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  1. Citrusss

    Exeter part 3 glitch?

    the game suggests playable ships when you select the mission. the list shows them in order and that was the start. okay. thanks! time to grind more of the Monarch then :)
  2. description for the mission says Tier VI - VIII UK battleships, cruisers or destroyers yet, when I select the mission it only shows Ucarus as a suitable ship. who is glitching? me or the game? First list is what it shows me when I select the mission and the second one is the list I filtered in my port to the requirements.
  3. Citrusss

    The right way to fix OP ships

    doesn't matter how much they nerf premiums - small or big, the buyers will be unhappy because MM will screw them over anyway. Say GC is OP in t5 battle but then it sucks in t7 so players will still whine it's not all that OP. +-2 and 2CV MM and is cancer
  4. Citrusss


    quiet the opposite. i noticed a while ago that high-tier is larger and low-tier is smaller by looking @ the cap's radii size. since caps are standard size in general they looked bigger on low-tier version :)
  5. Citrusss


    Look what I’ve got on eBay! Only $600. Too bad the code didn’t work :(
  6. Citrusss


    are you certain there is only one Ocean map? I think I've seen at least two: low and high tier. Not sure if they both still exist because only way I could see Ocean recently is to play t7+ now but before there were small and big ones. Call me crazy if you like :)
  7. Citrusss


    the biggest problem that it goes into 6th slot which already gives 15% bonus. if it'd be any other and they could stack together - that'd be a great bonus
  8. Citrusss


    alrighty. thanks. will see if i will grind some other. closest ones are Khabarovsk and Grozovoi. Next in line is Des Moines
  9. Citrusss


    any advice on spec? I added 20 km torps to the setup and it got really fun on some maps :)
  10. Citrusss


    Legendary modules. Got one for Shimakaze (that was pain in the butt grind!) and thinking - are they worth it?
  11. there is another problem with MM. Look at the screenshot of the battle results. Red team got 7/12 players whose clan got to typhoon league (i.e. pretty good skill level) vs. a bag of potatoes including myself. we just didn't stand a chance. I generally oppose MM based on skill but that is just way too much.
  12. Citrusss

    Revert the YueYang Nerf now!

    demands without any reasonable justifications will sure scare WG and make it happen
  13. Just want to share a replay. Even though a loss and very humble performance by myself it was great! Also 2 (almost 3) krakens in one match! WOW 20190314_154844_PJSD012-Shimakaze-1943_23_Shards.wowsreplay
  14. Citrusss

    Atlanta DFAA

    i had her for something like 3 years, over 300 matches or so and just noticed
  15. Citrusss

    Atlanta DFAA

    ah. didnt notice it before. thanks!