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  1. Reymu


    Don't remember buying any LM though. Always grinded them out.
  2. WG says CVs are part of the game. That is final, no matter how much a CV offends because the player knows how to hit you. Deal with it.
  3. Reymu

    So... um, how do you counter high tier CVs?

    Countering high-tier CVs is same as countering all other classes: learn to mitigate and be satisfied with that. Just survived a Midway picking on me in Alsace with 0 AA upgrades because did exactly that. I got the final blow because know where to shoot armored CVs. Aim for the deck and be at least 13 km away so even BB caliber can get some plunging fire.
  4. Reymu


    Just researched and bought Republique. Then saw this. The heck?
  5. Actually it's more productive to aim the AP into superstructure. My experience is it's got good odds of deflecting the shots downward for regular pens. HE damage is 100% repairable along with fire. Well-aimed AP volleys cripple in long run since cannot heal all that back.
  6. Reymu

    Weekend Spree, 3 to 5 April 2020

    Hopped in Smolensk and wasn't impressed with her terrible handling. Good thing kitted for max gun range! Also farmed well over 60K because know how to aim AP at broadside targets. Little-used tactic, but CLs rack up more damage sticking to AP plunging fire than trying HE and praying for fires. Some progress on stage 4 of Montana and Moskva (get wins). Been relying on co-op for that. Helena is rapidly becoming my best AP-spam CL. Plunging AP of that 152mm caliber easily penetrates all deck armor for 6-12K volleys on broadside targets.
  7. Reymu

    Aslain's - can't connect

    Ok it looks using direct link #2 got a working version. Fixed!
  8. Twice now tried updating my Aslain's mod using latest installer. For whatever reason it hits a "could not connect" error. Anyone else ever had this problem?
  9. Reymu

    Bad Idea WG

    Well @Hapa_Fodderif you are looking for more feedback on current implementation of CVs, here's a quick write-up from a casual that played CVs before and after a moderately successful rework: Solved: 1) CV population 2) Added dynamic element to carriers rather than the RTS I noted is very detached 3) Made all CVs more enjoyable in general Issues still to address in some way: 1) AA. When planes fly straight--I have repeatedly seen this since the start of the rework--the flak consistently knocks them all down, sometimes as quickly as 5 seconds. The flak is very effective when it connects. However, as I have proposed before, WG could give players more AA loadouts: do they like the flak and continuous damage combo? Would they rather go all flak so CV flying straight loses his weapon quickly? Or would they prefer guaranteed cont. damage the CV cannot dodge? I have no idea why a good idea like this never reached the devs' ears. Main complaint some of the more reasonable anti-CV minority have is their AA doesn't feel strong enough. As a CV casual, more than half my plane losses were to flak, DD flak included. That is why CVs attacking DDs mandates the DD learn to use his flak. 2) Removal of CV sniping RTS days this was a problem. Good that it's gone, but between fighters, best AA of the tier, great fire/flood resilience, and a powerful DCP, rarely can a CV do something by smacking the other flat top. It would be a major help if fire/flood from CV attacks, done to another CV, has a longer duration. Yuro demonstrated recently that with a couple BBs running spotter planes, it is possible for a CV/2BB division to hit the other CV, but depends on latter being stationary. That's all on my mind atm. It's hard to get constructive feedback from anti-CV or pro-CV faction when it devolves into one group enjoying WOWS' sniper class and other offended to be hit once by CVs.
  10. Reymu

    Bring us a third daily!

    Low tier isn't endgame in WG's eyes since takes only handful of matches. How do you propose to persuade them otherwise?
  11. Deal with it. Sometimes players like me just want to fun with the clan, and on our terms. If we wanna sync drop for hope of beating each other up, we will. You wanna get upset about it, guess what? That's your problem bud.
  12. Let's just say this Implacable had Tunnel Vision Syndrome. CV captains, remember to check the minimap at least before every flight. We require you to live longer so you can enrage everyone that hates being sniped at Also, all but 2 of my games yesterday had CVs. Only got hit 4x total in all because stayed with other teammates for AA as well as being an unappetizing target. If CVs are broken they sure aren't doing it consistently.
  13. Reymu

    How to stop CVs

    Was a good laugh. Now if Yuro did this to a non-CV opponent, that would be doubly funny!
  14. Reymu

    AFT necessary?

    Smolensk needs her own captain, probably. Neither of my Russian DD captains have AFT. Moskva capt hasn't LS--hear that's necessary for Smolensk if not a long-range kiter.