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  1. mofton

    Siegfried First Impression [NoZoupForYou]

    I've run into one once in Sovetsky Soyuz, he managed to bait a shot onto his midships section for an impressive autobounce result (4 ricochets) and did manage to land a torp but not much more. Overall I was impressed, and went out of my way not to show sides. Overall testing her now with the mooted cruiser plating changes seems a tremendous waste of time, if those changes go through she will be the most impacted superduper cruiser by far.
  2. I'm not sure, at least if they do radar a DD next to, or behind a GK they can shoot it with their guns rather than launching what amounts to a ramming attack on the target to drop depth charges or other short range ASW weapons. That's all true, my point remains that hedgehog was not a death sentence attack - the link has figures for about a 1 in 4 success rate at best. I remember the account of crack U-boat killer Donald Macintyre trying hedgehog for the first time - the crew hadn't quite anticipated it, so didn't have time to remove all 24 firing pins before the attack position was wasted, though they did improve. The points on explosions not fouling sonar are good ones - one of the ways around dead zones was to use a hunting pair of well coordinated ships and have one talk the other into position. A level of teamwork remarkably unlikely to make it into the game! I do wonder if there's a slight bias as well, in that situations where you can use hedgehog are likely among the most advantageous attacking ones. The ahead-thrown weapon we have in game is squid, mounted and modeled on the Daring. It should also be seen on Jutland, or at least the A-hull though it's absent for whatever reason. Unfortunately squid had a 250m range, which takes a 30kt destroyer about 3s to cover in game, not a great advantage. Maybe WG will just give it 10km range, it already seems like the anticipation is that submarines will only be able to submerge for less time than I can hold my breath, and run 25kt submerged across the board.
  3. Well, first of all I'm not 100% convinced that the IFHE changes as described on the dev blog post are 'it'. It seems strange that WG would go to the effort of producing that pen/no pen table for 152/203 with/without IFHE guns at T6-T10 but did absolutely nothing similar for destroyers or <6in guns in general. That said I've asked twice and had no response so... Overall the changes seem incomplete or terribly thought out. Secondly I'm in the camp that this will buff Daring/Jutland by 4 skill points and 1% fire chance. Currently HE pen is an integer value so rounding up to 19mm as is listed in GM3D seems likely to continue, with the new 'equal' rule meaning it beats destroyer 19mm hulls and high tier battleship 19mm superstructure. Incidentally with CL getting reduced from 25 to 16mm extremities it opens a bunch of plating on those ships to HE damage, although if Minotaur/Neptune/Edinburgh do get changed as well they just get a straight buff with amidships plating to 27mm/30mm - they're already 16mm everywhere. So Daring - less need for IFHE, able to penetrate more of USN/RU CL, but less of RN CL - pretty weird change IMO. Thirdly, the IFHE changes on 120mm guns at lower tiers. Dropping to 24mm pen at the expense of 50% rather than 1% fire chance does cripple the skill against the mooted 26mm of BB plating and 25mm cruiser amidships (while 13-16mm cruiser extremities remain fair game). Frustratingly for me in the case of Haida I share an IFHE Perth captain, and Perth will still need IFHE to pen the 26mm of battleship plating she sees, though she'll lose the ability to pen 32mm T8 battleships when bottom tier, and lose 4.5% instead of 3% fire chance. Haida in particular with high-alpha, low-fire chance is hit hard. I don't run IFHE on Lightning or Cossack, it's already too worthless when bottom-tier (doesn't pen 27-32mm). Jervis has the 8% fire chance to use other means. Icarus... is Icarus. As a tangent - a lot of the problems I see with this change seem to stem from wanting to make AP more/less effective, encourage CA to use it on CL, give CL some mitigation against BB AP etc. The problem to me is that the whole AP/HE system uses the same plating values, and while WG are happy to have 1/6 and 1/4, and now 1/5 HE pen they haven't ever played with the /14.3 AP overmatch ratio. They could if they wanted.
  4. AA has very rarely mattered for balance, the current situation is no different. Despite theoretically being balanced in anti-ship power by having better anti-aircraft, American ships such as Montana and Des Moines have been regular stalwarts of carrier-free Clan Battles across the seasons.
  5. mofton


    The mooted cruiser plating changes may make a big difference - lots more 30/27mm plate.
  6. Possibly even before my last clear sky!
  7. mofton

    Who have you seen in game

    A very sad game :(
  8. mofton

    AA system is a joke

    'System' is a strong word!
  9. Generating such a huge T7 - T8 step is deeply questionable to me. Atlanta is a particularly bad case. By changing the rules to 'or equal' for HE pen WG at least has it that T5-T7 CL without IFHE can pen the 25mm plating sections cruisers are getting as 152mm guns give exactly 25mm pen. For Atlanta, if you want to be able to damage the amidships section of a same, or even lower tier cruiser you'll need to keep IFHE, even though it gives you -50% (i.e. at least -2.5%) instead of -1% fire chance while you can't hurt any of same tier battleships. That's a pretty awful set of choices. WG seem to have given little thought to the balance points of this mooted change. This will buff Jutland/Daring while Jutland's getting nerfed in ST. Siegfried is being tested now, but is about to see a proliferation in 27/30mm cruiser plating if this goes through. Atlanta... as seen here. Weak ships like Aosta/Abruzzi, especially at T7 getting hit - though at least -50% is less of a relative hit to their fire chance because it's so weak already...
  10. There are some interesting questions to ask of WIP ships. For instance, Siegfried currently gets a decent plus out of her 380mm guns over the 305/310mm of the other supercruisers. Right now 380mm guns can overmatch all the 25mm plating all over ships like Mogami, Ibuki, Martel, Saint Louis, Cleveland, Seattle, Worcester, Donskoi and Chapayev. The 305/310's don't overmatch them anyway. With the mooted change, all the competing 305/310's will overmatch the 16mm bows on those light cruisers, while the plating amidships will be raised to 27mm or 30mm (T10) meaning none of the supercruisers including Seigfried, which can currently, will be able to overmatch it. So from overmatching all of a bunch of ships while the lighter guns don't, to overmatching half of them while the lighter guns overmatch half too. I don't have a Massachusetts so it's all academic to me, I probably wouldn't take it anyway, but I might occasionally as I have an IFHE/CE/AFT Worcester/Atlanta captain that would trade over for the jokes. Then again Atlanta kinda takes all the hits of Massa secondaries at the moment and is looking frightful. At least some plating on cruisers to angle and autobounce AP is generally encouraging of skill. Going flat broadside or pure bow on still hurts, angling to bait onto the belt and deck area will be rewarding.
  11. mofton

    Ark Royal Playtesting Memes & Quick Preview

    I don't like playing carriers, so to an extent aside from how dangerous the ship is to a surface ship I don't really mind how Ark Royal goes. I do think it's a shame that the 3 RN WIP premiums right now are 2 carriers, and a lazy hull spin-off of a T10 battleship. I also don't see much point getting excited about this one when Indomitable has been in the game since last October and is still absent. On the review I do find the mention that 'fluttering' the engine boost allows an effective higher top speed which is at least a way of overcoming the speed interesting. I guess that's a sensible way around the problem, but also around the history - these aircraft being slow was a disadvantage.
  12. I don't think Neptune is very good, most of her problems are justifiable but the concealment is very poor for her ballistics and role, there are a number of heavy cruisers which outspot her, some with radar... WG refuse to confirm if the proposed cruiser plating and IFHE changes will apply to the RNCL and comfortingly MrConway didn't know on a stream so.. there might be some changes there.
  13. mofton

    Hood: Buffed or Nerfed?

    Buffed really, the sigma increase was slight but nice. The short fuses are generally worthless when looked at in combination with the other AP mechanics such as fuse arming threshold, ship width, overmatch and autobounce. The DFAA's gone from death to DB's but otherwise worthless to 'worthless' so I guess that's about the same over all.