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  1. KaptainNemo_1

    PSA: Sound Setup Guide

    I don't understand at all what it means for one half of a slider range to control one thing and the other half to control something else - how could you possibly think that was a good idea? I also don't quite understand why this is so hard for you to get right. Unlike some of the other development issues that maybe only show up when players start trying to find exploits (e.g. the funky air drop exploits), this sound issue is entirely a single-player thing that you should be able to test on your own before releasing it. As others have pointed out, the new sounds make the game harder to play. I don't hear my AA firing at all, I don't hear the guns loading, but I do hear a really annoying klaxon that goes off whenever I'm on fire. I've taken to playing the game with the sound off since it's too hard to make sense of what is going on with it on. That's a fail on your part.
  2. KaptainNemo_1

    Incomplete Results but FUN.

    Any time you want to be on a worse team just hit me up with a PM - I'm pretty sure I can bring down the average quality of just about any randomly selected team. This is just one way I give back to the Unicum community...
  3. KaptainNemo_1

    Birthday Port - There is a Hidden Code

    For those of us not hip to what Bothans are, can we just present the code here in plain text? Thanks!
  4. KaptainNemo_1

    The problem with universal rule sets

    Yes, that's the other problem - it appears the bot planes cannot hit much of anything. I have many examples of being run down in my DD by some bot rocket planes, and if I just make a small change of course they give up on the attack run and try again, only to fail again. I'm not complaining, but it does make it kind of silly for them to be in the game if they can't even launch attacks.
  5. KaptainNemo_1

    The problem with universal rule sets

    That's kind of hard to do when they are both bot CVs. Also, I'm not sure I'm remembering this correctly, but I don't think actual carriers battled each other using line-of-sight distances. Ignoring the historical problems, and given that you get a draw/loss if you bail while there are only bots left, it's kind of annoying to have a decent co-op game where you end up in the situation shown above and have to wait through a long game for minimal reward.
  6. KaptainNemo_1

    Now this was a first (1v1)

    I got some 1v1s when I was working my way up through a reroll account and was still in protected games. If I determine that the other player is truly new I do my best to engage Full Potato Mode and let them win without making it too obvious.
  7. KaptainNemo_1

    Hey WG Something Is Wrong With Your match Queue Page

    I often find that it shows numbers that bear little relationship to what ends up in the game but I have never seen negative ones. Good job getting screenshots.
  8. KaptainNemo_1

    Update 0.8.8: Fourth Anniversary!

    Wait, what? Where is it found?
  9. KaptainNemo_1

    PSA: Your Personal Battle Count

    Yes, he has a thread about it. When multiple people pointed it out, his response was that “the point of the RB was whatever he wanted it to be”. Not sure if the medication ran out or what but I moved on.
  10. KaptainNemo_1

    PSA: Your Personal Battle Count

    Keep in mind that this is the same guy who is resetting lines for the RB, using FXP to blow through the grind, and then redeeming the RB points for fewer FXP than it took to earn them. I’m sure he’s just fine....
  11. KaptainNemo_1

    Why should we participate in the sub beta??

    They get the goldmine, you get the shaft.
  12. KaptainNemo_1

    Darth Zeppelin is Back!

    "Glow Yoga to Led Zeppelin"?!? wth? On the other hand, the picture at the top of Plant, Page, JPJ (and presumably Bonham in the shadows) is an excellent one.
  13. KaptainNemo_1

    Reset #2 Underway

    Maybe this is the first example of anti-WOWS performance art.
  14. KaptainNemo_1

    Reset #2 Underway

    As others have said, you can do whatever you like, but I guess we are trying to understand the motivation. Either you've figured out a way to come out ahead on FXP that none of us can see, or you are literally spending silver to get nowhere. It takes more than 250K FXP to research a line, and you earn less than 12,500 for each reset, so you either have to spend saved up FXP or you have to grind the ships. If you keep grinding the ships that means you have to buy them each time around, which means you sell them for X/2 in silver and then buy them back at X, losing X/2 for each ship. At the end of this process, not only have you had to play many games to grind up all those lines, but you have at best 250K in free XP and have lost tens of millions of silver. If you want to make FXP it makes more sense to simply play the ships, as you'll earn it faster and probably make silver as well. What you are doing instead is literally worse than not logging in at all. However, if we don't understand your method we'd love to hear how the above description is wrong.
  15. KaptainNemo_1

    CV's are ruining WOWS

    I rarely play CVs but I wanted to see the Hosho thing before it was gone (Sort of like the Rolling Stones). I’m not good with them but managed to utterly abuse a poot St. Louis in it. I won’t be doing this again.