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  1. That is a very good looking ship, I'd agree that it's better looking than the Burk's.
  2. so his name was Colonel Savage?
  3. On the subject of the opening shots of WWII your book was superior to ours then. Ours just told us when the "Blitzkrieg" started and probably had a picture of a tank or stuka.
  4. I'm mainly just trying to mess with you. Though I personally knew about Mikasa long before I knew of S-H. I think I happened upon her exsistance reading about the Russo Japanese War. My history books in VA and NC never Mentions S-H.
  5. I would love more pre dreds. I love their looks, far more interesting then the more modern BB's. But only if they buff Mikasa as well. She's the most famous one after all.
  6. I've been thinking something along those lines as well. Ironwood can make her stronger, better, faster.
  7. oops sorry, fixed.
  8. Warning Plot spoiler!
  9. That's off a bit. The QE was brought into service in 1915, she was rebuilt twice between the wars coming out of the last in 1941. Her armament stayed the same (with modifications) her whole career. KGV was brought into service in 1941 as a new ship. Her smaller guns reflect the regulations from the international treatise in place at the time. QE is tier 6 through and though being a contemporary of Bayern. KGV is really from the same time period as NC and SD but due to small guns got down tiered.
  10. This makes me both sad and happy at the same time. On the one hand I don't get to see corgi divisions, on the other I don't have to fight corgi divisions.
  11. The Corgis are forming a clan... soon there will be corgi divisions.... then they will rule the waves. This was Niko's plan all along.
  12. Ah I thought you where talking about some sort of wonky hole in the armor or some such. She actually used to be worse, they lowered her last year I think.
  13. Thanks that was interesting.
  14. What exactly is wrong with Warspites armor? I've played 286 battles in her so far and it seems workable to me. Great? Not by a long shot but perfectly workable.