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  1. Are they going to be free exp ships? Resource? Or just good old hand over my money premmies? I've heard a bit of everything at this point and I'm curious.
  2. I had just about given up on this one, I have the Indy and I'm just doing these missions for crates, when I got on the last game of the day. I was in my Lyon and managed a last second ks on the enemy cv.
  3. Shamed by a Stat Padder

    Hater's gonna hate, I got chewed out today buy a guy in a tripiz because I was on the other side of the map in my NC dealing with two BB's when he died halfway across the map. I sunk the BB's and went on to get a kracken before we lost on points but the guy was still ranting that I should uninstall. I was top of the top of the team, he was bottom 5.
  4. I finally got the soviet Commander, killing those 3 German ships was a bit of a [edited]. Now hat to do with him, is he good in destoryers, cruiser, or put him in one of my soviet BBs?
  5. To bad you don't have any pan Asian dd's that how I got most of mine
  6. Why did you pick your patch?

    In truth I hadn't seen anyone else use the Bull one yet. And I liked how it looked.
  7. I only had time to play the op twice this morning and the second time through lost. So quick question, do the reward repeat, or is five crates the max we get for free?
  8. Can't log in!!

    Everytime I try to log in it says "unable to handle application files" are they updating or something? It's a hell of a time to do a mirco patch right before a big weekend. Anyone know how to hand this?
  9. Game won't stop crashing

    I log in play three of four games fine, and then I start getting slow log ins, and next the game won't load without crashing to the log in screen. Anyone have any ideas what's wrong this is driving me nuts!!!!
  10. Is the Flag we get the blue print? I just finished stage three of mission 2 today and I got the flag, But I thought we were supposed to get a blue print? Or do you have to finish all 5 missions to get the blue print?
  11. Free Experience Question

    What is the best way to grind out some free experience? What lvs are best? I've still got 250k to the Nelson.
  12. just one Captain?

    I thought we got 1 capt each time we got 4 stars, never done ops before my bad
  13. just one Captain?

    Do we only get one 10 point French capt from the dynamo op? If so I'm disappointed. I wanted to get at least 3
  14. I'd like to get some clarity on the upcoming Dunkirk Op, First I know we're being gifted two new DD's for the op, but are we going to get to keep them? I've heard yes and no to this one. Second, I know we're supposed to get collectable like in the Bismarck Hunt. Does anyone know how that's going to work? Are we getting a campaign to complete or is it all in the op? Also what are the rewards? I know we'll get reward for doing the operation, but do we get anything for the collection or special caontainers again? Would just like some clarity on what's coming up.
  15. How much will Hood cost?

    Anyone have any idea how much the Hood will cost when it goes on sale?