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  1. Forum Game - Million Dollars, But...

    So i'd have to dress like a country star from the 70's? I don't know man, that's a tough one. If it's only for a year maybe... if it's for life I don't think I could take that. One million greenbacks but when you hear a song and there are people around you have to try and sing the song, it dosn't matter if you know the lyrics or even the song you have to try and sing. Every time, for ever.
  2. Forum Game - Million Dollars, But...

    Done, I think if I got lucky It could come in handy. Some annoying talking to me "oh i'm sorry I have this condition where I can't really hear anything" Then I can slowly walk away. Alright one mil in dubs buuut every single time someone asks "how are you doing today" you have to tell them in depth. A "fine" or "not so well" won't suffice. You have to get in to the details. Had a stomach bug last night? Gotta tell'em in detail how it ruined your day today. Bad drivers got you mad? Have to tell'em every little piece of bad driving that's got your feathers ruffled.
  3. The music thread

    That's Fair I would take that shot too. Maybe I've been in the mountains for a few days and not checking the forums so that might be from a a page or so back I missed.
  4. Forum Game - Million Dollars, But...

    I'm bumping this thread with a video example because it's an awesome game and I want it to continue on the forum.
  5. The music thread

    Not sure I would use Edselman to prove your point he seem.... more sensitive to it than most .
  6. Have the youth of today lost all respect?

    Everything he's typed is something the older generations have had a large hand in doing. Which wouldn't be so bad if they would have a large hand in fixing those problems. Thing is while every thing he said is largely correct it's not like our generation is going to do much better. Sure we may fix or improve many of the problems the older generation contributed heavily too but we'll make out own and be just as stubborn about fixing them. Such is the human condition.
  7. The music thread

    I know this is meant for Duckman, but I just thought I'd chime in. At least from my point of view it's hard to tell how serious you are. I make fun of national stereotypes all the time with my friends, One was born in Korea and we make Asian and Korea jokes all the time, another has ancestry that comes from Canada and France and we poke fun there too. It's just that on the net with someone we don't really know it's hard to tell what your intent or tone is. We don't know if your making jokes or just being mean about our homes. That's why I typically avoid these things on the internet and even though I'm fine with using national stereotypes for humor I too sometimes get vexed at your humor. Just my two cents.
  8. Hood worth buying?

    I guess I'm the only one who likes Hood. Her guns leave a lot to be desired but they are workable. Her speed helps you get in the right position with a large health pool and control engagement ranges. Which is important because getting to close to anything is a bad move in Hood. You need to give time for your guns to work, her shells are bad so treat every BB as if it were German. That is don't shoot at the main belt but above it this helps with her shells tendency to shatter. I found her fun but she takes patience.
  9. I'm done.

    Sorry to see you go, I normally liked your posts.
  10. Apology offered

    Why would a clan do that besides just being petty?
  11. Bad end for Musashi

    That's a lot of daka...
  12. Caption the profile image above you.

    Fire is fun!
  13. The music thread

  14. The music thread

    As a surfing squirrel I approve this post.
  15. The music thread