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  1. ObiphanKenobi

    Battle reports

    you can check that on the public chat don't tell me that you guys tunnel vision that you guys cant see it in the public chat edit: And, why you cant just use the team report, end of battle, who ever had the sink ship/s icon next to the name, award that person karma point. Or at the instant it appear on the public right click on the player and compliment him straight away. Why inventing the wheel when wheel already invented. I rather WG use resources and fix bugs, make new contents or something else. But this is just my own opinion. Also fully respecting and engaging in a discussion
  2. ObiphanKenobi

    Battle reports

    dude, those detail in the DETAIL REPORT, its the 3rd tap
  3. ObiphanKenobi

    My Job prevents half of game modes.

    I work 2 jobs, 1 from mon/fri, 1 from sat sometime casual sun. my 3rd job is a father to 2 kids, so afterschool - homework time, house duties, put kids to sleep. Morning breakfast, waking the kids, preparing for schooling Australia is 15 hrs ahead of USA when you guys sleeping, that when I can play. When I can play, we have WIP ships, different modes of the game, some events going on, sometime when I can play, I cant even play because my son want to "help daddy" sinking red ships, and you can guess the outcome of that battle .... so, I have to find a solution to it, and pick and choose depend on the time available for which I can play ....... so yeah.
  4. use the WGC, check for game integrity tick the box update/fix if faults let the WGC do the updates see if it fix
  5. ObiphanKenobi

    i like to report this bot

    hehehehe .... no, i type it like that to be as impartial as much as i can ..... some individual though we got brainwashed by WG. we are not, had rules to abide by just like everyone here and our role is like a bridge connecting players to game developers through proper channel back to the topic, if you encounter such strange gaming style, please be aware and use the correct reporting system as instructed. If NA players banded together, let see what WG going to do.
  6. your 1st salvo did not meet the condition, the ohmaha still alive. One of the key word is destroy, your 2nd salvo counted as dev strike because you met 2 conditions: you destroyed the ship, you kill him by 1 alpha salvo the dam (more than 50% HP of the destroyed ship) that you inflicted also 1 of the condition So I think out of 3 conditions, you need to meet at least 2 to get the dev strike award
  7. ObiphanKenobi

    Transfer Captain without Retraining

    Basic mechanic: the captain was original assigned to Montana, you can move this captain around to any USA premium/special ship without the penalty. You can then moved him back to the Montana because he was still assigned to the Montana <-- let named this capt A If you want to do the same to your Vermont captain, you can move the captain who was first assigned to the Vermont and then move them on to any USA premium/special. You can use them to level up this captain and then move him back to the Vermont <-- let named this capt B If you move capt A to Vermont, you have to pay penalty to re training, because them 2 are tech tree and vice versa, if you move capt B to the Montana, you have to pay for the penalty. If you move both capts to any USA premium/special ships, you don't have to pay for penalty. In your current situation, the best course of action is to have 2 captains, 1 for the Montana, 1 for the Vermont, but take the advantage of first win of the day 50% extra. For example, you move your Vermont capt to all USA premium/special and play so you can get the first win, earn the 50% extra, after that moved him back to the Vermont and grind some more battles. This technique was called "lvl up your capt".
  8. ObiphanKenobi

    i like to report this bot

    actually, i played a game and encountered such strange gaming style (oh boy, it so frustrated to see such event turn out). So to avoid forum violation, i follow up and proceed step of reporting. [ delete to avoid forum violation, mods also need to follow guideline too delete delete] "We recommend you to use in-game system of complements and complains. Click with right mouse button on player's nickname and then select a "Complain" point. Choose a "Plays poorly" out of provided options. We are constantly checking complaints that come from battles. This means that we will check much faster if the suspicious player is using bot programs and will take action if the violation is confirmed." I also get in contact with proper person who is in charge and ask for instruction/s. [ delete delete] Please use the correct step of reporting a player who you think "botting". So guys, lets get together, do the right things together and see how thing going to be. regards,
  9. ObiphanKenobi

    Help me decide, De Grasse or Perth?

    going with your own feeling think about this: which ship you going to play everyday and most comfortable playing.
  10. ObiphanKenobi

    need help

    It 1 of the mod from Modstation was not update Informative Markers I have to re read all the mods and figured out which one. Yeah, seen another updated but the mod was not. +1 Problem now solved thank you everyone for helping out
  11. ObiphanKenobi

    need help

    i have tried every suggestions and it still not working
  12. ObiphanKenobi

    need help

    un-install and re install Modstation, still not working
  13. ObiphanKenobi

    need help

    i got that option as full
  14. ObiphanKenobi

    need help

    i dont have to touch setting for a very long time, but after the update - the player name was gone Can someone reminded me if: 1 - In game settings - where to this turn player name on? i look into this Controls nothing there, Graphics nothing there 2 - Modstation - which mode can show players name? But if you press Alt, the player name will appear, you release Alt, player name gone Would need step by step how to turn on to show in game players name please thank you in advance