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  1. Why the CV re-work is unnecessary

    Maybe an auto pilot option for the return to the carrier after an attack.
  2. Pan-American nation in!

    It might be a cool gimmick to be able to change the nationality of a ship. Sorta like an A and B hull, one the American Boise, and the other the Pan American Nueve de Julio. That way you could play either nation you preferred. Also a good way to increase sales.
  3. Why the CV re-work is unnecessary

    This and the fact that most players don't RTS play style and its sort of surprising CV game play has survive at all. This is one of reasons I believe the rework will only allow you to have one squadron in the air at a time.
  4. Dummies Guide to the USS Sims

    I'm lukewarm on the Sims too. Before the removal of OWSF when knife-fighting was more viable the Sims was a better ship. Now, using guns and being spotted out to 12+km is asking for trouble. For the record, US DDs get the AA defensive fire option starting at T5.
  5. If Japan had destroyed more of the infrastructure of Peal, and keep it out of action, then that might have been enough. I'd guess Japan might have believed that to be impossible. One of the main reasons Japan was willing to take on the US is because they thoroughly believe it wasn't possible to conduct war across the Pacific (and that would prevent the US from ever being able to sustain any meaningful force to challenge Japan). Pearl and Midway were a big part of why the US were able to fight across the Pacific. If those two islands were kept out of action, then things could have been different.
  6. There was a discussion about XP and this topic came up. I thought there should be zones that affect XP. The closest zone near the caps give a XP multiplier, mid zone no multiplier, the outermost zone is reduced XP. If sniping doesn't pay then people will snipe less, if pushing rewards more then people will be more inclined to do that.
  7. I don't know if that work very well without it radically changing the game play. DDs would yolo and torp spam recklessly. That wouldn't be very fun for players that like the game as it is now. That's hard to say. If Japan had more carriers they likely would have been more bold at Peal, possibly wiping it out completely. Follow up attacks on Peal could have kept it out of action and who knows what that would have meant to the outcome of the war.
  8. I don't know, maybe that is what WG is trying to do. WG hates the passive game play and so many of the decisions they make are about speeding up the game. Nothing they seem to do is helping. Maybe driving out the "old" player base and replacing it with a new one that will embrace a fast paced game that isn't really war ships is goal.
  9. Until you get radar'ed and killed. I agree. In another thread someone used the term shrinking butthole, I think we should call it the puckering butthole game mode, maybe WG will get the picture then.....
  10. I suspect aircraft flight/game play integrated from WoWPs. I think that was the reasoning for the rework of WoWPs last year. If the air combat play is the same (or very similar) between the games it might attract players from planes to play ships and vice versa. That seems like a good way to get the best return on the investment.
  11. I don't think I've played this one. What ships should you use?
  12. End Situational Awareness

    That somehow assumes you wouldn't be making strategic decisions if SA was not a free skill. You'd need to make these decisions on other information. I'm also not advocating the for removing SA.
  13. Submarine Watch - Update

    The 1941 Stalingrad class was the base used in the design. It was redesigned/updated to go up against the US post war ships. Design changes were ongoing into the early 1950's.
  14. Naval Intelligence: Z-39 (review)

    I gave you a +1. As other have mentioned, I like the format and that review isn't unnecessarily long. For some feedback, maybe more in the review about in game experience. I know that can be tough when you get the ship at release since its hard to get enough games in, and write the review before the ship is yesterday's news. Good luck, and I'll be looking forward to your future reviews.