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  1. thanks for all of the good times i wish you all the best LAndedkiller

  2. Reymu

    End of the Forum

    It's just to save money--very poor move on their part.
  3. Reymu

    Kept my mind sorta open on mines....

    Only a matter of time before support CVs are a favorite for attempting CV snipe once playerbase realizes ah, run away from the mine area.
  4. Reymu


    The chief counter to mines is the minimap awareness. As long as see the new CV's DBs coming, you know it's better to go max speed towards cover or retreat. The slow US BBs are most at risk since 40 seconds isn't much time for their hauling out. The other counter is kill the support CV early; Yuro's 8/9/9 works. Mine the CV's area as well as a spawned fighter. Realistically it's a bit overwhelming on some players to have to use ASW for mine removal while also under fire. IIRC mines were already in a particular operation a while back.
  5. Reymu

    WG Sinks to New Low - Thoughts?

    Could also try reporting it as a fraudulent charge on CC, though nobody on forum ever mentioned trying that route. Just ask politely for rollback on your account. You're feeling cheated and would prefer they show some compassion rather than a kind way of "your buyer's remorse is your problem."
  6. Reymu

    Poll - Average User Spend

    $0 for a long time--think last I trusted WG to give good value for $$ was when spent to get FXP to purchase Missouri back when she was the credit-printing terror.
  7. The replay's needed for sure. I citadeled a NC once in Atlanta via plunging AP. Didn't screenshot, sadly.
  8. Digital animals are easily replaced lol
  9. Reymu


    5 or 6 ships from CS, including that Viritius-whatever and Huanghe. Wanted something new to captain in Randoms.
  10. Reymu


    When WG finally learns how to listen, may be persuaded to checkout WOWS again. No real interest in WOT or WOPS--may occasionally see the humorous compilations on YT--so no reason for them to take up disk space. No, I've lost all confidence in this set of devs. More gimmicks as well as some learned stupidity in their business culture doesn't keep players engaged long-term. After how last 2 SCs from daily login didn't give me a new ship, yeah, bye. Might drive by these forums again periodically, but nothing beyond that. God bless
  11. Reymu

    Weekend Spree - 7-9 July 2023

    Bouncing between Genshin Impact and a few of my older games like M&M7. Not even motivated to login for daily log-in reward, so probably delete WOWS from external drive.
  12. Reymu

    Thinking about returning...

    6) Small wonder few players were enthusiastic about realizing players on the red team stole their cookies and chickens
  13. Reymu

    Thinking about returning...

    Gave up on WOWS sometime last month: 1) Subs Take up valuable space on roster. Even a DD is preferable since you can reasonably predict where it'd go. Subs are almost invulnerable underwater, and ping marker only approximates within 1km of its actual location, plus DC has to be direct hit to do proper damage. Plus, except for I-56 and Gato, subs generally rely on homing torps. Seen a lot of baddies, but good sub players are very frustrating opponents since they can time ping and torp volleys to ensure you have little time to evade or have to present broadside to reds. Sub torp damage is classed as citadel, so even BBs find it very crippling; doesn't help that subs can stagger-fire torps to prevent 100% dodging. 2km hydro detection generally means you have to get shot at to spot the cancer. Sub proxy spotting got removed, and sub radar has a 5min prep time. Too much babying the class. Suggested before--and WG blew us off--that we need hydro detecting subs at 5km along with correcting ASW so it's not 12-sec but 3-sec animation. Nope, they want subs surviving more easily, so even made them tanky! 2) Refusal to listen to community We've asked repeatedly AA modules/skills increase AA range. They say no, spreadsheet data says everything is good (lies, of course, since we don't get to see that info). Excuse me, keeping useless trash in the game forces cookie cutter builds which the captain skill rework was supposed to do something about! Italian BB line needs something to compensate for needing the Deadeye skill (long since removed). They say eh, spreadsheet shows they're fine. Total [edited]--15 in. is small for a BB and with that nasty dispersion, come on, they're a pain. Option to play Randoms without subs. Seriously, they're that annoying. Most every match I had without subs, someone sighed in chat about "finally no [bleep] subs!" Bare minimum, WG should demo a Random (no subs) queue and see how much the playerbase uses it. 3) Rewards more lackluster I miss when achievements mattered: you got useful flags. Kraken felt delightful because 10 more flags that double ship XP. Now, they're digital nothings; flags come from containers only or buying in Armory--and latter case, they're expensive whether spend credits or coal. With economic rework, nowadays you need green boosters to get a reasonable reward w/ PT. Blue and red are even better, but take more effort or shopping to purchase. Grey boosters are easy to farm but are pitifully weak. Did you know WG had the very brilliant idea of putting grey boosters in the SC? Oh, and it took universal community outrage and all before they dropped it? I even asked for option to convert grey boosters into greens, at least; 10 greys for a green feels meager, yeah, but 3 months of casual playing, look, more than 500 grey boosters. I'd rather have 50 green boosters. 4) More gimmicks Last Future-Seeing vid, WG says they're looking forward to bringing back CVs with ability to drop mines and smoke up allies. Let's see--mines? More urge to fix the AA shortcomings--I'm on that bandwagon firmly--cause DDs will freak out about surrounded by mines in smoke not to mention BBs will complain about another thing forcing them to play passive. Smoking up allies? Oh yeah, great idea, what could go wrong! Well, blinding reds by dropping near them--bait them into using radar or hydro earlier. Halford introduced. Gives up a MB and 1 torp tube set for rocket planes--sure, what could go wrong with a hybrid class that can do a little spotting?
  14. Aim at their turret magazines you goof.
  15. Reymu

    Two Ideas Concerning CVs

    Colossus is overly dependent on opponents sailing in straight line. AA mod in slot 3 is where "waste of space" comes from.