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  1. Silver star does mean clearly it's ship XP, not FXP. Your reaching Midway happened after the 0.8.0 patch dropped, so you simply didn't make the deadline to have option to sell them back for FXP. That seems all your problem starts with: your timing. I had read the news ahead of time and knew about the refund option. As a result, spent some FXP to reach Midway before was at 100K XP in Essex. Been in customer service as a side duty in my past and current employment: I can promise you, three is the cutoff point. If you're rude and all in my face, three times exactly, then clearly you're out to cause trouble and upset everyone in the room. At that point, I will simply refer you to a manager.
  2. Reymu

    Just got the Minotaur. Any suggestions?

    Drop EM for JoaT. Faster CD on hydro/DC/smoke is a major help. Don't use Mino much (BBs loathe her almost as much as CVs), but I've only done well if plan ahead. Radar CRs are your worst enemy early and mid-game. I typically come near the cap where cover's available to support DDs. Flanking takes practice and timing, but if done well, you'll get some brutal torp hits, especially if your team took out their radar CRs. Just be careful, 6km KMS hydro beats your 5km hydro, so don't smoke up when a Kriegsmarine is nearby.
  3. Reymu

    What can you do?

    I'd just accept my limits and all. No use complaining. Besides, who'll care about their incredible achievements when WOWS eventually closes down? Achievements in entertaining oneself do not matter to the world, far as I know.
  4. Reymu

    Weekend spree

    Whew. Made some more progress on Yammy's base XP and Moskva's credits stage. A lot of potatoes this weekend, lost several in row in Yammy thanks to them. Progress on Exeter mission too. Now need 13 more kills in Nelson/Lightning/KGV for that stage. Seattle was a good T9. May rebuy her eventually. Newest T10 (bringing me up to 13 total): Took her for 2 battles. Potatoes ruined her maiden voyage, but followup match went better w/ just over 1600 base XP. Running no AA upgrades until reach 19 points and so unlock MAA, but she's still a formidable threat to even duo T10 CVs. Last battle w/ clanmates, one went pink because shot clanmate by accident, another went pink because DD suddenly reversed into his torps. They dared me to get pink too, but declined. Shout out to @poeticmotion and @WorldsWorstPlayer:
  5. Guaranteeing a well-aimed DB/rocket volley gets at least 1 hit would be an excellent change. I've had occasions already in Haku and Midway where did an excellent aim w/ DB and none hit. Not asking for incredible damage, just some consistency. DB and rocket planes can only do a couple attacks normally before AA wipes out the rest.
  6. Reymu

    I need Sound Tactical Advice

    Brawlers rarely get lots of time for secondaries. IFHE is a major sacrifice. My GK only has secondary mod in slot 3 and MS, which is sufficient to scare off a DD or CR that wanders too close.
  7. Reymu

    Reasons why XVM/MM Monitor are useful

    Gonna resume using my MM mod. Generally, if the player at minimum has blue/purple damage or avg XP, yes I can count on him to be capable. Red and yellow almost always screw up horribly.
  8. My experience is a lot of T10 "players" are total wimps. They won't push until the enemy players are defeated, even if they need only push for the clear advantage. I've had several losses today thanks to them.
  9. Got to the 3rd stage already. Currently need to get torp hits, using Leander and Lightning for that. Haven't decided yet if want to grind to Jutland/Daring, so haven't taken Lightning to pvp for that.
  10. If you're stomp on bots, we get it, the computer stole your favorite stuffed animal If you're going pvp, ok, just watch your back before someone TKs you. If you're running a CV, don't bomb a teammate. He'll sue you for making him ruin his shorts. Running a BB? Spread out your armor to appear bigger. Running any other class? Don't beach: it's scary being easy target for BB volleys! YW for the fast read.
  11. 1) Devastating Strike - 842 2) First Blood - 524 3) Confederate - 355 Favorites include a Devastating Strike if target was annoying me and Flesh Wound because it's fun nabbing someone from the grave.
  12. Reymu

    Never give up

    Effort? No. Luck? Definitely. But I don't really care--Nelson can produce Dreadnought and Fireproof easily enough. Arsonist will depend on burning a newbie BB that hasn't got survival build.
  13. Reymu

    Never give up

    After a few rough co-op (fire damage mission for Exeter) where it was a pain to farm it in Nelson (cause huge maps and small bot teams don't mix well for this 24-knot tubbie), went into Random w/ Nelson and had a gem mine: Never give up in Random!
  14. Wow lol that is definitely funny as heck to watch. Feel you though, it's irritating to be pink over stupidity. When I was doing the torp hits, made darned sure I had the red group to myself before firing.