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  1. Jef_Roberts

    New European ships

    If they're saving the Dutch ships, but tossing the Polish minelayer in at Tier 1 of this Pan European DD line, WHY not use the Polish destroyer Grom at Tier 7 instead of the paper Swedish ship? Her equally real sister Blyskawica is already a Pan European tier 7 premium...
  2. Jef_Roberts

    New European ships

    I'm ALL for seeing those Swedish destroyers in the game. They are interesting and unique ships. What is the source for the tier 6? Paper project? I don't know that project at all. So why not include one of the excellent Dutch destroyers there - Witte De With would fit nicely. And for a lower tier, and in keeping with the Scandinavian theme, how about the Norwegian Sleipner class? Great, compact ships with a nice punch and interesting histories. The Gryf is an interesting ships. But for a Tier 1 European cruiser, the Dutch Van Kinsbergen is an excellent choice. Solid, well armed ship that compares very favorably with the other Tier 1s in the game.
  3. Jef_Roberts

    New European ships

    Something besides high level Premiums like Blyskawica or Freisland. Some cruisers would be nice. Or some battleships.
  4. How about some decent new European ships. The "Pan Asian" trees are made up of ex-European warships. How about something more interesting? Dutch De Ruyter or Tromp. Spanish Canarias and Baleares. Greek, Turkish or Scandinavian ships.
  5. Grinding away, mostly on Coops. Halfway through the third stage now. Getting all those main battery hits is tedious.
  6. Jef_Roberts

    Lower Tier French premium's

    I would love a Suffren class heavy cruiser. I would BUY a cruiser Foch if one was offered... Tier 5 or 6 would seem about right
  7. Jef_Roberts

    Premium Ship PREVIEW: HMS Exeter

    THRILLED to see this historic ship added to the game!! Perhaps we can get a USS Houston and Hr Ms De Ruyter to go with our Exeter and Perth?
  8. I would love to see this happen. Interesting designs and as usual, you lay the arguments out thoroughly and thoughtfully.
  9. Jef_Roberts

    West Virginia 1941... almost

    Thank you! I look forward to looking through your camo schemes!
  10. Jef_Roberts

    West Virginia 1941... almost

    That will be something I want to get. Where will you be posting this custom camo?
  11. The new WeeVee 1941 is a beauty. All the power and beauty of the standard type US battleships. I'm delighted to add her to my fleet. BUT, what's with the boring generic dazzle camouflage? West Virginia was painted in Measure 1 in 1941, the USN standard paint for BBs. If you are going to sell her as the 1941 version, she should LOOK like the 1941 version down to her Measure 1 paint job. Not offering that is a missed opportunity, WoW. Still, thrilled to see her added to the game. Maybe we can get the California (flagship of the battle fleet) to go along with her so we can assemble a Pearl Harbor battle line. Jef
  12. Fascinating story, Lert. I had not read about this action before.Thanks for sharing.
  13. Jef_Roberts

    MN Joffre French Aircraft Carrier

    And there were "paper" vessels in the immediate post war era, too, leading up to Clemenceau and Foch
  14. Jef_Roberts

    MN Joffre French Aircraft Carrier

    As far as I am aware, the navalized version, which was the D.790, was designed but not built prior to the Armistice.
  15. Jef_Roberts

    MN Joffre French Aircraft Carrier

    Probably right. Cmdt Teste doesn't really fit although I have personally always found her an interesting ship. I shall dream though of a Bearn and a Joffre.