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  1. Hey yo bruh, I am also from Australia .... and I crack jokes across my clan fine, and even in chat and did not get chat ban. So, this is the first step which you was already been told by other, submitting a support ticket asking for an appeal/review. CS will look into your chat log and decided. They even provided you the instance where you chat ban on. And if it not warrant, they can withdrawal the chat ban. Discussed the action on forum is against forum rule, and there are no need to do so, since none of us here can help. regards,
  2. ObiphanKenobi

    Toxic player that give info to enemy team

    guys guys, relax, the player only made 1 post, it easy to make mistake and such and it very easy to fix the mistake. Once you report the player to WG, you will get a generic respond. The matter will be review by a CS. We don't discuss penalty as it against forum rule, we don't do name/shame. So if you want to continue, please make sure you check out the forum guideline. Oh, we also have Asian Forum, since you played on Asia Server, please post there. regards,
  3. ObiphanKenobi

    Replay requests

    ok guys, Please, for good resources sake, please keep it civil and constructive crit, the only reason this post is still going due to: 1 - Everyone entitle to their own opinion 2 - It very at the border line of getting shutting down due to personal attack back/forth - Guys, you are mature enough to be better than this. Don't let a good hotly debate topic get lock down because of you, your fault. regards,
  4. ObiphanKenobi

    Amagi Hack?

    post a replay please It will be in your WoW folder/replays It turn on automatically and kept last 30 battles you have done.
  5. ObiphanKenobi

    Are you actually allowed to swear in this game?

    If a player felt the chat ban is not right, the first step is to submit a ticket for an appeal. WG will review your chat log and pointed out where you get the ban hammer from. There is no need to come to forum to rant/vent as it not going to help you at all. Topic had run it course. regards,
  6. ObiphanKenobi

    Match making suggestion

    Guys, It came to our attention that this post going down hill if forum guideline are not followed. Please keep it civil in the replies. Players are entitled to their own opinion and able to express here, so that game developers can gather feedback, but it become tedious if the replies are just personal attack/respond. Please do not make a hotly debate topic get lock away. regards,
  7. ObiphanKenobi

    Tier XI

    Which test version did you see WG doing this? when and what server? regards,
  8. ObiphanKenobi

    Too Many Events!

    They confirmed they are working on the split ... however it will take some time to test the ships ..... after that, it xcel spreadsheet .... re-evaluate, test phase again before it release. so Soon™
  9. ObiphanKenobi

    German tokens - Another misleading event?

    I sit this event out ....... I will only do the free mission for token here and there ........ thing changed in real life where I am moving up the chain. more work more responsibilities. Less time to spend on WoWs now
  10. ObiphanKenobi

    German tokens - Another misleading event?

    But it come with other godly signals and the end goal is 600 token to finally buy off the perm camo and I am a signal hoarder!
  11. ObiphanKenobi

    German tokens - Another misleading event?

    You can spend 7500 dub and buy the specific Directive for Hiddy or GK each. Each directive 4 missions
  12. ObiphanKenobi

    Neptune is visible in Smoke

    Your question are answered as above. Your gun bloom while in smoke is 6.6km and the bot dd (x2) detected that when they are closed in Also, your alert going off like crazy .. just wondering if you notice that as well? detected and incoming blinking everywhere ...... normally if i got these, i will look around for the closest ship and do everything i can to kill off that ship as quickly as i can. You seem to be tunnel vision and focusing on the bb ... this is not a good practice regards,
  13. But if you paid the early package (8000 doub) when the dockyard first activated, you get it done by completing the 4 directives. The rest if you complete will get steel as reward ...
  14. ObiphanKenobi

    Low Zao damage explained?

    don't forget to take into calculation of some ship area are "saturation" area
  15. ObiphanKenobi

    Replays: How to enable

    use google and search you can edit file to increase last 30 replays to even more number like 50 or more. The down side is that every patch, you have to go back to the file and edit that bit again. In term of saying that, replay is not friendly. You have to use other screen capture software or your video card program to capture it or convert it to more friendly where you can upload on youtube.