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  1. CylonRed

    Anyone else getting epicly high pings lately?

    Use Ping Plotter to ping the 2 WoWs servers for at least a half hour and see where the issue is. Most likely a routing that is congested for many reasons -0 quarantines, storms, and the like.
  2. CylonRed

    Have to admit - Co-op is good for

    It was 99% for awhile - out of 34 ships I have played in Co-op - only 4 have anything lower than 100% WR. (20 games out of 332). But as I have said - there just is no real satisfaction when it is so easy. 99% WR does appeal to me at all to get there.
  3. CylonRed

    Have to admit - Co-op is good for

    Already done them - 5 starred all of them - I see no replay value in them. Found a lot of them more frustrating most of the time. The scenarios are not really Co-op - those are 2 different modes. They are not equal to each other.
  4. Like when you only own a license to run Windows (or any other software/OS)? As soon as you boot into an OS you are breaking your rule. Not to mention any time you load software.
  5. Let us know when you stop playing a game you seem to hate and coded the "correct" way to do things and release your version.
  6. CylonRed

    Have to admit - Co-op is good for

    Yea - I looked 95.17% and WR is the only way I use to determine how hard it is. When you get to 85+ % it just too easy and has no satisfaction - for me. Of course I wound up with a great game today in Ranked - 7 cits in a Thunderer - never fired HE - everyone just kept giving me broadsides..
  7. Nice Thunderer game - my best by far. Everyone kept giving me so nice broadsides I never switched to HE...
  8. CylonRed

    FPS Drop in WoWS

    Check the Game engine XML file and see if it is capped there.
  9. CylonRed

    FPS Drop in WoWS

    It is quite litterally the FIRST step for ANY tech to ask when being asked about PC problems. You massively overreacted and you owe someone an apology.
  10. CylonRed

    Have to admit - Co-op is good for

    What I hate about Co-op is the easy win button as long as there are 3 ok players - it should be an easy win. Stomps are not that often but the teams can frustrate me but Co-op al of the time with a 99% WR is just wayyyyy to easy.
  11. CylonRed

    FPS Drop in WoWS

    They have been updating the maps with better graphics. I wonder if the laptop is also getting hot and throttling the CPU. I have an i7 with a 1080 and get 75 fps with the highest settings, without any real issues - even at 2560x1440. I would expect an i5 and bit lower GPU be a bit worse but not as bad as you seem to be having. Understand - I really don't know the i5 line to know how your i5 will perform. Reinstall with out the Ultra version and play with the settings. MOnitor your CPU temps as well.
  12. CylonRed

    Have to admit - Co-op is good for

    True - I just wanted to get the last one done and 6 cits games in Randoms (or Ranked) are extremely rare (in the 2 games I had 8 cits). Limited playtime plays into it as well. Some of the teams since quaranteening are so abysmal in Randoms...
  13. Damage and cit directives... Take the Jean Bart out and bots WILL give you broadside and just cit them over and over no matter the ship. Want to cit a RU BB? Co-op...
  14. CylonRed

    Lots of Lag Spikes Today

    Use Pingplotter to do route testing over an hour or so to each IP and see what the route shows for quality. That is the only way to know if the issue is between you and the WG servers. Other games not lagging means nothing - other games do not use the same servers and have a different route.