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  1. Non, Richelieu is a very bad girl. Coming from the BB-guru that makes Mikasa dangerous...
  2. Which to buy First?

    Roma isn't a bad bote, but Scharnhorst is at a more comfortable tier and is a lot more fun. Fun matters.
  3. Kill-secure, that varmint was still dangerous.
  4. Alabama in Ranked?

    I started in 'Bama bfore moving to Richelieu (which I'm fascinated with and doing well in, albeit down with the proles :)) Alabama excels at nothing, but it's good at most things. That and 50% torp mitigation. Hard to argue against survivability in Ranked.
  5. If you are unspotted in a DD for some time, there are two places you can be, working an uncontested cap (which would kick off the cap timer)...or chasing the CV. He knows you're there and he has all the advantages. It doesn't take much to send his squadrons off at possible threat angles before combining them for the next strike. Also, in Ranked, cap control is more important than chasing a CV to torp range.
  6. CC Summit Day 1 Overview

    Heh, NoZoupforRussia this time, he's on vacay in S. Europe.
  7. 95 hits and only one measly fire? Turn in your marins-pompiers card! Nice fight.
  8. Weekend spree

    Kraken....in a South Carolina. Logged out for the night.
  9. Petition to buff cesare

    For those of you taking this seriously, really? Jump in and help us buff Caesare to the level this superstar deserves to be!
  10. Petition to buff cesare

    ...and park benches, definitely French park benches.
  11. Petition to buff cesare

    I am fully onboard with this attempt to trol...set right the wrongs done to Italy's overpow...severly diminished battleship.
  12. Apparently I am anathema to the cult because "You really suck". I wear that comment from the Great One as an honor :) On topic, probably fortunate that I'm too lazy to capitalize most of my running names.
  13. I see the confusion here, Lert. If these were but ordinary Corgi...but they are most definitely not. These are the Corgi nightmares are made of.
  14. 100 hits with any armament

    Yeah, you're overthinking this. Any ship with a decent number of secondaries. Remember, torps count in the final count as well.
  15. BrushWolf, my disappointment knows no bounds at this moment. Wikipedia actually has it somewhat right. "Nimitz was the leading US Navy authority on submarines. " Actually should have been "one of", but you get the point. In his career, he commanded subs, cruisers and a variety of support ships, but never a carrier. Naval Air reportedly never really trusted him.