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  1. I unfortunately can't do that. I have a new security program but As I said, Half the time I play I don't get the rewards for the games I win, I don't get the ships I have sunk nor do I get the fact that all my ships when returning after the last hack incident were changed to one of a School with tier 1 2 and three ships. I used to have the New Mexico, the Colorado which I had just purchased after many weeks playing to earn thew credits. Even my Yourk German cruiser was lost. And I keep getting hacked. ninety percent by south American players during daytime hours. I had the Russian Genvy and that was gone when I got my system back up and running. It is more like they are kids playing games with peoples systems. it cost me money from my pension which I need for meds and life, and to have to spend it all the time fixing my computer is getting to the point where i can't afford to do it anymore. Last one was last week and that cost me two hundred dollars and my system is still not up to where it should be. So changing my Password is kind of out of the question, and it should be hard to hack as it is the bit-finder program which is supposed to be better than most. it becomes hard to play game when money goes out and nothing comes back in to play with. and I keep getting told there are no hackers on WOW. So it sucks. Sorry to run on but sometimes the only way to try and explain for a sixty five year old fart
  2. I have been playing tier seven to eight tier games and all of a sudden I am playing beginner tier games and I really am pissed. I think someone hacked my game yet again this year and has remoived all my crapthe second time in four years and if you can't keep the game secure I say [edited] it for ever. I had been playing my tier seven ships and am now playing tier one to five ships and I don't understand how in the [edited] I got here. If you loom at my achievements you cvan see that I had some four thousand games played and I am sitting now playing crapgames with rookies. Give me my games back along with my ships or [edited] you all along with the hackers from south America. I don't care that your staff thinks I speak too much. Their brains have no hiogert function past a fifty digit sentence and that speaks volumes for your staff. Fix it of get lost.
  3. Hi I don't want to be rude sir. But regarding my texts being overtly long. I can only speak as I was taught to do back in the fifties. and that was to describe issues as best I could. There are issues within the game which need to be addressed and to explain them It takes words rather than ignorance and not wanting to read descriptors of the issue, that shows lack of care of issues which is part of the issue in this gamer so grin and bear them. They are for the betterment of the game and my sainioty and continuance in playing the game past this message. And I have been here from the beginning wioth some 37 to 39 G in games and I am reduced to a learning fleet paying tier seven prices and given one game to play without getting the credits for winning said gamre. I could be runde like you were. But I am a better person by saying thanks for you experience in worldly matters.


    1. Sovereigndawg


      Not trying to be rude just saying people here don't read walls of text. It makes it hard to read without punctuation and paragraphs. Your best bet in here is to keep it kind of short. I was once a wall texter but they told me the same thing so I was just telling you. Wasn't trying to be rude or offend.

  4. Hi Guys. I was doing good over the weekend and was winning lots of games but not getting paid the credits I should have been credited for. I had three games where i sank two ships but only given credits for one even when no one else was around to make claim to them. As well the game that promised a 25 flag win to win the game never paid out the flags unless they were the ones I won one at a time. I was told in the in game questions and troubles that there was in fact a glitch that was being dealt with but no matter how many times I played I never got the flags.plus I was tagged twice over the weekend for hitting friendlies. No matter how many times I warned people of imminent threat some would just say F you and turn in to them or just sit and wait for them to hit them. I made comments in my games regarding these facts and it was apparent it was due to the fact that I was winning so many games. I had one game I wished I could have had shown on you tube as I was the last ship and all enemy were killed, the absolute best game I have ever played in all the time i played. I was telling friendlies to stop;stop;stop and the would just turn in like they were stupefied or wanted to be hit. Some were waiting till I fired then speed up and cut in front of the torps to be hit, and I had a full blown conversation as to why any player would not turn out rather than in after they were sent a message telling them that there were inbound torpedoes and to turn to their right and they turned to the left anyway. if the ship losses was a penalty incurred for the hits so be it. But this type of play is extremely limiting to destroyers if the cruisers or other dds are taking hits just so one member would be named and clouloured pink so their friends on the other team would be able to identify them. there is way to much of bad play in games where friends of friends on the other team are giving away enemy positions or firing on friendlies and just don't care as long as their friends win the game. it is like a tactic which is coming out in some areas such as those from the deep deep south like south of the equator South. And then you get harried by battle ships so you can't play in the game due to them circling all the time in hopes you will fire anything to play in the game. I think you need to enact the same rules as are found in some of the newer games online now where this attitude gates players booted from the entire system along with their system i[p address's from joining for periods of a year or more until the bad behavior is gone out of them. Maybe that should happen here as it seems to be attracting a crap load of them in this game, simply due to the game not taking any actions against it. Times are changing sir's, time for this game to act more like the soldiers and men who were found in the navy and their manors and actions are to be none less than those found in the men who fought in the old wars represented in the game unless it becomes offensive to those whos names you are trying to honour I would stand by any decision you rendered on me if I were acting like a PrK from this type of attitude anytime. I have always been a man with honour, even if I do stupid things sometimes in play nothing I have ever done was intentional other than when I had them circling me and targeting me the moment they saw me in any game..
  5. Customer Service

    I wqill tell you something. I have been playing this game for over three years almost now, and I find it hard to accept that the game server still allows anyone the ability to ram any ship. it has never been part of warfare in the navy other than that of tug boats who have ramed subs when they have found them without anything but their ships. And that of a dd when it has had zero weapons to fire at a ship and no guns whiuch would save a ship that was being attacked and no recourse but to ram an enemy ship. I have never ever in my life ever seen where a freiendly ship has been allowed to attack a friendly ship no matter what. OI have had so many players hack and sack me whiloe in a ship that has been slow or where I have been ahead in points and for some they don't like the idea of anyone being ahead of them. I have sold every large ship I had so I would no longer interfer with these lugnuts in their goal to win but have found that6 I have been better in the game oir have asked them to simply play hounourably. But as the server doesn't limit the people who can play noir do they set a parameter on the game which lkicks a player out of the game for a week or several months up to a year for doing so. I have become further upset that the server still tacks me for having no less than three ships in one game cut me off and fired on bny another two, and when I as a captain of a ship who'c men I am supposeds to save and keep safe. I classed these shipos as enemies and rewturned fire. And then to have the team turn and fire and sink me I determined that I was doiung what a ships captain would and should have done under these circumstances and returned fire with all I had to save a crew and a ship that was trying to fight for what should have been a team but discovered that this team waa full of team killers and resigned that I would fire on any ship coming near and decided that this game and the people running the game could care less of nthe respect which was found in the forces of the world and when a ship was sunk no matter which side they were on the retrieved the survivors. But this being a game has been treying to change my way of thinking about hounour and I refuse to play this further until the game server finds a way to respect those who fought in the services of the navy of any country of the world and have the palyers respect them as well, The moment any ship rams a friendly thaty ship should dissapear from the game and not allowed for a period of a year. And I would be the first to accept such a penalty if in fact I ever ramed another ship or fired upon anothere ship whoich was on my team other than if they fired upon me first or cut me off to cause damages to my ship. Untill then I refuse to play this game further.
  6. World of Warships not liking AMD cards/drivers?

    I lost my game and had to reinstall it four times due to having AMD video drivers for my #D graphic's card, I ended up having to go right back to square one and the Samsung drivers not even updated ones the original ones and have yet to have the game work with my proper drivers loaded for my system, so it causes slow and low game issues. And I was told it was just my drivers and had to send in the same info all the time and they never seemed to get the info I sent so I had to figure it out on my own after a trip to my point of sales and loss of all my photos which took me thirty years to take and render, are all gone due to having to uninstall my entire system and reload it because The game refused to allow me to play. I lost millions in points when it crashed and I think someone was actually using them while my system was down or I was hacked.
  7. Team killers

    I have had that happen to me many times, usually first game my game takes a minute to three to load after I see other ships moving, and I have had some ships run me over which takes away health, usually I sit for a minute to assure everything is loaded and I find myself getting run down by a team mate that thinks I am afk. There should be something that can be done with this particular habit of some players. I in earlier games and always morning games get killed more by friendly fire than by enemies. I get angry sometimes and a few times I have fired across their bow but that usually ends up in getting sunk at their first opportunity. Morning players are often the Brazilian players and I don't think they care who they shoot at, only when they have someone they respect playing with them that they don't team kill and it is because of the man who talks to them and says not to. So thanks to him it doesn't happen as much. But I think it is the hackers selling cheat codes on here who are don't give a flying Fudge stick that are doing most of this. they need to be removed.
  8. Hi I'm Art AKA RGPippy1

    Thank you as well for the kind words of encouragement. I know what it feels like when you have a great game. I guess I am a history buff and from a navy stronghold in my town, I have lots of people in my Lodge who are or were Navy commanders and officers in the navy and some were and are still helping by working in the development of the new technologies for the modern ships and smart shells for battlements and cruisers, subs and DE's( destroyer Escorts) and your right about having good games. I am be founded when I am battling hard trying to remain alive and when I am sunk I look and see so many just sitting and doing nothing or firing torpedoes at me rather than the team on the other side. it behoves me as to their thought process. A win gives everyone a good feeling and not just having hidden in some place just to survive. Good thing the navy people from WW1& 11 were all so supportive of one another. I would have played today but My game refused to launch. Loaded to ninety five percent and all I hear is a click and it locks up my screen and I have to shut down and reload. I kept thinking it would somehow mysteriously fix itself, but alas now way. Hope all is better by the morning or I get some news from my ticket I submitted. I saw that the other two games have the same issue, just didn't think it would be something in all three, but it does make sense. Take care see you on the oceans of the game. Say Hi if we are ever on the same game. I am always looking for the enemy and often enough for my team as they seem to sink me as much as the enemy. Bye for now. good hunting. stay on the shiny side of the waves
  9. Hi I'm Art AKA RGPippy1

    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I would have been playing today but I can't get my game to load. it stops about ninety five percent of the way through the load just before log in. So I have been trying to figure out why It isn't working. I was playing last night and got one game on the new game plays the gap, and the night course. and then I had to go to bed as I am up at four with my Dog. but when I got up I tried to log on and there it was gone. Not sure why. Just didn't work. I am on level ten and have several ships on Elite now. I wished I could have played today. I'm all up to date and all and I have way more space than I need. Just won't load. I see this has happened in WOT, and WOP. I sent in a ticket but it will be after the weekend and I am the district Chaplin in my Lodge and am doing a church service and memorial day services so I am busy this week with lots to do. I just hope I can get back up on the morning. Take care. Be well. Say Hi if we get to be on the same side one day in the future.
  10. HE is getting out of hand.

    Patton was a general in the field not on the ocean. and he wasn't cared for by his men, just because he didn't care for them and he did send them out only to show up after the fight was done. He only went to battle when he knew ninety percent of the enemy were in deep hiding, then he would come out with his pistols and make his men feel like they were useless. So army and navy are different. that is why seals are more well trained than Grunts
  11. HE is getting out of hand.

    The HE round seem to be as they would be in any real battle with the ships they are going up against. the ability to obtain through battle as one of the training mods could or should have been as it was in the days of ship building ands that being the ability to take it to port and learn how to build up your armor on the sides of the ships up to a size. but when you do adjust the sides they always lost in decking, So it would have been long distance lobbing shots which would have done more damage and not the water line shots to hole the ship. Remembering that the4 decking on WW1 ships was that of plywood or should I say deck planking made of oak and hardwood. not until the end of the war did they even think of using steel, and that was after they had been damaged and the captain discovered that the decks needed to be modified. So training and some points to gain thicker decking and armor plating skirting on the sides was an option would be close to the actual builds of those days. I live in a place where WW1 warships were built and harboured for all the wars before they went overseas to battle in the Atlantic
  12. Game fails to launch.

    My game just before the Login. stops loading. It runs about ninety five percent and the moment it should take you to the log on it stops and freezes my screen and goes no further and I have to log off my system and it does the same thing each and every time I try and load my game. Any reasons known for this to happen?
  13. Hi I'm Art AKA RGPippy1

    I like the game as it keeps the brain in motion. I am a senior and sometimes I try and help players with information. If this bother's some of you. Please don't become a team killer. I have studied historic battles for some time and live in the port city of Halifax where all North American navy ships Left to the distant battles in both war's. I understand that people sometimes don't like more than simple text. I am more of a person who likes to try and assure in layman's terms so players who don't know can learn. I have been shot more times by my own team who don't seem to think that these battles are from some historic values from people who put a ton of work into detail. So say hi if you see me. I would like to play as a team and not so much as a team who only wants to kill things in a game. That is the difference in being a senior and a mason. we love the history as well as the challenge of seeing what the battles were like when we were unable to be there ourselves. Also there were some specific tasks set for some of these ships on here and if they were not doing their jobs in my day they were court-martialled. try and play the game honourably and if you must sacrifice for your team, so be it. It has happened in every war since the days of the crusades.