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  1. I had a completely different conception of what this would be based on the title. I thought you were going to argue that CVs should have an easier time attacking enemy CVs. Like reduce their AA or something along those lines. But I agree with you that the fighter patrols are pretty useless most of the time. Their radius and duration are both too short, and they are wayyyyy too passive. The moment an enemy plane goes into that radius I expect to see the fighters turn and chase them. Not continue circling hoping for a collision. Better fighter control would be very welcome.
  2. urk_the_red

    Frustration with CV - Please nerf DD!

    The problem here is most certainly not DD AAA. You could make a strong case for AA power scaling with tier being out of whack. Perhaps the differences tier for tier should be reduced both for AA and aircraft durability. But as things currently stand many DD players are having a hard time dealing with the proliferation of CVs. DDs are already the most fragile, high risk ships in the game. Neutering DD AA when they’re already being hunted to extinction by CVs is a terrible idea. Frankly some effort should be made to shift CV targeting priorities away from DDs. I’ve dealt reasonably well with the CV rework, but many others have not. It takes more patience, care, and map awareness, to play DDs now and not get immediately focused by CVs. Even then sometimes there’s nothing you can do.
  3. urk_the_red

    AA needs to be seriosly rebalanced

    There’s absolutely no basis for this historically or technically, but balance-wise I wonder if it wouldn’t be a partial solution to the CV-DD problems to include a mechanic for CV squadron launches to be delayed after attacking a DD. It might shift their targeting priorities. Something along the lines of a DD consumable that delays squadron return, or puts a timer on the next squadron launching.
  4. urk_the_red

    mass-transfer events?

    Please tell me there is someone else here who saw the term mass transfer and thought this would be about something totally different. I’m flashing back to Transport Phenomena in college.
  5. urk_the_red

    ST: French Destroyers

    How are the gun arcs? I can see the intent for speed ambushes but that’s more viable late game than early. These are gonna need to be able to hit enemy ships from range or they will spend a lot of time zooming around looking for openings that may or may not appear.
  6. urk_the_red

    Match making monitor question

    Perfect matchmaking would be far more boring than most people expect I think. More randomness and more variability help keep things interesting
  7. urk_the_red

    Old Pensacola vs. New New Orleans

    I’m just happy to see I wasn’t the only one who loved the old Pensacola. Sorry no opinion on the Newer Orleans. I haven’t played her either.
  8. There are some bad players out there but for someone to have a 22% win rate is really unlikely without a small sample size. Random teams with a ship short would have a higher win rate. It’s more likely the aforementioned spud only played 9 games in their Conqueror and won 2 of them. It takes time to learn a new ship, that’s not terribly unusual.
  9. Patient: “Doc I don’t know what’s wrong with me! I touch myself on the knee and it hurts. I touch myself on the elbow it hurts. I touch myself on the nose and it hurts! I think I’m dying!” Doc: “Could you demonstrate?” Doc: “I think I see the problem...” Patient: “What is it Doc?” Doc: “Your finger is broken.” I think it’s far more likely that your feel for the torpedoes has gone out of whack than anything else. I find that my feel for torpedoes and guns frequently fluctuates without any changes to the mechanics.
  10. urk_the_red

    Over use of chat ban

    Often when I try to blame everyone but myself I find that I’m actually the problem. You may want to consider examining both your own play and your use of chat. Try looking up your stats sometimes it can point out areas for improvement.
  11. Does this take into account the effects of missions? Clan Battles? Ranked? Two data points isn’t enough to show a trend. (To clarify, I say two data points because it’s data vs. time with only two times.) What is the natural variability in the data? Claiming this “drop off” is because of radar goes beyond a correlation/causation mix-up it’s just specious.
  12. urk_the_red

    Tier VII BB Lyon

    16 guns on a BB when most of the other tier 7 BBs only have 8 or less. Reasonable speed and handling (although compared to Colorado that applies to all of them), reasonably armored. My favorite tier 7 BB (Haven’t tried KGV yet). Its main weakness is that it has to show a lot of broadside to use all of its guns.
  13. urk_the_red

    Battlecruiser - Tier and class determination?

    I am not a nautical engineer, but I do have a degree in chemical engineering. Very different application but fluid dynamics is a major part of it (haven’t done equations in a while and am quite rusty both at those and terminology, mostly laboratory work now.) Point being, I really appreciate your post. I wasn’t trying to claim that mass was an important variable directly, just that it increases draft. Now if I understand you correctly you’re stating that the right hull design and geometry mostly negates the impact of differences in draft (so long as those differences are within design parameters). That is pretty intersting as at first glance it’s counterintuitive that displacing more water wouldn’t result in greater drag for the same length to beam.
  14. urk_the_red

    Battlecruiser - Tier and class determination?

    Overall, a well thought out post but I have a quibble with the above passage. The main effect of shaving off weight for a ship is not in momentum transfer but on hydrodynamic drag by way way of displacement. If you can reduce displacement for the same ship dimensions, you reduce the drag by reducing the draft depth. So yes, reducing weight will improve speed.
  15. urk_the_red

    Worchester or Des Moines?

    I don’t have Worcester yet so my opinion is one sided. True love is hammering broadside cruisers with DM AP. The DPM is incredible.