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  1. Monarch

    Would prefer you elaborate where it gave you grief. The concealment build tells me she's a prototype of Lion.
  2. Hehehe, you got some ambitious goals dude. Mine: 1) Complete Donskoi upgrades (C Hull remaining) 2) Mo/Tirpitz grind for credits to outfit Monarch 3) Monarch's maiden voyage ( if want to help out with that) 4) Cont. grind to Khab 5) Cont. working towards Gadjah 6) Cont. grind to Kagero.
  3. Monarch

    Wait, not that! Yes, that! Just bought this, but need to grind credits to get her outfitted. Since this is RN BB line I'm leaning survival/MB build. Wiki says her armor is not as suited to tanking, so recommended stealth build. Seems should play her at 10-15km, HE against angled, AP vs. everything else. I'm wondering about the MB dispersion (KGV was a bit trollish). Bad enough that ASM1 necessary? Or should I go for AA range module? Her captain's at 14 points w/ PT/EM/SI/FP/CE. I'm more worried about having good performance in her vs. worrying about CVs. Any other tips for using her effectively are appreciated.
  4. The only change I'd make is probably: 1) If the DD is T8+, it begins game with torps already loaded or 2) Or if #1 is too accessible, give 19-point DD captains the extra perk of their torp tubes being halfway done reloading at match start (unless they're running TRB).
  5. It is going to be an annoyance, every time click "battle" having to accept the match may go down the gutter and have to stay in it or risk being forced to play co-op. Had a few Space Battle losses earlier because 1-sided slaughter. I left two of them early before dying because no fun waiting for it end and no interest becoming a fast kill. *sigh* Guess after 0.7.4 goes lives, I will simply make sure if the battle's a wash, fine, I will sail off to map corner and alt-tab. Don't need rubbish from WG about "you can't abandon your teammates" when their playing badly kills the fun factor completely.
  6. Especially when lose in space battle and 1st place with only 580 base XP.
  7. So player A and B are brawling. Player C from 7km fires torps and neither pays attention. B baits A to make a turn that puts him right in teammate C's torps and sails off laughing about getting C pink. If there's going to be punishment lets punish B for the TK! /end sarcasm
  8. I spot as much as I can, but 10 fighters aren't too hardy and my TB/DB runs need to have viable targets. Coordinate where possible, but usually stuck trying to guess who to hit. A good CV like the Essex guy yesterday can slow or stop my attacks well.
  9. Watch for potatoes

    Except it's wise to be ready to sit in the back because need an idea of whether my team is capable vs. enemy team. Took me forever to even notice this in Random. My responsibility is simply to have fun--and if team's not helping with it, then they're meat shields because no other role. I'll get what damage and vision control I can, push if seems reasonable chance of success, and move on. If I wanted to snipe I'd be playing Sniper Elite. Like getting my MO or Yamato within 15km so I can do nasty damage. So few people sail straight lines at those tiers that sniping is waste of time, typically.
  10. Watch for potatoes

    Co-op level rewards for anyone doing badly in Randoms might motivate them to get gud. I was totally SMH watching an entire team in North Islands refuse to push caps earlier in MO, and after seeing half the team couldn't reach 800 base XP in T7-9 ships, found myself thinking they should just get co-op level rewards, maybe that will wake them up. Take your tier #, x10, add 50 (and +100 if uptiered), and there's the base XP you should try for. T8 ship? 850 base XP should be your baseline. Below that? You probably have a lot of room to improve. I say "probably" because fast 1-sided slaughters can easily mean you're lucky just to get 500 base XP.
  11. I'd certainly like to. Rely more on my Tirpitz/Bismarck and Hindenburg captains if want to grind elite XP. Frankly, the ARP Kongo clones leave something to be desired. Their MB accuracy tends to be troll, and the ARP myokos suffer from their MB rotation as well as easy citadel placement.
  12. Watch for potatoes

    They sure are out in force today. All but one of my matches so far losses thanks to them. Hard to do much in MO, Akatsuki, or Tashkent when your BBs take a pleasure cruiser through distant caps, cruisers get aggressive at wrong times, DDs keep hiding behind bigger cousins--ugh! Went ahead and changed my playstyle. Pure Solo. Unless the teammates are coordinating actively in chat, I assume they are potatoes and use them as meat shields. I'll say what cap I'm going to at start, but beyond that depends on if teammates show they're more than just onscreen pixels.
  13. IFHE on US BBs is pointless since haven't the secondary range for it. I tried secondary build on NC for a while and dropped it. 8.4km max range is hardly worthwhile at high tiers unless you're a glutton for suicide rushes. It will allow penetration, yes, but RoF isn't that good and range is meh.
  14. Varyag SCs

    100 red dragon flags. Just as well, I'm down to 8 Hydra flags and wanted something to help w/ grind to Khab, Monarch, and Gadjah.