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  1. i am playing a lot of Shimakaze - grinding "Cuts like a katane" and got to say that I really like just about every match I play. I am not sure what are your struggles in them. maybe a bad case of "git gud"?
  2. Citrusss

    When you fail...

    game ended by the timer 5 seconds before he would eat a good amount of torpedoes :) I am also sure he already had his eyes on them so sure he was sweating :)
  3. Citrusss

    When you fail...

    He actually disconnected or something at about 10 minute mark. just hit map border and stopped moving. Unfortunate but happens. This guy actually was doing pretty well until that happen
  4. Citrusss

    Inappropriate name?

    I see a bunch of Admiral_this, Captain_that names here. Let's assume my legal first name is Richard. Will changing my game name to MajorDick be something inappropriate?
  5. Citrusss

    When you fail...

    because i sank one and another ran from me ranting about his crappy torps
  6. Citrusss

    When you fail...

    ... to carry the potato team hard enough. (that's a loss!)
  7. Citrusss


    Just met her in battle. This tug completely devastated my glorious Khabarovsks, which never happen so fast before. Any thoughts on weak sides of that ship? She doesn't burn well, repairs quickly, has better accuracy than Zao, guns hurt much more than Stalingrad/Moskva/Kronstadt. Not sure about the armour as my guns were to small to penetrate from the distance hence I didn't use armor piercing ammo. Wiki doesn't say much. What are consumables? Any torpedoes?
  8. Citrusss

    Is it the Servers or the Moderators ???

    do you think there are actual people who do matchmaking with their own hands for thousands of people simultaneously playing the game?
  9. Citrusss

    How to Kitakaze?

    thank you very much! i will try it out today!
  10. Citrusss

    How to Kitakaze?

    Just got this bote and, honestly, can't figure out how to use her. Many people claim she's OP but for me it's just another Akizuki, which I disliked quite a lot for the same reason - can't find a way to use it properly. Do I miss something? Any advice on a build and tactics?
  11. Citrusss

    Best ship line to hunt destroyers?

    Soviet (up to tier 9) or USN light cruisers are the best.
  12. Citrusss

    The sexiest butt!

    I disagree. Battleships have big butts. But not sexiest. It’s not just the size but how gracefully it can wiggle!
  13. Sounds like you’re unfamiliar with a situation where you get almost 100% HP but both front turrets are destroyed
  14. But... but... I almost always get them on high tier cruisers and Khabarovsk.
  15. Aren't these mutually exclusive? To earn Fireproof or Dreadnaught one has to push hard and survive. That's a top notch skill. And there is nothing "proud" about not having these ever, it just means you are a back line useless sniper.