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  1. Was curious if there ever will be a point that WG runs out of ships to introduce? Perhaps there is a treasure trove of blueprints out in the wild. i guess we will find out, if they introduce a tugboat from Cuba or something 🤣
  2. FirstDawnn

    Missouri is Coming Back

    Anyone catch the little blurb about the original Missouri credit earning being a negative to the economy? Ummm what? You mean to Wargaming's pocket? God forbid players get some nice silver, can't have that. Can anyone at WG give specifics on how it actually hurts the gaming economy?
  3. FirstDawnn

    Missouri is Coming Back

    So is this even worth getting without the credit printing press? I am getting the impression from others it is not.
  4. FirstDawnn

    Joystick for WoWs

    Just FYI for those that rag on joysticks. Ships on console works very well, and runs very smooth with a joystick, so clearly it can be done to great effect.
  5. Hi All My brother is quitting Wows. My daughter really wants to play, but i don't want her using my main acct. My bro wants to give her his account, but he uses steam to use the game. How do i get the second account to run on my client? I really hope i don't have to have steam to resolve this. Not a fan of steam,it causes me issues, and i only have one pc. Any way to decouple wows from steam? Much appreciated for any help.
  6. How has the rocket nerf been treating you? 🤣
  7. FirstDawnn

    F.D. Roosevelt Over-Powered planes?

    I find it interesting that you let the FDR influence which ship to spend your steel on. I say this, because realistically how many times will you be in a game with an FDR, and will that FDR focus you?
  8. FirstDawnn

    So are we going to tell WG no for RU CVs?

    Does WG ever really change it’s mind if players say no?
  9. FirstDawnn

    Player Abuse & Ship XP Problems

    Umm, I am not talking about critical words. I am talking about threats, racial slurs, homophbic rants, etc. Why on earth would I post about someone being critical of my play? Not one of my chat stalkers gave any critical reasonable assessment of my play. It was all vitriol.
  10. FirstDawnn

    Player Abuse & Ship XP Problems

    Amen I wrote a somewhat similar post about abusive players, and as predicted, a few folks were defending the toxic behavior and said stop crying etc.
  11. FirstDawnn

    Abusive purple players

    Being indifferent about toxic and bullying behavior is simply disturbing. I will never be “indifferent” when someone is being asked to die,having racial slurs hurled at them,etc.
  12. They might not enjoy it. Sole purpose might be seal clubbing and stat padding.
  13. FirstDawnn

    Abusive purple players

    I don't need a safe space, I just want to know why so many do it. Purple players are not the sole arbiters of a person's play. They are not judge jury executioner. I cant count how many times I have killed them, only to be told I am a noob, play better, etc. yet they died and played bad. I have seen countless high rating players make mistakes and bad play's, it's not just non purple players. I also never said every game I play is top shelf. I gave examples of games I played very well, and the high WR guy still was toxic even if I was higher on the board than him. In my particular cases, it is the high rated guy who could not take a loss, or demand I play the way he wants me to play. But anyway, you do you, keep defending dbgag behavior in the name of “advising” players 🙄
  14. FirstDawnn

    Abusive purple players

    Umm not correct. The games in question were toxic players period even if my play was top shelf. Also, if they are trying to nudge someone in the direction to better team play, you think toxic behavior is the way??? Good grief. I am sure making fun of me, and telling me to die qualifies as advice🙄