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  1. 3 points left on Z-52

    Ok, current build is PT/PM/JoaT/LS/TAE/SI/CE. I'm 1 point away from 19. Trying to decide between SE and BFT (since DE is less viable on DDs that need stealth to survive and are doomed to the campfest meta).
  2. Harugumo legendary upgrade?

    Hopefully the sort that gives Harugumo electric torps w/ 81 sec reload, 14km range, and 79km speed!
  3. The Way of Knowing. I copied this from watching DD videos and reading the Eragon books. See the target. Where are his guns facing? Speed? Position on the minimap? Is he turning to dodge incoming fire? The only important is concentrate. See everything that concerns the target. It takes time, but I was able to get a feel for the target's next movements in upcoming 60 seconds and whether to fire. It's not a 100% reliable skill, but when you predict correctly and nothing happens to upset it (such as another DD's torps forcing him to turn), the results tend to be devastating. This is how I've nabbed torp-aware BBs in my Z-46, Shimakaze, and Yugumo. Btw, that's where my WOWS-Sharingan comes from. Other option for more torp hits is BANZAI! Use island cover to get closer, pop engine boost, and get close enough to unleash torps at 2km. VMF DDs are the best at this since move quickest, but any DD that gets within 8km is very dangerous.
  4. Frosty Fir Tree camo buyer here. Haven't spent on anything else. That said, one of my pet peeves about coal is you can't directly exchange it for credits. Get FB flags, Ocean Soul/Revolutionary camo, or buy a premium ship to sell, yeah, but still...
  5. More motivation to CW isn't a bad idea. I've received offers before to join Hurricane-league clans because my stats are above-average or at least impressed them enough. The clan's toxicity depends on their overall maturity, not the presence of multiple currencies. Been on all spectrums before, from ones so competitive they'd talk tactics for hours to casual ones so laid-back you can just play a couple games a week and stay there. My experience is generally the competitive ones tend to be toxic, but I do not believe all competitive clans are that way--at least, they are mature enough to keep their angry rants to private channels. Wonder if @yashma can add his two cents? My current clan goes no farther than "freaking tired of the stinking potatoes!" Besides, keeping it exclusive makes CW more prestigious, which I believe is WG's goal. The players feeling alienated should remember, they all got the potential to join or form clans to take on CW. If they don't, their grumbling about the CW rewards is pointless because their lack of effort says they do not feel the rewards are important in first place.
  6. A ship carefully matching your ship's course (sailing away from you) and aiming from just beyond his maximum can do this. However, it's not a practical tactic. As to OP, HE spam is the cruiser's chief (and oftentimes only) means of fighting your BB. Without precise aim, his AP won't pen your superstructure or deck effectively, whereas your AP is less likely to bounce off him. HE is how cruisers (and some BBs) deal w/ angled BBs. It only seems a problem when you play foolishly. The on/off of DDs suddenly not playing as much because US CL line w/ guaranteed radar is on the loose? Those DD players, for whatever reason, are merely saying they don't want to fight radar, they want a game without it. They fail to adapt, so they already lose before match even begins. I've had 0 issues w/ my DDs at all tiers as long as I keep radar range included in my attack plans. A player that treats WOWS like fps rather than a shooter/strategy is begging for bad stats. We'll grant their wishes. And should ever said player ask for help, we'll pile on the division invites to help too.
  7. Scharn, Gnei, Bismarck, Tirpitz, Richi, Alsace, and Republique are the only BBs I've consistently seen recommended for anyone wanting secondary build. MS is around 50% more hits, I've gotten as high as around 1/3 in my brawlers. Without your secondaries (w/ AFT, secondary range module) are basically early-warning system. T9-10 generally too campy to get much mileage out of secondary builds, so for your T9-10 BBs it's often wiser to stick to survival/MB/AA build since secondary build often requires you to overextend to your fast death.
  8. Time for a long break

    Used to be. I actually enjoyed fighting boss monsters that required quick reflexes and watching for visual cues of various moves, and if you wanted good equipment, you had to dedicate hours of gameplay to earn it. Those were good times. Then the dev team decided to cater to the F2P crowd--short attention spans players, as I understand it--and began nerfing all the bosses, introducing ridiculously OP weapons for leveling up, and recycling same content and concepts repeatedly in dungeons. It got very dull, and they wouldn't much listen to requests for any restoring back to the good ol' days--it's nothing but get to max level, then lots of repetitive grinding to get latest gear. In a sense, WG has kinda gone the same way. Citadels, just three years ago, were basically the golden nugget. If you knew your ship well, you could be very effective. Now, w/ the addition of radar, CV nerfs, balance changes, 3 BB lines that are largely impossible to citadel, it's much easier for the match to devolve into a dull campfest. I'm sure WG is still enthusiastic, but it just seems WOWS, in a sense, has gone past its glory days same way as Tera. The scarcity of new maps, for example, is a problem w/ WOWS we have brought up repeatedly, and daresay if they went for creative instead of realistic maps, we could get a bigger variety, like maps that truly play to DDs' strength such as island ambushing (RIP BBs). IDK about other MMOs, but it'd be intriguing if WG could learn from their mistakes. Pandering to the F2P 7-year old crowd (whatever those potatoes are) might be good for short-term gains, but less so for long-term like retaining veterans like me. At present, it just seems WG spends all their time trying to milk WOWS for what it's worth instead of getting fresh and exciting content. Maybe. I wasn't burned out a year ago, and was reasonably enjoying the game then, so must've been less sensitive to the potatoes.
  9. Time for a long break

    Another of those streaks where dummies love reducing what was a fun game into 1-sided blowouts. So hard to enjoy the game when the potatoes ruin high tiers w/ their campfest and 100% allergy to doing anything right. Heck, I even get aggressive in FDG, tell the Worchester behind me I'm going in hard, and oh, wow, the chicken just has to hide in back because afraid of getting shot at. Had he come he could've done some serious damage to a nearby Hindy while me and Tirpitz kept a reversing Bismarck from unloading on him, but no... Think I'd have enough of the stupidity and laziness and whatever else makes a bad player a pain in pvp for a while. Leaving the game installed, but yes need a vacation. Just me, but if WG made rewards contingent on achieving a certain base XP (your ship's tier * 110, basically reach this if want to be rewarded), then yeah, the baddies would quickly get swamped by their own incompetence and we can offer to tutor them on playing better, but whatever. The F2P crowd, from my Tera days, simply don't want to improve.
  10. The AP bombs, w/ some good RNG, will score citadels. Don't know the exact minimum armor, but apparently between 170-250mm will ensure pens--and DM falls into this range when take the mid and citadel armor thickness into account.
  11. Spotting Alternative B is better, since CVs rely on spotting damage to some degree, and people will complain if the CV cannot spot stealth DDs for them. Fighter Solu. C seems most viable. Less weight = more speed. It'd take a little cunning to avoid the incoming strafe (personally, strafe needs to go). Invisible ship AA solution is excellent. It's tiresome having to deal w/ DDs and Neptune/Minotaurs that stay undetected but knock down your planes. Def AA solution is a helpful one. Easier than relying on the match timer. Commander skill bonus to CV skills isn't bad, but none of them originally brought in as CV captains, doubt WG would make those changes. Evasive Maneuver skill just needs to drop plane detection to 6km by ship. Right now ridiculous AA builds, if caught unawares, easily shred even Midway's TX DBs. Otherwise it's fine--I use it for the HP boost during bombing runs. Expert Rear Gunner is only useful to US CVs when their bombers are dealing w/ a float fighter. Just change the name (Bombadier School) and function to ensure at least 1 DB hits if the manual aim is good--I'd have cases where I aim well w/ my Ranger/Lexington's DB and all 14 miss, which is very stupid given the long reload times. Playerbase education is for the players individually to resolve. Whiners that want AA build benefits without running it deserve to be wrecked by CV captains. Either that or restore manual drops to T5 CVs. CVs have every business being in divisions like everyone else. I agree that CV bringing ridiculous AA builds is a royal pain in the neck, but if they enjoy that kind of play, why deny them that fun? They all made the decision to outfit for this, it'd be spitting in their faces to say no. It is only a game, and bringing an unfair advantage is not something to be upset about. Replacing DF w/ Concentrated Fire isn't a bad idea, but even AA-build Minotaur can't sail broadside if 12 Haku TB come right at it. I'd prefer the DF is adjusted, you have to select which AA (short, medium, or long-range) gets the DPS buff. It'd be a decent trade-off that if you get MAA, DF only gives a 20-100% boost to long-range AA DPS, depending on your stats in that ship (low avg. damage, for example, means you only get a 10% bonus to AA dps)
  12. Two Game Suggestions

    Increasing dispersion would be preferable to getting more concealment. The main issue is seeing the other team. But not too much dispersion or the BB lot will throw a fit. I'd say around 5-15% more dispersion, and mounts in slot 5 to compete w/ the concealment module. The captain CE anyone can acquire eventually. I'd have preferred reducing max spotting range on all ships a great deal, requiring TAM to be able to target anything farther than 14km away, but if dispersion % on camo gets a buff, that'd be acceptable. Almost makes you wish Slot 6 had an upgrade that improves chance of causing Detonation, I bet.
  13. Two Game Suggestions

    What's the use of going up the tiers if the concealment and slot 6 upgrades vanish? A nerf to those ships won't sit well w/ long-time players and may cause campfest to stagnate more. It'd be better if concealment also reduced max spotting range (say red ships normally render at 16km for you. Mount concealment, it drops to 14km), for example. If you're harder to see, then it's only fair you lose something. I'd be thrilled if even my Yamato, in exchange for having both concealment skills, cannot render any targets unless within 14km--there, campfest problem solved immediately. Slot 6 is largely dependent on the ship. Yamato runs MBM3 because it's the only good one available, but the Unique Module is a good contender, whereas Montana largely has to stick to the MB accuracy. It does not cause any sort of balance issue as it's a tool w/ strengths and weaknesses--up to the player to deal with it. However, such changes would change the game fundamentals and to my knowledge, most of playerbase doesn't reach patch notes. Do you think they will take kindly to their ships being changed?
  14. Weekend spree

    Regale us. I am currently burned out on WOWS, so been doing other games like Evil Within. Really want mystery to solve, and with the seemingly limited effort WG puts into making maps, not that bothered to play much these days.
  15. MM Only T8

    Was thinking of Chappy, Cleve, Baltimore, Mogami, Charles. Thin armor. Only Hipper had decent armor.