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  1. CylonRed

    Aiming Mods

    D'OH - should not be posting this late... ;)
  2. CylonRed

    Aiming Mods

    I only see one...
  3. Don't have any British BBs unfortunately. Normally Fireproof and Dreadnaught are the ones I get on a fairly regular basis... Just have to try tomorrow night.
  4. Just need 1 freaking achievement, which I have gotten quite regularly in my Republique till last Friday when I can get any. That is all that is left and I even got my 19th point for my commander on teh Republique tonight... Just can't seem to buy the Achievement...
  5. CylonRed

    WOWs and the Great Cat Conspiracy

    We have 2 cats - one will law at me to be petted about every other day and the other just chirps and lays down belly up to be petted when I play but they know better than to get on my desk. ;) They do that when we are not in the house.
  6. I believe It is the final fix to the DDs damage model that was doling out to much damage to the DDs. Still have the same position though.
  7. CylonRed

    Just got AFK'd for power outage :-(

    http://www.lightningsfety.com/nlsi_info/thunder.html Not absolutely typical to have lightening but it does happen. If I remember correctly with the hurricane Mike there was a cruise ship that rode out the storm at sea and did had lightening.
  8. Not needed - DDs get blapped very easily with large BB shells already. Learn how to play more correctly when DDs are around.
  9. CylonRed

    8 kills

    You barely started - no need to shell out any money - you have lots of time.
  10. CylonRed

    Yet another flaw with this game

    Or play enough games in the previous ship to upgrade the new ship or at a minimum upgrade the hull and guns.
  11. CylonRed


    In reality - a chip shot will not cause a 2 game pinkness. It means you have reached the cumulative team damage threshold... It isn't your first time doing team damage over a relatively short period of time. You have 19K battles - you should know this already...
  12. CylonRed

    What is & Where is the "Aim Lock" ?

    I just had a game where I hit a Henri (French cruiser from 21KM away. Aimed with the correct lead if they never changed course and had a couple shells hit. The more predictable you are - the easier you are to hit and if you are in a BB - even easier to hit.
  13. CylonRed

    Absolute garbage games.

    I don't know how many times I have started horribly and wound up with a great WR for the day. Sometimes I switch ships and other times I stayed with the one I started with. Only time I did a 1 or 2 games and done is when I had other issues in my life going on... BTW - the only thing that will retain people is to made all ships OP as hell so everyone can one shot everyone else... Based on 3 years in the forum where the common theme is - all ships other than X ship someone is sailing is OP. To get retention - the game would have to go even lower to no skill required. And even then - it would likely die out pretty quick as most of the hard core gamers would no longer play.
  14. CylonRed

    WoWs you have Some explaining to do!

    When you post something impossible and provide zero evidence - what do you expect? You wanted to know how it was possible and it isn't and no one can find out what really happened. Just a couple days ago - a person claimed a cit on a ship that would have killed it and they wanted to know how it did not die... But they provided a replay - and it was pointed out that the ship had a heal happen before the cit and had enough HP to live. Just in the heat of battle they did not have a chance to see what happened. So if you want to claim something impossible but don't want to provide a replay - expect what has happened.