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  1. Took some effort but it is possible to intentionally block teammate torps just to turn them pink and all. I've had a few occasions where fired torps into a cap for area denial and unexpectedly teammate runs into the torps. Heck, my last TK was accident as my Shima's torps into a cap hit a friendly DD I hadn't expected to be there a min later.
  2. Reymu

    They really screwed up CV's

    Only change needed was change the 4-point AA skill to render flak impossible to dodge. But WG does not speak our language. They're determined not to. I've long since given up buying anything from them until that changes.
  3. Reymu

    Armory freebies

    Featured tab, scroll to the bottom.
  4. Reymu

    CVs make this game un-fun.

    Someone forgot to have an extra beer before playing with CVs. My in-game experience is players with bad stats and/or bad DD plays tend to whine when CV gets a successful run in. They need to take a chill pill and grow up. Not much of a DD player here, but CVs are rarely a problem because don't make an appealing target. Also, tsunderes like OP need a sense of humor: CVs aren't worth getting upset about, but losing their engines is.
  5. Reymu

    Nakhimov's Peculiarity

    Anyone want to bet Russian CV gimmick is ability to hit CVs very hard?
  6. Reymu

    Player Abuse & Ship XP Problems

    It looks like those toxic players prefer low to mid-tiers? Can't say I've seen them often since typically in high tiers; they're surprisingly rare, in my experience. To OP's point, just block the player in-game if he bothers you that much and move on. Odds of running into him again in battle are small. I'd also walk away if that hissy about the whole thing. WOWS is supposed to be fun way to relax and all.
  7. Reymu


    Yes, we know WG said however long ago they weren't going to add subs, but they did. While doing sec+ studying earlier, random thought: "What if escort CVs come with helicopters instead of planes?" WG is forbidden, of course, to do this just because.
  8. Why it's advisable to concentrate on 2-3 captains, get them to 21 first.
  9. If this is Ranked, Brawl, CB, or another competitive mode, then yes. Otherwise, no can do.
  10. These do not seem to take radar duration module into account? If remember correctly, there's a 2-point CR captain skill for extending consumable duration by 10%. Also, generally speaking US CRs (except Salem) , minotaur, and the DDs here are the most dangerous since can keep you permalit if that determined to sink you. Personally, radar YY/Black/Chung are the most annoying since they can pop it and invisifire you from smoke without being detected.
  11. Reymu

    PSA on Friesland/Groningen devblog

    Friesland will join my port later today. Though whether do the swap to get this ship....IDK. Kinda prefer doing some grinding.
  12. Radar only ruins impatient players, so....