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  1. Get a pirate yet?

    I never get lucky enough to be near one when these events are going on. I saw one about 2 games ago and barely got a glance of them and never saw them after that and he got sunk by someone...
  2. Who have you seen in game

    @Kombat_WOMBAT a little bit ago in their YueYang...
  3. Server Issues

  4. Most citadels dealt in a match?

    I have many a game in CAs - never came close to doing 4 as far as I can remember. The BBs are just more consistent with cits than any other ship I have played. I don't have a ton of premium ships - not sure if that makes that much of a difference in reality.
  5. Most citadels dealt in a match?

    I don't see how people get double digits - I think my most is 5 either in the Alsace or Missouri. I think the most I have had in a salvo is 2.
  6. Would be interesting to find out PC specs - I have never found the ports to be slow - even with a very old graphics card and a mechanical hard drive. The difference between the Arsenal/Inventory with the old card and my new one is non-existent. Don't use the clan interface since I am not in a clan but I doubt I would find it low. Do you play on a laptop by any chance?.
  7. They need a replay to see all of the data values so it can be correctly be set up according to your specific game conditions.. A replay is not actually a replay but uses game data to recreate the battle. This is why the replay file has to be run via the game client. They REALLY need to know the exact details of your specific game, before they can reproduce it.
  8. Thanks - want stuff not credits and going to be out of town Thursday and limited playing time Friday and maybe the weekend. But I can get stuff bought by Monday night.
  9. So I have until the weekend to spend the token I have so far - correct???
  10. Nope - trying to do campaign...
  11. Finished my first Campaign

    Campaigns take me forever - especially the new ones where I can earn 2 stars rarely so I have to get stars one at a time. I think I have completed one campaign so far grand total.
  12. I open at least 10 containers (I stock pile them) and then just click t he Open Container and no crane is involved and no better or less chance for SCs and as soon as the container is open click the Open Container button again. Get them done in less than a minute. I just opened 3 in just under 17 seconds. Waited till it displayed what was in the container and how many then clicked the button.
  13. 3300+ battles should be more than enough battles to get to the correct service level.
  14. I don't get an error - run the file integrity process?