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  1. Quite frankly - no real reason for me to complain and I am a BB main.
  2. Nothing to do with MM but getting a bunch of random people together does not build a team. Just like professional sports teams who get the 'best' players and pay out the butt for them yet can't win a championship (or get into the playoffs).
  3. Ping measures the round trip by definition - not sure how or why they would only report one way as it is not a ping then...: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ping_(networking_utility) Pings from the game will be given higher priority than pings from outside sources. When I has some lag issues the pings externally and via the game were close but they will never be the exact same due to priority of the IMCP request and the game can get the times very directly from the data packets themselves.
  4. All of what you posted means nothing to what I posted which is entirely relevant for every program and game out there. If 100 people are affected then that is what - 1% of the entire playing population at any given time (or less) sooooo yea - means very few are having a problem. Mind you I neverassigned who was at fault - you decided I did. Again - I will repeat the most important part of what I wrote: Without replication or hopefully clear logs then the chance to fix is nil... When you get a ctd does not assign what or who is at fault as well but I am sure you will also conveniently ignore that as well.
  5. I have not had to click on anything but LMB period. Ok - so tested this. LMB works fine it takes you to the next ship (however the game decides is the next ship) the space will move you directly to a friendly to have pointed your view to, it then ignored the 'next' ship and takes you directly to that ship. The game still lists the L/RMB to move to the next ship and Space is set to target object.
  6. I had to look at it long as well - when the of the plates state what ship to play and this one or 2 have an icon. The player then look for the one item to find out what ship to play - easy to miss the icon then. Poor design of the missions imho as a QA guy. It should be consistent on the screens - one or the other bu not both.
  7. I have 'literally' no issue with them - if it happened 10 or 15% of the time maybe I would have an issue but as it is now - nope and they happened in real life as well.
  8. Game engine is the same reason they can't do subs and the engine would need to be redone... That is a major works and will take a good bit of time and does not happen overnight.
  9. There are plenty of reasons not forseable that a person couple not prepare for unless they were a millionaire - like brain cancer or any number of other medical issues before the age of 45 (and many times after that).
  10. Just because their 'stats' are not great, does NOT mean they don't know the game or know the mechanics.
  11. Not really - no issues here using the LMB to move between ships and have no issues seeing them... Read about them switching to newer DX version and that may affect some folks.. https://na.wargaming.net/support/kb/articles/813
  12. The only time people are 'whackadoodle' is when folks believe with no proof that all issues are something else and refuse to do nothing to see if things on their end are causing issues. Especially when so few are actually having problems... And then those same people insist that anyone can produce perfect code every time across thousands of combinations of hardware/software. Send in the details to support along with all logs found (and anything in the Event Viewer) and run the file verification process as well. Then have to hope there is something in the logs that can help the developers. Understand that if they can fix it for you - they could very well be causing issues for someone else - everytime.
  13. There is no way for a complicated game client to be free of bugs - pure and simple which also makes great common sense. There are just wayyyyyy to many hardware/software combinations for it to be bug free. Further made harder when so many DON'T have issues and of those that do - can't reliably reproduce it every time.
  14. There are 2 maps where this happens and I believe depends on what side of the map you are on. I have never had DDs on me 'as soon as I get going' as it takes a few minutes for anyone to get to you. Either one of the 2 maps or there is a 3rd map where you can spawn with one other member of your team pretty far from everyone else. I have made jokes about it in chat. it is frustrating but if DDs are on you that fast then you also have to be loading late as well.
  15. Yes... :)