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  1. Hi I don't want to be rude sir. But regarding my texts being overtly long. I can only speak as I was taught to do back in the fifties. and that was to describe issues as best I could. There are issues within the game which need to be addressed and to explain them It takes words rather than ignorance and not wanting to read descriptors of the issue, that shows lack of care of issues which is part of the issue in this gamer so grin and bear them. They are for the betterment of the game and my sainioty and continuance in playing the game past this message. And I have been here from the beginning wioth some 37 to 39 G in games and I am reduced to a learning fleet paying tier seven prices and given one game to play without getting the credits for winning said gamre. I could be runde like you were. But I am a better person by saying thanks for you experience in worldly matters.


    1. Sovereigndawg


      Not trying to be rude just saying people here don't read walls of text. It makes it hard to read without punctuation and paragraphs. Your best bet in here is to keep it kind of short. I was once a wall texter but they told me the same thing so I was just telling you. Wasn't trying to be rude or offend.