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  1. Hydra_360ci

    Is AA still too Weak?

    Dreadnaught could use an AA gun....
  2. Have you tried grinding thru T4? You don't get much XP before the hotfix... doing what you're suggesting just isn't worth the grind or the missed opportunities in collecting rewards, to me. Just not worth my time.
  3. Hydra_360ci

    CV planes need a detection bloom added into them

    I was thinking of a rework of the plane detection system as a whole. Regardless, CV's need more skill based options at their disposal. Surface ships have options. Such as going silent on your guns; smoking up and evading; Armor Angling, citadels as form of punishment. If planes had some things like those implemented, Carrier play would have a lot more things in common with all the other classes in the game. As it stands now, planes are nothing more than guided shells, versus a bot aiming system.
  4. Yeah... I pretty much stopped the T4 grind, after the hot fix. Couldn't do anything with those planes. Which is just as well, rather shoot them down, anyways.
  5. Hydra_360ci

    CV planes need a detection bloom added into them

    To put a PvP element in the CV gameplay, instead of a spreadsheet.
  6. Much like Surface ships have a detection bloom when firing their weapons, Cv's should have an equivalent variables added to their planes. Don't really know what it could be.... but something should be added. The only variable changes planes currently have are Speed, Attack Mode, and the Torpedo Reticle movement bloom (side to side movements during attack mode). Why not base concealment and Passive AA damage boost from one or all of those things? For example... What if plane detectability and evasion percentages were based off both speed and side to side Attack mode adjustments? Slow down and your detectibly gets reduced. Speed up and evasion and detectability percentages increase . Adjustments side to side while attacking increase both the damage received and bloom the detectability. Adding in the current attack timer, throttle energy bar, and plane turnaround respawns. I think you'd end up with some pretty skill variables.
  7. Hydra_360ci

    The true core of the problem has not been fixed.

    Weren't they specialty configured planes.... as in having a bulky radio for long distance transmissions to the carrier and not fit for much of anything else? In which case... shouldn't CV's have a consumables for spotting, instead of it's current form?
  8. There is another coming next month or something. https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/posts/2284289831897351 Dear players, We’ve noticed your concerns that 1-week free commander skills and upgrade reset that came with 0.8.0 is not enough to properly adapt all your ship builds for the new evolving meta. We agree with you and hereby announce there will be another 1-week period of free reset approximately in 2 months, around 0.8.2 release. Thank you for your feedback.
  9. Hydra_360ci

    Any new CV grinders? Thoughts wanted...

    Pretty sure T4 is protected from T6 CV's.
  10. Hydra_360ci

    Any new CV grinders? Thoughts wanted...

    I think it's gonna take me around 100 battles to get to T6 (that's a lot).... and I get to do it twice, if I want to do both lines. And I guess Thrice once the British CV's get released....(yay.) And don't forget... at T4 you get no progression on Daily Missions or pretty much any of the missions. As for FreeXP'ing… yeah that's an option... but I rather use those points for the upcoming Alaska.
  11. Hydra_360ci

    After hotfix if you are getting deplaned try this...

    Well, at the very least it'll let you yolo planes and experiment with 1/3rd the consequence.
  12. oh... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Lexington_(CV-2)
  13. Hydra_360ci

    Hotfix feedback from premium CV perspective

    Just keep in mind that just about everyone is AA spec'ed out, right now, and they are sacrificing Surface to Surface Buffs to do it. As for deplaning... I guess it's a thing, now. I won't be able to play until I get off work to see for myself... in about 6 hours. I suspected the F key hotfix would have a major effect in plane losses, which in turn would finally trigger the wait time for respawning planes. That additional transference of damage from flak clouds to guns was likely a step too far, by the sounds of it. The CV's XP gains need a look at, though... I'm not seeing a whole lot of XP gains at T4, anyways. Think it'll take 70 battles or so before I earn enough for a T6, at the rate I'm going; probably going to end up being closer to 90 due to the Hotfix.... (done 21 in random, so far, and 13 in coop.)
  14. Lexington is an Essex Class (2 of them were.... CV-2 (sunk at Coral Sea) and CV-16 (floating museum at Corpus.) Lexington, likely stayed in the game due to it being a Floating Museum. Not to mention, she was the last Essex class to be decommissioned, back in '91.
  15. It'll likely be safer to venture out in a DD now than it was before the hotfix. Though, I got success in DD before the hotfix by turning off AA on DD's that had long range AA, and by smoking up when a flight was getting too close. I found that a lot of Radar capable ships would trade their Radar for a Fighter plane, so more often than not I would be able to smoke up in a cap and capture it. DD threat was pretty low as well due to them using your strategy of hanging back with the other ships. So, I'd often cap as if I was playing T3 instead of T8. After stealing a cap, I was able to go back with the other ships and play the rest of the game by ear.