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  1. Reymu

    How to escape trouble in a cruiser?

    Post replays. If we can see your mindset there, can point out exactly where it is. In my case, for example, I tended to be too aggressive because thought everyone doing what I expected. Gradually learned to check what everyone else is doing first, then respond. Helped me play better!
  2. Said armor doesn't fare well against the increased accuracy of enemy attacks.
  3. Reymu

    WG Reverting to their Old Ways

    I work in customer service, so can appreciate the difficulty WG has making positive out of down periods. Did take them a while to figure out ok, sell rework as way to get more people participating, and that seemed to work well enough. At any rate, respect their decision even if they keep inviting periodically annoyed faces. Had rework been up to me, I'd have delayed it until reworked AA build is reasonably able to fight off CV attacks, but whatever: it looks WG is satisfied CV rework was a success. The AA rework, if there'll ever be one, still needs attention; I'd like to know WG is at least looking at making AA builds useful, but they don't listen much.
  4. Players who just want WG pandering to them are amusingly vocal, but far as I've ever seen, it's fewer than 20 forumites repeating themselves. It also doesn't make the minority if you have friends that played only up to low tier and then quit because "the nasty CV only attacked me." In my experience, CVs rarely focus down one target only anyway and cannot do nearly as much damage as any other ship classes. Rework was a success at countering the stealth meta that'd grown more frustrating with the fact defense doesn't improve past T8 where offense does. So game's in a good spot. WG still needs to add no-CV option for a few days in Random, no rewards, and just read the participation spreadsheet. I'm interested in hard proof how much CV poke is equivalent to stealing your favorite dessert in overall playerbase participation.
  5. Reymu

    WG Reverting to their Old Ways

    1) WG announces these events and has been consistent about when free captain respecs come. Players want it, they simply need ask around until find the desired info. It's their initiative, not WG's. Far less of an issue since given the camo generosity compared to 2016 and greater ease of farming elite XP for respec. 2) This an issue? Weigh the ship line merit by individual ships, not nationality, and it works out pretty well. Most of the trouble in-game is about positioning, good/bad luck, and player skill (including strategy). 3) Information overload will not go well with playerbase. Most just want to have fun. Some like me enjoy a challenge. Given the range of disagreement when topic's heated (OP stealthfire, CV role to name two), revealing more statistics easily feeds into bias and all. 4) Plane regen starts when the squadron type takes off from CV, and good chunk of matches are done by 10-15min. My Midway has regenerated less than one 12-plane squadron's worth of DB after 15min even with ASE and hangar space module. As a CV casual, the plane regen sets it so a good captain can still do something whereas playing poorly means gone toothless. Seeing as flak is brutal, when it connects, it is actually balanced. The only folks taking exception are the ones who haven't run the plane regen numbers to see how many per match, on average, regenerate. 5) As all said captains with perks are accessible eventually, non-issue. It is a lengthy grind when not in cash shop, but I've found the extra perks are not much help. My Yamamoto's Kraken buff is hard in first place, for example, and John Doe captain's EM is only a few seconds faster than non-Doe captain EM. Also, all the signals and camos can be farmed by spending credits or coal or event tokens, so it isn't too bad. Player skill, OTOH, remains on the player himself. 6) If you don't want to participate, then that's cool. Hiatus atm, but will be continuing grind on the ship lines I reset to get Ohio eventually.
  6. SE on IJN CAs is a joke. 350 x tier #, at best, becomes 3500 more HP. Admittedly it gives a bit more HP when using Repair Party, but this cruiser line is much like ninjas: stealthy with hard-hitting torpedoes and hard-hitting MB, but vulnerable in a few key areas. I went PT/EM/AR/DE/SI/CE/RL. Ibuki and Zao have great concealment for the ship class, so RL works well: when run into torp DD (lots at at high tiers) this skill guarantees you can chase him around and so disrupt his torp runs. Plus, most torp DD captains except DDs to run RL, not a cruiser.
  7. Reymu

    First Kraken Unleashed !!

    1.5 years? That's a long time to incubate the little Kraken :p Well done!
  8. Reymu

    Good Midway captain build tips?

    Improved Engine Boost, Improved Engines, Aircraft Servicing Expert, TA, SE, Aircraft Armor, Sight Stabilization are about all that's needed. Langley and Ranger can benefit from DE, but beginning w/ Lex and Midway the fire chance goes up enough you don't need DE. CE is nice but not required. It depends how comfortable you are bringing your flat top closer to front lines. The best CV players expose themselves briefly to draw salvos away from teammates, plus shorter flight time helps get more attack runs (and damage). Also, depending how well you manage plane losses, may need to run the aircraft module in slot 5 for extra deck spaces.
  9. I ground through Izumo prior to some of her recent buffs. Simply, she's more of a defensive tank. Angled, her armor can take an incredible amount of AP punishment even from Yamato. Play her at mid-range to draw some HE cruiser spam and you can also evade torps pretty easily if keep your team's DDs between you and enemy team. Her guns seem to prefer angled targets, so I relied mostly on HE unless got within mid-range. As long as don't overextend and get focused down, your ability to survive is a help winning some battles.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/WorldOfWarships/?__tn__=kC-R&eid=ARDopSREsZ5nv92aEJmRw5vIu4v4ZtEe9wcxYGlrou8b_AeKloY0bl3Q0mIx94nL0a0HcMTr-Cif0gVR&hc_ref=ARTgczEWjvNzfylo8Y66uKOUIW8bBo674-2al9-ubDu0H9ko-OzE1phGIbmc_5_trsY&__xts__[0]=68.ARA5ue_ecLbMby9HSpp64m6WgyQZOzSFLwe6F5K6FhKxQDkP2EDL3Bvd41BbZQdHoG325aYVO5QGu_MDbIsmaF0ragQKxkVwZBxwdqA-K0rSHQOK7Auty1e1l1yVXNNOzIi0dmzuzock6PaBduCSq08fRihqg9FQhug9pbhxxGmB3TkFFtm9llITKba8tF3qxQtFKQapS3x9x1dpDkdCxrTiqF0e32pA-ZIAxz-bp8AkUTjIFVvWyNF6FkzF0c4nb6_k40yvn785exOERu-3RZNHwsl0hQU5CZ7iLbCnUHgEtnF2ghCB_5dyafcC0BvXxXT0nOIGusBlCJjIVv3BKlJ-DYTcYZwzpA Pic form: Basically, who submitted the best photo: A submission by Akagi_4_destoryer Or! Or Uselessfriend Most of the WOWS social media isn't worth reposting, but this poll seemed worthwhile just for laughs.
  11. If players are going to measure in-game prog at emptying a CV's hangar, they need something that shows the enemy CV's hangar. Simply, see what CV player sees bottom-right. Might be handy for DD mains if can see ah, CV just launched fighter squadron, better ask for some AA cover. Only caveat is the enemy CV must be spotted first (doesn't matter how).
  12. How many of those planes were the summoned fighters? We still need that detail to gauge effectiveness vs. the player-controlled planes in any match.
  13. Reymu

    World of Warplanes?

    Part of it is that % of ship's max HP done in damage brings base XP and creds--and CV players have the fewest attacks per match out of the four classes, so they have to make their shots count. As to fighting T4 CVs, just grit your teeth and grind through. Higher tiers, DDs get more reasonable AA range and most CR or BB works well as an AA escort to force the CV down from 3 attacks to 1-2. Also, which DD lines are you playing? I read on these forums that UK DDs have the best chance of frustrating CV attacks since quick CD smoke. Beyond that, my exp is the DD surviving a CV's presence is simple matter of going for cap when CV is bothering someone else along with having an AA escort.
  14. Keep in mind DS was rare on RTS CV unless knew how to time torp drops well and target presented a good angle for it.
  15. Only if you yolo and present them an easy target for fast damage. I played this game for 4+ years. CVs rarely posed a danger unless overextended right where their planes are. Also, having played on both sides, CVs are less dangerous now in more situations. It's only DDs that keep AA on w/ rocket planes around, ships that go bow-in to IJN DB, reversing players, and otherwise being an easy target--that alone is when CVs are still very dangerous. Keep in mind we can't crossdrop you or score epic "Thou Dead!" slams in Lex/Midway/BigE anymore. Short version: you got it easy compared to what you could've faced before.