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  1. Radar

    A radar thread lol
  2. If you keep this up you might have to change your name!
  3. Lert's state of the onion address

    Well i'm only 30! :P Happy birthday Lert glad to see Mouse let you out your box for your big day.
  4. it's obviously Clemson, it can bully DD's and torp all the things... Def Clemson.
  5. And lo the op made a thread about information that had been known for some time. Those who followed the teachings of IJN DD's grew angry and incensed, there followed much wailing and gnashing of teeth.
  6. The music thread

    In honor of D-Day.
  7. Sounds delightfully southern. Never heard that variation before. I've heard and used "cat on a June Bug" before.
  8. WG Hates IJN DD Confirmed

    Mouse quit the thread and I think the rest of the belligerents have sorta wondered off.
  9. Warspite for sure, my favorite guns at Tier VI that I've played, that sweet sweet rudder time too. Nothing like dodging a salvo only to unmask your guns and rip the other guy for massive damage.
  10. WG Hates IJN DD Confirmed

    Oh i'm around, don't post much here though. You'll see me more in the off topic. I'm not opinionated or knowledgeable enough to make a real contribution here.
  11. WG Hates IJN DD Confirmed

    This thread has become very heated, so please ladies and gentleman take my advice. Pull down your pants and slide on the ice!
  12. Lost a friend...

    I'm sorry for you loss. You're friend has crossed over the river, may he now rest in the shade of the trees.
  13. Iron Duke guns?

    idk, I didn't have that problem with her. I did use HE more with her than other BB's I still used mostly AP on broadside targets and still got high damage salvos most of the time.
  14. Done with Warships.

    Sorry to read that, I hope something works out so you can play sooner rather than later. I
  15. What's for dinner today?

    Grilled Pork chops and corn on the cobb!