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  1. "Message from Beyond" solution

    There is some kind of cryptography/follow the clues type event going on right now. It started with the in-game mission that gave the message.png flag. There are other clues as well that have been previously listed in this thread. Apparently, at this point all clues have gotten released and now it is just a matter of putting them together correctly for the solution to the puzzle.
  2. Z-23 tier 10 blues...

    For myself, I am loving the Z-23. She definitely works best if played as a torp boat first, gunboat second. Also, I stuck with the 128's, the rate of fire and extra turret easily make up for the loss of individual shell damage. One thing I will say as a comment on the German DD line as a whole is that they almost require a high point captain. I've got a 19 pt captain in my Z-23 and I know from comparing my Z-23 to my brother's that it makes a huge difference. Don't be afraid to use your ap against other dd's, I was able to take out a full health gearing that way.
  3. To the dd captains that try to help us bb's by laying smoke, I would like to add my appreciation, as a bb captain, for your efforts. I will fully admit that I don't always utilize them properly, especially when I don't notice them until too late. I sometimes have a hard time paying attention to chat and I often am more focused on what the enemy is doing than what my allies are. I have noticed that it has started becoming a more common occurrence and I can only hope that it continues to become even more so. In return, I promise to never be a bb captain who camps or is unwilling to push caps, repair bills be damned. We are fighting ships and we aim to put our ships into harm's way. Otherwise, why bother playing this game in the first place, right?
  4. looking for Star wars players name

    How might we be of assistance?
  5. The things that I feel needs to be fixed most are secondaries causing blue on blue damage and an icon notification if your rear turrets would fire through an ally to hit an enemy. I'm tired of getting warned by the game when I'm zoomed in and salvo fire, then get warned and zoom out to find half my turrets fired through an ally I couldn't even see was there.