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  1. This mod disk space or CPU-hogging or anything like that?
  2. AR, evidently, is more a question of whether I'm confident I can get beaten up, but survive on less than 50% HP for most of the match. I'll probably not AR. Just a minute on the torp reload (after TAE and module) should suffice.
  3. Far as I can tell from getting pancaked, they're not meant to play except as Russian DDs with decent torps. Had a lot of stinking famine in attempting to get torp hits and being upstaged by better DD players. 1 point away from CE, so I suppose don't contest caps at all unless support pushes cap with me, and given the 7.5km detect no use trying to stealth torp either. What else am I doing wrong? All 5 replays are attached. 20170920_160914_PGSD107-Leberecht-Maass_23_Shards.wowsreplay 20170920_155307_PGSD107-Leberecht-Maass_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay 20170920_112013_PGSD107-Leberecht-Maass_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay 20170920_171457_PGSD107-Leberecht-Maass_22_tierra_del_fuego.wowsreplay 20170920_162846_PGSD107-Leberecht-Maass_23_Shards.wowsreplay
  4. It's gotten so bad that from this point on, in my new Maas, I'm not pushing a cap unless my team pushes. Anyone staying more than 4km back is camping, period. Push into the cap as a group and brawl. I'm very tired of "oh no I don't want to push, there's a DD there." When is WG going to add some changes to make sniping counterproductive? Maybe change so that damage done farther than 15km away doesn't count for any rewards. Boom, BBs cannot snipe anymore without wasting credits. Or that you cannot see the DD unless you get within its detection range (CA w/ radar excepted). I don't know! It's a stinking player problem with self-preservation. Until they grow out of it, it's going to be a thorn.
  5. Gonna go with this build then: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1100000001000001011001000000000119
  6. Well the meta puts the camping distance between CA/BB smoke as around 8-14km. I'd say a 5.5-6.5km for UK CLs would do for detect range. Perth is UK premium, so chillax. Besides, it's the only ship with radar and smoke, so it's better able to say "boo!" BBs who play passively are part of the problem. Anything that makes passive playing less rewarding is acceptable in my book.
  7. Because the circle planes can take naturally passes the border. And once again, cherry picked complaint on the same class. Seeing as it was near end of match, nothing new. Now if the planes had a bug where their detection range dropped to 3km if flew over border, it'd be a legit complaint. Grumbling about getting outsmarted by a well-aimed manual or auto drop from outside the border is childish. Just swallow your attitude for until an appropriate time: right now like Taich, you come across as someone that waits to get slammed by a CV, then come cry on the forums, snort at the intelligent replies, and repeat. I mean, you addicted to this or something?
  8. If it's brutal, that's good enough for a CV. Buffing plane HP so only AA builds (T8-10) can reliably shoot down planes is fine by me, honestly. Though forumites like Vaitama and Taichunger will cry that this is obviously OP and where is their free no-CV button. Be nice if WG publicly humiliated them for being part of the problem.
  9. Pearl Harbor would make an excellent map. Iwo Jima too.
  10. I'm more interested in the CV rework happening first before they do more premiums, TBH. AL's gimmick is her excellent TDS. What would Massachusetts have, free manual MB on her 5km secondaries?
  11. PM made little difference while I ran it on Hatsu and Shira for extra protection on their torps; BB and CA HE apparently ignore PM entirely. Gone PT since. See no need of the engine kick module if don't park in smoke. Very rarely beach. Isn't the rudder shift better for torpedobeats? As for 19-point captain build: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1000000001000001001001000000001119 That said, SE does seem a necessary given other DD captains sometimes have it, and it helps limit the impact from a CV's torp. But with all the stealth build rubbish, RPF is inviting at least for knowing where the closest sucker is. How to decide between them?
  12. ATM my KMS DD captain is 2/10 with PT, EM, LS, and BFT. I'm considering between RPF and AFT for 1st T4, then CE for 2nd T4. That leaves 3 pts, which I think will go into SI as the extra smoke and hydro charge will come in handy. SE is pointless since I tend not to brawl in a DD. It seems possible I could respec out of EM and switch to JoaT once reach the Z-46 with her 10-sec MB rotate. TA seems suicidal. As far as builds, it seems stealth/AA/torp reload is the best. 2nd module is always AA range so my AA is active as soon as a plane finds me; once in a while smart CV notices it's weak and attacks, can't fight that off, but found the AA range helpful in dropping lone fighters.
  13. AP bomb damage cannot be healed back. Was surprised when a GZ knocked off permanently 1/3 of my MO's HP. However, it's acceptable. If you get hit by AP bombs, your AA was either inadequate or you were out of position.
  14. The smoke change is because BBs and CAs could abuse smoke for invisibility while hitting reds. This was very game-breaking especially if div'd with 2 US/RN DDs, as a single division easily had 24/7 smoke and could fire without worry of being spotted or flushed out. Radar isn't meant to counter that abuse. Ergo, no nerf needed.
  15. It's gotten so bad now that I flip on my caps lock if I charge a cap, announce my charge about 20-30 seconds in advance, and yell for everyone to push push push, we gonna flush them out, take the cap, charge with me. And if they refuse, I turn and camp behind them. It's irritating enough that I'm seriously considering attacking them for cowardice. Any T10 BB should be leading charge into cap, alongside support, and directing the focusfire on a particular enemy ship. It's very amazing how fast individual reds panic and melt under this tactic.