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  1. Standardized hydro may increase the demand for the hydro duration mod (since it's in Arsenal and not just SCs). Rather like the idea of BBs and CRs losing some stealth, but have to wonder when the CV rework brings in captain respec. That will concern a lot of players.
  2. Add me in-game. I rather enjoy this mode and if still trying for 5 stars, happy to help.
  3. Reymu

    Halloween Ops - Captain Builds

    Your BB build is fine for all the anti-ship work, just mind you have friendly AA support cause without MAA Gorgon's strikes will hurt. I went with steering gear mod since played well, Magnu-s can heal back massive HP after hitting damage thresholds. TAM or CE didn't seem to really matter a whole lot. DE is wasted on CR because of the base 48% fire chance and that strong RoF, which is why I took BFT instead. CE is probably better for the extra 5% dispersion if not having trouble elsewhere.
  4. Reymu

    Halloween Ops - Captain Builds

    Just added T8 Captain Builds. Given the 30 sec DC (base) and constant +30 HP while inside Transylvania circle, it's usually more economical to take the passive healing. If the team focuses down the various enemies effectively, little need of FP, and by the Rasputin fight, main threat isn't fires, it's Rasputin's vicious AP. I also found that by 3rd Zikasa mob, yes, can be ablaze in four places, but a single self-heal along w/ staying in heal circle usually is more than enough; I usually use DC after only two Zikasas left.
  5. Reymu

    (Not) Saving Transylvania

    Basically this. Also: 1) DDs can damage catapults with their HE. Their AP is effective against broadside Zikasa if want to, though I rely more on the torps. Mind you deselect and choose the Zikasas not being targeted, helps soften them up. 2) Ideally DD should smoke Transylvania during 2nd and Rasputin battles. Latter is especially the case because Rasputin has godlike accuracy.
  6. A welcome change. It's really irritating to get pens and no damage because clipped AA or secondary.
  7. Reymu

    Halloween Ops - Captain Builds

    The Zikasas only attack with secondaries, and they're inaccurate. Catapult shots can knock out your engine, but only if you keep yourself spotted. Rasputin, if he focuses you, can pull a 1-shot with his HE volley. In short, not much utility unless go out of your way to get shot at a lot.
  8. Reymu

    PSA Halloween event

    Keep in mind respeccing the given 19-point captains will cost, so choose your build wisely. I'm getting between 1-3K elite XP per run (Premium time w/ confederate flag), so this operation is better done for fun, not farming.
  9. Note this is for the Saving Transylvania operation. DD: Your role is basically that of frequent torp volleys at ships as well as staying alive to smoke up Transylvania. I picked SE over HA because the extra HP helps. SSE also gives more leeway for when use the smoke. Basically a "Want Some More?" build. An argument can be made for manual secondaries, but the frequent need to designate targets can be a pain, and the Rasputin's massive HP pool requires teamwork to bring down, not MS. I also added the CQE flag for secondary range of 5km. My experience is this is the most fragile ship of the trio because lacks smoke and good armor, so went for a survival build to reduce fire damage. Normally I'd advise DE, but given the base 33% fire chance and ridiculous # of MBs, it's not economical. The base 2.5km secondary range makes secondary build meh at best, so I just want to live longer to set all kinds of nasty bots on fire. Your builds and why? T8 captain builds: For most part, self-explanatory. In this Ops the CV has a team heal as well as Eclipse which paralyzes the bots completely for 15 seconds (hence SI and JoaT are must-have). I also take the mod for extra fighter HP and ammo over shorter aircraft flight times because if attack with all 3 TB at once (my style), the shorter prep time is pointless. If you prefer to spread out the attacks, consider the mod for reducing flight prep time instead you don't trust your teammates to bring enough self-defense AA. The cruiser in this mode is king when it comes to air cover, so got AA range module as well. This pretty much guarantees any Gorgon flight coming by is shredded. Also suggest the Aux HP module since bots almost never knock out your MB. Given the rapid-fire-heal consumable, JoaT and SI are must-have. I played mine is a support/AA role and it worked well. Pro tip: JoaT makes your radar CD smaller than its duration. Nasty! If you stealth torp bots, you'll love this girl. Full concealment puts her at 4km (7km and 70 knot torps!) and with the Filthy Engine Boost, SI/LS/JoaT make the most of it. I had 2 leftover points, so put them in EM because occasionally want to take potshots or try to cit Gorgon, but usually rely on the torps (45sec reload w/ TAE). Brawling in this is almost a given. Secondary build reaches to 6km, and the RoF is fast enough for MS. I usually have MB working a target one side and the secondaries pulverizing something on other. Since face enemy DDs and CRs, MS is very helpful. I also run MAA because Gorgon tends to come after BBs. SI is also all but required for an extra invincible shield (ram opponent without taking damage) as well as the extra AoE heal.
  10. Reymu

    Halloween Ops

    Don't forget those temp ships can accept flags, so if got the Confederate ones in stock, good time to farm some elite XP. If you're among the playerbase that has the Military Month Contributor flag (5% bonus to credits, XP, and commander XP), it's also mountable.
  11. The TKing is nothing to get mad about, if WG upgrades TKing (within first 3 minutes) to be instant ban from pvp for a week. I'd just set the reload time for all MB and torps to 60 seconds. CVs shouldn't be touched given the upcoming rework.
  12. I wasn't selected either, but doesn't matter to me either way. If can help, great, and if not chosen, hey, at least I offered.
  13. Reymu

    Weekend spree

    RIP newbies.
  14. Reymu

    Weekend spree

    After taking final exam earlier in morning, came and had a field day w/ warships. Took DM on her maiden voyage and she fits like a glove (unfortunately an Iowa's good aim brought her adventure to an abrupt end, became his DS that match). Made a bit of progress on the Charles (MB reload booster is good for catching people by surprise), as well on Zao's stage 5 of final mission, got GK thru the free XP part, ran MO a few times, and whatever else. This familiar face helped win a match in the only DD he likes (and got my Lion some nice XP): Helped another guy that wasn't sure how he was doing in Neptune. Another o7 to Turbotush: And at last ran into some jerk that was offended I and my clanmates didn't play as he wanted and he proceeded to rage and crossed line by ordering us to go die. We reported him to WG. You can throw insults at me, I don't have to be hurt by those words unless want to, but death threats? Nobody crosses that line.