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  1. mofton

    Come Sail in SYN

    Remind me of our resignation process?!
  2. I agree. I bought Vanguard yesterday and have happily farmed 6 Dreadnought achievements in 12 games, which is unprecedented for me. A lot of that is down to the 0.6%/s repair, and the USN are jumping up to 0.66% repair - better still. Although the RN BB's can repair 60% of penetration damage, while the USN can repair only 50% the repair buff is still big, and fires are still 100% repairable for both. With the flag a USN repair restores 22.18% of your HP. An ignored fire with just the India Yankee signal burns for 14.4% of HP - 1.5 whole fires per damage repair.
  3. The way to do it is to increase the number of T9 top-tier matches. Those keep T8 out of T10 - mid-tier is usually acceptable to everyone - while still keeping the T8's out of T6's. The T7's will get uptiered more, but right now they seem to see T5 75% of the time, so they can probably take it. WG has neglected T9 for a long time, there are a bunch of paywalls at the tier, the perma-camouflages are less efficient, they don't allow grinding some of the insignia, they don't have or contribute toward the Legendary Upgrade grinds and there are relatively few, especially accessible premiums there. WG is now belatedly looking at improving some renowned T9 garbageboats - Ibuki, FdG, Izumo (even Iowa...) - but it's been a long time coming. Lert looked at some T8 outcomes here: The really statistically significant outlier was the simple lack of T9 battles at 18% - while 37% top tier and 45% bottom tier still mean lots of T6, and even more T10 games. For myself I recorded the tier of my first 24 Lightning games - just 12% were T9, while <40% were +2 or -2 games. Hopefully by releasing a stream of T9 FXP/coal ships - Jean Bart with Alaska and presumably Neutrashimyy to come they can rebalance things. The issue is that the T9's have been more unbalanced than most, predominantly battleships - the most common class - and have been subject to removal more than the general population.
  4. You're right, it's to better sell the DWT, TRB equipped T8 Pan-Asian cruiser Irian!
  5. mofton


    I believe a series of missions later in the year, and that she'll probably go on solo sale at the same time.
  6. I'll believe it when I see it, if it's the positive they infer. Hopefully Arms Race sensible edition will be a bit of a band-aid too when it comes.
  7. mofton

    ARA San Juan has been found

    It would depend in part on how much the boat was already flooded when it hit 800m, I'd say it would have to be pretty significant. If entire populated compartments were already flooded there could be remains in them for instance.
  8. Well, a lot of reloads would also vary over time due to exhaustion and use of ready rounds. Then they'd also vary depending on range as a) not all guns could be reloaded at the firing angle so at longer range you'd have to lower and elevate them again as part of the cycle and b) you'd usually wait for the shells to reach the target, then plot the result before firing again.
  9. 0.66% x 28s = 18.48% or 22.18% with the flag 0.5% x 28s = 14% or 16.8% with the flag Iowa, 4 charges of repair, 79,000 HP base, max theoretical HP increases from 132,088 to 149,089 HP. That's a pretty nice increase in my estimation, especially at the tiers with decent HP to start with.
  10. mofton

    WoWS Dev Blog: Design B-65 AKA "Azuma"

    Seems to match this - http://www.shipbucket.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=13&amp;t=1131&amp;sid=317bf29b93deb86269b694fd5d7eec0b Fairly well, including the non-superfiring line of 100mm's. It also seems like that was purposeful as the catapult runs above them and putting the central mounts on pedestals would interfere with it.
  11. Both Dreadnought and PEF started their development with far better concealment than they ended up with. I wouldn't be surprised to see V-U go the same way. Either way, at T4 I don't think it's as overwhelming an advantage as it could be higher tier, especially combined with woeful accuracy.
  12. Built by STT San Marco near Trieste in what was then the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
  13. mofton

    Regia Marina Tier VI DD Leone (Dev Blog)

    But all the T8's are continuously uptiered to T10, how can there be any to fight the T6's?!
  14. mofton

    Yahagi much?

    Looks pretty overtiered with the exception of the torpedoes - which are good, but 10km torpedoes on a ship with only just less than 10km best conceal is not nearly as good as 10km torpedoes on a torpedo boat with 5.4km stealth - especially as these should have some poor firing angles. The guns were recycled from the old Kongo, hence the low ROF. That said Kongo gets 855m/s rather than the listed 825m/s which is a bit odd. As older guns on Kongo the shell drag is not that good - 0.349, that's better than the 0.379 of Emerald, but worse than the 0.33 of Leander. If they keep the drag of the Kongo secondary and the listed speed they should be pretty poorly performing AP weapons. On the plus side the 2,600 HE alpha/13% fire chance is far superior to the 2,500/9% that the Kongo gun will have when it gets adjusted to HE rather than AP. Still, an interesting historic ship, some plus points to drive, a cruiser premium is welcome in a world of BB's. I think the shell ballistics will matter, and there's plenty of room for a ROF buff.
  15. mofton

    Regia Marina Tier VI DD Leone (Dev Blog)

    Looks pretty overtiered. The first round of ST is going to be a waste with almost inevitable buffs in my opinion. The stealth is only ok, low speed, the torpedo broadside is weak putting her in the gunboat category, 8 guns is a lot of alpha at T6, but it's constrained by the 8.5s reload 8°/s traverse and poor arrangement. Alpha is always valuable given fleeting engagements but with 5-gun ships at that tier with 4s reload it looks pretty trashy. Well, at least the fire chance is nearly as good as D'Aosta, and better if they both take IFHE...