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  1. Mortis007

    Secondary Guns nerfed?

    My Mass has always been at 11.3 when maxed out and w/the secondary signal flag.
  2. Mortis007

    Farewell and fair seas

    yeah, about that secret part...
  3. Mortis007

    Ultimate Frontier, pleasant surprise.

    Operation Dynamo has replaced it this week.
  4. From my own experience, it hasn't changed much, if at all. Run a BB, and every cruiser will spam HE at you unless you break contact somehow. Not at all uncommon to have 700K potential damage by the end of the first two waves, before the convoy itself spawns. Been like this since the beginning.
  5. Mortis007

    Operations...Bot CV removal....

    While not much of a DD player, I have observed people trying to use them in Aegis today. Mixed bag for results, but most of time they're dead early on. Would rather have more cruisers to provide consistent DPM.
  6. Mortis007

    Where is the Guillio Caesar

    There's no one thing that leads to people calling it OP, it's a combination of speed, stealth, good (at times, great) guns, and trollish armor when angled properly.
  7. IIRC, turrets in those days didn't use sliprings for power transmission, so you had cable lengths to deal with.
  8. Mortis007

    New premium ship idea, a really great idea

    Monaghan, Kidd and Black for DD's, Enterprise and Saipan for CV's.
  9. Mortis007

    No more amazon pay?

    Yeah, this needs to get fixed. Not happy about having to give eastern European banks access to my account...
  10. Mortis007

    North Carolina, what am I doing wrong?

    Forum Necromancy...
  11. Mortis007

    Paper Ships in the game

    Nagato received a 7.55m stern extension in one of her refits. Make no mistake, altering a WW2 era ship by sectioning would probably have been beyond the engineering resources of the time without an effort all out of proportion to the result, but I think it could have been done.
  12. Mortis007

    Paper Ships in the game

    Civilian ships are upgraded in this manner all the time. There's nothing preventing warships from getting the same treatment except the astronomical cost involved, which is obviously not an issue in a video game.
  13. Mortis007

    Paper Ships in the game

    Lengthening the hull during refit/reconstruction was a not-unknown practice. It helps maintain the design speed of a ship that has had anti-torpedo bulges fitted or other changes that significantly increase displacement without having to increase installed power. Notably, the Japanese did this with the Fusou and Nagato re-builds.
  14. Mortis007


    Depends on where they spawn...