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  1. CylonRed

    WG...refund requested afterHenry nerf

    Read the TOS for the game....
  2. CylonRed

    Frequent dropped connections

    The above can be caused by any piece of hardware between you and the server. You need to run Pingplotter for a solid half to one hour and see where the issue is. It is very likely an issue between you and WG more than WG.
  3. CylonRed

    How are teams decided MM?

    Ship tier and type/class - nothing more. There is no way MM can know how anyone person will play at any time much less 24 people.
  4. Because you get way unbalanced teams - there was to be a way to balance what they can and some tweaks could be made for radar, "skill" is not one of them.
  5. No - actually I am not. They are free to make money any way they want as long as it is legal - period. And like ALL other companies in existence.
  6. CylonRed

    That's it, I'm out (Henri nerf)

    Yes - but the reality is people want their OP ships as long as other folks can't have them. Once everyone get the nerf it is no longer the special OP ship and people go nuts.
  7. It is on purpose so people can go into the forums and complain they can't everything for free. And how everything the company does is to - make money.... like all companies in existence.
  8. WG can't "rig" games when It can't know how any individual will play a particular game much less 24 of them. The "inference" is exceedingly tall grasp at nothing..
  9. CylonRed

    huge lag spikes since last patch

    Happens early when patches are released - lots of people have the patch predoawnloaded while they are at work and a bunch of others download if they are home.
  10. CylonRed

    NA server numbers?

    All correct....
  11. CylonRed

    NA server numbers?

    Yes - absolutely - but then claiming it is dead/dying because some don't like a change - is a bit silly. Especially when claimed for several years.
  12. CylonRed

    NA server numbers?

    In the forums - the average age is an older group but plenty of players are high school and college students - not to mention grade school. It is a teen rated game after all. None of my family served in the Navy but I still play.
  13. CylonRed

    NA server numbers?

    Not even close to being 'dead' - just like for the last 3 years people have been claiming it was dead.
  14. CylonRed

    NA server numbers?

    Read her next sentence and you won't be missing anything.
  15. CylonRed

    Question - FPS drop with ultra sound enabled?

    16 gig will let you run for months as well - even while running Seti@Home when not using the PC (24x7).