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  1. The update was a Windows update - not a WoWs update. Likely things changed in Windows that affected the game - maybe with an update to a video card driver which is the first place I would look.
  2. Game client

    https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/game/ I started the download and the client file has a EU in it so it is the EU client - straight from WOWs themselves.
  3. How to french CAs?

  4. Cursed Ship

    After 20 battles my Pensacola has a 35% WR. Worst of all of my US cruisers except the Erie in which I have one game and a 0% WR. I have a 36.6% WR in the St Louis with 66 games. All other US cruisers are 52% to 58% WR.... I hate the Pensacola
  5. Logging into Warships

    Re-entering in the password does not do anything to your account - nothing will be gone. They were concerned that they had to re-enter the password instead of having it auto-filled with the Remember Me checked I would assume. The concern was specifically that they needed to enter in the password when likely before they didn't have to
  6. free redeem code

    taking 5+ minutes to open the page to try and redeem the code. EDIT - apparently all I had to do was post this.... Still works.
  7. melting teams

    No- things were explained and you refused to take any advice since it did not fit into your preconceived notions and since you did nto get the response you wanted - "I got trolled"... And now you are trying a second time to see if you can hear what you want. Then you .will complain about being trolled 'again'.
  8. Pensacola....advise pls.

    I did get them upgraded last night and also got the main battery upgrade (for some reason I had the AA one) and it is better but.... still getting focused by ships you can't see. Really frustrating ship to say the least. One game half health removed in the first 5 minutes and do 8K damage or somehow say alive and do 10-40K damage.
  9. Pensacola....advise pls.

    I have not upgraded the guns yet but god I hate the Pensi.... Rudder is more prone to breaking than any French Cruiser I ground to (Saint-Louis). Upgrading the range will help as it is really difficult to get anywhere near firing range of a ship and not have 3-5 ships targeting you immediately. Last night I was targeted by 6 ships - I could only see ONE of those 6 ships. Guns traverse sooooo slow. Now that I have no premium time - going to be really painful to grind it out to the NO. What should I go for for the first tier 3 captain skill? BFT or Super?
  10. Finished it this last weekend (Sunday if I remember correctly) and did a lot of Killer Whale Operation with a Cleveland. Easy way to get kills and damage requirements.
  11. New Computer Advice

    I play with a GTX 670 and it works far better than it should.
  12. I have yet to have any issues this weekend - no drops and no lag. Investigate your end first - fast speed does not mean the line or route is ok.
  13. Sure- but I don't think that people are using a program to do bots in WOWs IMHO. Most 'bots' are bad players or griefers.
  14. Most 'bots' (I would say 99% of 'bots') are people playing around and just trying to piss people off. That is not a bot to me... a bot is a ship controlled by a program - nothing more. Bad players and griefers are just that - bad players and griefers and they can be reported for Unsportsman play.
  15. I like her - I do with she had another turret though. you do damage slowly...