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  1. ObiphanKenobi

    Question about the WG Discord

    we will transit over to discord moderator roles
  2. ObiphanKenobi

    New code

    Everyone, Good news, even if the forum come to closure, you guys still able to redeem code. Use the WGC to enter them
  3. ObiphanKenobi

    New code

    ARCBICENTENARIONAVAL Included is a special 3-point Commander only for Pan-American ships
  4. ObiphanKenobi

    Monthly Container Day

    i never get a ship from those SC, and 1 day behind
  5. ObiphanKenobi

    Random Anime musings

    thank you very much, will check the site after work. Anyone else have website they watch latest anime for free? give me some more please
  6. ObiphanKenobi

    Random Anime musings

    question: what are some of the websites you guys used to watch anime for free? websites similar to crunchyroll where you have to pay but free, dont mind about sometime free advertisement pop up, dont want to sign up for membership i used animepisode, but it got block. then it had animeepisode web, which completely different. thank you guys
  7. ObiphanKenobi

    Happy Login Reward "Super" Container Day!

    1500 steel first ever got it from SC and 50 AA signal
  8. ObiphanKenobi

    Chat Banned

    It is encouraged to discuss the matter with CS. That between you and CS, as many had stated, forum is not the place to discuss the penalty.
  9. ObiphanKenobi

    Chat Banned

    Just submitted to CS to review all your chat related to a chat ban. And let CS do their job. it against forum rules to discuss chat ban action though. So just submit it to see what happen
  10. ObiphanKenobi

    new code!

    762OY7ZYTBOJ Gives you Combat Mission for 1x Battle of Jutland Container for EU - NA - Asia
  11. ObiphanKenobi

    You use quick commands too often.

    hold ctrl+double any where on the minimap is a quick fix for this problem
  12. ObiphanKenobi

    new code of new code

    0PNNUSNILNOM2023 5 constellation camos, 1 economic container, 5 stars and Stripes camos enjoyed guys!!
  13. ObiphanKenobi


    you can report those players to CS
  14. Can you guys please provide the replay with the report You can find the replay in the WoW folder where you install the game, "replay" folder - it keep the last 15 games if you not using any mod, and 30 if you use mod
  15. ObiphanKenobi

    Monthly Supercontainer

    this month not so good, i GOT 100 det signals