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  1. KaptainNemo_1

    How many First Bloods do you have?

    Completely off topic, but that is one disturbing avatar image you have there.
  2. KaptainNemo_1

    MMM has nothing to do with MM

    I didn't watch the Superbowl, nor much TV at all, so I hadn't heard that Planters had put out a prime-time snuff film on the poor guy. Given how iconic the character was you think they'd want to keep him around, so knowing Too Much(tm) is the only explanation that makes sense. I am going to go look at www.MyNewTinfoilHat.edu to see what they have to say about this!
  3. You have yet to explain why it needs to be removed while you are fixing it. The green transports are buggy but not hopelessly so. Feel free to put a note on the operation screen saying it has known problems and then fix it on your own schedule.
  4. KaptainNemo_1

    Narai, Boise and Transports with a mind of their own

    Wait, what?!? This isn't like my car, where I have to leave it in the shop while it's being fixed. You absolutely could leave the scenario in (unless you have broken it even worse with the 9.1 patch) while working on the underlying coding problem. It would be better if you'd just come out and say "We already told you PVE isn't important to us, so our fix for this is to take it away and never bring it back." I don't believe there is any chance that we'll see this in 9.3; there will be some story about "this turned out to be much trickier than we thought, so please continue to wait."
  5. KaptainNemo_1

    Full Fleet of ARP Captains

    They also removed the "i'm stoned on opium" voiceover. However, you still get the special captain bonuses, so that's cool.
  6. KaptainNemo_1

    WoWs players have a HUGE karma problem.

    I can confirm that is not the case. I'm here, and my stats are public - you can connect the dots
  7. KaptainNemo_1

    New ship class: Monitor. Yay! or Nay!

    Are we still talking about monitors or have you moved on to submarines?!?
  8. KaptainNemo_1

    3 carrier in a battle?

    On the flip side of this, I decided to play my T4 carriers in Co-op yesterday and out of 5 such matches 2 of them (that's 40% for those of you studying liberal arts) had me as the only human. Fortunately since bot CVs are entirely useless I was able to win both of those (since I know how to focus a target and the bots don't apparently), but it was kind of odd being in there with 17 bots who did not care in the least how the game went. I've also been in those 3 vs. 3 matches as a CV and I find it hard to imagine that the targets surface ships are having much fun. I don't play CVs much, and because of the glut of them at T4 I don't play T4 nearly as much as I'd like. Still, it is what it is.
  9. KaptainNemo_1

    Hot Spot Tactics 101

    I applaud this effort. I for one would find the most valuable information to be "DON'T do this thing that all the soon-to-die players do", such as the comment about not taking the east side in North. Depending on what your team does you're going to have to adapt to the game as it unfolds, but it always helps if you can quickly rule OUT certain positions or routes as being a bad idea. One of the things I've read about grandmaster chess players is that they have an ability to look at a board position in the middle of a random game for just a brief flash and can then reproduce it from memory. However, if you show them pieces that have just been randomly placed on the board they are no better at it than the average person; this is because they immediately recognize well-known patterns from actual games and can say "Oh, this is King's Indian with the Alekhine gambit" (and I just made that up) rather than trying to memorize individual piece locations. Something similar would be good for these maps, specifically highlighting how winning teams approach the map, as there are likely to be a small number of winning approaches.
  10. KaptainNemo_1

    PR event flushed out botters.

    I must say that I miss ole Jonny Freedom and his cavalier attitude towards the rules.
  11. KaptainNemo_1

    ARP "Premiums" Are Actually Premiums Now!

    Why would you disable the Las Vegas Theme? I don't have any interest in Anime, but it's always a hoot taking these ships out just to look at the outrageous patterns on them.
  12. Agree that this is beginner friendly. I finished this off last night in about 10 games, including two each of Aegis and Narai, without making a particular effort to focus on the directive goals. I ended up getting a small number of one shot camouflages, flags and some silver. Easy missions with poor rewards are a nice change from Puerto Fiasco. And before you tell me that this might be easy for me but not a beginner I encourage you to look at my poor stats.
  13. KaptainNemo_1

    That's it, I'm out (Henri nerf)

    No, I'm Spartacus!
  14. KaptainNemo_1

    That's it, I'm out (Henri nerf)

    I think he knows where he lives, but since it's in his Momma's basement and he never gets out he doesn't know about any of the other tough guys on the block. Makes perfect sense if you look at it that way :-) But I agree, the original comment was hilarious - well done, @Skpstr
  15. KaptainNemo_1

    Infinite UK early access TOKEN bundles! Really?

    I hope you weren’t planning to eat shaved moose balls.