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  1. Slimeball91

    End of the Forum

    I was doing some late work tonight. Decided to drop in one last time before I call it a night. Bye everyone. Take care of yourselves.
  2. Slimeball91

    Something I want to get off my chest

    I was reading some of the old discussions last night and your name popped up on many of those fun debates. I'll see you out there. Fair seas.
  3. Slimeball91

    My Turn

    I wish the best in whatever you decide. Fair seas to a fellow co-op player.
  4. Slimeball91

    Make a Player-Run Forum Together!

    I'd suggest people interested in the idea of another forum join yours, if for no other reason it would be a place to go when this closes down. If another forum opens people can decide later where they want to spend their time.
  5. Slimeball91

    Make a Player-Run Forum Together!

    I was just making as not so funny joke. On a serious note. I'd suggest a free site. This that goes well then it could be moved to something bigger/better.
  6. Slimeball91

    Make a Player-Run Forum Together!

    A small group of ex forum members, I hate to say but that sounds what discord is ideal for.....
  7. Slimeball91

    I will see you guys on discord

    I'll be stopping by at discord but I'm not sure I'll be able to get into it. I'm good with discord for some other stuff with low traffic. I'm struggling to adapt to the WoWs discord. I'm trying just a little at a time. So maybe I'll see you there, but probably not. The place is setup for people to get lost in the crowd.
  8. Slimeball91

    End of the Forum

    Maybe you don't see it, but I see the reason. The forum is supposed to be an advertisement for the game. The forum has turned into an echo chamber of salt. That's not to say there isn't any positivity here, because there is still positive engagement here. The issue is all the positive no long outweighs the negative. Honestly, it hasn't for some time now. Also, WG isn't trying to replace the forum with discord. They are just dropping the forum, so it doesn't matter that discord can't replace a forum.
  9. Slimeball91

    The last forum poll...

    Lol, there's always that one guy....
  10. Slimeball91

    End of the Forum

    It is less toxic and unruly, in part because of what you say, this don't stay on the screen long. The toxic/unruly echo chamber never materializes. All the more reason to close down the forum in their eyes, because they still have most of us on discord too. You know as well as all of us forums as a communication medium are dying. It's true that discord is popular as well. But you mentioned data, here's some. There are almost 20k people on the WoWs discord right now, ~800 on the forum and it's only that high because the forum is closing down. I understand, you don't want to let go of the forums. We all understand that. That doesn't mean there are good reasons for WG shutting the place down. We don't have to like the reasons, but that doesn't mean there aren't any good reasons. Sorry, if this feeling like I'm attacking you. I don't mean it that way. I honestly don't mean to ruin the last few hours of the forum for you.
  11. Slimeball91

    End of the Forum

    I'm not sure but I think all of the old posts are locked now.
  12. Slimeball91

    End of the Forum

    WG does/did have both. They decided this forum was not what they wanted anymore, I already said what I think the reasons were for that decision. Many of those regulars at the bar were okay people. Others were drunks that were unruly, prone to fighting and really loud. The owners endured the mess for years, but eventually decided to shut the place down because the other bar they own in the hipper part of town has 10x the amount of people coming by, plus they are much more benign, and spend a lot more money.
  13. Man, I haven't heard that song in forever.
  14. Slimeball91

    End of the Forum

    I don't mean to rain on your parade, but I don't think discord will be bad for WG, the opposite actually. Discord will attract a new younger crowd that doesn't already have a ton of baggage with WG. They are a group that is still hungry to consume the product. It's a much needed fresh start for them. It will be good for them. I know that might not be what you want to hear.