion of a German BB and the penetration of an Ishizuchi? That's right, Normandie! Speed is a trap to allow you to get isolated and nuked by a carrier. 27kts is pointless if you're chained within AA range of a cruiser who wants to sit behind an island. You have 12 guns which is 20% more than Bretagne but a lot of the time you see no advantage Oh the penetration, penetration gets another complaint here, and usually I don't care too much but T6 has some chunky battleships and this is insipid Dunkerque exists. Dunkerque is fun. Vulnerable to chunk damage with the armor scheme plus... shockingly, an exciting 48k HP, as always not everyone can be a 58k HP Mutsu, but any damage costs you dear and when it comes down to the wire HP are valuable Secondaries almost look good except a) they're secondaries and b) secondaries are always useless. They are pretty though, so I tried a secondary spec (mod/AFT) a little, it was just frustrating. Best results - 132 hits for 1,677 damage and 2 fires in about 4 minutes... Summary images - Summary - A battleship with bad guns. The end. How to make this ship fun - I don't know, traverse... better guns, I give up. FXP it is. Lyon - Phew Lyon is sex on screws in a way I can't even describe and which defies convention. Why is some thing beautiful, beautiful? Lyon is a joy and a departure from the line which I don't understand. In theory she's Normandie with 33% more firepower, but somehow the package translates into 333% more fun. I guess sometimes 33% more is the difference between bankrupt and happy days. My very first salvo with the ship where I derped and forgot modules, upgrades, consumables, camo - detonated a full HP Pensacola. First impressions are important. To merrily summarize - France-ica F-YEAH coming to sail the seas with 16 barreelllls yeahh T7 matchmaking, everything Bretagne has but the exact opposite What is Agincourt? Agincourt is dead to me - go back to WWI you English peasant Gun volume makes the gun system rewarding, especially rewarding DYNAMIC ammunition selection on a sub-caliber battleship. I like dynamism. Did you hear that RN BB HE spammers? Both AP power - one memorable salvo put 10 overpens into an Omaha which is still 1/3 his HP - and HE (strong fire potential and 16 guns seems to pass a fires/salvo reliability threshold) are enjoyable 8 guns in the back - actually decent firepower in one quadrant unlike Normandie, especially good for kiting Good AA allows for independent action? Need to go smash some reds up but teammates busy eating glue? No problem, run down there and do whatcha gotta do A little je ne sais quoi she stands up to the other T7 BB while being different and not OP, huzzah it's possible! Summary Image - No good ones sorry, too busy laughing in deletions. Here's my second game in the ship where I matched my 7-kills in a game record, first impressions and all that. Summary - Tres bien. (French for pretty darned good). How to make this ship fun - Click 'Battle'. Richelieu - I wanted to love you. Richelieu can best be summed up as 'a very poor T10 battleship'. Like Bretagne I can't separate the ship from the MM, if you want an objective comparison to North Carolina and co I can't really give it. Richelieu to me was defined by uptiering (7 of 8 games were T10) and enjoyment wise she up tiers particularly poorly. To writ: 15in guns when uptiered can't pen extremities on KM/USN cruisers and DM/Hindy get more games than all the other T10 CA combined, I had some costly bounce sessions High velocity guns overpen a lot, and while in the Lyon example doing overpen damage to some poor low HP Omaha is one thing, doing it to a 50k HP T9-T10 cruiser is quite another, especially with their repairs, I lost chip wars frequently The advantage of the 15in gun in pen is not realized in game thanks to autobounce and 400mm armored Yamato's all over If you're going to get few opportunities to shine accuracy is key, when a good high-tier player shows broadside you have to punish it because it's not going to happen again, Richelieu will let you down Low number of barrels and ROF make the HE-spam alternative less than productive Entire ship is 32mm plated, so Yamato and Musashi love you Kutuzov loves you too To summarize otherwise - I 'get' Richelieu, I have a ton of games in Dunkerque, it's not for bow camping, it's for flanking, it just can't at T8 and it's so, so vulnerable to incoming fire AA is 'ok' especially when combined with decent TDS, but you still get bashed by Midway's while being immune to Independence's (much skillz) and flanking is therefore penalized Speed boost is nice, I guess, when I even notice it's on, it doesn't seem worth 'saving' so I'd mostly just do it on cool down, not very exciting Miss, overpen or autobounce: pick your poison The advantage of effective firepower thanks to A-X isn't enough to offset the guns lack of output. 30s reload with a good chance of whiffed shots is frustrating, too long waiting to reload, too many misses. Neither spray'n'pray, nor a sniper rifle. Shell velocity is pretty tasty, targets get low reaction time shells get to the postcode fast Secondaries are mostly useless, I tried one game with the module and eh... The range is insane but combines poorly with dispersion, while the lack of a spotter prohibits firing-into-smoke, poor-man-DFAA or a heads-up around islands, and you feel the loss Summary Image - Damage from Yamato (no citadel's just chunk after chunk on reasonable angling) and the range on the minimap is almost deceptive, you see a cruiser half way into your range and then realize he's still 17km out, and angled, and autobounces you... Summary - Not quite enough. How to make this ship fun - Gascogne was always going to be worse than Richelieu due to gun arrangement, but WG have improved her sigma and the repair cooldown in recent tests. While Gascogne will need more 'soft buffs', Richelieu could get on that bandwagon to a lesser extent, a 28s reload might not be much in absolute terms but it's psychologically nice to have, or 1.9 sigma. Something to address the guns. Shooting guns is fun.
  14. I think there is a hint of the exotic in Charlemange, it's an unusual but still heard of name. Republique to me just sounds like someone saying Republic with a mouth full of marbles. Then again given mange is French for 'eat' I can't help but think that every time I see it - Charlie-eat? Charlemange was a conqueror, the name fits for a big Battleship meant to go out and take names.