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  1. CylonRed

    Upgraded to Win 10 Pro - a few items

    Win 10 *seems* to be better in handling ram. My ram usage seems to be a lot lower than with Win 7 Pro. With FF open and 5-6 tabs active - I would use 10-11 gigs of ram within about a week. It would slowly creep up till it hit the higher amounts of ram used. I would then close FF and the ram usage would go to about 7 gigs and creep back up. So far - Win 10 Pro after a few days with the same FF tabs open - 6 to 6.5 gigs of ram used.
  2. CylonRed

    Ranked is rigged

    Ummmmm - MM is not forcing players to play DDs - it is what players chose to play. Your 'problem' is with the players - not MM.
  3. CylonRed

    Upgraded to Win 10 Pro - a few items

    I have turned off EVERY auto check/download that I can find and with Win 10 PRO I can put off Windows updates itself for up to 30 days. Once it checks after 30 days I an pause it for another 30 days.
  4. CylonRed

    Upgraded to Win 10 Pro - a few items

    I use it for work as well - I no longer hate it as there are things I like on the Start button BUT I do remove the the freakish clutter of the default items and redo the tiles. All in all - it is a very stable OS and not as much as a resource hog as I thought it might be. I can compare the ram usage after a bit more time to see if Win 10 with this setup runs on less ram than the Win 7 Pro.
  5. CylonRed

    Upgraded to Win 10 Pro - a few items

    I was a bit worried about performance issues going to a more bloated Win 10 but I have been surprised for the most part. With the Game Bar turned off I think some of the other Registry Items to fix FPS issues in Win 10 do not need to be done. I might actually see about playing Red Dead Redemption from the XBox on my PC... Wonder if that will cause issues with games since I think the Game Bar needs to be on for that (not positive though).
  6. CylonRed

    Upgraded to Win 10 Pro - a few items

    Yep - turned off a LOT of the notifications as well. I generally don't do a lot of adjustments there - other than the G-Sync I played with.
  7. Finally decided that I needed to upgrade to Win 10 Pro from my Win 7 Pro. Got the Win 10 Pro free and successfully got a digital license and updated to build Win 10 1903. On my set up I did a few things - I also installed on a new Samsung 970 M.2 500 gig drive. It was a brand new install - unlike Win 7 Pro that was an install I had on an AMD CPU when the PC was taken out by lightening. Since I had to get it up and running asap, I opted not to reinstall Win 7 Pro - even though I built an Intel machine to replace the AMD based system. 1. I did set my PC up for best performance a. Game mode is turned on b. Game Bar is OFF c. Power plan is set to Best Performance d. NO sleep or hibernate functionality is enabled. I hate this functionality that never seems to work for me and has processes running in the background. 2. New OS install as noted above and all software reinstalled. a. I did opt to use Windows Firewall and not use Comodo. I had to switch the AV to BitDefender as I could not get Avira to install at all. 3. Newest chipset/MB bios (needed for the MB to recognize the M.2 drive)/newest GPU drivers. Rest of machine - i7 4790K (not currently OC'd), 16 gigs of ram, and a Zotac GTX 1080 CPU. Game is installed on a 1 tb Samsung SSD. Game runs very smoothly - 75-83 or so FPS at pretty much max settings. On thing I did notice before I did some of the set up above - small, slight stutters in game play. The other thing I did was enable G-Sync on the GPU (my monitor has FreeSync but with Win 10 and newest nVidia drivers - you can enable FreeSync though in the nVidia settings they are still referenced as G-Sync. The small stutters seemed to be fixed when I disabled the G-Sync.I need to play with it more to see if I can get them back by enabling G-Sync again.
  8. CylonRed

    issues with new update ?

    Nope - none here.
  9. CylonRed

    I am sad

    Developers are not developing a game for you personally - as soon as more people realize this the less 'hate' (idiotic emotion frankly in this instance) they will get. It really does seem like people think Dev are their personal puppets to manipulate.
  10. I do not use WGC to start the game - only to update and I do NOT have this issue. However I did try and start the game with WGC and then exit. Restarted the WGC and it was the size it has always been. This is also with a fresh install from 2 days ago.
  11. HOw long to so stare at the ending screens? 15-20 seconds at most? Only takes a couple seconds to look thru it and go to port or queue up for another game.
  12. CylonRed

    Done with Ranked.

    I would like to do ranked again as I found those games more preferable to Random games but I and trying to grind thru the RU BB line and don't want to interrupt that yet again.
  13. CylonRed

    QoL changes I'd like to see

    Here is a main problem with the above - it isn't slow.
  14. CylonRed

    What would it take to get you playing again?

    And AGAIN - see all of the other previous posts and zillion of threads on the issues with determining "skill" and then realize it will not automatically make "quality" games.
  15. CylonRed

    Micro teams

    THey are not doing micro-teams because they like to see them. They make them because of the ship types, tiers, and time of playing... Along with an occaisional queue dump again - usually because of the same reasons.