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  1. KaptainNemo_1

    Really 12 bucks to change name?

    I saw them live back when I was in college
  2. KaptainNemo_1

    Tough CV Patch..but I'm adaptable

    I'm trying to understand how this helps, but that's probably because I'm missing some part of the puzzle. I thought that the way it worked was that AA continuous damage was applied at random each time to one of the planes in range. Thus, if you have 1 plane coming in solo it gets the damage every tick and thus gets shredded quickly. Conversely, if you have 12 planes in the squad, 4 of which are attacking, then the damage is spread over either the 4 or 12 planes, meaning that no one plane is likely to die quickly. Since it doesn't seem to matter how damaged the plane is when it arrives, having 12 planes return at 20% of their health seems better than having 8 of them return at 100% and 4 of them die. I would think that the math would work out better to have all 12 planes fly to the target, make one pass at it, and then return home. Ideally none of the planes would die, or at least fewer than the whole first pass, and you'd end up ahead of the curve. The one downside of that approach is that all 12 planes have to fly back, where if you have 2/3rds of them just dump the torps and return immediately you have less dead time. Not to mention that this tactic is based on the broken game design of having the entire group of planes fly into AA even though most of them are unable to attack at all during the first pass. I'd like to see the flight crew briefing for that mission. I'd also like to talk to the ship's weapons officer when the flight leader says that he needs 12 torps but is planning to dump 8 of them in the sea right at the end of the flight deck.
  3. KaptainNemo_1

    Yeah I'm done with this....

    Does the fact that the title is on the BACK of the book imply that it is some kind of Dark Arts tome?!?
  4. KaptainNemo_1

    CVs, Georgia, Monarch and Conqueror. WIP

    Is this a completely made up design? Ive never heard of anything like this in American BBs. If they go down this road I guess it won’t be much longer before we literally get photon torpedoes and the dakka dakka AA guns from the Millennium Falcon.
  5. KaptainNemo_1

    The True Travesty of the CV Rework

    Filed under “people you don’t want to get mad at you”. Great picture of Pappy.
  6. KaptainNemo_1

    Upcoming CV Changes

    Given all the Sturm und Drang we've seen over the proposed GC change of tiers, how is it that you think it's ok to inject actual changes to a premium ship with virtually no notice? I understand that the changes are mostly buffs for the Enterprise, but "the penalty for maneuvering will be higher" is clearly not a buff.
  7. KaptainNemo_1


    Well then, he clearly needs a nerf!!!
  8. KaptainNemo_1

    Population Decline? Data shows otherwise...

    First, everything I've seen of you over the past few years on this forum indicates to me that you're a very stand-up person; I like your ship reviews, and I think that your approach to covering all of the various changes the game has gone through have been balanced. I continue to think that based on your very valid points in this posting. However, given that everybody and his brother knew that the patch was going to suck, why didn't WG have a proactive "Look, we have no choice but to do testing on the live server, but here are some goodies to help make it seem better."? I specifically didn't rebuy premium time at the end of the year in anticipation of this, but it seems like giving everybody at least some amount of premium time, or a free low-tier ship, or some camo, or whatever, in compensation for having to provide their QA data for them, would be better PR than what they are doing. I have no real opinion about how well the rework is going from a business perspective, but my immediate reaction to seeing the video from Zoup is "Methinks the lady doth protest too much." Nobody was making "hey, the numbers are fine" videos after the US Cruiser split and All Radar All The Time even though there was a lot of angst over that change as well. The numbers might or might not have changed, but the thing I find interesting is that he thought it was necessary to make a public claim that all was well. And to wrap this up on a good note, thanks again for all the work you've done on supporting this game - it's pretty amazing!
  9. KaptainNemo_1

    WG Doesnt Listen to Testers

    Maybe they should hire General Quarters to run the company; he certainly has a commanding presence about himself.
  10. KaptainNemo_1

    The next wave of forum complaints will be...

    I’m in the P2W clan. I’m in the DD mafia. I’m a lunatic. The flood change is much bigger than buying flags. You have been able to work as a team to set multiple fires from your cruiser followed by your friendly DD launching torpedoes as part of a deliberate strategy to counter BBs. I’m not sure what we’re getting as a replacement for this approach.
  11. Lotteries are a tax that only has to be paid by people who don't understand math. Similarly, it's good to see people claiming "unlimited planes" because it immediately identifies them as not able to understand basic logic and thus somebody you can ignore. The word unlimited literally means without a limit, yet clearly there is such a limit. The fact that you will never get to a point with exactly 0 planes on the ship doesn't mean that there is no limit, as has been pointed out numerous times by people. There are time-based limits on how many new ones you can gain, and flight deck based limits on how many you can have at any given moment. You might be able to claim that they are unlimited if you were always able to launch a FULL squadron of whatever plane type you wanted, regardless of how many you were losing, but that's not how this system works. If you lose too many too quickly then you have to wait for them to return. None of this means that I have any patience for the new CV model, but if you're going to complain about it please at least get it right.
  12. KaptainNemo_1

    Viribus Unitus should be Austro-Hungarian

    Are you the same guy who claimed that mixing up Corsair and Hellcat models was also Rivet Counting? Because those planes look exactly nothing like each other.
  13. KaptainNemo_1

    Jingles previews the RU BBs.

  14. KaptainNemo_1

    When TK torps are a DDs fault...

    I wondered about the existence of the mythical orange player, but having recently been released from that particular jail I can tell you they do exist. Of course, in my case I managed to rack up a 19-game penalty without ever firing a shot, or moving my ship, and I wasn't even in a DD. I had 4 straight games in a row where I'd get through the match queue and get as far as hearing about General Quarters coming by, and then the game would lock up hard. Restarting never allowed me to connect to the game in progress. Even though I gave up for the night after the fourth such indignity, when I logged in the next day I was told that I'd be in co-op only until I learned to correct my evil ways. I even filed a support ticket on this but was told that the rules were in place to keep people from quitting early and I'd have to do my time. The good news is that I got some cool prison tattoos while I was inside...