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  1. To sponcer a wolf

    This thread makes me.... twitchy.
  2. Ashitaka's guns are bad.

    Battleship guns are still battleship guns. Even the bad ones can lay down some serious hurt.
  3. When do I use HE and AP rounds?

    The Majority of the time you want to use AP rounds. They will deal the most damage to most targets, especially when they are broadside to you. HE is used mostly when a target is well angled to you, this ensures that your rounds will do damage. as AP can bounce off armor and HE always does some damage, and you may set fires to cause more damage.
  4. Premium Ship Review: Ashitaka

    Damn mouse. Sorry you had put in such a days work with this one. As many here have already said we appreciate you doing these.
  5. I'm glad there is a German Port. The more ports the better. I won't really be happy until I get Norfolk.
  6. Thank you

    That should make for some entertaining chat.
  7. Thank you

    Most of them probably logged in and just noticed it new ships with out reading the update. Can't really blame them, many don't play game enough to really learn the ends and outs. But it has been funny watching it happen over and over again.
  8. Thank you

    I would like to take a moment to thank all of those players who keep launching torps from the new DD's into smoke at enemy DD's. It's been entertaining to watch them go right under my ship.
  9. I have a problem and I need help

    I think I would ratter support the group you are already in.
  10. KillClub

    Our silhouette friend certainly is making a lot of noise.
  11. The music thread

    Glad to see This thread is still up! That was a fun listen Witches thanks for sharing.
  12. I'll be picking up the camo. The ship is an incredible achievement of early 20th century engineering and is worth preserving for that reason alone.
  13. That's most of the answer. Throw in the fact that hit rates in game are much higher than real life and you end up with Broadside = dead.
  14. That is a very good looking ship, I'd agree that it's better looking than the Burk's.