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  1. Kidd is great in all aspects but for me the DPM just isn't there. i struggle to get high damage games with Kidd. Still recommended, very versatile and one VERY tough little sucker.
  2. CarbonButtprint

    Favorite vs. Best ships

    I can understand not liking Harugumo but it's odd that you didn't like Kitakaze since Kitakaze is a straight upgrade over Akizuki.
  3. CarbonButtprint

    Favorite vs. Best ships

    My favorite ships are also my best ships, Akizuki and Harugumo (yes yes i'm a very filthy person)
  4. CarbonButtprint

    Get Well

    Sorry to hear that, hope she gets well
  5. CarbonButtprint

    I Just Got Grober Kurfurst

    Judging from the space battles (which were just reskinned t10 ships) i liked the 420s more, but that's just me. Also if you can't type a ß, replace it with ss (grosser) because ß represents an S sound.
  6. The Atago's reload is 16 seconds. Why can't it just be 15 seconds? It just makes since, it's a nicer number, 16 is just odd. Wanted to get that off my mind.
  7. I love my Harugumo. Everyone on the receiving end seems to dislike that ship ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  8. Pretty straightforward in terms of Harugumo games, but my adrenaline rush had fully kicked in so the red team was raging in chat about how OP my ship was instead of just trying to blindfire my last 300 health.
  9. CarbonButtprint

    Mouse & Lert's Most Memorable Premiums of 2018

    Thanks for another year of great reviews, @LittleWhiteMouse.
  10. CarbonButtprint


    Other way around. People will ALWAYS report the CV at the end of the match regardless of the outcome.
  11. CarbonButtprint

    It's time to consider Port Slot 75% off discount.

    Meanwhile in my port... 4 non premium ships, 52 port slots open
  12. CarbonButtprint

    What is Karma?

    If you want to drop your karma, play a CV. If you carry, people on the enemy team report for being good. If you win, your team reports you because you nearly cost them the game even if it was one sided. If you lose, everyone on your team reports you because the loss was obviously your fault and they had nothing to do with it.
  13. CarbonButtprint

    Farragut or Monaghan

    I'd take B-hull Farragut over Monaghan any day.
  14. CarbonButtprint

    Got %30 percent discount, what ship to buy?

    You need to give us more information. What kind of ships do you play? Does nation matter? What do you want to do with this ship (train commanders, grind credits, etc.). Does tier matter?
  15. Wish I had that problem... currently sitting on 2 million credits, 4 non premium ships.