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  1. Missions Ruining the Game

    I don't have a problem with them.

    MM should look at radar as well but that is about the only change I would suggest.

    Not a good measurement but also - it is not running anymore so.... It stopped updating sometime late last week and dropped all of my 30+ Richelieu games. When I get to the page now it can't get a connection Wargaming.
  4. connection issues

    You should get PingPlotter so if it happens again you can fire it up and plot the ping to the game servers to see if there is packetloss along the way - during the route. .
  5. Any good stats sites?

    Last time I tried, late last week, I was missing games in my Richelieu for the first time. Previously they were still updating and then I could not get to the site - Wed/Thurs of last week time period. Over the weekend - it is not connecting to Wargaming " Latest snapshot not available. Either the player has hidden his or her statistics or connection to WarGaming has failed. " - I have not changed my setting for stats. This error message is very new since the weekend - never got it before. And the Richelieu has been 'dropped' from the BB/French listing after it previously displayed 30+ games, now I have 55 games.
  6. Ok, Ok - I like the Richelieu

    I had to adjust my aiming a bit to not lead quite as much as I was used to. If a cruiser captain is being lazy and does not notice me from 20 KM away and they are broadside and straight - they are gonna get hurt and this happens - fairly often. IJN cruisers are probably the hardest to hit. Deleting Atlanta's at 15 KM is a joy. It also takes a different kind of play - less turning since you have no rear gun. I have learned the art of backing up if I get too deep and then recovering. It helps I am not up-tiered all of the time and then when I am only 1 of 4 total tier 8 ship - it takes a bit of work to not die early. GK and Rebub eats its lunch while laughing off its AP and HE.
  7. Ok, Ok - I like the Richelieu

    I have successfully done more pushing around of other ships partially to see if I can do it or because I have to since the team is handing back. The other day on Neighbors with a standard battle that the team fled one flank - even though the minimap showed 2 DDs coming around. I was on the other end of the map and swung back around and found the DDs and had to remove them from the game - took one or two torps total. Good amount of fun and satisfaction...
  8. Done with non-premium account but I can't be unhappy with it. #1 on my team with it and starting to learn to force other players out. WR with it is nice at 56% after 55 battles and only 3 oother ships I have done more - Miss with1871,33: Bis with 157,126 , and Colorado with 149,369
  9. Any good stats sites?

    I think the domain finally expired. It was updating the basics stats and when new lines were added but the server averages were not updated for the new lines which is what I was interested in.
  10. Inducting the Next Generation.

    I was hoping for a Jean Luc Picard commander thread... ;)
  11. Any good stats sites?

    This is probably the best but pales in comparison to how Warships Today presented the information unfortunately..
  12. Learning is easy.

    38 games since Friday but all broken up so 3800% but never more than 7 games in a row to then cash in on. :)
  13. Extended losses

    Everyone has and there are posts and posts about it and all kinds of conspiracy theories. MM Matches tier and ships and that is about it - provided there are enough players int he correct ships. I have been up tiered more today than the last week (playing Rechelieu) and getting a good amount of tier X games..
  14. new computer blues

    I think it is just having to reload everything.
  15. and yet still not orange. Problem is - they can't know why every time. And this also needs to be remembered but going pink used to cost a LOT more games to work off. Many people still whined even though the TK issue was generally pretty good and then they changed it. There is never going to be one way that will make everyone happy and some will be swept in the umbrella - I have no doubts I will be in that as well and I will do what I did before - work it off and go on.