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  1. Does this take into account the effects of missions? Clan Battles? Ranked? Two data points isn’t enough to show a trend. (To clarify, I say two data points because it’s data vs. time with only two times.) What is the natural variability in the data? Claiming this “drop off” is because of radar goes beyond a correlation/causation mix-up it’s just specious.
  2. urk_the_red

    Tier VII BB Lyon

    16 guns on a BB when most of the other tier 7 BBs only have 8 or less. Reasonable speed and handling (although compared to Colorado that applies to all of them), reasonably armored. My favorite tier 7 BB (Haven’t tried KGV yet). Its main weakness is that it has to show a lot of broadside to use all of its guns.
  3. urk_the_red

    Battlecruiser - Tier and class determination?

    I am not a nautical engineer, but I do have a degree in chemical engineering. Very different application but fluid dynamics is a major part of it (haven’t done equations in a while and am quite rusty both at those and terminology, mostly laboratory work now.) Point being, I really appreciate your post. I wasn’t trying to claim that mass was an important variable directly, just that it increases draft. Now if I understand you correctly you’re stating that the right hull design and geometry mostly negates the impact of differences in draft (so long as those differences are within design parameters). That is pretty intersting as at first glance it’s counterintuitive that displacing more water wouldn’t result in greater drag for the same length to beam.
  4. urk_the_red

    Battlecruiser - Tier and class determination?

    Overall, a well thought out post but I have a quibble with the above passage. The main effect of shaving off weight for a ship is not in momentum transfer but on hydrodynamic drag by way way of displacement. If you can reduce displacement for the same ship dimensions, you reduce the drag by reducing the draft depth. So yes, reducing weight will improve speed.
  5. urk_the_red

    Worchester or Des Moines?

    I don’t have Worcester yet so my opinion is one sided. True love is hammering broadside cruisers with DM AP. The DPM is incredible.
  6. urk_the_red

    How to get better in Kiev

    Just a few pointers. During the early game push the flanks, get behind the enemy team if you can. Harass and distract them. HE spam is all good and well but look for broadside cruisers and BBs (aim for the superstructure). AP on Russian DDs is punchy enough to melt ships that are complacent. If you’ve done a good job of flanking they will either have to stay broadside to you, or turn broadside to your teams heavies. Late game, keep track of the mini map and go into hunter killer mode. Chase down isolated DDs and end them. Ambush ships that sail too close to islands and put those torpedoes to work if the opportunity arises.
  7. urk_the_red

    help with the BLACK

    It has radar, smoke, and good dpm up close. The torpedoes are good for area denial, and they get a surprising number of hits (With torp accel), especially when you’re defending instead of chasing. There are a lot of other DDs in tier 9 that are good for knife fighting, so Black’s advantages aren’t overwhelming, but she’s a nasty customer.
  8. urk_the_red

    Ranked Season 11

    Maybe I misunderstood, but it sounded to me like arms race would be one of the modes for ranked as opposed to THE mode. Kind of like how there were some epicenter matches in the last season.
  9. urk_the_red

    Friendly Fire Torpedos

    I get it OP, I really do. There are juicy targets just asking to get torped, and on some of them, your own team has to work really hard to get into position to intercept your torpedoes. But somehow someone finds a way. Or maybe you’re looking at a close range torp target but your slow torpedoes just keep right on swimming past your area of engagement. It’s frustrating. It’s also frustrating to get torped by a teammate, or to have to change course and expose broadside because a teammate was insufficiently careful. But, two games as pink is a really moderate punishment. It’s perfectly reasonable for the occasional oops moment. I don’t see any need to complicate things.
  10. urk_the_red

    The Roma Problem

    Am I the only one bothered by the number of digits left behind in the math on the OP? Going from 2-4 significant digits in the range and dispersion to MOR DIGITS MOR BETTER after normalizing. Too many digits just makes the number confusing. I know I’m nitpicking, sorry. I’m just a little particular about that error.
  11. urk_the_red

    Icarus/mid tier UK DDs are AWFUL

    Don’t agree with the OP... I mean they aren’t the easiest ships to use. Guns are like a cross between IJN useability and USN arcs. But those single drop torpedoes are insane if you have patience to set up an ambush. The ship’s acceleration characteristics are great and the smoke is good for high risk high reward torp ambushes. It has a short cool down and is perfect for making an escape.
  12. urk_the_red

    de grasse and la galisso nowadays

    Personally I found La Gal really enjoyable without bringing into question comparisons to premiums. But yes the reload boost makes for a nice punch against unwary broadside cruisers or spotted DDs.
  13. urk_the_red

    Puff-puff pass?... More like puff-puff crash

    I think next time I will. At the time I was giving them the benefit of the doubt, but it just kept happening, different games, different BB captains. I just don’t know what they were thinking.
  14. urk_the_red

    Puff-puff pass?... More like puff-puff crash

    Oh I wasn’t the first one spotted in any instance. (Not for these, I did blow it one game pushing too aggressively) that said I was aggressively trying to use the smoke for area denial.
  15. ‘Twas a beautiful day on the seas for a death match to obtain rank and glory. The crew of the M.Kutuzov (drunk on vodka naturally) steamed ahead in search of the enemy, only to be spotted! They took crossfire from the dastardly reds (not friendly communist red, evil capitalist red). But, the wily Russian captain had a plan, “I shall smoke up,” he says. The ship disappears in a cloud of smoke and the enemy are confounded... All of a sudden, a “friendly” (friendly like Stalin and Trotsky) BB rams the Kutuzov pushing her out of her protective concealment and back into enemy crossfire! The valiant crew of the Kutuzov fight to the last man but cannot save their ship from the depths. Seriously though, this happened to me 3 times playing ranked last night. I’ll admit my torpedo trigger finger has been getting itchy. What gives?