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  1. Slimeball91

    Bot CVs now too good?

    I think you you're misusing the word balanced. You think there needs to be something that punishes DDs, something that prevents them from using their strengths to preform well in co-op. You aren't advocating for anything that equally punishes other ships (and you know as well as I do many cruisers preform equally as well as DDs). You think DDs, and only DDs need to be "balanced" like this. That isn't balance, that's your bias. I'm not taking it personally. I honestly think it's misplaced anger. You're mad about the current state of co-op, we all are. My issue in this case is that you seem to be directing your frustration towards DD players. DD players didn't bork co-op, WG did.
  2. Slimeball91

    Bot CVs now too good?

    When the CV rework came out I was still playing randoms. I was heavily into the CV/AA balance discussions. Post like yours were almost always from BB players. I'm not attack you, or what you might like to play. I could be off base here, maybe you're a DD main. My experience is that when people's preferred type of play isn't impacted it's easy to be indifferent.
  3. Slimeball91

    Bot CVs now too good?

    I can see we're having two different discussions. I'm talking about objective balance, and you're saying you don't care if it's balanced or not. It's funny, I'm positive you'd feel very differently if CVs could take a quarter to a third of the HP from your BBs every pass, and you had no counterplay options, no agency. You'd think someone saying "just get over it and suck it up" would be grossly out of line.
  4. Slimeball91

    Happy DD day!

    Okay thanks. It seems really strange that a mod would remove anything that gets this discussion any context, but does then doesn't remove the entire discussion. It makes no sense.
  5. Slimeball91

    Happy DD day!

    Can someone explain what this is about?
  6. Slimeball91

    Bot CVs now too good?

    Maybe it's fine for you, but objectively, it's not balanced. Rockets were nerfed hard core because they remove the player agency, and there is no counterplay. The hyper accurate bots have brought that problem to co-op.
  7. Slimeball91

    Bot CVs now too good?

    Yes, the issue is for DDs. Anyone saying it's fine should be giving a giant caveat that it's fine for the larger ships that generally have some AA, and have the HP (and heals) to easily endue that attacks. DDs can't use their primary defense stealth. Making the issue really imbalanced is the fact that it's nearly impossible to use your other defense, speed/maneuverability since the bot planes are hyper accurate. Engine boost won't save you. Preemptive dodging is the best you can do, and that doesn't help much.
  8. Slimeball91

    Bot CVs now too good?

    I'm regrinding the IJN gunbote line. Playing the T5 and T6 DDs over the last few days and the CVs are a terror. These lower tier DDs have almost no AA, and I have no ability to use concealment against the bot planes. My last game the bot CV targeted me all game long and I barely survived a 4 and half minute match. One of the games I was hit 5 times with rockets knocking my engine out every time. This is not a good game balance. No, that isn't the issue. The bots always know where you are, even when concealed, and they can always correct their attack course. You can't effectively dodge the attacks even when preemptively acting. If you do manage to get into a position to dodge the attack the planes will usually hold fire, and come around for another attack, while you're spotted and taking fire from the other bots.
  9. Slimeball91

    Baked in cammo bonus

    Only the concealment is going to be baked in, the dispersion buff is going away altogether.
  10. Slimeball91

    More Operations..

    The old operations are coming back sometime this summer (with the exception of Dynamo).
  11. I can see the San Diego being pretty amazing in ops when they go to T6-T8.
  12. Slimeball91

    How many more ways to spot dd's

    I'm regrinding the IJN gunbote line, at T5. Bot CV hounded me with rockets all game long. With functionally no AA, all I could do was try to reduce the amount of damage I took. In a 4 and half minute match I barely survived.
  13. The +5% credits is for perma camos. Signals and consumable camos that reduce service cost are going to be converted into tokens that can be traded in for other bonuses. From the first dev blog on the rework: To find this, towards the bottom of the page, go to the part on "Detailed Conversion Rules", expand the "Conversion rules". https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/318
  14. Slimeball91

    What to see in 2023?

    This is why I'd like see new content steered towards new game play. My personal preference would be for new PvE content, but it wouldn't have to be strictly PvE. I'm not just talking about new ops, but all new game play modes like a PvE convoy mode, a mode that focus on air attack where players actually use AA guns to attack planes, air to air modes (world of warplanes lite). This could be a good way to expand on the largely untapped PvE segment while giving some of the more controversial ship types (like subs and CVs) a place to play where they'd be excepted.
  15. Slimeball91

    What to see in 2023?

    I'm worried about this too. One of the great things about ops is that they are a very consistent game play experience, no being bottom tier, or other multi tier balance issues. For the average player DDs are nearly useless, now imagine how bad that will be for subs....