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  1. CylonRed

    UI and Menus

    There has to be something common for the port issues - I have an older Hazwell i7, 8 gigs of ram, and a GTX 1080 and it doe snot freeze. It did not freeze when I used my GTX 670 either.
  2. CylonRed

    WG's Match Maker fair?

    Actually no one has yet to define skill for WoWs to any type of agreement since it would mean things would have to be weighted and the arguments would cover the weighted amounts. Arguments over the calculations for the WoWs stats sites and what is 'correct' were rampant in the forums with one being unfair because it gave too much weight to wins over damage. Or did not weight spotting, XP enough.... Every discussion on what defines skill always gets caught up in how to weigh the values 'correctly'.
  3. CylonRed

    PSA - Don't complain about MM in all chat

    Not to mention that the majority of folks in the game at a higher tier played thru the same lower tier as well - probably multiple times.
  4. CylonRed

    WG's Match Maker fair?

    I am unsure what you are disagreeing with... Since we are in a WoWs forum discussing WOWs MM - what other games do in rather immaterial. If WoWs does not collect data or have the data then 'skill' in WOWs can't be determined.
  5. CylonRed

    WG's Match Maker fair?

    I finally got just above 50% (50.8 or so) from about 40% and MM had nothing to do with it. Friend at work went to sub50% to 54+% so it can be done - MM does not automatically determine your WR. WR is a terrible way to determine 'skill' - it is deeper than that but no one has been able to make a sound argument as to what defines 'skill'.
  6. CylonRed

    Can you guess what is missing here?

  7. CylonRed

    Reasons why XVM/MM Monitor are useful

    Funny - my post didn't say anything about stat hiders.... Though I would bet far more are better then you think and came from WOT. Plenty of others who hide to prevent crap talk in the chat. I can fully understand why people would hide them and still be good players. But again - the post you quoted had nothing to do with those that hide their stats.
  8. CylonRed

    Reasons why XVM/MM Monitor are useful

    You don't have to be 'bad' to hate it. This is just a horrifically bad generalization that makes you feel better.
  9. CylonRed

    Reasons why XVM/MM Monitor are useful

    Too many use it to decide if they will play or not, believing that the monitor is 100% accurate and no way for the outcome to change. That alone - imho - to make the pluses to be meaningless.
  10. CylonRed

    Is there an xp spreadsheet?

    But then no company with this type of game is going to release those details as it is their IP. They do the same thing other companies do - not a shock or surprise at all but SOP.
  11. CylonRed

    Is WG still having server issues

    I had zero issues last night when it was supposed to be an issue. First thing to do is get something like Pingplotter and do a trace for 15-20 minutes to WGs 2 servers and see what the routing looks like. This can determine if the issue is the ISP or some other hardware along the way before it even gets to WGs servers.
  12. CylonRed

    Curious Carriers Carry No Magazine?

    CVs are quite squishy - they don't have a ton of armor so lob a few AP shells at it and they do quite a lot of damage. Adding a citadel would make them too squishy imho,
  13. CylonRed

    Curious Carriers Carry No Magazine?

    So hte CVs that I have sunk and burned have been a figment of my imagination?
  14. CylonRed

    Holy Mother Of Ping 2k+

    Everyone needs to remember that there are serious weather across the country and people need ot make sure their routing is not jacked and WG has nothing to do with the routing.