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  1. I think she's pretty, hopefully we never have to find out the rest.
  2. mofton

    Ranked Sprint Season 10 to be 1 v 1?

    I hope the 3 Enterprise players who end up as the only people in queue enjoy themselves...
  3. Instructions unclear, now inadvertently on War Thu... Server!
  4. mofton

    Jingles has Arrived

    This took 18 months...
  5. mofton

    British Commonwealth Destroyer Tech Tree

    I get where this line is trying to go and it's well constructed, it's just fundamentally not something I think is a valuable addition. Basically: Even with a very good effort to 'differentiate by gimmick' these are all British destroyers and not that new or different ASW as a strength at the expense of ASuW makes no sense as it stands, and likely going forward I think in an effort to not show preference for ships you like in power level you've gone too far the other way Point 1 is pretty subjective. I don't really like clones of existing ships, I think some of them just end up worse-than and some are just not needed and come at the expense of other gameplay and other ships. The guns of these ships, despite the tweaks are already out there. The hulls largely are (even the Cr is a JKN hull). The torpedoes will be unsurprising. I think premiums for a Commonwealth nation are good, but the other 'odds and sods' line - Pan-Asiastan seems unpopular, unnecessary and unremarkable. Point 2 - ASW is (and in my view needs to be) very good, to the point of being a 1-shot for every destroyer already, I doubt the Commonwealth can realistically bring much to the table there as it stands. Even if better-ASW can be implemented, I doubt it will be worth trading away potential against the other ships. We have typical 12-v-12 matchmaker, of those 12 ships maybe 2-3 will be submarines, sometimes none, there will always be red surface ships to gun and torpedo. There may be 1 red submarine which spawns on the corner opposite you. There may be 1 submarine on the red team which potatoes and gets killed by your carrier 3 minutes in. There is no point in the trade of better ASW when competitors will remain ok anti-submarine. In the days of RTS carriers - and today - you have a ship with good AA, you even invest in it and then lo, no carrier (or no sub) games, or games where you don't meet it and it has no value time after time. Point 3 - Some of the core balance is off, I'd agree that the T5-T6 are a blip, and the RN line at least adds a consumable between 5 and 6, and while you could improve torpedoes, improved but still only 4 torpedoes is... meh. I'm not sold on 3-gun destroyers period. I'm very not sold on Crusader at T9 (she's really a Sims-analogue, and those guns had 14 RPM).
  6. Submarines are slow and need direct line of sight and angles to targets. The backline battleships, spawning 20km away from the 24kt submarines will be far safer than those battleships pushing into the middle and having the temerity to go near caps. The camping cruisers, with an island between them and the submarine will take a long old time to flank at submarine speeds too, and again need line of sight. The submarine won't change the meta in any positive way that I can see, it will simply discourage pushing or any dynamic play to an even greater extent.
  7. Basically ' battlecruiser Orion' - T4 seems easier.
  8. mofton

    Leone, Leone, where art thou?

    Pretty sure WG aren't hanging their hats on the $30 of revenue the estimated two sales of that boat will generate...
  9. Three words, such rage...
  10. pLaNez aRE lImITeD.
  11. mofton

    My thoughts on Italian Cruisers

    I don't know about good or bad, but I've not had much enjoyment to date.
  12. mofton

    ST, new German commander and test ships.

    Eh, in the land of Wargaming the Commonwealth doesn't include Britain so... who knows!
  13. mofton

    RN Cruiser Split

    Here's the original announcement: Latest: Overall, I'm fairly interested so far. Well.. about that broadsiding Oh dear. The citadel's pretty ridiculous too: The shell drag of 0.445 is also among the worst in the game.
  14. mofton


    Some call it their Silliwangi, some their moderate-sized mofton... The names are endless ;)
  15. Ironically with the Hawkins toting 7.5in guns, and the T9 and T10 going to the 9.2in guns, there are only 3 tree 8in cruisers.