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  1. I generally play high tier and don't mind them. If I am in the JB and they focus me I can get the achievement for shooting down planes. I actually needed them last night for the directive but got none. :(
  2. CylonRed

    Win/Loss Streak Prevention Mechanic

    Streaks happen - just like they do in real life.
  3. CylonRed

    Amagi Hack?

    If the Amagi has the hack then so do others on the server since that is where all of the hit decisions are made. Replay so we can see the hit ribbons and see if they really were 0 pts of damage.
  4. I have not heard any differences over the last week.
  5. CylonRed

    Is The Izumo Really a Bad Ship?

    The ships is decidedly good....
  6. CylonRed

    Izumo — Japanese Tier IX battleship.

    Could not play for a couple of days and the dat started with 2 games that I did well in but we lost - then the next 2 games: I have never been a cit machine - even in the Jean Bart so these 2 games were unusual for me to say the least. Even what I thought were badly aimed shots generally got me a cit. My average damage in the ship before today was 72K Now 23 cits in 3 games
  7. CylonRed

    Wins vs Loss

    Because you don't remember the winning streaks... Streaks happen both ways.
  8. All ships takes a certain amount of skill - no matter what you have read in the forums or see people spew in chat. As Taichunger says - any of them can be driven but to do well and be a good teammate - takes a bit of skill to know what to do in any given ship.
  9. Over a year ago I tried to go up a new line and could not because I didn't want to play coop games and random had too few people for a game. Others have complained over the last year + but somehow fixing that is "bad".... wow - truly they can't win at any time since the player base can't be remotely consistent.
  10. Same amount of games as you but generally because of the lack of time between work, wife, kids, moving in with the ILs, and trying to deal with selling a house.
  11. CylonRed

    What is with these new sounds

    Anyone seeing this type of thing?
  12. CylonRed

    Matchmaking Balance

    Hundreds of threads and thousands of posts 0- they are well aware of it and they are well aware of the problems with doing anything about it.
  13. CylonRed

    What is with these new sounds

    I can only assume yes - makes no sense to hear them but maybe it is for information for the shooter? I also see weird color columns on the red ships going upward...
  14. CylonRed

    Are you kidding me?

    Sigh - quite the game and then right click on the WGC and EXIT. Basic.Windows.Functionality.
  15. CylonRed

    What is with these new sounds

    My biggest issues with the sounds is hearing the sounds of your shots on the OTHER ships - if you are zoomed in on the ship you shot at - no matter how far away it is.