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  1. Far as I've seen this year, chat's pretty tame. Can get some reactions if start battle w/ banter (tonight I told players pls play seriously if they want girlfriends, with amusing results). Think personal favorite is spraying anger-neurotoxin in chat to see who plays along pretending to be angry Think only seen 3 instances of reportable language this year. Just submitted a ticket and DM'd Ahksance that a player in his Musashi told our Russian CV player to commit suicide after getting whacked twice.
  2. Just remove subs to a special mode or give us option not to face them in Randoms.
  3. Reymu


    Gratz, she's an excellent choice. Secondary build is more fun, IMO, just choose your targets carefully: some like Petro can citadel you at brawling range, and between the 13.3km detect, 11.3 range, and 28 knots, you're virtually committed once go in. Careful too about broadside as she eats pens easily. Most any high-tier camper aims well, so bouncing AP rounds is difficult. Far as my experience, pretty much any cruiser is reliable damage. BBs it depends how many shots hit superstructure. DDs generally won't linger in your secondary range. Survival build is viable, but boring.
  4. Reymu

    Awww a coupon

    Suspect anniversary of when made my WG account, otherwise [shrug]. Could always attach images of $$ and say here's my payment, gimme dubs.
  5. Reymu

    Save Yamato!!!

    YT doesn't load embedded for me
  6. Reymu

    Awww a coupon

    Frankly, hard pass from me Subs are still annoying, plus where's more maps without the QA excuses? After some very rough matches thanks to MM putting 5+ DDs and subs on each team, can we please get absolute rule that DD+sub will not exceed 1/3 of the team? Yes, still kinda enjoy game, but the above has become problematic enough that wallet's closed.
  7. T1-7 and T9-10 ships are banned, obviously.
  8. Reymu

    Citadel Rant

    Screenshot or replay--helps if we can check armor viewer against where you're aiming and gun caliber. Overpens are simply AP rounds that punched through but never boomed.
  9. Reymu

    Weekend Spree 12 to 14 August 2022

    Did all NB attempts. Schultz and T9 KMS BC mastered. For some reason BBs are very prone to shooting at my DD. Also had evil grin on my face as I ran the U-2501and announced in all chat about being there to irritate people (yes, feedback from those chats was virtually all agreement that just bringing subs ticked them off). Got busted w/ low base XP in couple battles, but otherwise did alright. Actually giggled when caught a Stalingrad that made mistake of DCPing a ping: Surfaced next to him and fire point-blank, 6 hits and he flooded to death. Also placed top in another match. Another player sent me death threats during a match for actually torping him in a sub. He didn't take them back, so reported him in ticket. Happily CS just informed they took appropriate action. Ran usual Alaska/Missouri/Georgia/Ohio for extra elite XP. Eventually I'll decide if want another SS besides Eagle. Yamagiri and Satsuma both look good.
  10. It shouldn't. 4 max, subs and DDs combined. As soon as it's 5 there's a lot more stealth and it becomes less fun for everyone. That's pretty much my experience, and it's worse when one team has all the suiciding DDs. Maybe exception could be made the DDs in question are noisy ones like Khab and Kleber, but otherwise no. WG, sadly, doesn't seem to care about this major issue.
  11. Reymu

    Offense/Defense against smoke concealment?

    It's a simple matter of using islands to break the LOS of any non-smoked ship that is spotting you (unless you fire MB, in which smoked enemies will see you), usually. It's actually more fun when get within range and let hydro/radar spot him for your teammates! Early game it's usually suicide to rush the smoker unless he positioned badly. Mid and late-game if he's alone he's usually trying to escape. If he has support then his smoking is to farm damage off you. It takes experience, but some torp DDs will fire torps after smoking up.
  12. Aslain user here. IDK if just me, but the Regen Assistant mod seems to have vanished
  13. Chat's bugged. It confused me and the FDG's achievement. Complete with my secondary-spec captain that also commands Georgia and Ohio. Mostly for the psychological impact that sends DDs running, but have gotten a few CQE thanks to sec spec MO.