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  1. AquaSquirrel

    Torpedo Mechanics are Broken

    Some times you well just get out played. Even if you follow all the very good advice in this thread you will still get got.
  2. AquaSquirrel

    What ships do you love that others hate?

    I enjoy Hood, which while not hated is def not well loved. I also enjoy Danae and Caledon. Both of which were hated at launch but I had an excellent time in them and still take them out now and then. Oddly I enjoy SC, once you get used to her speed having super firing turrets is really nice at tier III.
  3. AquaSquirrel

    About Giulio Cesare and thanks wargaming

    I have a three OP ships, KA, Belfast, and Kami R. I have no problem with them re-balancing them so they can be sold. I bought the KA because I love BB's from this time period and after the clamor of how OP she was I was afraid they would shelve her... which they did after a longer time than I expected. I bought the Belfast for History and because I like UK ships. The Kami I didn't buy but got for free in an even in 2015 I think. Yes she was OP then but was actually slightly worse than her tech tree counter part. So at the time no one would buy Kami for her power if they could have Min for free.
  4. I thought it was about Naval combat in the early mid 20th Century... including Subs and carriers.
  5. AquaSquirrel

    History repeats again..and again...and again

    Fair enough, I don't really hate them. What I hate is ships that are deemed OP and have been removed from normal means of getting them. If they don't think they should be sold then they shouldn't be in the loot boxes. Baring that I don't have a real complaint about them. Do I like them? No but out side of the OP ships I can't really complain.
  6. Generally I think good. I want people who are new to the game to be able to buy ships like Grem, Nikolai, Belfast and so forth. So if they are balanced then many other people will get to enjoy them.
  7. AquaSquirrel

    History repeats again..and again...and again

    Yup over all i'm fine with it right now. cautiously optimistic that at least some things will improve in the near future. Well as far as CV's go any way i'd like to see the loot box nonsense done away with.
  8. AquaSquirrel

    History repeats again..and again...and again

    I honestly like the basic idea of the rework. I just think it needs better balancing of individual ships and the mechanics are going to need some work. I havn't really played many games as the yet but most of the games I have played the CV's have not been to bad to deal with.
  9. AquaSquirrel

    I went on The Internet, and I found this...

    I bet that party got way out of hand... a total meltdown.
  10. AquaSquirrel

    Premium Ship Refunds

    Pretty sure you forfeit that when you clicked agree on the terms of service. Kinda odd to quibble now.
  11. AquaSquirrel

    The dangerous road of bait and switch.

    If she is over performing you have three choices 1. Remove the ship from normal means of acquisition 2. Nerf it to work at Tier V 3. Move it to Tier VI provided she performs adequately compared to her peers at that tier. In my mind option one is the worst. I hate seeing ships that actually existed removed permanently from normal means of acquiring them. I own a KA and Belfast and I would much rather them change tier or nerfed so other people can buy them.
  12. AquaSquirrel

    The music thread

    I'M BACK. I can't believe this is still going!
  13. AquaSquirrel


    If it's soup does it still count as a bribe?
  14. AquaSquirrel

    How the CV Rework Saved WoWS

    The rework has got me playing more, and I'll probably play CV's more than I did in the past after the MM stops being flooded with them. Doesn't mean I like every thing about the rework but I feel once things are ironed out it will be better than it was previously.
  15. AquaSquirrel


    People seem to get called that around here just for disagreeing with their point of view. As if any one who dosn't like or hate what they do must be paid off by WG.