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  1. Northernkaizer

    Update 0.9.9. U.S. Battleships in Early Access

    just curious, is there a chance we could get the posters that are hanging in the dry dock port next to the destroyer slip as downloadable backgrounds for the pc
  2. Northernkaizer

    WOW Blitz HMS Agincourt

    id like to see her under her original name (Rio de Janeiro) since we have a pan-american cruiser in-game already
  3. Northernkaizer

    AP rockets, eh?

    i personally dont mind the idea of ap rockets (heat mk25 comes to mind) and ap bombs (germanys pc 1400, japanese mark 5,) but my biggest complaint is the rockets are too tightly packed when they fire, dds dont have a lot of hp to start with and when one pass rips a third of it out. playing in a dd is down right terrible with those the way they are, and ships like kahb, halland, kleb and even gearing are all going to suffer really badly at the hands of the ap ones because they have some thick areas on their hulls and kahb has 50mm plates on its sides and 25 mm decks. the only thing i want to see is some dispersion in the rockets
  4. Northernkaizer

    Puerto Rico Progress Tracking

    yea i got several christmas containers and got doubloons so i figured why not and i know i wouldnt get it without at least one of them
  5. Northernkaizer

    Puerto Rico Progress Tracking

    i feel the same as a lot of the guys here, and i agree they really flubbed this whole event up bad. i will say they are giving a lot of stuff away as you go through it all things put together(with the purchase of the 24k($96) gold boosters), 4250 steel, 4 mega gifts($20 bucks), 4 days premium($3.58), 5 new years camo ($62 bucks) 8 anniversary containers, 2 big gift($6) 4 regular gifts (4$), gorizia ($35), enough flags for the bundle($13) 60000 fxp ($7 after price conversion) now dependent on what you get out of the containers,(personally i got 2000 db($8) and a lenin ($45) 20 camos and 50 flags) i have made $200-$96=$104 bucks and i will be getting the pr and all rewards except maybe half the steel. this list doesnt include the coal you get which rough thoughts is around 30k(though likely a wrong estimate) not defending the way they did the release (very scummy) but i do believe they should not make it easy to get, would have prefered it to be plainly laid out. that being said, some of the directives for the new year event are borderline absurd, 9,300,000 ( iron will, directive 4)damage? really? thats 62 games of 150k damage each.... and 20 million credits.....(2020, directive 5) thats 41 games with earnings of 500k each, and the base xp are games of 1000+ for so many games each. realistically, even players like me who are playing just for the grind this month, are hard pressed to reach some of these goals. the credit goal will only be slightly easy due to me having missouri but even then 20 games a million plus! the hp one will be made easier with my thunderer. i managed to get far enough fast enough that i will get the pr with 42 hours to spare not to mention if i get more boosters. as of right now 7:10pm dec 29 2019 i have 31.4 million points
  6. Northernkaizer

    Pink for 5 Games

    while there are good reasons to have people turn pink, ones where a dd sails directly front of another dd as he is shooting taking only 1200 damage should not be one of them it should not be based on a percentage of damage but on a total of damage i mean i didnt deserve this, as the guy i shot, i didnt even know he was there. so i would suggest changing the system from a percentage to a total, or add some sort of warning to let you know when an ally is in the line of fire, the line of fire is already in place for islands. i know this seems like a broken record but at this point you would think they would have fixed it!
  7. Northernkaizer

    Ship prices in Steel and Coal

    i hear ya, i am sitting on top of 200 million and i have 10 of the 10s with a missouri behind them, so im rarely pressed for credits and i have less than several guys in my clan. we really need a way to convert credits into something usable i have 4 of the coal ships and dont really want the musashi (not really thrilled with yamato) and only slightly interested in the two steel ships and salem
  8. Northernkaizer

    Premium Ship Review: Kii

    thanks mouse as always your reviews are a huge help in my decisions and as a bb main i was excited for this thing (and the October revolution ) and i like both they are squishy but played right they have really good striking power always like your reviews
  9. Northernkaizer

    Premium Ship Review: Gremyashchy 2.0

    Got lucky to get one in the Christmas event it is one of the funest ships I have, in actual play the turret traverse isn't to much of a hinderence with the captains skill and the upgrade. like some have said, I make it a point to hunt it if I'm In a cruiser
  10. Northernkaizer

    Premium Ship Review - VMF Gremyashchy

    i got that lucky too!!!! ithe gremy is an absolutely amazing ship