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  1. Slimeball91

    (Not) Saving Transylvania

    In Flamu's video the Zikasa's didn't even try to avoid the torps. Now you're lucky to get torp hits, or you have to be point blank.
  2. Slimeball91

    Saving Transylvania may be a pain...

    5K free XP.
  3. Slimeball91

    CV Rework Feedback

    The rocket attacks look like they may have been nerfed in damage, and with greater dispersion. We'll know more soon, (hopefully that doesn't turn into soon™).
  4. Slimeball91

    New CV Rework Footage

    The point is you have to choose which you do. CVs are pretty much the only ships that get to be all attack. They sit in the back taking little or no risk of being sunk. They don't even have to worry about being deplaned now. I happen to think WG was on the right track with CVs having no manual control. There needs to be some amount of vulnerability, some reasonable amount of actual risk.
  5. Slimeball91

    New CV Rework Footage

    I think the idea is to bring CVs closer in line with the other ships types in survival rates. There is no reason CVs should always be the last ships alive because its (more or less) untouchable hiding in the back.
  6. Slimeball91

    Mouse and the CV Rework

    I've wondered the same thing about dodging the flak. I suppose the AoE lingers for some amount of time and if you fly through it you take damage?? As for the real life, you're right, you hope for the best. I've heard it described as the big sky theory. You're small, and sky is really big so the chances of being hit are small. Well, that's the theory.
  7. Slimeball91

    Mouse and the CV Rework

    Yeah, how do you think she has time to write all those reviews??? @LittleWhiteMouse I know you already touched on this a little, but do you know where we are with the AA rework for the beta? Are we only testing the basic CV game play part of the rework now, and the AA we have in the beta isn't where they ultimately want it to be? Will the actual AA part of the rework be added later?
  8. Slimeball91

    CV beta postponed until Oct. 18th

    Another CC video of the rework.
  9. Slimeball91

    CV Rework Feedback

    Here's the newest video of the rework, from the CC Stuntman.
  10. Slimeball91

    CV beta postponed until Oct. 18th

    Well, there is this video of the rework from the CC Stuntman you can watch in the meantime.
  11. Its a soft cap, and the RN DDs just released, you're going to see a lot of DDs.
  12. Slimeball91

    Update installation concerns

    I had it stall at 78% for a while too. It did manage to finish on its own.
  13. I saw a post on the EU forum where someone speculated CVs will start at T6 with the rework. That makes some sense considering the low tier ships pretty much have no AA.
  14. The CV beta test has been postponed until the Thursday, Oct. 18, 15:00 UTC (11:00 am EST).