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  1. Rather sounds I need to spend dubs to extend my WoWS Premium (about 20 days left) if want to get this w/ 7.12 and get some dubs back in compensation.
  2. Reymu

    Weekend spree

    Think it was just camos.
  3. Reymu

    Weekend spree

    Joined my clan for a few clan battles and quickly remembered I disliked the meager rewards there for the losing team. Got Nelson since directives this week required her or Vanguard and quickly learned to enjoy that zombie's nasty MB accuracy. Grozovoi and Mushashi and Murmansk got their maiden voyages. As usual, potatoes ruined Grozo and Mush's first times. Murmansk lucked into a T4-5 and I pulled a Confederate/HC. Ran Taiho for first time in a while and had the two annoyances of facing an AS Taiho and teamed with very fluffy-headed peeps. Shout-out to DeckhandAdmiral, we lucked into opposite teams (Nelson vs. Fiji) and cackled as I bagged him.
  4. Turns slower and is about 15% bigger in-game, but other than that, Iowa is a good upgrade, especially those faster AP shells. She can brawl alright and with the US BB's slot 6 aiming accuracy, she's a feared opponent. She can AA spec to the point of being a pain to even Midway planes. Play her at her strengths and Iowa pays well. She's not a NC.
  5. Problem was this would've turned even torp bulges into AP damage pinatas, so even angling wouldn't be as effective. Just a ribbon for AP destroying a module would've been sufficient.
  6. Reymu

    Upcoming Snowflakes

    Looks I'll need to get out my Missouri and begin the credit farming to rebuy ships, esp. 9s like Roon. It's actually neat of WG to make the rewards same in co-op and Random because T7+ Random, you pretty much need to have a 14-point captain minimum or be at a serious disadvantage. Which reminds me, Premium ships included in the Snowflake event? I just got 4 more this week, 3 from Santa crates and 1 w/ Coal.
  7. Reymu

    The chief problem in WOWS

    Straight up! At least the real one's not upset.
  8. Reymu

    2018 Secret Santa!

    Oh, thanks and early Merry Christmas!
  9. Reymu

    My Zao build for clan battles. OK or crap?

    That looks reasonably good. HA is actually useful if you have the evasive tank role and if DDs are a pain, Vigilance helps. People also won't expect a Zao to be running TA on the 12km torps.
  10. Reymu

    2018 Secret Santa!

    Same here. Hopefully job market here picks up, about to graduate w/ 2-year in cybersecurity.
  11. It'll be interesting to read once this is finished. I'm expecting less than 8% chance overall of getting a Premium ship. Coal seems to be incredibly rare as well.
  12. Not really a scam. You're just betting you'll get premium ships for lower cost than buying them directly. I got: 25 orourboros Monaghan 120 NYS 12,500 coal Prinz Eugen 30 Leviathan 10000 dubs 5 Asian Lantern Murmansk 30 Basilisk 30 red dragon
  13. The Mega Crates seem only worth it if you're willing to accept any premium ship. I got Murmansk, Monaghan, and Prinz Eugen out of 20. Good haul compared to the ship prices!