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  1. No one seems to be talking about this.
  2. Slimeball91

    ASW is no counter to Subs

    We're going to have to see how subs interact in a real game. Dive times for the U-69 for example are about ~4 minutes of air to stay submerged, and ~11.5 minutes to fully recharge the air supply. I'd guess subs will consume some amount of air getting into position. Burn your air getting into position/stalking and you won't have it to escape. Once you run your air supply down its not unlike carriers that get behind on plane reserves, once you get behind its very difficult to recover. A sub behind on air will likely be a much easier target. And the guided torps are fairly easy to dodge since they don't turn very fast. That's true. However, the sub can only spot the DD when surfaced or at periscope depth (PD). The sub doesn't want to be surfaced since it has a comparable detection to the DD, so the sub will go to PD or fully submerge to avoid detection. Going fully submerged means the sub can't fire torps or spot the DD, and staying at PD the sub is limited to 8kts. There is more counter play here than I think you are giving it credit for. A sub popping up to PD for a close range snap shot on a closing DD seems like a reasonable concern to me. I thought a possible solution to this, and the general problem we had in the Halloween event with subs porpoising to dodge gun fire, is to have some delay in diving/surfacing. Subs wouldn't be able to just pop up to attack in an instance or dive to escape as easily. There could be a crash dive/emergency surface mechanic but maybe make it a consumable. That way subs can still dive quickly to avoid attack, or pop up for a snap shot a few times a game, but they couldn't be abuse it. We'll see. I'm not too worried because there are so many ways to tweak things to find a balance. I'm keeping an open mind for now. If this starts to go down the road as the rework where WG doesn't listen to feedback, then I will be concerned.
  3. I assume these are short, mid then long range, and these are unmodified by accuracy, DFAA and sector reinforcement (and stock, AA build for the Wooster)?? That would give the short range a combined DPS of 705 (134+434+137=705).
  4. Slimeball91

    Question about spotting DMG

    The spotting damage is split between all ships that are currently within the spotting range of the damaged ship. Assuming you and your friendly BB were the only ships spotting you'd each get 7k spotting damage.
  5. Does it? In testing flak was supposed to stop at 3.5 km. Anyone want to post some the damage values for the different ranges, lest say for strong AA ships, Groz, or Wooster??? I'm curious to compare them to the old DPS.
  6. Slimeball91

    OOOHHH BOY SUBS (added more videos)

    The carrier rework was announced early Sept (the first I believe) last year. Beta testing started on Oct. 18 and went through Nov., and PTS in Dec and into Jan. Release on the live servers was Jan 30. All of that as to say I think you are probably a little off on your timeframe.
  7. Slimeball91

    OOOHHH BOY SUBS (added more videos)

    I'm holding out hope this is just for testing.
  8. That was my assumption of how it would play out. Let us know if you still feel the same after some more testing.
  9. Nobody said subs would be in randoms, or ranked when added to the live server. What was said it was was most liking going to be a PvP test mode. You just assumed people were saying subs would go into randoms/ranked/CB. And the sub test mode isn't going to be arms race, the dev said it will be like arms race, and rogue wave,(referring to a PvP mode).
  10. No need to continue.
  11. Slimeball91


    That's not what WG said. WG said they would need to balance CVs on the live server. They were very upfront about that. Subs will get the beta testing just like CVs did, they will probably get PTS testing too. Then they will go to the live server in a separate game mode for at several months, maybe longer. That is pretty reasonable to me.
  12. Here are the consumables for subs. Consumables The new type will be equipped with unique consumables: Maximum Depth: allows you to dive deeper than the standard “Underwater” level and avoid taking damage from depth charges. Snorkel: increases the time to conduct an attack. When activated, the submarine stops spending oxygen and starts accumulating it instead when at periscope level. O2 Regeneration: increases the time a submarine can spend underwater. Enhanced Active Sonar: increases the effectiveness of sonar pings.
  13. Slimeball91


    That's what it seemed like. Maybe that will be changed for testing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G7e_torpedo#G7e/T4_Falke https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_24_mine
  14. Slimeball91


    The good news is WG can work out most the balancing in the test game mode.
  15. Slimeball91


    The double ping honing torps run deep and can detonate under the keel (bypassing the torp belt on ships) and will count as a citadel, if they hit midships. These citadel hits will do the full torp alpha damage.