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  1. I've been twice, I was on a school trip to see her ages ago then went back last summer when they started to open more of the ship up. Incredible machinery, I've always wanted to see the NC as well but that's a drive I haven't had time to make yet.
  2. You're fine.... unless it checks your professionalism.
  3. I just killed Carrier Lexington. With a whopping 598 damage done to him. That's right I stole that kill and i'd do it again! His team won though.
  4. Those Fire starting rates are insane. UK CL's AP only UK BB's Burn the world. Of all the Navies for WG to experiment on I don't know why they would do it on a navy that was the world standard for more than a century.
  5. Even with the better HE I don't see it being the better choice over AP unless their AP is the worst in game by far. At best it will give them a better tool to dig out well angled adversaries. I think they may become the go to for beginners though, the better HE means you have a better chance to deal consistent damage no matter what and the better heal may make them feel more forgiving of mistakes.
  6. Some old C&C music brings back good memories.
  7. I just assumed that since HiNon was a product of chaos that all of your ports looked like that.
  8. Well here's hoping something happens then, Generals was the last C&C game I really liked.
  9. Are they still working on generals 2? I thought they had canceled that.
  10. Clemson, can kill anything it sees with extreme prejudice. Massive torpedo waves great guns I feel like I can bully any ship in her MM range. Wyoming, yeah I know people hate her but I find her well rounded and enjoyable. I kept my Bog and Svietlana for a reason nothing says "LOL GET WRECKED" like fires... so many fires. I know no one will agree with me on this but I find Caledon and Danea incredibly entertaining as well.
  11. YARP So much yarp. It's just a fun name what ever the reason.
  12. That's frustrating to hear. I was saving my free xp for Missouri, guess I'll be shifting gears and getting the Nelson instead.
  13. It has the opposite effect on me, when ever I see her I want the kill so badly that I get to aggressive.
  14. I chose small victories snowballed into a win. Small victories often turn into wins, they allow the team to concentrate on surviving ships or push into caps unopposed. In some rare cases the right small victory at the right time can let an outnumber ship on a losing team cap the objective at the right time to win. Having said all that almost all the other options on the poll happen to varying degrees of frequency. But if you think about it they all add to the small victories option. If some of the red team play like noobs (not even the whole team) then that can contribute to a small victory that snowballs into overall victory. If just some members of the your team play well together (again doesn't even have to be all, part of why divisions increase the odds of winning) that can again contribute to a small victory snowball.
  15. When I lose I normally trace it back to me not doing something well or making a mistake. Though there are time when I have been on (and opposed to) teams with great players and they lose just because they couldn't come together and play as a team.