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  1. T 61 now on sale.

    I posted last week that I thought the T-61 would get a T7 DD price tag.
  2. Should capping be worth more xp now?

    Looking at your DD stats I can see you do a large amount of damage. How much time do you spend spotting? I'd guess very little. You don't want to play the spotting game when everyone else is playing war. I don't think anyone wants to play that way.
  3. I pointed out the reality of that video earlier in this thread, poor map design, bad MM/spawn and an extreme case of a heavy DD match. What I didn't point out was the fact that Chase and his division mates went head long into the part of the map where they would be the most vulnerable to walls of skill. I suppose we could say they didn't know where the enemy DDs would be. It didn't take long to see the enemy DDs had that part of the map completely locked down and those fools kept pushing forward. The enemy cruisers and BBs wisely used island cover. Chase and his team were massacred because they were on an old map that was poorly designed, with bad MM and they played very poorly. Had they not played like idiots that video would have never made it on to youtube because it would have been like every other game where they rolled over the other team.
  4. RN DDs Confirmed for 0.7.9

    Well, I don't these DDs offer anything that will set them apart from other DDs. Other niche DDs like the YY or Z-52 offer something players can use to their advantage. RN DDs, not so much. As for the term defensive DDs. A quick google search shows there is a word in Russian that directly translates into defensive: "оборонительных". So its unlikely there is an actual translation problem. I suppose its possible the intention is lost somewhere along the way. Still, a slow DD with really short ranged hydro as its gimmick sounds like its fits defensive pretty well. The problem is there is no role for a defensive DD in the game. Will that change, maybe. I just can't see it being popular.
  5. RN DDs Confirmed for 0.7.9

    I do too. The higher tier DDs will be usable but not likely to be popular. The lower tier DDs won't even be competitive without some big changes. If I were the conspiracy type, I might believe this a ploy to milk a ton of free XP to pass the low tier turds. What it will certainly do is prevent a bunch of people from ever making it through the low tier grind.
  6. RN DDs Confirmed for 0.7.9

    People don't have to play the way WG is trying to shoehorn these DD into. In fact, I'm pretty sure people won't be interested in a "defensive" DD play style, whatever in the hell that means.
  7. RN DDs Confirmed for 0.7.9

    You assume people will play the RN DDs differently. They won't, and they will die in the opening of the match just like all other DDs. Maybe a bit fast since they are slow and have fairly short ranged torps.
  8. Every time you post one, or both of these videos I feel like I need to set some things straight. You are implying this kind torpedo soup was normal, and it somehow shows a justification for radar and all the other direct and indirect nerfs to DDs. The truth is, what you see in this video was so unusual it was worthy of a video (well two actually). What this video really shows is an extreme example of a DD heavy match, bad MM, poor map design and spawn locations that we had in the game at that time. First, there are 6 DDs on one team and 4 on the other. Why didn't MM put 5 DDs per side instead of 6 and 4? MM has been greatly improved since them. MM now has a soft cap of 3 DDs per side, and is mirrored for ship type and tier. Poor map design. Take a look at the map in the vid. It has a large open space all the way down the map with no island cover, perfect for massive walls of skill. Also note the spawn location, centered on the large opening. Map design has changed to prevent the wall of skill you see this this video. All maps have islands dividing the map down the middle that prevents large torp walls. The only map where this sort of massive walls of skill could happen now is on ocean. Between the improved MM, better map design and a better overall skill level of the average player we wouldn't see this happen now even in a DD heavy match. However, the real point to drive home about this video was it showed something that was outside the norm, and this kind of torpedo soup was an extreme case, that could not happen now.
  9. Possible Solution to Radar

    I think part of the response you are seeing from your thread is people wanting some kind of justification for their believe that DDs should remain the lowest average performers. Also, your thread completely glosses over the fact that skill floors are set by WG for the purposes of profit, not any kind of game balance.
  10. We could ask for more powerful torps, or better hit rates for torps but that would cause everyone else to loose their minds, see the Asashio as an example. We could ask for better guns but people would say that's OP, see Harugumo, Kitakaze, and Akizuki. The vitrol DD get in return is far worse. Every thread about radar or some other DD plight always plays out the same. Some DD players complains or makes a suggestion to buff DDs and then the attacks start coming in, usually within the first two or three posts. Then we end up with return fire from the DD crowd.
  11. This is an interesting idea. With the longer range radar will cover more ground, even if its just the mini map detection. What I foresee happening is DDs counter each other more aggressively. I see it playing out like this. Radar is popped because the cap starts to turn, and a DD is spotted (maybe on the mini map only) and the friendly gun boat DD(s) close in for the kill. It's possible overall DD survival rates wouldn't get any better, maybe even drop slightly. Still, I think many DD players would rather go down slugging it out with other DDs than playing the super passive DD game we have now.
  12. Possible Solution to Radar

    We have all the proof we need to know it is the opposite. No one ever bothered changing how they played their game to avoid OWSF, where radar has played a large part in changing the entire game meta.
  13. RN T9 DD: Jutland

    The BB AP vs DD issue isn't about improving DDs, its about making BB a little less survivable to help deal the BB overpopulation problem. That was the point of the DD armor nerf, it dealt with BB AP but it didn't allow DDs to be more survivable in return. Its DD players that are stuck on the idea of making DDs more survivable, not WG. Yep. The people that understand the code can't lift a finger to fix anything without the go ahead from the top. I have a feeling this AP double dipping issue is like most other long term problems, it would cost way more to fix than its "worth". Its almost like its an intended design decision to make make DDs less and less survivable....
  14. RN T9 DD: Jutland

    While I think double dipping is a problem, I don't think that's the main issue. WG has said they thought the balance between BB vs DD needed to adjusted. They saw BBs always shooting AP as unbalanced, and they want BB to have switch ammo type as a means of a better balance. Of course they haven't done anything to make BB switch ammo, and I really don't think they ever will. I don't think the DD armor nerf was the only idea WG could come up with. It was one idea to deal with BB AP against DDs and not give DDs a survivability buff.
  15. RN T9 DD: Jutland

    I've heard several people say WG has decided to can the DD armor nerf idea, but I haven't been able to confirm it. Do you have a source?