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  1. FirstDawnn

    MM still sucks

    Soon Ashkance will come here and spew that nonsense about randoms being randoms, nothing to fix 🙄
  2. FirstDawnn

    PR Abuse

    Ever since the event started, I notice players on both teams getting a metric ton of abuse for buying out the PR. Like clockwork, every match will have several per side, and the chat bar goes crazy!. I was taken aback by some of the awful crap people were saying solely based on some ones purchase decision. Some people need to chill, sheesh!
  3. FirstDawnn

    Future Content

    Was curious about future content. Are we pretty much at the point of having run out of ships actually built, and in blueprints? How far down does WG have to scrape down in the barrel? Are we to the point of building a ton of ships based on a crude drawing on a bar napkin? I am not trying to be a smart alec, I just know we have better naval historians in here than me, and it really got me curious. Thanks!
  4. So if my twitter supported the KKK with just the initials,by your standard thats ok?
  5. Man, intentionally or not,when WG steps in it, they really step in it.
  6. I think you and I can probably guess it’s a CYA thing. Like when people tweet dumb crap who are far more important than us,get nailed for it,and try to delete and scrub what they say ala James Gunn with his nasty tweets and got canned.
  7. BTW if it’s no big deal,and not posted as a WG employee,why did he recently scrub the offending statement? Could it be he himself knew it would bite him in the [edited]at work? Why not double down on twitter and be proud of his hatred of cops?
  8. Isn't bringing his views to the job. Umm he is bringing his bias to the job,and thats not good.
  9. I see people ask why what he posts outside the game matters? It matters because we have a lot of current and ex military and police that play this game and are on the forum. So a guy who posts how much he hates cops and will be speaking on behalf of and being a community manager for people he hates matters. WG the optics are bad, think about this one.
  10. FirstDawnn

    Some guy throwing Ranked Games

    It has nothing to do with faith. I have spent many moons discussing tickets with as much as a dozen different reps with no resolution, and so have many others. More like past experience.
  11. FirstDawnn

    Some guy throwing Ranked Games

    Good God man, how much more proof do you need from the player base? A one hour video?
  12. FirstDawnn

    Some guy throwing Ranked Games

    This right here. The whole "we cant comment" is malarky. How can the player base trust anything WG says when we don't even know what verifiable action was taken? People say and do stupid stuff in public, and at least we get a "The person in question no longer works here" Sorry Ahskance, until we get a "This player has been banned for repeated offences" we cant trust anything.
  13. FirstDawnn

    I'm done putting up with invisible DDs

    Yet you took the time to respond that you don't care about his opinion LOL.
  14. FirstDawnn

    I'm done putting up with invisible DDs

    Wall of text,i. could not finish it.