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  1. Return my Midway?

    Some of the fear is vs. AS Haku captains that know how to make life miserable for the current T10 fighters. T9 will make it easier. Then suddenly Midway is the bad ship if facing a Haku. What are weak AA DDs supposed to do if air control is against them? Last year, when I took my Taiho vs. a strike Essex, I easily dominated his 7 fighters with mine. Both were T9 planes. Make his T8 and it's easier for me. 2-1-2 Essex already struggles against my Taiho since not hard to use the ridiculous exit-strafe to wound his bombers.
  2. Gave me a good chuckle there OP. My highest is 738 in ARP Myoko.
  3. One of the most irritating is US/Russian cruisers div'd with a Haku/Midway, as they blow off your AA, then CV comes in and annihilates you. If you are a DF scrub, sometimes you got no AA left to DF with! The hardest I've fought: 1) Triple BB division. They took turns tanking and focus fired one target. They even fired sequentially to force cruisers to keep turning a lot or get citted. 2) Triple Shimakaze/Gearing/Z-52. The coordinated torp walls are a royal pain (kinda why I dislike DD stealth) 3) Debatable what nation's cruisers are the worst, but in my experience, hands-down it's always the German ones. Their AP hits like a truck, and with their built-in IFHE, their HE volleys don't have to start fires to be painful.
  4. Sounds like you have gotten into a habit of overextending. Been there, it's frustrating to unlearn. Wanna div up? I'm expecting to be sometime tomorrow afternoon (I'm In CST).
  5. Epicenter

    Get gud. The battle chose you. So just do what you can. Epicenter has zero issues, you're just making excuses.
  6. Well duh: Fire HE back at him! When AP keeps being a stinking troll, I just take the fire chances. Kongo begins having AP penetration problems vs. dreadnoughts within 13km anyway, last I used my ARP Kongo.
  7. Further nerfs to CVs make no sense. They need to be effective against damaged AA builds, and downtiering the planes kills the motivation to grind up a line. A more fitting approach is more types of modules. For instance, a 3 million module that hardens your AA; only BB-caliber HE can destroy it. AA specced fans will be delighted. Add a module that allows a DD to use its DC party for a 30% chance of shaving 20 seconds off remaining torp tube reload time--suddenly T9-10 torp DDs seem more appealing. WG can get pretty creative here. Cruisers, for instance, might love a module that cuts the gun bloom time on their ships by 3 seconds. Bottom line, @Pigeon_of_War is we're not privy to much. So many unwelcome surprises at times...but it does seem most of the complainers here are just a minority, they are just being persistent.
  8. Meh, I pretty much wondered about the consistency. The only always-true is if you destroy the MB, game treats that armor as having vanished--which makes sense--but I have managed 11-20K damage volleys from firing into the superstructure. So I've wondered if AP goes thru entire superstructure, can that count as a full pen? Assuming of course deck armor bounces the shells. But whatever, it's not a major game changer.
  9. Stopping toxicity and salty talk is as simple as mailing the offender a box 'o poo, rigged with a tiny bomb so it flings all over, including the computer (hopefully ruining it) and the financial lessons teaches him/her to speak civil. I've had my share of trouble keeping from complaining, since tended to project my "play well" standards on other players in medium and high tiers. Someone driving a Montana completes match with less than 600 XP? That player obviously shouldn't be allowed to play high tiers until he gets good. Nowadays I'm unconcerned. If he plays well, great, I'll support him. If no, then I'll use him as a meat shield. Better for my temper (and fun) if only care about whether I'm enjoying myself.
  10. Probably will pass. I already have sufficient credit earning power between MO and Tirpitz. A Yamato w/ laughable secondaries and AA doesn't sound appealing, don't run my Yamato much as is, not interested in a port queen. For future reviews LWM, if it's a BB, I'd be interested in how well the superstructure and deck--at various angles--can be damaged with AP rounds. I've fired directly into a charging BB's superstructure, and even Tirpitz/Bismarck's smaller AP rounds do serious damage if they connect this way.
  11. Good CV players use chat to tell team what caps they're covering or targets they'll alpha strike or scouting. Bad ones stay silent, in my experience. Important thing as CV is communicate. Team prefers a flat top that works with them. If you got outplayed by the other CV, oh well, they can understand skill differences. Whether they understand skill plateauing in CV is another topic.
  12. Weekend spree

    Sorry for the absence of these threads. I lost most of my former enthusiasm for WOWS. Anyway, did some matches Friday, it was reasonably fun, so played some more yesterday. MM really hated my Missouri, lost all 5 matches, yet won all the others in Z-23, Tirpitz, Hindenburg, and Iowa. I'm close to halfway to Montana, but with classes starting this week, I'm not sure how much I'll be on. Oh well! And for the first time, I actually got matched with a few snowflakes in Missouri. It was hilarious how they decided to rag at me for supposedly being a selfish prick. None of them bothered to find out exactly what my situation and options were (red team has 2 caps, I decide to push one from E w/ a Hindenburg and 2 DDs, Hindenburg gets evaporated by enemy Yamato and Missouri, both DDs turn tail and flee, I know Shimakaze stalking me because dodged 5x3 spread). Either I could push, hit a broadside BB while facing 2 Bbs and the Shimakaze and a Gearing all at once--with teammates still hanging back in our one cap--or I could retreat and hope for a better tactical advantage. I know MO's secondaries aren't great even w/ full sec spec, so I fled. Link up with our GK--who dies to shimakaze torps--and seeing the match was basically over (their teamwork was superior, yammy/MO/gearing in cap, shimakaze torp stalking, and freddy sniping vs. me and our 2 remaining DDs), I went for a ram and took down their MO and got 3rd place. Those butthurt players made me laugh. They did not care I'd be in poor position facing 2 BBs and 2 DDs at once, nor that I protected my ship to ensure I could still hopefully influence the battle a bit. They just seemed to think that well, I got outplayed badly, therefore I should just uninstall. I don't care what abusive players say, their hate is not a valid reason to listen.
  13. Montana

    Seagal's only AA buff is the AFT skill. BoS comes once I got the other 2 points because full AA spec isn't worth the reduction in survival build unless T9-10 CV population picks up.
  14. [cunning glint in my eye] One of these days I will have to teach you how to laugh at salty players instead of being the Blocking King /end sarcasm