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  1. I got that mod that replaces the “ Plays Poorly “ text with “C****t, what an a*****e.” No one else sees it and there is no difference in game affect. Plus, I felt it was more accurate and more in the spirit of historical role playing.
  2. You know, the original with King-of-the-Mountain style capping mechanics?
  3. Make a doubloon gun purchasable for doubloons. The ammo is doubloons; I can shoot at anyone, red or green, and if I hit them it makes them half a doubloon richer per doubloon I hit them with. They are then compelled to give me karma upvotes, which I can access using free exp. it’s a win-win for everybody, AND it defeats the sole purpose of having a karma system. I’m sure I’m not the first person to suggest this.
  4. It’s a meaningless number that many people are not even aware exists, but some people would still buy it, I bet. I think I would.
  5. RobinKestrel

    200% cashback coupon

    Get the new 30k bundle for $118 and save 81 cents.
  6. RobinKestrel

    Why no bonus for buying doubloons in bulk?

    Admiral’s Bounty it is, from here on out. Thank you for the helpful reply.
  7. RobinKestrel

    Why Do you Play Destroyers (Diddys Quest To Understand)

    I like to capture the objectives in domination games. I had one game last night where I triple solo capped and came out number one on my team on the scoreboard, ahead of a guy that had four kills to my zero. i also like the feeling of sneaking into the enemy base and capping it, especially when the other team is ahead on kills.
  8. RobinKestrel

    Why no bonus for buying doubloons in bulk?

    You are right, I am looking at this all wrong. Just because price breaks at various quantities exist everywhere in the physical world and have carried over to the digital world nearly everywhere else except here should not bother me. What I’ve got to do in the future is forget that the various packages exist, and just buy the 1,250 pack twenty times in a row. Thank you WG for saving me 19 cents and not inconveniencing me at all! Sorry for being a hater.
  9. RobinKestrel

    Why no bonus for buying doubloons in bulk?

    It’s a VERY tiny win for players not willing to drop $100 bucks at a shot, against a sort of a middle finger to the “whales”. It makes me feel like they are saying “We take you for granted and think you are dumb.” In the meantime, there’s a strong disincentive to ever buy anything unless it is on special pricing, and even then you have to break out a calculator to determine what the best value is. it just irritates me because it goes against all conventional pricing practices. You buy a single can of soda, you expect to pay a bit more. You buy a case of soda, you expect to be paying less per can, not the same as or more than if you bought 24 separate cans out of the machine outside. I wouldn’t go back to the grocery store that tried to pull that on me. They’d make a ton more money if they had a limited daily offer where you could buy a small number of doubloons once per day at a substantial discount, with an even better discount for players who are on Premium time. If you want to get people into using doubloons, that’s the obvious way to go, not by penalizing the folks that are already opening their wallets for the game, imo.
  10. Buying doubloons has become a matter of waiting for special offers on package deals. The 25,000 doubloon package is not the best value any more. Wonder why they do that?
  11. RobinKestrel

    Instead of Type 1 and 2 Camo in containers...

    Oh, don’t get me wrong, I suppose it is a godsend when you need to camo a ship and don’t have the 22,500 credits for Type 5, but that really hasn’t happened to me since about Sept. 2016. It’s like we used to say at my last job, where 1 in 3 pay envelopes had a chance of containing a slice of cheese rather than a check: “Hey, it’s better than nothing!” Thanks for all the cheese, WG!
  12. ... can the game just display a poo emoji and play the sad trombone sound? Thanks.