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  1. I remembered as corgi capt, playing my Fuso, I don't let the dd come close within 8km as minimum, as soon as I got detected and I don't see any red ship, I assumed that dd is already stalking me, torp already in water and shots from everyone already in the air. I changed speed and change direction I count 26 sec and change direction again with different speed again I sent my scout plane up, hoping to get an early detection if possible, I have my other allies with me and covering me if possible I already used island to conceal me and baiting for dd to rush me I switch to HE and prepare!
  2. anyone get this

    that ok, now that you had experienced, next time, if you can see it start slow loading like, you can do it better and quicker then 9 minutes. It happened to me 3 times since last 2 months, and I can load back in, and in time to not get a "pink" coat It is an easy temp fix for now
  3. anyone get this

    You can use the task manager to kill the wow.exe quickly, then reload the game again to enter the battle
  4. They changed it to King of the Air. and it is 55 planes shot down in 1 battle. it possible when you have 2vs2 cv battle
  5. you need 55 planes shot down I once got 53 planes shot down too
  6. American Cruiser: DALLAS

    Alright, let start it off with some solo games
  7. Last 4 pts on Henri

    Fire Prevention = less fire so you survive longer or AFT to add on the BST Or Survival expert + Direction Center Catapult fighter = more hit point you survive longer and the extra fighter to help out panic the incoming strike package I will not spend the 3 pts on BFT. It t10, i am thinking of build that can help me survive longer
  8. Unsportsmanlike Conduct? REALLY

    pink - nothing looses = nothing to worry, play carefully 2 games in Co-Op and it go away, WAIT, what? 2 games in Co-Op. Yes, quick 2 games in Co-Op no big deal orange - oh YES- served you right!
  9. Émile Bertin 0.7.7

    What to do in up tier match and you are at the bottom? The best you can, so the team and win the match for you
  10. Unsportsmanlike Conduct? REALLY

    4 because he actually did some damage to his team, but it come down to if it a disconnect, 2. If he shooting and tking, then it will be 4, if he is pink turned orange, then it will be a whole different story.
  11. Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Hi, Just a though, if a player been reported for in-game name violation and been reported, please allow the function so the player can change their name with only allow to do it free 1 time, "immediately"; not costing 2500 doubloons. So the player dont have to wait for respond from the support team and wasting time, it over 2 days. regards,
  12. Unsportsmanlike Conduct? REALLY

    2 games in Co-Op