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  1. ObiphanKenobi

    Attention to all Corgi Captain

    From Russia with Love
  2. ObiphanKenobi

    Ouch, A Costly Blunder

    International exchange training program with the Amerikano's Navy Academy
  3. ObiphanKenobi

    Wargaming...sly devil you...

    every premium ships from t8/t9/t10 and every tech tree ships from t9/t10, let just calculate with 100 steel per ship per game, and only one offer can someone do the math please imagine the incoming steel for the arsenal usage! yum yum drooling all over .... everywhere already
  4. ObiphanKenobi

    Is the Kronshtadt Worth the gold for 150K EXP?

    Don't forget, premium ship t9/t10 get you steel in the Snowflake event
  5. ObiphanKenobi

    IFHE on 203s

    WoWs Wiki table very useful information or @HazeGrayUnderway kept this under his desk all the time
  6. ObiphanKenobi

    PSA - Use Your Ship Coupon!

    you can use the coupon right on Dec 23 11:59min, and the as soon as the reset, Dec 24th use the coupon again ?????????????????????????
  7. ObiphanKenobi

    Special Testing - Public CV Rework

    CV phase 3 playing feedback I felt that I lost the distinction of playing the CV because both nation playing the same style, send fighter to rocket damage, then dive bomb to soften up and lastly torp to "mop up". When playing IJN CV, there is a distinction that I have 2 squad of torp so I can cross drop, the USN have only 1 torp squad but more planes. Consequence the fighter also 1 squad but more planes. This forced me to learn about the CV game mechanic "back then". I have to research for tactic, learnt about aa defend and when to attach, when not to attach, when/where/how provide perm spot on enemy dd, prioritise my target, I learn to strafe and manual drop. I then learn to auto drop from t4 and t5, then strafe/manual drop from t6 and up. I learn about the AP bomb and deep water torp (looking at the GZ) and now the Enterprise and go back and revive my tactics used again Enterprise don't use deep water torp but have AP options. Then I learned about the Kaga distinction of have more planes and the Saipan less planes What WoWs can make in the CV in the future that the DISTINCTION still around ? Further example of distinction through out the game, the cruiser line of USN strong aa, CA heavy AP nice auto bounce, CL rapid HE thin armour and no torp comparing to the Russian with nasty HE % fire chance flat AP arc and 4.5km and other characteristic. How can I defend and help my ally while I am on the attack run when I can only have the option of summon guarding planes at the moment I press the button and I continue on? they only appear for the moment. But with the current play, I have the option if playing IJN CV, I can spare 1 fighter squad guarding my ally and 1 fighter to guard my strike group; aka engage the enemy fighter and make them busy while my strike group can go ahead or withdrawal (depending on the situation); if playing USN I have to be more cunning and taking the opportunity when it present or use the advantage of ally aa bubble (only 1 fighter squad). These micro management is what make playing every tier CV fun and engaging, as a player each cv tier is different in their own play style. The game make me to look into detail of ships characteristic at post battle screen, and having a spread sheet of their aa bubble, radar range, hydro range, and main gun range open. Each CV hangar capacity and how many planes, how many planes in reverse to make up a squad when replenish so that during the battle I can check if I have the air supreme or not, checking how many planes were shoot down and comparing the spread sheet. In doing so, I researching more into the game and learn game mechanic, if player don't need to research with the CV testing phase, players only need to learn to send planes on their attack run consecutively and lost the distinction of the CV characteristic, and it become boring. The use of consumable and capt perk is great, testing playing CV is great, game style is what need to be looking at now. Please don't loose out each CV characteristic regards,
  8. ObiphanKenobi

    What are the commander specializations

    Game mechanic 1- you can transfer capt of the same nation to any ships included premium ship 1a - if you transfer capt from tech tree ship to tech tree ship, example, capt specialization from t1 to a t8, you have to re train the capt. 1b - if you transfer capt from a tech tree ship to premium - you don't have to re train them. BUT, if you transfer the same capt from the premium ship back to another tech tree ship you HAVE TO RE TRAIN. example, the capt from t1 ship transfer to Atago, and transfer back to t1 no need to re train. transfer the capt to t2 or to a different ship then re train needed 2- Currently there is 1 capt that bi nation, the great8 capt that can be use between the Russian and USN ship, and of course, to take advantage, use between premium ships of the 2 nation
  9. ObiphanKenobi

    Wildcard Wednesday

    She does not have torp, which disadvantage the "troll" purpose Oh forgot, the div with 19 pts capt each and have IFHE selected. Or switch the Bellfast for the Sim
  10. ObiphanKenobi

    Wildcard Wednesday

    a troll div of 2 Atlanta + Flint with consumables cover Smoke/radar/hydro/defensive aa and rotating uses; and that 4.5km torp area denial
  11. ObiphanKenobi

    Is the Kronshtadt Worth the gold for 150K EXP?

    Another options is the Salem, she had the cost of pre battle reduced and further with clan building. With those calculated, she is the 3rd of credit making (all the credit making signals+perm camo)
  12. ObiphanKenobi

    What WG could give me for Christmas

    you can get them from the Steel campaign in .12 Increase the % of drop ships in the crates, so far it very low, extremely low since the Great8 crates; AKA any premium crates in the Premium shop Port Slot with 75% off sale 35 FXP conversion - not that important I think from last year experience, this sale in right into Jan.
  13. ObiphanKenobi

    Who got Missouri from Santa Crates?

    I got nothing from MEGA crates
  14. ObiphanKenobi

    Santa didn't deliver that ship you want?

    May the Forces be with you!