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  1. CarbonButtprint

    Legendary Upgrade

    Get the module that looks the most interesting or the one you think you will use the most. If you really don't like a ship, odds are a module wont make you like it more.
  2. CarbonButtprint

    This Is a Result That Gets You Reported

    Ive carried games got reported, and ended up 5th from the bottom of the team and got complemented. Karma is useless and really does mean nothing.
  3. CarbonButtprint

    Dev Blog; No more AP for secondaries

    I wonder how Yamato will do with this change. I'm not advocating for ijn secondary buffs but yamatos secondaries were made largely useless by ap.
  4. CarbonButtprint

    I finally figured out what is wrong with WOW !!

    Yes there are balancing issues but they arent as game-breaking as people think. A lot of problems in this game stem from skill gaps between players and the lack of understanding or communications.
  5. CarbonButtprint

    T8 cruisers how do you rate them

    1. Baltimore 2. Kutusov/Chapayev (both great) 3. Atago 4. The rest of them
  6. CarbonButtprint

    Use for Karma...

    I have games where I am polite and carry the game, no karma gained. Sometimes I banter and yell in the chat, and gain karma from that. It's also grinding.
  7. CarbonButtprint

    Use for Karma...

    50? For each game? That's an insanely high number.
  8. CarbonButtprint

    Premium Ship Review #112 - Le Terrible

    Welp, can't buy this ship now.
  9. It's just such a nice change of pace in this game. Don't have to worry about ranks or grinding the next ship, it's purely a mode for fun. The thing I love the most is that I can play CV and not get screamed at all game long, and I don't get shut down easily. I really haven't enjoyed a game this much for a long time.
  10. CarbonButtprint

    good dd for scenarios

    Tier 6, i'd take something like farragut, t61, or maybe anshan. For t7 i would go with sims, haida, or GM. Any hybrid dd will do well.
  11. Kitikami was removed for a reason. This ship is too much of a meme to work in the current meta.
  12. CarbonButtprint

    Thanks WG - free Mogami Octopus permacamo

    It's a cool camo but I wouldn't use it, personally. I like my ships looking pristine, crisp, and colorful and not lookin like a taxi for a giant aquatic cephalopod.
  13. CarbonButtprint

    Who is to post last?

    Drug is one heck of a drug.
  14. CarbonButtprint

    Do They Still Give Out Super Containers?

    If I pick TYL, I can get one every month or two. Of course there's no reason to even get them, because they usually give me AA flags, and by usually I really do mean it.
  15. CarbonButtprint

    A fitting end to Ranked Sprint

    I agree that it's one of the best. I have one. I played some ranked today and won most of them, but I feel like I could have done that better with the Kongo. It's the captain, not the ship.