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  1. Leave queue

    It has always been a second or two tops for me - I have to hit it VERY quickly - any delay and I can't quit the queue.
  2. People need to define 'skill' and I am sure most people can't and anything that could be considered 'skill' is problematic, unless you are unicum every game (less than 1% of the entire player base?).
  3. I know how it turns out.... ;) I would like to commend on the correct pronunciation of the user name - soooo many say or type CyclonRed... :) The criticisms are what I expected - no real surprises. I did used to type more but not being a touch typist after 20 years in IT, I was taking too much time typing something that made sense. I have an easier time strategizing while I am not playing unfortunately - I don't have that innate ability
  4. Surely WG MM can do better.

    Not had a good week or so my apologies to you. I think it was more in reference to those whining now will still whine if the change suggested is made and they get the same result as before due to players, playing a lot better than their 'skill' determined..
  5. Surely WG MM can do better.

    And if 2 of those players have great games - if the 'weakest' could even be determines? You would whine that MM sucked.. Problem is the same as before - no way to determine how a player or players will play in any given game.
  6. 7 Day Premium Code = WTH?

    The code in email for folks who got the email posted the code in the forums and used them up. Lesson learned - if it is in email, it is designed not to be for every user. These codes have always been limited and should have gone fine if not for being shared in the forums when it should not have been.
  7. What's your average damage?

    All time? Last month? Last week? Previous 2 months? In a specific class? According to a specific web site or in game stats?
  8. Bonus code one week premiun

    Stopped at 2 PM eastern according to another, older thread.
  9. Biggest problem is the lag is NOT consistent. Last couple days I have had VERY little stuttering with a GTX 670 whole folks with newer cards are seemingly having more 'issues'. Though what is lacking is any tracing of pings for the folks with bad lag and that is where the OP should start, Lag is not a guaranteed game server issue.
  10. IJN BBs are really the only BBs that are built for sniping. Their dispersion is still bad but they put out more shells and if they land - do a lot of damage. German BBs are really built to be brawlers where fighting takes place 10KM or less. US is between the 2 - generally good ships but can be severely punished if they are out of place. In general - BBs should not be rushing up front first in cap but they need to support the DDs who should be spotting early in the game. In BBs I like to be at around 14 KM before I engage - if I can. Though if a red BB or CA offers a nice broadside at 18-20 KM - then I will take the shot most of the time. CAs should be helping the BBs and DDs by helping keep aircraft away and taking out other DDs. If they have no red DDs to go after - they should be setting fires on red BBs. ANY ship can cap - period. If a BB can take a cap they had better be talking a cap. If they can prevent a cap from turning red - they should be doing that. The game is fluid - that happens when a bunch of random folks are playing a game a various skill levels. I would watch on BB play from iChase and Notser on Youtube to get an idea of how to think like BB captains.
  11. Surely WG MM can do better.

    People who want 'skill' based MM have no idea how to define skill. MM can't tell the future or know when an average player is going to do real well in a powerful ship. Till it can do that - skill based MM can't/won't happen. Any given time in Missouri I can do 100K+ damage or 26K damage. MM simply can't deal with it.
  12. Can you imagine the wait when people are switching between the 2 trying to decide OR just being griefers... Ugh - no - not needed.
  13. Depends on what they have been buying with either....
  14. And that is what I said in the post by saying one hop (like shown in the snippet from Snarg that showed one hop time out) is not an issue.
  15. Understand - speed tests mean nothing when trying to determine the qiality of a route or your circuit. You can have great speed but really high lag.