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  1. I love ranked, it's the only thing I really play. Ranked out before, and now silver rank1, qualifying for gold, wasn't too bad of a grind, but these days I don't have as much time to play. It really sucks that ranked ends at midnight in the west coast, I mean what gamer doesn't stay up at least until 1-2am? I guess we have to take into account the east coast players, but honestly it doesn't fit into my schedule. Now I have to get on a flight to Dubai for 2 weeks so I will lose all my progress to gold. At the current rate I am not sure I will try next ranked, my life only gets busier, and it's hard to justify investing time in a game I can't even play past midnight.
  2. Taregant

    Ranked Needs a Ready Queue for AFKs

    Does the "automatic system" care if you're afk for 3-5 mins though? Sure if you're afk the whole game you get penalized, but more often than not people queue and go do the dishes or whatever, then come back in the middle of a match. In a ranked format that's a huge handicap, Randoms are not as big of a deal.
  3. There is a serious AFK problem in ranked as everyone knows, this has been made worse by the superships because you may queue even longer. Can we really consider a Ready Queue? It's not really fair / ruins the fun when every other game you get dropped with an afk'er for 3-5 mins.
  4. Another day where I finally get caught up with work and it's midnight and I can squeeze in a few games only before it shuts down for the day. It sucks because I enjoy ranked and WG is basically saying I don't get to play it simply because I work from home on a different schedule. If it's like this next season I'm probably done with this game, ranked was the only thing left going for it for me.
  5. Can confirm, ranked out gold last week Tues - 70%+ WR, was a blast really. Not sure what all the whining is about, but wouldn't be surprised if it got pretty bad near the end of the week, whereas I had nothing but a few quality DDs on the climb. This week I am too busy with work so I might discover the reality end of week, maybe better to give up then try to roll the dice on getting good DDs.
  6. Taregant

    How to brawl better? Avoid torp death?

    This is very good advice, but at tier 5 it's really not your fault the brawls suck, Russian t9 and 10 is when it's really fun and you have the survivability to feel like you made a dent. Russian BB guns will turn much faster at higher tiers giving you a decent dmg output in a brawl. Other than that it's mostly picking the brawls that are in your favor and keeping track of what you're up against, who to angle against, know how long the DDs torp reloads are and vary your movement. If you're outnumbered or facing a nasty set of ships then you need to know when to disengage. In a Russian BB, bow on and reverse is still the default though, after a while people get tired of shooting at you and once you've reversed far enough, you can try to go dark / accelerate forward and turn away. You also need to know when you're dead and to go down swinging, for example if you really let a DD get too close, it's probably too late to get out alive. Angle against the heaviest guns and go for the easiest damage you can find, and yea charge that DD head on, sometimes you have no choice. Also if you face HE spam, it's almost always better to run away, you'll never win against a Smolensk behind a rock, abandon that cap and focus elsewhere. As a Russian BB esp just survive and you can make a difference later on by being a meat shield. Don't go looking for a brawl till mid to late game, you need to thin the crowd so when the brawl happens it's a few ships you can manage against, and optimum play is if you use up all your heals. This won't happen if you find yourself in an early brawl. If a brawl finds you early, you're out of position and probably rushed a cap too hard. I ranked out gold at over 70% WR in my Kremlin so hopefully I know what I'm talking about.
  7. Nope, unfortunately no more fun for the rest of the week.
  8. Krem's 13km detect is good enough to go dark and reposition, so yea patience and waiting out the smol smokes or letting your team advance. Yea I don't even go near HE spam unless I have to, you can usually eek out a win as long as you have some competent teammates, Krem's a beast to soak damage.
  9. Ranked out in Gold already, I stopped trolling with my Colbert as I did throughout Bronze, then playing the Krem it was nothing but great teammates and potato enemies that hug the border. So there we go a 60 game, 73% WR Silver/Gold run, I don't know how the heck I had this luck. Maybe MM is biased towards Kremlins .If you're having trouble just play a Kremlin, soak damage and hope the Russian MM bias wins you the game.
  10. Taregant

    Your Ranked Progress So Far

    I'm not a very good player, but I just hit Rank 2 Gold - thinking the Krem and I just have a lot of luck. My WR is still 53% from Bronze when I trolled in a Colbert for fun, but after I used the Krem exclusively it seemed like I just had to draw all the fire and let the DDs carry me. After all if your DDs are bad it's a loss anyway. Had a couple 6-7 win streaks already, kind of surreal the kind of luck I've been getting. ---- Welp speak of the devil, 3 straight wins again so looks like WG just wants me to rank out, and get on with life
  11. I work a lot, it's covid and remote work globally is a thing, really sucks when I wrap up all my work and it's 11pm pushing midnight and I only get about an hour to play ranked being in PST. Otherwise I had to use my work hours in between calls to try to progress in ranked. Oh well rank 5 in a day wasn't bad, not sure how I got carried for like 7 straight wins
  12. Since we always have ranked now, can't MM do a final sort of players by rank? I know it's not a perfect science but look at this, something seem wrong here? We lost one ship and pretty much decimated the other team, my team has 4 silver rank 1s and 2 bronze rank 1s, looking at the other team it's pretty dismal. Yea I know there's a million threads on how blowouts are unavoidable, but I think something like this is avoidable. Or does WG want more lopsided games? Personally this wasn't a really fun random game cuz it was just a curbstomp, and I ranked out silver already so no more ranked for 4 days. I wish we could continue to play ranked after we rank out or something, all the one that did can just shoot each other for fun perhaps, be a good alternative to these dumb random games.
  13. I kind of disagree, ranked isn't something you just throw yourself at and hope your 50+% WR takes you to rank 1 eventually. Like others mentioned losing streaks = take a break, when you're winning with a particular ship just keep at it and learn from your mistakes. There are optimum subtle strategies for each ship you need to hone, but if you're just having fun in a Zao per say you can't really complain about MM. You'll always get bad teammates. But that one time out of 3 that you get good ones, do you want to be a weak ship? I just qualified for gold, my trick was just to be a beefy Krem and get carried . And I got really good at just tanking and keeping a flank busy while my team overran the other flank, works more often than not. And if your DDs suck you lost anyway.
  14. Taregant


    Yep, probably the mommas boys using their parents credit cards spending the big bucks are also the ones that want to dish damage and be impervious to taking any. I quit WoWs for a couple years, came back to drop a hundred bucks to play ranked again, but it looks like it ain't what it used to be. Guess my money is better off elsewhere.
  15. If you think Tier X is bad now wait till next patch with the dead-eye skill for snipers, maybe most of the people that pay money for this game just want to be untouchable in the back line somewhere, or play CVs. Not sure what WG is thinking.