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  1. For those of who didn't know, currently on break from WOWS cause such repetitive gameplay. Maybe a bit from how much WG sabotaged their own CV rework by not at least delaying its release until AA got reworked. Anyway, saw this while checking FB feed: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/get-your-groove-back/?fbclid=IwAR1vfspPwriTnq9n_ntyOyrzKbK8TwgGueb0LYDGQtCVamDb9n-3gSu5WOk Hmm...it is kinda tempting to do 5 battles in a rental Premium.
  2. Assuming I play WOWS again, definitely yes.
  3. It's part of immersing players in the game. When it's entertainment, need them hooked. Also, I believe part of the delay is because server-side, so game needs a moment to record, store, sort, and present post-battle results.
  4. Meta would change if spotted enemy ships only render if no island between you and target. However, certain cruisers would quickly become port queens if that happened.
  5. Reymu

    Why are top clans so toxic...??

    E-peen issues. I'm more likely to get toxic in-game if my Rhinoceros Viper joins as first mate. Pretty chill, but occasionally he wants to bite the pixel ship!
  6. Pm the clan head and include screenshots of that rude talk.
  7. Reymu

    4 CVs per match...

    RTS only needed the fighters removed and AA adjusted so that if a player ran full AA build, he would pose a credible threat. Adjusting the rearm time on US CVs would also have helped. That said, WG went for a more interactive (and fun!) approach, but again botched since did not rework AA as early as they should have. On topic, CV counter is teamwork. Stay w/ someone who has AA. Most of the complainers sail off alone and come crying about what was essentially their own stupidity. Unhappily, thanks to WG's incompetence, some of the AA complaints were justified in that they failed to make them effective.
  8. Reymu

    Zao worth the grind?

    Zao excels as a surprise HE spammer, but her AP is where the big damage lies--any broadside BB or CR will get eat lot of regular pens. From experience, you'll want to use AP on Khab/Harugumo and HE all other DDs since 1) their angled armor is enough to bounce your AP and 2) your railguns hit hard. She also plays well, as already noted, as an long-ranged HE spammer if run the spotter plane. She's stealthy, so can sometimes yolo to bother red BBs w/ fires. Her armor is good for trolling even Yamato fire, but don't get cocky as her deck armor's weak. W/ the Legendary Module, Zao is arguably among the most irritating T10 CRs because with it, her MB accuracy gets superior to Yamato's and her agility improves (think Mogami w/ rudder mod). That is especially when well-aimed AP volleys rack in cits/pens easy. I've gotten a few Devastating Strikes off cruisers that showed broadside to my LM-equipped Zao. She's not a forgiving cruiser, but play her well and she kicks bum and takes names. About the only major weakness is she's not meant to fight off CVs, but for time being, that's a minor concern.
  9. Firstly, this is still testing. Secondly, AA changes haven't been tested enough vs. mid-lvl CV player skill. Up in the air how this will go, but seal-clubbing is gonna easily be a problem w/ T4 CVs if they have too much power at their tier.
  10. Reymu

    WNN 57: signing off for the final time

    Your humor's much appreciated, always. Also: WTB salty version of WOWS goodbye thread.
  11. Reymu

    8.7 PTS Critique (PLSE NO SALT)!!!

    My experience is generally F2P players tend to be less skilled, they're just not the sort motivated to get better. Then again, it's just my generalization from seeing a lot of blowout matches where my getting in 1st-5th in base XP feels too easy.
  12. Reymu

    8.7 PTS Critique (PLSE NO SALT)!!!

    When this goes live, may have to test the reworked AA. It'd be nice to run my ships again, though from sound of things, WG has yet to do much about the repetitive nature of pvp. Not sure how well my patience will hold, so many F2P players are on this game that some matches are destined to be frustrating.
  13. Changing it would be acceptable. Seeing as a HC almost requires focusing DDs and CRs (since BBs require more damage) w/ FPS CV, it's self-explanatory. That said, more likely WG will just tweak AA. It's not clear what buffs they'll give CV class (if any) since addicted to data complexity.
  14. I must admit, the concept of $200 for a couple premium ships, 50 Premium French destroyer containers, 100 camos, triple XP for 25 battles, and 2 commemorative flags? Don't know about you, but that's first time I've seen extra XP added for $$. But given how T5 and 8 MM can be a jerk, definitely pass. $200 is a bloody lot for entertainment.
  15. Reymu

    0.8.7 Has some interesting changes

    But...they get more XP and credits for damaging ships above their tier! I can see WG limiting T6 CV to only 1 per team if seeing T4 ships, but save for a few premiums, T4 ships have some sort of AA.