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  1. No armor is the new citadel protection

    I was doing this but kept getting horrible RNG.
  2. I was playing some Arms Race in my Yamato, saw a Seattle about 13km away, mostly broadside but just angled enough to arm my fuses... or so I thought. Took more salvoes than I'm willing to admit (at least 4) and they were all overpens. The guy was a very good player statistically and of course he had to make fun of me afterwards which I found amusing. It reminded me that even the worst things in this game can be good... occasionally.
  3. British DD Mission

    They're in there from what I've heard. I personally didn't get any premium containers because I feel like the price is way too steep to gamble on a ship that will be free in a couple months, and there isnt even a lot of loot in the actual containers. I feel like WG pulled a sneaky with this one.
  4. Very quickly got to about 51-52% about the time I got my Cleveland (first tier 6), then somewhat quickly made it up to high 54% where I stopped and now I'm at around 54.3% IIRC. I have been stuck there. I need to division more or play lower tiers if i want to improve that.
  5. Sweet September RNGs

    I keep getting 100 AA flags... 5 out of the last 8 have had AA flags. I did get one with premium time, one with doubloons, and some camo though.
  6. Rocky start on the Fletcher

    I had a rough start with my Yamato. My win/loss was something like 2-9 at one point. Now it's up to 45%. Your winrate might take a big hit but hang in there and it will climb back up.
  7. 15 bucks for 5 boxes is.... wow... it's too steep for me. I don't see anything good enough in the boxes to justify the gamble for getting an RN DD. I'm going to pass for now.
  8. It's yet another job for the already busy destroyer player. I'm personally not excited.
  9. Anything to encourage sniping/long range play? No. A million times no. People do that on their own, if we give them a ship that encourages it it won't help at all.
  10. Trading in Arsenal

    Not possible to trade in a ship. It says you have a coupon because you have a coupon for a ship, any ship, not just that one in particular.
  11. Atago or Kidd???

    Why do you say that? Kidd has another turret, much more HP, and the heal. The only way a LoYang could win is if he landed torps, or the Kidd was oblivious and let the LoYang sneak up.
  12. Atago or Kidd???

    Both are excellent. You can't go wrong with either. Atago is a silent hunter with excellent stealth, torps, and HE, but the DPM is a little lacking. Kidd is a capture point bully that is amazing when top tier but lacks the torps to keep up in the tier 10 games you will see all too often. It's close but I'd say Atago and get her right now so you can have this fabulous camo (you need Yamamoto collection for it to look like this but man is it the best 1k doubloons i have spent on this game.) Okay maybe don't buy the ship based off of the camo, pick the one you think you will play more. I have both, I like both.
  13. Top 5 Best Ships for Grinding Credits

    Tier 10s with premium camo, flags, and premium account can pull in some nice revenue.
  14. I saw a Kurfurst somehow warp the fabric of space and end up on his side (I mean 90°) and of course that didn't go so well for him.
  15. Most played ship recently?

    Buffalo and Harugumo, just an amazing game this morning.