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  1. This is a game made by a company who has partnered with several anime creators. There are a lot of WoWS players who like anime and will continue to like anime. It isn't going to get "silenced" anytime soon. Edit to clarify- I completely understand the OP's point, but I feel like it would cause a little disagreement is all.
  2. Video Editing Help

    Should be in the offtopic forum...
  3. WoWS Timeline (2018-2019)

    Putting the CV rework ahead of the RN DDs makes me really suspicious about the legitimacy of this article. The RN DDs are fully modeled and about to undergo testing, whereas the CV rework was in the "rough ideas" stage just a month or two back.
  4. Favorite T10 DD?

    I can't wait to get my Harugumo and use BFT, AR, and reload mod, as well as IFHE, to make sure that people know that I'm shooting them.
  5. [Bonus[ Invite for New Player

    You really want those 3 million credits, don't you?
  6. New incoming commander

    I think it's this.
  7. XP of Kitakaze?

    Most people that are selling Aki, like myself, have no choice because of the credits.
  8. I bought Yamato's (since I missed out on the HSF version) and I also bought New Orleans's before the split since I was planning on getting one for baltimore anyway. I also bought one for Kiev and Akizuki when they were on sale, but I haven't had the credits to use my Kiev yet.
  9. Akizuki, Harugumo, and Kitikaze are fine in terms of torps. They aren't intended to be torpedo boats. What they need is Defensive AA, and possibly a heal for Kitikaze and Harugumo.
  10. Warship Wednesday - USS Atlanta

    if you have never used them you can get a refund IIRC.
  11. Warship Wednesday - USS Atlanta

    I think a potato cannon can citadel an Atlanta.
  12. Getting closer...

    ' To help keep the game from getting too boring or stale, I like to set little personal challenges for myself, and what I'm trying to do now is get 1,000,000 credits on the post battle result screen without challenges or missions. I'm not going for one million profit, just one million credits earned before deductions like repairs and ammunition. This is the closest I've gotten so far. Are there certain actions in game that are better for credits? Should I go for damage or caps? Do things like shooting down planes make a difference? I don't have a missouri BTW.
  13. T8 Cleveland Captain Skills?

    I only use expert loader with John Doe. I find it to be an incredibly valuable skill, considering it's only one point. I use it on my Baltimore and I've snuck in a lot of citadels thanks to being able to switch fast enough. However, I wouldn't recommend it on a captain other than John Doe and I wouldn't recommend it for light cruisers.
  14. Selling the Monagham

    I only use three ships for earning credits (Yamato with permanent camo, Alabama, Atago). The premiums I sell are usually the ones that I earned, were given to me, or I fell out of interest with. If it's just going to sit in my port and rot I'd rather turn it in and help pay for something I will actually use. It's a game after all and I'd rather spend my time playing something I enjoy.
  15. Selling the Monagham

    I sell premiums all the time. The credits tend to be way more useful than the ship I'll never play, and if I do change my mind, I can go back to support and buy back the ship for credits.