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  1. Did the spirit of this thread infect your computer and demand to be resurrected? Holy Paladin, Batman!
  2. Thunderdome. The higher-tier meta probably isn't going to work here, you're going to have to fight on the move. But like Haze has brought up, cruisers are going to have to be played pretty well to be effective. That said, a solid cruiser Div might make a serious difference.
  3. jdlobo

    Free Container Code

    Worked for me, thanks!
  4. jdlobo

    Salem Heal is a SCUM

    Don't assume your motivations are those of everyone. I don't play this game to be a unicum, I play to be a competent member of my team and for enjoyment. I don't need to grind Legendaries or perma-cams for that. If I bother with Salem, it's because I want to play the bote. I've been a BB Main since Open, I probably won't be grinding any of the high-end Cruiser lines.
  5. jdlobo

    Salem Heal is a SCUM

    Ummm, to get a ship in a line I have no intention of grinding?
  6. They continue to evolve, better, ever more dangerous. This is how it begins...
  7. DD's and fast Cruisers only. Can't tell you how many times I've seen BB's wallow their way over there, only to be out of position for much of the match.
  8. jdlobo

    Threat Assessment Thursday - Two Brothers

    There's also the "Oh damn!" consideration. A limited move up the middle toward late game can panic the defense. All of a sudden everyone is moving back to protect the cap. That or no one is. Either presents opportunity. Key is timing, sprinting to the gap at the 20:00 minute mark is, well, "just a paddlin'" :)
  9. Sounds like he's downloading it for you and will link you to his Google Drive later tonight.
  10. jdlobo

    Regretting Alabama Purchase

    Sigma is only an issue for players who shoot well. (This isn't snark) Most players are not talented gunners, so it isn't the issue you make it out to be. The weakness of the Mass is that it gives the average player a feeling of comfort to close to secondary range where they can get blowed up real good. An experienced player can make Alabama or Massachusetts work equally well.
  11. That said, haven't had any stability problems though....potatoes however....that's why I created Potatoes R'Us :)
  12. and 11K at 1:30 Eastern. 16 isn't going to be a problem. 20? Let's see :)
  13. jdlobo

    Kutuzov joins the Millionaires Club

    You've always been known for your generosity. Thank you my Soverign. :)
  14. jdlobo

    Regarding Alaska...

    I won't be quite as unkind as others have here, but just to note, New Mexico's CO and 29 others were killed during the Phillippines landing by a kamikaze. At the time New Mexico was engaged in preparatory bombardment and AA protection. War is war. Alaska just happened to be fortunate.