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  1. Anime source? Hear you OP, I've had a similar streak no matter what tier. Died late in T8-10 in chappy, and the living are 3 BBs that're still hardly damaged (cause sniping all game) and only then do they push a cap, but too late. Even saw a gearing basically park in cap and get annihilated by Taiho TB. I laughed so hard at him. Then tried to get the cap, asked Edinburgh and 2 MOs to push the cap with me, and surprise! they stay 10km away because oh, there's a kagero in cap and they're skeered of torps. I survive the Taiho's next TB drop and leave them to die. Finished 3rd place in base XP that match, remarkable given badly my flank played. Be really helpful if WG started punishing such abysmal play. After T7, there's no excuse--you've played enough matches to have basic skills like minimap awareness, torpedobeats, HE vs. AP, use of island cover, and so on. By T8, you will have those skills and ready to display them. If you lack them, then do everyone (including yourself) a favor and start learning them. Learn until you plateau, if possible, or at least enough that you can reasonably pull your weight.
  2. Must've been one very idiotic Taiho to let you get that close. I've only died twice to DDs in mine and both times from my mistakes. The rest found out how TB crossdropping hurts.
  3. Dreadnought flags won't be necessary until got the new Speed Tanking down pat. Just added SE to my Vodka Racer, so reasonably durable. Besides, using those flags on a DD says plainly I need carrying, so won't bother for a long time. Already tried and found it pretty awesome. Only irritation is that your teammates have to be competent to ensure you got time to get some damage, along with firing torps at any BBs foolish enough to charge in or DDs that park in smoke. Very delightful to find Tashkent can't fight planes. Validates the necessity of staying near friendly AA, though if the team have no AA buffs, they are still useful as meat shields. Heal's pretty nice in that teammates have to either play well or else I get to mock their stupidity while I escape.
  4. Just got 5 stars with a surprisingly competent team in Graf Spee. Thought woo hoo, premium time means I'll be running QE/Tirp/MO to get to KGV and make the credits needed to outfit Taiho with her upgraded planes and hull. However, it seems the Operation rewards are bugged. Took this screenshot: I had no idea I already got my reward from doing this very operation about 3 months ago.
  5. None taken, but I'd really have preferred you took the hint about wanting pointers. Took the bigger guns because figured the extra pen power would mean fewer AP bounces, but in practice, barely noticed any difference. I'll await cheaper respec or grind the elite commander XP and swap MS for FP...dunno about dropping the secondaries module in slot 2, but suppose the AA range or aiming system module would work better. Can't brawl much at a tier where offense outpaces defense. From running DCM2 on Yamato, fire duration drops to 50 seconds with it. Guess need to combine that w/ FP to survive cruiser HE. At range, even a Conqueror has trouble hitting more than my middle. Are you saying secondary build on GK is worth it more than freddy? Problem being the limited room until have upgraded range module--time to spend FXP. At range, hitting DDs is tough--my approach has been to spot and whip them whenever possible...you are implying bothering cruisers and BBs is my job, as well as drawing potential damage. Still, sound approach. I'll try it out tonight. Not when the smoke baits the torps away from teammates as well as giving the BBs/cruisers in back some room to escape if focusfire gets too intense. It's the same debate as TRB vs. smoke on IJN DDs. TRB means more shots at damage, but smoke means opportunity to cloak teammates as consistent damage with torps doesn't happen. Though with the darned campfest, it's tough justifying team player POV since so many won't advance unless carried. Maybe I will play only for my ship, and if teammates get grumpy about no smoke, that's their problem. Velocity is not reliable for hitting DDs that keep swinging beyond 10km, but yes to rest.
  6. Makes sense, if your concerns about your welfare are strictly limited to until your body dies. However, I think in terms of eternity and soul, so something self-serving like being a [edited] makes no sense; after logging so many weeks of just that, on your deathbed, it'll be plain it was all about pleasing yourself, and ergo worthless. I mean, the whole [edited] thing seems all about making a mere feeling, which has no self-awareness nor form we can touch, a god, so there's no lasting value or benefit aside from the distraction it offers. Perhaps you should elaborate to give us a reason to express curiosity?
  7. In which case, worth considering discussing when you do your games. Block out a few set days with hours, and keep track of how long this week you've done virtual games, and share your success or failure at self-restraint with her, and what you've come up with to better follow it (if applicable). Then again, you already seem to have it well in hand anyway. Or so I think--I'm an open-minded guy and stuff, but at times, it's painful because other person just doesn't want to reconsider his or her position. Everyone in my circle of friends and family seems to have at least one game he/she enjoys, but always in moderation. Not sure a potential spouse forbidding all video/computer games is necessarily little more than a source of problems...unless maybe it's that need to feel in control of things? The impression from my former co-worker is simply a wary concern that said person who plays video games can only be addicted to them. Course, I'm not planning to try reconnecting with her. In moderation, games are completely acceptable, but her attitude from back then was completely opposed to being around them. Seems the sort of person who needs time to figure out she's got her head backwards.
  8. The only buff Khab needs is removal of its magazine.
  9. How am I supposed to be motivated to enjoy Tashkent and Freddy when at least 60% of the time, since it's a high-tier campfest, I can literally expect to have lower damage totals, more trouble pushing caps, and generally not getting enough done? Back to back, win or loss, no matter how carefully I play, always seem to be losing credits. Taiho, for most part, I was able to break even or profit since played her competently. Ibuki was not too bad since used premium time and a lot of long-range HE sniping. Roon was fairly straightforward and had semi-consistent performance. Izumo I usually managed a small profit unless stupidly yolo'd since knew how to play to her tankiness. Tashkent has small guns and T4 torps w/ 8km range, and basically nothing else. Ran the smoke on her so far, it seems hit or miss whether it's useful as unless I'm the only DD spotting, it's just a chance for teammates to avoid fire while I get focused--makes me wonder if the self-heal is viable, and how best to use that. She's stock atm, if that helps, wanted to get at least some ship XP before buying range upgrade. Freddy I play same as Bismarck/Tirpitz, complete with a full secondary build. However, getting in range to use it has given usually middling results and her tankiness can't match Izumo's. No, I'm not throwing doubloons on prem camos for them. T10 ship only, since like the progression to the top.
  10. Once in a while, I recall one girl that used to be interested in me. Back when used to work at McDonald's, I was something of a favorite eye candy to the girls there as I gave it my all unlike most of the other guys. This particular girl seemed to take her Christian faith seriously and my impression is she'd seen plenty of otherwise handsome guys that cared more about whatever video game, and she basically decided that a guy who plays any sort of computer game must be a good-for-nothing. If memory's accurate, she overheard my coworkers asking me if I play any computer games. Named a few, but that I didn't have much interest now as they basically are just a way to waste time; she vocally agreed with a firmness that was surprising (hence above thought about her). However, I was clear I still play them sometimes, if bored and have nothing else to do, and afterwards she basically refused to consider dating me at all. Also remember reading in an UK article years ago about a single mother that is keen on marrying a guy, but her problem is every guy she's ever gotten to know, it's always the sort that has a PT job in warehouse, spends a lot of free time talking World of Warcraft or whatever games he's into, and she simply refuses to date those guys on the grounds they're not husband material. Her complaining can be summed as "where have all the good men gone?" Forget which forumites, but have seen several post that they play WOWS in their free time after work and family obligations completed. Nothing to indicate wife has a problem with her hubby enjoying digital ships. For my part, it just seems to depend on the guy's intent if he still plays computer games when dating a girl. If she's around just as a cute body or caretaker or something selfish, then yeah, he's too into virtual worlds to know difference between reality and fantasy, so no way is he husband material. On the other hand, if he does them on the side, preferring them as a way to relax (time permitting) and keeps it reasonable, then he's got the self-control needed for dating; he can put aside his level 99 toons and focus on making her happy, and if the relationship gets serious, he can maintain this discipline. As I understand it, video games are generally interactions with virtual worlds, so they're not suited to dating, but in moderation, they're acceptable. Any adult woman should easily understand the self-restraint as well as the fact that in limited amounts like any fun activity, video games are an acceptable part of life. Wondering what your thoughts/experience are on this matter.
  11. ^ Tell that to the 28 AA-specced US DDs I bagged in Taiho. Would be higher but for my teammates enthusiastically blasting at the spotted DD. Frequently they spent the DF on my DB, or 2 TB. Then my TB come by and crossdrop or 3rd TB forces a straight line of driving for teammates. Either way, it's a situation AA spec on DD is not designed to fight off nonstop, especially since cruiser HE blows off most of it, especially if coordinating. If the planes all came at once sure, that'll fail, but not with a CV that plays his cards right. Why do you think DD's place is within 5km of friendly AA when a CV is around? They don't necessarily live otherwise. Cocky DDs overextend when Taiho TB swing by, they're in trouble.
  12. Killing AA D is a simple matter of baiting the DF, then ramming it home with TB or DB. Probably only the Grozo can brag about being untouchable with its ridiculous AA though. That said, it'd have been more balanced if DF replaced smoke, or required giving up a torp tube. CVs hardly give me a problem in any of my DDs since stay with teammates for AA instead of being a whiner that demands self-sufficient AA.
  13. But...it's more satisfying to smack people around with a ship they underestimate :) I don't close in without good reason in Yammy. If it's a calculated gamble to protect a cap, sure, but vs. a DD? I'm going to have trouble kicking out of the smoke. As for the AP bounce, I've only had that problem vs. angled BBs so far. Minimizing it vs any ship class is a simple matter of aiming at the superstructure where it can punch through the deck armor--I would have thought it's plain that, if going to rock the BB AP, know where to aim it for overpens and pens vs. angled targets, in case HE isn't viable. I did use yammy's HE vs. a fleeing montana that angled, but the damage was meh. Switched to AP and just aimed superstructure. Yes, each volley was about 9.7K, but unless HE started a fire--and he didn't DC--more prudent to use AP and aim better, as that damage cannot be repaired as well. Cruisers will bounce your AP if it hits the deck armor at a steep angle that makes it more than 32mm thick. I use MBM3 too. About 14 seconds more rotation time, but plan ahead, roll with the team, and the 26.4 second reload time pays for itself, especially target-rich areas. Besides, MB accuracy mod is Iowa/MO/Montana only, so run the aiming systems module.
  14. Now this is the BB I've been looking for! Accurate MB, excellent penetration on angled whatevers, solid armor, and a "you talking smack to me?" presence. Very thoughtful of other Yamato captains to play their ship well. I've found Yamato excels at mid-range, bow-in, and vocally leading a charge. Good thing I sat through Izumo grind and learned about her tankiness--Yamato seems to have the same trait. Admittedly, the troll MB meant using Kraken flags, XP-boosting camos, and premium time to shorten the grind. Only spent ~3300 free XP, rest is ship XP. If you skipped more than 4K of Izumo ship XP en route to yammy, thou coward. Thou not worthy of Yamato. Thou owes Izumo a bouquet of flowers
  15. Blasted internet--double post