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  1. I see the confusion here, Lert. If these were but ordinary Corgi...but they are most definitely not. These are the Corgi nightmares are made of.
  2. 100 hits with any armament

    Yeah, you're overthinking this. Any ship with a decent number of secondaries. Remember, torps count in the final count as well.
  3. BrushWolf, my disappointment knows no bounds at this moment. Wikipedia actually has it somewhat right. "Nimitz was the leading US Navy authority on submarines. " Actually should have been "one of", but you get the point. In his career, he commanded subs, cruisers and a variety of support ships, but never a carrier. Naval Air reportedly never really trusted him.
  4. Lyon secondary build?

    If you hear your secondaries going off, you've made a terrible mistake.
  5. Glad you're here. I'm a proud BB main , only sort of potato-ish and what I'd advise is US BB's and cruisers. Early on the BB line will teach you patience, a virtue in any ship and the cruisers will make caution second-nature. Your initial goal for US BB's is Tier VI, New Mexico, slow as molasses, but tough and hits well. Cruisers? VI, Cleveland. Teaches gunnery (shell arcs are interesting) and positioning.
  6. French BB psych up thread

    Bought a five-pack of containers for 13.50. Got Bretagne and Lyon. Stopped buying :) As Haze says for Normandie, Bretagne brings nothing new to the table and doesn't have the speed. Lyon...there's something about launching two Dunq's worth of park benches downrange. One of them is going to hit. One caveat: If you get too close, you will be focused and your survivability in a multi v 1 is not good. Lyon can't really bow tank and you don't get concealment so 13-ish is the best you can do. Sixteen downrange though...
  7. RNG was my friend today. 5 crates $13.50, Lyon and Bretagne missions, 1500 doubloons and 4 collecion (obviously the 5th was a dup).
  8. Tornado, you are aware the PT includes everyone aiming at you even if you can't see them? Mark One eyeball is all well and good, but PT helps defeat smoke and islands and concealment. Given anyone can afford one point, it's a pretty good skill.
  9. A limited-time available flag that many of us oldsters got for donations to a veteran's cause. It's a triangled version of an American flag.
  10. Unprecedented. Comment?

    Accuracy is improved and given larger caliber weapons, you can find yourself in trouble quickly.
  11. It's more fun to drive up next to a BB with it's main batteries pointed the wrong direction with a DD and circle it while they try to track you. :) Don't do this to Germans, Kreigsmarine secondaries hurt.
  12. The most bitter defeat ...

    My favorite. A point in the game where it is a mathematical impossibility to lose...as long as your players stay alive. "GOIN' FOR THE KILL!"
  13. Musashi Free XP Cost

    That and you'll never see Missouri for 750K again after it leaves the tree in two months.
  14. Signal flags worthless?

    It also depends on how you value time. I can only play four or five games a night so flags can double or triple my output of cash, XP and Commander XP. Given, I've been around long enough that grinding lines aren't an issue, but for someone who's still in their IV's, flags have great value.
  15. Buying consumables and camos

    Pro tip (from a potato :) ) Before the end of the sale, load up every ship you have with consumables, then dismount the ones you'd normally never use. It's not ideal, but it saves a bit of silver.