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  1. Bilgus

    New Bonus Code

    Thank you
  2. Bilgus

    its raining of CODES

    Thanks. Still working.
  3. Thank you. Working as intended. Thanks
  4. Bilgus

    July Super Container Drop Results

    15k coal for me.
  5. Bilgus

    New Bonus Code

    Worked for me also. Thanks!
  6. Bilgus

    PSA: Code (Flag)

    Thank you. Still working.
  7. Bilgus

    New Stream Code

    Thanks. Still working.
  8. Bilgus

    USS The Sullivans is Floating!!!!!

    Most recent update as of a few hours ago.
  9. Bilgus

    PSA: Bonus Code

    Thank you!
  10. Bilgus

    PSA: Free Community Tokens

    Still good. Thank you AT.
  11. Bilgus

    PSA: Alienware Giveaway

    Got them. Showing just under 14k keys left.
  12. Bilgus

    New Code

    Thank you. Worked for me.
  13. Bilgus

    PSA: New Code

    Both codes accepted. Thanks all!
  14. Bilgus

    Server Temporarily Down?

    Same here. Froze at end of battle.