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  1. I don't really agree with the basic premise that Hipper was brilliant in this action, Beatty's utter inadequacies and the inadequacies of British anti-flash, gunnery and shells are far more important. Fundamentally Hipper was in command of I Scouting Group (emphasis mine) although locally his ships did far better against the British battlecruisers ultimately the HSF was pulled north by Beatty and into a perfect T-crossing, the worst possible outcome. Vagaries of visibility and the superb drilling for the 'battle turn' were then the only thing that saved Scheer's fleet from utter disaster. In the T-crossing stage the British inflicted about 43 main battery hits while receiving only 2 in return. Hipper spent over two hours of the battle trying to transfer his flag from Lutzow to Moltke and exercising no tactical control from the destroyer meant to take him between the two. Clearly he was not integral to the result at that point. Beatty's errors make Hipper look pretty good, but easily avoidable errors by Beatty are easy to identify, Hipper by contrast did a mostly competent job at the tactical level and had the better ships on the day. Beatty's utter failure in communicating with Evans-Hamilton before the battle and errors in signalling that saw the 5th Battle Squadron far too separated, as well as (in a repeat of Dogger Bank) the British battlecruisers once again not understanding who was meant to shoot who were obvious and critical errors. A Fleet in Being has to tie down forces that are needed elsewhere. In WWII the Tirpitz for instance tied down 2-3 RN/USN battleships as well as carriers which could have been useful elsewhere - in the overstretched Mediterranean or Pacific theaters. If the HSF had disappeared the Grand Fleet would have not really had much else to do.
  2. No HMCS Haida for Canada Day

    Does the exact extent of overlap between Haida and other Tribal class matter? WG are now bringing out the Massachusetts/Alabama (a second premium SoDak), have already bought out Missouri and Iowa, we have Fletcher, Chung Mu, Kidd, Black... There's certainly more difference between Cossack and Haida than between some of those examples - Cossack looks to be sticking with 8 guns, Haida would have a couple of different options.
  3. No HMCS Haida for Canada Day

    Considering it's been 160 days since WG first showed off Cossack - I wouldn't be that confident in WG balancing a slightly different Haida, even with Cossack as the alpha test in just 40 days.
  4. Pan-American nation in!

    I like the flag quite a lot, nice solution. The flags of Mercosur and Unasur wouldn't really work so I'm glad they didn't do anything in that direction, this is a pretty nice one. Hopefully they'll allow national flags to be flown from the ships per Pan-Asia without a 6 month delay (and so long as that's ok with China!).
  5. March to Kronshtadt

    Why save for Krondstadt when you can save for Thunderer! ;) I didn't get Musashi or Missouri, though I did get the Nelson, I very much doubt I'll get the Kron. I sometimes save decent chunks of FXP but then 'Izumo stock grind' lurches up or 'Izumo the ship' or similar paywalls...
  6. If they want to lose HP to the aether they can, and with a tiny area then things like 5.9km hydro become increasingly potent - plus if you just want to spam your 15 torpedoes in there - well there will be friendlies clustering in too. Never had a problem with Raptor Rescue, the easiest of the scenario's by far for the defending team.
  7. If they want to come and play in an 8km across circle with radar cruisers and while Missouri's the most popular T9 BB they can be my guest!
  8. Either the carriers will be forced into a tiny box to brawl the other ships, or WG will make them immune to the effect - which will mean their opponents targets are trapped in a small area while the carrier can't be chased. WG have put approximately zero thought into this.
  9. Mogami manages less HP and less AA while being a tier higher than the Myoko. You got WG-Dev'd. And Skycancer'd. Unfortunately the carrier mechanics rely overmuch on decisions you make in port rather than on the battlefield - which would be great if the game were called 'Top Trumps' but it isn't. Beyond that you're then overly dependent on the AA cover of a team mate's carrier and while a friendly DD not smoking you may be unfortunate when you put 30-40% of the AA potential into the hands of 1 ship you're in trouble...
  10. As mentioned above carriers are now the only unit capable of true 'open water stealth firing'. I suspect he was either headed away from you or behind cover as Lert suggests.
  11. RN Destroyers - a forgotten line?

    Cossack is not a great test-bed for an RN destroyer line, she's an outlier with the heavy gun armament at the expense of torpedo armament (or with neither in her first version). WG might be messing around for various reasons and trying Perth smoke for Haida but overall they didn't do any of this with the 'ok' and 'normal' Gallant. I think they just miss-balanced round 1, went a bit funny on round 2 and are now doing whatever. I really don't like their arbitrarily increasing HE damage - Cossack already throws more RPM than Fletcher, albeit with slightly weaker HE. Doing this... Gallant is... 'ok'. I have over 150 games in her and I did not care for her at all until I managed a 19-pt captain for SE (a huge difference) I also suspect that Gallant with 4-guns and 8-torpedo tubes is going to play more like most of the rest of the RN line than the 8-gun, 4-torpedo tube Cossack. Most T6 destroyers aren't that good, and there are some stinkers like Gnevny and Hatsuharu, Gallant doesn't have any glaring shortcomings - stealth and handling are ok, firepower is situationally ok (can out-brawl IJN DD, suffer at range) her torpedoes are only adequate with a long reload and poor launch arcs on otherwise decent tinfish. The difference between the two RN destroyers is pretty significant, I have TAE on my Gallant skipper because she's more of a torpedo boat, but Cossack would do much better with BFT/DE instead. It's a little frustrating.
  12. Premium Ship Review #100

    Not sure if falling for this reflects badly on me, or badly on WG doing some pretty trollish things themselves in the past making it inherently more believable... Well played.
  13. Given the low numbers of carrier games played - and even historically before the economy changes I don't remember them being that abundant - something far more extreme is needed. According to shipcomrade more people have ground to Republique in the last 3 months than have ground to Midway or Hakuryu in the last 2+ years. That says a lot.
  14. British CVs?

    Probably waiting for the rework. Or WG sensibly don't want to waste the effort on a line that appeals to a pretty small part of the player base - for instance, globally Shipcomrade has tracked 1,399 people to ever play the Hak, while 6,946 have played the Shimakaze and a lot of T10's are in the 7,000+ unique players range. Heck even Republique's had more unique players and she's been out for months, not years... A sensible-ish RN line would be something like Hermes - Eagle - Furious/Courageous - Illustrious/Ark Royal - Implacable - Audacious - Malta. There are different ways to do it depending if you want to go with an armored-carrier theme or not.