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  1. Downtier Duca to 5 - get comped or not?

    Duca d'Aosta is average at tier VI and does not need to be down-tiered. However, it does struggle against tier VII and especially tier VIII ships. I would be completely happy with a small rate of fire buff (7.0 second base reload instead of the current 7.5).
  2. Count the Krakens!

    I got 168 Krakens, 381 High Calibers and 686 Confederates in 5,380 games.
  3. 0.6.6 Bug Reporting

    Italian voices are not working for me either.
  4. USS Omaha: The most useless ship in the game

    The Omaha (Marblehead and Murmansk as well) have succumb to power creep. They could all use some kind of buff to bring them inline with what other nations have at the tier. I have almost given up on sailing out my Murmansk not only because of the subpar performance of the ship, but also because of how brutal the Tier V MM has become. Playing mostly bottom tier can get really disheartening.
  5. I'm far more interested in the Kaiserliche Marine then I am in hypothetical interwar period refits. So I am fine with stock hulls being implemented as premiums.
  6. "XVM" is Back

    If people are using it to gauge how competent the enemy team/player is I'm not too concerned with this mod being used. However, I already know that certain people/divisions/clans will use it to publicly shame anyone who isn't as good as they are.
  7. Your top 5 ships in order of FUN!

    1.) Tirpitz 2.) Scharnhorst 3.) Dunkerque 4.) Hipper 5.) Kutuzov
  8. Deadliest Ship in the World... of Warships

    Tirpitz is my deadliest ship to date with 603 ships destroyed over the course of 414 battles. Followed by Nikolai I with 480 ships destroyed in 256 games.
  9. Premium Ship Review: Dunkerque

    I've played 6 games in Dunkerque so far and I have to say I'm extremely impressed with how she handles thus far. Having said that I have yet to get into a tier VIII game, but the ship performs well even in tier VII if you use her properly. However, I would strongly recommend that new players steer clear of this ship for now as it heavily punishes poor situational awareness and bad decisions.
  10. German Battleships

    I really enjoyed the Kaiser (according to the in-game chat a lot of players really hated it). König is one of my favourites so far and I'm really enjoying Bayern. I have only played 3 games in Nassau so far because of the insanely high number of players queued for tier III and IV battleships.
  11. From what I've seen so far the German BB line looks good up to tier IX. I will probably end up keeping tiers III-VIII and I might try the tier IX out of curiosity.
  12. Please fix broken BB's

    In my experience BB's are fine. I mostly play Tirpitz and occasionally I get some bad dispersion rolls, but nothing that would indicate that BB's are too inaccurate.
  13. Premium Ship Review: Scharnhorst

    Definitely going to be picking this one up when it's released! Now, where is König Albert?
  14. How is the Nikolai Even Allowed?

    Nikolai will lose its turrets pretty easily if you're fighting a competent Kongo, Texas or New York. As many other players in this thread have already pointed out Nikolai also gets devastated by tier IV and V carriers. There is no doubt that the Nikolai is overpowered, but it's also far from invulnerable.
  15. I've been looking forward to Scharnhorst since I started playing this game. I'll definitely be purchasing it when it goes on sale.