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  1. I had one random team that almost made it but the smoke screen was not quite long enough to reach the portal trigger. No BB stepped up to the right of the Trans (I was left of the Trans) and Rasputin was on the right - so he turned in and stopped it then set it on fire. Sop close yet so far. First 2 games the Trans took a totally different way. The Trans seemed to be influenced but I am not sure how. Basically it went to the left at the island right at the start. Usually it goes straight ahead (weaving but the end path is straight ahead).
  2. My Jackal: PM HA, JoAT, EM, AR SE, BFT AFT
  3. Because if you have played the operation you can tell how incredibly different it is from randoms. In the operation the players MUST spam as often as they can across the entire map to even remotely have a chance to finish. This is obviously not needed for Random..
  4. Do the second method: https://na.wargaming.net/support/kb/articles/517
  5. You can enable replays but it is NOT a recording. Recording would need to be done via 3rd party software either when viewing a reply or at the time of the game. To prove those things you can take screenshots of the screens at the end of the game as well. The additional issue id that replays can only be seen in the client version it was created on. Major client releases breaks means all previous replays can't be viewed via the new client.
  6. No - you get chances across everything they offer as it should be. If you want extra XP then get and fly the flags that earn extra XP.
  7. First you have to click on Purchase and then you will get the screen in the screenshot by m373x. Try another browser if it does not work on your current browser.
  8. Those numbers are unrealistic for long term rewards as they were very good rewards. They are a business - give away too much for free means higher prices on other things...
  9. not enough of a hand to the right of the 'finger'. Be more like giving everyone the ring finger.
  10. Getting less will be up to the other players. One player can;'t carry the missions in any way.
  11. This is why smoke is needed at the end. Rasputin ignores anyone in smoke so about the only way to complete it is to have a DD smoke to the portal in front of the Trans.
  12. Something???? This is the problem - compare to WHAT and is that comparison even valid? Again - and for the last time - it is a made up calculation just like WTR. Completely and totally made up. It does not convey any amount of factual info on how any one person will play in any one game and as such - is not valid for use in MM currently. Again - MM can't know the future and that is the problem.
  13. As I said - it is a made up calculation just like WTR. The above is STILL valid and true.
  14. There are always things for stars - can only earn them once though. - 15x Halloween Camo - 15x Halloween 2016 Camo - 15x Halloween Camo & 15x Halloween 2016 Camo - 25,000 Elite Commander XP - 1 Premium Day
  15. Teams were worse today than the last couple of days - not sure I scored anything less htan 80K damage and never got close to winning. I think this is my highest damage total yet. Only one DD most of the games and when we had more- at least one died.