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  1. Hydra_360ci

    12 hours of Tickets.

    They're up to date. (though I hate updating the video driver, since more often than not they break my Realtek audio driver in the process.) I'm not searching for a solution, I'm just saying that I've been having problems with staying logged-in, as well... and it started happening after the Puerto Rico, thing. Didn't have any login problems before that. (just game crashes to desktop, which I know is related to my processor...it's a Phenom II, 9590... thing is a real nightmare as far as stability,is concerned..)
  2. Hydra_360ci

    12 hours of Tickets.

    I'm having log in problems as well... NA server will drops me midgame...(i know when it's about to happen because I won't be able to fire my guns for a good 15 seconds before being greeted with the log-in screen. And it can be anywhere between a minute to half an hour before I can get in again. This started happening about a month ago.
  3. Hydra_360ci

    French Destroyers Branch Review

    They have one more national flavor. The ships supposively get damage saturation at an increased rate than all the other DDs. Though I doubt anyone feels good about being at 1/8th life more often than normal.
  4. Hydra_360ci

    First Battle In Fiji...

    So far, all I seem to do are shatters and bounces.
  5. Hydra_360ci

    No CV adjustments in 8.3?!?

    CV's need a better risk mechanic than what they currently have. Either have deplane'ing that actually works, or a transference of plane damage into actual CV Hull damage. There has to be some sort of punishment system introduced to this Yolo class of ship. The game's plane spotting mechanic also needs a do over. Giving the planes the same spotting mechanic that the ships have, is just not working.
  6. Hydra_360ci

    3 carriers on a team is to much

    See a lot of post about it being laughable at T4, but from my experience with 3vs3, the CV's always end up attacking each other at the end, cause the other ships are all dead.
  7. Hydra_360ci

    I hate free ships and doubloons!!

    Eh... no way I play enough to ever qualify, other than the random draw. Haven't touched the game in about 5 days now.... Been playing Nioh, this past week, instead.
  8. Hydra_360ci

    Is Cleveland just a big tyrd now?

    Worcester isn't that different from the Cleveland, in my opinion. As for the Seattle It does suck, but it worked pretty well in the last Ranked Battles.
  9. Hydra_360ci

    Need 42 more crowns to get implaccable

    Yup... ignore it. You won't miss them.... (U can convert those crowns and stuff for other goodies, anyways. May not be of equal value...but it's still stuff.)
  10. Hydra_360ci

    Need 42 more crowns to get implaccable

    Pretty sure it's not worth it, in that these CV's are really Silver Ships.
  11. Hydra_360ci

    My feedback on the Exeter marathon

    I figured I'd rely on Devastation Strikes with a DD to complete that one. But as it turned out getting into position for those Dev Strikes wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Also, Yoloing in Random didn't come easy for me, either. Just couldn't get myself to do it, since I only had one DD that met the requirements. And blind yoloing just isn't my style. Ended up just playing norm games in random UK ships. Got lucky on one game where I got a Dev Strike, a First Blood and a Fireproof on a single game with the Queen Elizabeth. Got 2 more Dev Strikes using a DD, and another First Blood in about 5-8 hours of game play The final one?.... was a Detonation. Wasn't till then I got the idea that I should have equipped all those +5% detonation flags that I have stocked up.. and let RNG have it's way with me. With my luck I would have gotten 7 detonation within 10 games..... okay maybe not...but I'd like to believe that my luck is that bad, in this game
  12. Hydra_360ci

    My feedback on the Exeter marathon

    Found it fairly easy in Co-op with a Leander and later the Fiji (leander was my highest CA in the UK line for the longest time.)... typically would get around 7 cits from a bot CA, before it dying Though... getting into a position to get those cits was the hard part. Too many people doing the same thing, in there. Got my 3 kills in Co-op with the Leander, as well. Was using the T6 DD for the longest time (since I have perma camo 4 it and I've get 3 ship kills in it often enough in Random), but as it turned out... was easier to do with the CA in co-o[ than with a DD in either game modes.
  13. Hydra_360ci

    My feedback on the Exeter marathon

    I didn't think it was that bad.... had the 4th part done within 3 days. Did all the other on a single day. The 3 kills one and the 7 Achievement were the hardest to get. But it wasn't as mind numbing as those final PEF missions of acquiring Millions of Credits with different Nation ships. As for the Exeter ship.... Feels like a Pepsi but with Torps, to me.
  14. Hydra_360ci

    Long Time Player - I'm Done

    It's that limited armor that the Kabba has, that allows BB's to pin it.
  15. Hydra_360ci

    Help needed with Bismarck

    Pretty sure German HE use a different calculation for Penetrations than every other nationality (like divided by 4 instead of 6 or something). So, IFHE isn't as important to use for German Secondary Builds than it is for any of the other Nationality Ships. As for secondary builds on a Bismarck. Secondary's are considered a fun build for a reason, if you want consistent damage, then the typical BB, non-secondary, concealment build is the better choice. Also, T8's tend to get paired up with T10, often and the Bismark doesn't stand much of a chance against any of them, especially at those 11 km and below ranges. Though, agaisn't T6's... that's a completely different story. Doing okay with the Gneisenau main guns, will lead to doing better with Bismarck's 2 extra guns.