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  1. How many 12 inch shells did Alaska carry (in its magazines) in real life during a combat cruise?
  2. I have to buy a new BB. Either Iowa or Bismarck. Which one do you prefer and why?
  3. How that even possible?
  4. I can't find the mini map show ship names button? Can anyone help me find it?
  5. How do you get your screen to name all the ships on your screen? In this video. You see ALL the ships have name in the radio. enemy and team members! How do you get your screen to show that?
  6. Can you tell us more about that? Which models ships, how much health they have left. etc??
  7. This thread is for: Why didn't that enemy ship sink after what I did to it! I once nailed an enemy DD with 8. 8 inch AP rounds from a Germany cruiser at 2.5 KM all hit a amidships and the ship did not sink or take that much damage. I know big AP rounds go right through DD. But still 8 dead center at point blank rounds?? That DD should have been scrap metal! 3 torps into a DD!!
  8. How do I get the main gun on my North Caroline BB to reload faster?
  9. How to I get the fastest reload time on my North Carolina Class BB main guns? What combination of features and options. Will give me the fastest reload time on the NC BB main guns??