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  1. I can't even hazard to guess because it happens so few times... I have squeezed by BBs thru some small passages without getting stuck but I generally don't get that close to islands unless I need to. But I still have not gotten stuck more than 5 times over the years.
  2. CylonRed

    Replays not working?

    Why were you advised to do this. It is unneccessary move them or rename them. What version of WoWs are you on (0.10.4, Steam,) and your OS (you running on a Mac?)? Are the replays old ones created with a different version of WoWs?
  3. The game tip has been there since I started playing 4 or so years ago. That is you go too close to islands in really big ships - you can hit underwater terrain. I play main BBs - I can count on one hand how many times I have gotten stuck and ALL of the times - it was my fault for getting too close.
  4. CylonRed

    Broken MM

    Nothing broken at all - naturally.
  5. CylonRed

    People with bad computers and bad internet

    They can't really tell a persons PC is "bad" or the internet without grabbing data most people won't allow or can easily prevent.
  6. CylonRed

    WoWS is soooo buggy

    One "bug" does not make the game "soooooo buggy".
  7. This is where people can stop taking you seriously. Mass generalizations about people is bad.... mkay?
  8. CylonRed

    Frame drops

    I have not had any issues with this patch but the first place top start with ANY of these is Pingplotter, over time (half hour or more), to the WG servers and see what the routing is like first - just to rule it out.
  9. CylonRed

    Is pink the new normal ?

    Which just shows that you are hitting more teammates than you think or you knew and didn't say in the OP. Painfully easy not to be pink but it happens from time to time; yours - a bit more than from time to time.
  10. CylonRed

    How Many Hits?

    No idea..... ;)
  11. CylonRed

    Game done changed....

    If it did not change - many would leave because it did not change. It is a F2P game - it HAS to change over time. I play high tier quite often - CVs have yet to ruin any game I am in. Lower tiers are ruined more by people who don't know how to play and do their own thing than CVs.
  12. CylonRed

    I rage quit a match today

    Late game the Kansas can be REALLY stout and for me - far better than the 2 ships above it. If the game is down to 3 v 4 or 2 v 34 - you can bet they will miss the Kansas... They will miss ANY boat.
  13. Not really a "sad state of affairs" - CCs are not needed for a game to be successful or fun. Lots of stuff out there already from a lot of CCs in the past that are still 100% relevant. This is what happens when companies want to build a "brand" to "unlock the financial benefits". When brands are created then anything that might tarnish the "brand"/name becomes a bad thing.
  14. CylonRed

    New AA record for my Massy

    Nope - can't happen. According to CCs and those "in the know" know - that AA is, and I quote "Useless".... :)
  15. CylonRed

    I rage quit a match today

    MM can only deal with what ships are being played. After some games MM actively prevents bottom tier most of the time but it still depends on what tier people are playing. MM can't force people to a different tier to satisfy one other person. As bottom tier - you get more XP and other rewards for damaging higher tier ships. MM is not a good reason to handicap your team.