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  1. Press "P" at the start of the battle. When your AA is turned on, your pretty much screaming at me and waving a billboard the size of Nebraska saying "HEY CV, I'M OVER HERE! COME AND KILL ME". Just saying...
  2. CremeFraiche1

    new to CV's

    How does that guy have an Enterprise????????????????????
  3. CremeFraiche1

    CV Balance, what would you do?

    Your saying the "best CV players on EU". That's not the majority. Every ship can be insane if a player is good enough.
  4. CremeFraiche1

    CV Balance, what would you do?

    CV Captain here. I think CV's need a buff, but of course everyone is going to go insane if that happens. There are so many ways to counter a CV. 1.) If your a DD you can turn your AA off and it's way harder to spot you. 2.) DD's have smoke, planes can't spot ships in smoke, this is at least my experience. I don't know if there is some trick I still haven't discovered. 3.) As a DD, stay closer to your allies, especially cruisers, more AA coverage. 4.) That being said, there is strength in numbers, nothing irritates a CV more than enemies that work and stay together. 5.) Your friendly CV captain needs to use fighters to cover you, if that's not happening, well not everyone is the best CV player. 6.) Turn INTO income torps, CV torps need a lot of time to arm. You can hit them before they arm and nothing happens. 7.) Use islands as cover, but never stop moving. 8.) Cruisers can dodge, its not hard, use your eyes. Here are things that good CV players do that are almost never appreciated: 1.) We scout the entire enemy team and it gives you the knowledge on where to go at the start of the game, your welcome. 2.) A good CV player sends fighters out to cover his DD's at the start. Your welcome. 3.) A good CV player uses fighters as constant spotting, your welcome camping BB's in the back... 4.) A good CV player also moves WITH his team in order to provide AA support, almost no one does this, but there are rare players who read the map. Here are my buff ideas: 1.) Add spotting planes as a consumable. 2.) Increase fighter range, duration, and make it a squadron, not a consumable, and make it a point and click on the mini-map to launch them. No manual control. 3.) Buff arming time of torpedoes and speed 4.) Buff aiming time for all planes 5.) Shrink the size of the dispersion for bombers 6.) Buff the speed of all the planes in the game I've got other ideas, but this would be a good start.
  5. CremeFraiche1

    I LOVE my Indomitable!

    Wave after wave, after wave, after wave, after wave, after wave, after wave. Could use a speed buff to aircraft. I mean the planes have two engines and the Zepplin's are just as fast. Or am I being ignorant? They UK navy should have named the ship the sky conquer. cuz fires.....
  6. Please explain this to me like I'm five years old.
  7. CremeFraiche1

    Good Midway captain build tips?

    Thank you sir
  8. I'm currently playing the Langley and I wanted to aim my captain skills towards the eventually midway. Any good builds?
  9. HUGE DISCLAIMER: I'm a very active World of Tanks player and decided to give this game a try over the Christmas break because the teams in World of Tanks during Christmas season are so awful. ANOTHER DISCLAIMER: I'm VERY new to this game, but this is my "new player experience". I also bought a year of premium time for 48 dollars, and got a 30% coupon so I got a Jean Bart as well for credit printing. 1.) No gold ammo. You have use your brain in order to know what type of ammo is best used for the current situation. 2.) CV's might be some what annoying, but at least you have some sort of counter measures, i.e. (staying together, AA, fighter consumable, friendly CV's fighters). In world of tanks, you can't do ANYTHING except camp while the arty player sits in the back and rains bombs on you. 3.) The world of Warships community is MILES better than the World of Tanks community. You should see the garbage that is spewed on the World of Tanks forums. It's always negative. Every time someone makes a suggestion, people lose their ever loving minds. Here, (with some exceptions) have a much more constructive manner when it comes to respect on the forums. No one is perfect, but my God the difference is light and day. 4.) In World of Warships, you can earn premiums over time via the armory, and the research bearu. This is unheard of in World of Tanks. 5.) The grind in World of Warships is literally NOTHING compared to World of Tanks. Even though in the past few patches they have added things that have made it exponentially easier to get tier X tanks, World of Warships is still king of the hill on this one. 6.) Clan base upgrades are god tier compared to the garbage in World of Tanks 7.) Signal flags, camos, perma camos, are the best thing in the game. The reason why is because in World of Tanks if you pop a booster, no matter what happens next you have to play in the next 1-2 hours or you lose it. Sometimes things happen and you end up wasting your booster. In this game, its per game and I like that, it allows me to have the freedom to choose when I want to play, or if something comes up, I'm not enslaved to the computer for the next 2 hours. 8.) All chat: I have played over 200 + battles and have not seen ONCE a teammate give away a position of a friendly. What I do see is the amount of hilarious comments though, I love it. For example: I was playing my Jean Bart and the enemy Montana was going broadside in front of me. I said in chat, "Nice broadside, would be a shame if something happened to it..." The response? "Now, lets talk about this, I don't want any trouble." I couldn't stop laughing. So much positivitiy, even though the Montana knew he was doomed. 9.) This game encourages team play, even though it can be rare, you do have those moments when a cruiser backs up a DD. Or when a smoke is in the distance and someone pops their hyrdo to inform the BB's of torps. Or when a CV uses his fighters to intercept enemy bombers to save his BB's. In World of Tanks, everyone is out for themselves. 10.) Co-op. I LOVE this feature, it allows me to test the waters with different ships and learn how my new ships handle before going into randoms. This way I'm not as a detriment to my teammates and can actually be more useful. Overall, I want to thank the World of Warships team for giving me such an amazing experience, you can be rest assured you have a new paying customer.
  10. CremeFraiche1

    My inner Mr. Krabs...

    In the beginning, I thought I should save my camos and flags for my tier 10s, then it dawned on me... I'm an idiot. I should use them for their intended purposes and not only get more xp for my commander and ship, but get a small boost for my ships stats as well. I went from getting 1k xp per game, feeling like this grind was going to be horrible, to now getting 4k xp per game. I have seen the light people.
  11. Are tier 8's or 9's more profitable? Wouldn't the cost of running a tier 9 ship outweigh its credit earning? Or do they get a bigger boost? I looked at the camo they get and all it says is "extra credits" and 100% more xp. which is double of the normal 50% you get from a tier 8 premium ships in terms of xp. I don't get it...
  12. I'm playing my tier 7 Sinop and I'm getting matched with higher tiers. Now I do not mind it at all, I actually quite like it because I get extra credits and xp, but I still have two problems. Where should I go, and what is my role as a low tier BB?
  13. It's probably just me, but I find it harder and harder to grind 37k xp every single day. I feel like its a chore, but I really want the last container. Does it get easier later down the line to get this containers in world of warships?
  14. CremeFraiche1

    Are flags and camos sustainable?

    Thanks for the advice! Will do :D
  15. CremeFraiche1

    Are flags and camos sustainable?

    Oh okay, thank you