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  1. Unique commanders in the arsenal

    You can assign the capt to any ships, in the same nation. The more detail that you should consider is the capt going to be staying on the tech tree ship or premium ships? and the benefit of the capt perk Tech tree ship: You have to retrain the capt so that the skills can be 100%, while re train, the skills only work 50%. For example, the capt is t1, if you want to put the capt to t4 or t5, the skills you had picked already will only work 50% until fully re traing Premium ship Sweet potatoes tomatoes, the capt is 100% skills usable, you don't have to re train the capt at all.
  2. Royal Navy Event Bug?

    t7 and t8 read the instruction, click on it
  3. How to Iron Duke

    I am sorry, but your "how to" is so much wrong. 1st - she very slow, by having her in full reverse, she is not fully reverse in time. 2nd - if the cruiser turning right to lunch torp, what the IronDuke should do is also turning right with full speed. This is described in a scenario of the cruiser is within torp range, and it 1vs1. Your turning radius and shift turn maybe enough to dodge. 3rd - with an experience cruiser player, they already lunch torp at their max allowable range, and had turn the other side to lunch their torp. SO as you keep your speed, you can then turn left to dodge the cross drop 4rd - when IronDuke in reverse, it take long time to speed up, you will ate torp. If the scenario allow, enemy team have number advantage, i would not hesitate to also make a ram. A trade off for nimble cruiser for nice healthy bb is a good trade, if not the flooding will probably severe damage so the rest of the team can finish her off 5th - since IronDuke so slow, i would have pick her off at range and slowly wear down her health, i would not engage in close distant unless the situation is favorable. Or i even run away from her and activate my WASD HAX. Not to mention her turret transverse and reload time ..... will not keep up with the Emile Bertin Lastly, you play 53 battles in her. Is this enough experiences?
  4. BBs getting killing pens...

    The ships that you are listed; 3 are t5, and 2 are t6, not all of them t6. Konigberg/EB/Emerald = t5, Nurnberg/budy =t6. If you check their armor lay out, some AP shell can penetrate bow/front turret and into the citadel. What you had described in the situation above: maybe from a salvo hitting you, 1 shell got lucky and hit your ship vital part, cause max shell damage value. 1 shell cant DO 20k damage, but you had forgotten to calculate the other shells damage from the salvo. Those add up the total damage. Or you got focus fires and more shells that hit you at the same time. I played my EB, and I got devastating strike from bb bow in rushing to torp with short range torp, it normal. If you still determined that 1 shell alone cause 20k damage or so, can you provide some ss or replay
  5. BBs getting killing pens...

    devastating strike is as deadly as citadel hits cruisers that you named (konigberg, Nurnberg, EB, Emerald and Budy) they had paper thin armor, they cant stand to get hit in full salvo. You should hang back a little instead go TF infront
  6. Couple of questions: 1- Can you handle the bear hug? 2-Apart from biting, I'm chew as well regards,
  7. I would be very happy if the Alaska is freeXP/Coal, JB is coal
  8. you are wrong, he had quit, and he still need something, other wise he would not come here and post. i sympathized on his trying, grinding all the way from t6 to t10 even though he already knew it * * * *. At least he tried. And let talk about you, are you alright? Do you need a hug? I gives free hug, some time i bite, but i promise it going to be a love bite
  9. and you rage quit? do you need a hug?
  10. Why you do this MM?

    Can i order a cherry on top, just for the OP please, if you can.
  11. Date of full access to RN DD's

    i know that you are lazy and i am too lazy so the answer to your question is SOON™
  12. Best use of Sovereigns?

    only if those crates from the arsenal give 15 sov like the premium crates, then it will be a different story. I am hoarding sov for the warspite/gallant doubloons
  13. Best use of Sovereigns?

    it only profitable if player already had all the dd missions as follow you wasted 60 sov and get back only 25 ..... where sov needed to buy warspite or gallant .....