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  1. The season was a J O K E, going back and forth between ranks at 5 and 10 was obvious MM shenanigans. To lose ranks because your team sucked? Seriously? your 20pts away from top scorer on a losing team and the XP is not explained to you.
  2. Just wondering how many of you can research a Tier 10 now that you played in Ranked 9's?
  3. OnABoat

    Ship-Spotting Technology In Update 0.7.9

    This guy is a troll, you make a statement about good things and coming back and this _ _ _ hat calls you and your friends idiots... love the trolls.
  4. STATS as in OVERALL STATISTICS of gameplay not individual STATS. The whole model is AI machine learning.
  5. Seriously though, the rendering issue needs to be fixed its gone on far too long. For an observer on the ground with eye level at h = 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m), the horizon is at a distance of 2.9 miles (4.7 km). For an observer standing on a hill or tower 100 feet (30 m) in height, the horizon is at a distance of 12.2 miles (19.6 km). So everything should be visible unless it is in smoke and be done with it.
  6. Rendering is still an issue, just not going through another season of ranked this way. Enough said.