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  1. At T5 fun may have a higher premium than efficiency, and as a Scharnhorst driver this looks fun.
  2. My only T10 BB is Montana, and I don't 'get' it - it seems pretty much a punching bag, though I would like a better captain with CE. GK is the most consistently frustrating to fight against with its' armor plus 12 barrel shotgun, there's less dodging and more RNG involved, at least if a Monty gets you it was because he aimed right. At medium ranges GK isn't even that bad.
  3. Do you know of a CV player called 'AdmiralRoberts'?
  4. The timeframe of the 'Commonwealth' in-game makes no sense at all. The Perth and this new Vampire were sunk in 1942, the Commonwealth in the guise we have it - or at least the flag - is 1949. None of it makes sense, calling it 'British Empire' or 'The Dominions' would make more.
  5. If WG can't balance a single T8 premium carrier, then I don't think another carrier line can ever happen.
  6. When I said that there was confusion between Carl and I about the AA of the ship - he'd said it had insanely good AA, and I was wondering if the 6in guns were DP which might somehow make it an AA monster (like De Grasse, but better) because otherwise 4x1 5in/38's weren't much. Those are clearly 5in/38's in single mounts per Benson/Fletcher and hopefully Wichita, which we know and love.
  7. I'm pretty sure the Minotaur, Neptune and Edinburgh only have 19mm bows, and I'm not sure on the NOLA. With radar she would be plenty lethal against the RN boats. Doesn't make a huge difference overall to balancing but worth considering.
  8. Well, it has 2 funnels but otherwise the 3x3 6in CL is not very much like the CLAA/Destroyer Leader sort of Atlanta. That's like looking into different dogs to buy and then getting a cat. Sure it's a pet, but it's commonality with the original design is kinda low!
  9. Latest game he took a bunch of strikes from a Ranger I think - took a couple of bombs and 1 fire, managed to get within arming distance on TB's. Shot down zero planes. Had been hit by some HE inc. from Iron Duke to be fair. AA's kinda pointless at times - if you can mitigate damage that much while being 2 tiers down...
  10. He did completely outplay that Bayern, but took 2 consecutive 8k dmg salvoes while moderately well angled. The hit rate was great, 5-6 hits generating a fire twice in a row before slamming in a 16k AP salvo. Overall I'm pretty impressed, ship looks very strong - though Flamu makes things look even better at T5 playing inexperienced players than he does at higher tiers where people at least know what's going on, even if they're not OMNI. Handling looks good, visually the ship looks great. I haven't seen an AA test yet.
  11. Damn, he's on Huang He now.... He was hovering near Fu Shan and I was thinking 'please not a review of the 4th Gnevny...'
  12. I believe the French La Fantasque class large destroyers were reclassified later in the war, HNLMS Tromp was also an in-betweener 'Flotilla Leader/Light Cruiser' though she never went to the UK.
  13. Two of the 3 British battlecruisers lost at Jutland were Invincible designs, (Indefatigable was a slightly improved Invincible, but the same ship effectively). At the time the Germans didn't have any battlecruisers at all, so the respondant does have an advantage. The later ships held up pretty well with the exception of Queen Mary who could be argued to be a reasonable trade for Lutzow (and Seydlitz wouldn't have made it back home if she'd not been so close). At the Falklands the Scharn and Gneis had one BC each and lost catastrophically, Blucher's being slow killed her at Dogger though the other German BC's were having a tough time too.
  14. I don't agree on RN BC's. If you look at the general objective it's 'obsolete Armored Cruisers' which they did handily. They also did pretty well clearing up cruisers when given the opportunity. British Battlecruisers did better at the chase/sink part - taking out Blucher, Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Coln and Ariadne. Given that none of the RN BC's were lost due to belt armor penetrations and only one was lost due to a possible deck penetration, it's possible that had British ammunition handling and flash proofing been better (and at least volatile cordite can't be blamed on ship design) they wouldn't have lost any of the ships. So ultimately, yeah if you go big enough that you don't need to make any considerations (Hood) you can have your cake and eat it, but at cost.
  15. My observation would be that German BC's traded a little bit of armor and some firepower for their speed. Von Der Tann has 2/3 the guns (though not firepower) of Nassau, Moltke was similar. The Kaiser had 305mm guns while the Seydlitz kept 283mm's. Bayern had 381mm's by the time Derfflinger/Hindenburg had 305's. British battlecruisers traded a lot of armor in some cases, and a bit of firepower too for their speed, usually being similarly short a turret compared to the BB's. British BC's kept the same caliber as the BB's for the most part. 11in's on the first ships, then 13.5in in line with the others, then 15in.