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  1. In my state, at minimum wage, that's $900 US.
  2. CarbonButtprint

    Earl Grey (Shame on You!)

    They wanted him to prove he could EARN the ship. He showed that he "earned" it by spending doubloons. Different from being given a ship for testing.
  3. CarbonButtprint

    Earl Grey (Shame on You!)

    Fasten your seatbelts, boys and girls, this thing's still heating up.
  4. CarbonButtprint

    What did Santa bring you this year?

    Those crates aren't worth it IMO, so nothing.
  5. Remember kids, always gamble expecting to lose. If you're okay with the worst possible outcome and you think it's worth it to you, go for it. But if you're buying the loot boxes simply because you might get a great value, think again. Most likely you'll be disappointed.
  6. Honestly I feel as though this game would be much better if there was at least some kind of matchmaking division, maybe even as few as two ranks (high and low) that remain hidden to players. There probably isn't enough people to make that happen and still have ship lineups and queue times remain reasonable.
  7. CarbonButtprint

    Santa Crates

    Wouldn't be suprised if WG puts them out earlier considering how much money they bring in from them and how lootbox laws are getting more and more restrictive in many countries.
  8. CarbonButtprint

    Where are the incentives to play this game?

    Don't do what I did, getting worked up over stats. I find it hard to play because I have an irrational fear of losing or doing poorly (in all games really, it's usually called "ladder anxiety" or "rank anxiety".) Play the game for fun.
  9. CarbonButtprint

    Nitpicking, but something I would like to have (fps cap)

    Both are very useful at eliminating screen tearing. One is way better than the other. Screen tearing is basically when you have two or more frames being displayed at the same time, here's an example: It makes the image look very choppy, inconsistent, and unrealistic. IIRC vsync adds input lag to the image but tries to send out one whole frame at a time. It's better than nothing but it can cause stutters, input lag, and it caps FPS to your monitor's refresh rate. I don't like it in games where input lag matters (first person shooters) but for World of Warships it's fine. Try enabling it in the settings to see if it makes a difference for you. G-sync is Nvidia's proprietary solution. It only works if you have both a compatible nvidia card and a monitor that g-sync compatible (someone correct me if I'm wrong). It basically works by dynamically changing the monitor's refresh rate to match the frames being produced by the GPU. I truly believe that a high refresh rate monitor is worth every penny, and high refresh rates with gsync are just *that* much better. If you haven't seen 144+hz for yourself in person you won't know what the difference actually looks like. Once you get used to it, it's hard to go back, even for games that aren't competitive first person shooters like CSGO. Here's a video by nvidia that explains it:
  10. This isn't a problem that applies to most people; in fact, this is a problem that doesn't even matter in this game. However, I'm going to throw it out there, maybe it'll grab some traction. I have a 165hz monitor. It's fantastic for competitive FPS games (of course it makes no difference in this game whatsoever, as it's playable even at 20 or 30 fps) However, this game seems to have a built-in FPS lock to 75. There is a workaround, however. It can be changed by editing the file Res\engine_config.cfg. There is a line that says "<maxFrameRate>75</maxFrameRate>". In my case, I change it to "<maxFrameRate>165</maxFrameRate>". The added smoothness really adds to the visual immersion of this game. I'm suggesting that they add a "max frame rate" box to the menu, or remove the cap entirely.
  11. CarbonButtprint

    The Atago is Worthless in a Tier X Match!

    Atago's good stealth and powerful HE make her like a zao that's kinda lame. Using her strengths she can hold her own.
  12. Doesn't matter what we think of it, I doubt Wargaming would acknowledge it's a failure (no matter how bad it is) until either they stop making money off of premium carriers, or there is another riot.
  13. The guy at Wargaming in charge of sales: We're probably going to get some discount, but I doubt they would put on a huge sale.
  14. CarbonButtprint

    Why introduce a "confused" reaction?

    Alright, ladies and gentlemen, place your bets on when the "angry" reaction is getting removed.
  15. CarbonButtprint

    Your mouse

    Wired G502. Best mouse I've ever owned.