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  1. Mortis007

    The Christmas Tree Event isn't Co-Op Friendly

    Repeated for emphasis. Couldn't have said it better myself. I get that this is from another region, but those 1000BXP missions really stick sideways in my gullet. I consider myself to be an above-average coop player (for what that's worth), and I might have 4-5 of those per year. Not in the month or so this event is supposed run, per year. So I have a mathematically possible chance to get something from this, but realistically? Nope. Askhance, if you want to know where we're coming from on this, and PVE in general, play coop/ops exclusively for a least a week, preferably a month. That...experience...should answer all your questions. I stopped playing PVP except for a few accidents (reinstalling the client and forgetting to change battle type, that kind of thing) after the CV rework, thinking I would give it time to be balanced etc. Won't comment on the success/failure of that endeavor further. But what I found was that I had more fun playing PVE. You know, fun. Ostensibly the reason anyone plays the game. I don't multi-task well, and it's easy for me to get overwhelmed by all the input from the game (which is why I am a BB main, the game is generally slower for that class. Plus, big guns.) This happens less in PVE, leading to a better experience. The rewards aren't great, but sufficient to progress through the lines(I'm at T8-10 on almost all the non-DD lines) so that's fine. But then we come to the events. Now, it wouldn't be fair to say there hasn't been some improvement in this area, there certainly has. Twitch missions are now usually doable in PVE for example. Used to be like getting kneecapped to get a mission from a stream that you couldn't do. The dockyard events could use a little help in this area I feel, but I am a more casual player so I recognize that I'm unlikely to complete most of them. I have a decent chance to get Marlborough this time around, because I whaled for Repulse. But she would be the first I've gotten this way. Thanks for your attention.
  2. Mortis007

    (PVE) Has bot aiming deteriorated with the new patch?

    Yeah, sure seems like the bots legendary accuracy is now a thing of the past...
  3. Mortis007

    I just got the free Colorado

    She does well in Narai, speed isn't really a problem there.
  4. So today I am sailing along at the beginning of the battle (another 2/7) in Lenin, spawned with a Kagero at the left side of the map (I forget the name, it's the one where the cap is almost totally ringed in by two islands to the north and south, with only narrow entrances at the east and west ends). Time passes and the red bot DD and the green bot DD beeline for each other, outrunning their smokescreens as they always do. I got a lucky hit on the red, and then the inevitable happens and I look away as I caught sight of a red Hsienyang that zoomed over from the central group heading my way. Lost it in the smoke screens from the first two DD's, but loaded HE and started to turn towards where it seemed to be headed when out of MY now-dead Kagero's smoke screen comes the almost-but-not-QUITE-dead red Kagero. Somehow it survived the ram on something like 1000HP. Totally caught by surprise, I tried to get the guns around, displayed terrible gunnery, and died to the torps just as I finished it off. The lesson is, make sure the damn DD's commit seppuku to completion, lest they ruin your day(game).
  5. Mortis007

    Abusive purple players

    "It was a one-eyed one-horned flyin' purple people eater!"
  6. i was in your shoes last week, but my itchy fingers got the better of me and I spent the coal for Marco Polo..seems decent enough based on the limited playing time I have on her so far.
  7. Mortis007

    Premium Ship Review - Agincourt

    Bought 40 crates, not a whiff. *sigh*
  8. Mortis007

    Aegis tactics

    Argh...MSS flashbacks incoming...
  9. Well done. Wish I could give you a real trophy instead of a purple one.
  10. Mortis007

    How WG Chooses Your Santa Gift Ship

    More anecdotal evidence, bought 20 mega gifts, got Ochakov, Yudachi, Vanguard, and Duca. That's what I get for pulling the trigger at first opportunity I guess.
  11. Mortis007

    Oklahoma: A Worse New York?

    Well, was going to fire up the game but after reading this...I'd rather not.
  12. As stated, she was equipped with expansion steam engines which gimped her somewhat, but when she got her refit in the 30's, the bulges and added displacement shaved off some speed as well. IIRC, she wasn't re-engined either. Had she been deemed fit for repair following Pearl Harbor that would likely have changed.
  13. This has to be a bug. Her AP penetration should at least be equal to that of New York.
  14. Mortis007

    Goodbye Denarmo

    Well, that sucks. For the most part I enjoyed his videos, sorry there won't be more reviews I didn't ask for.
  15. USN, 87-95, GMM2. Worked on Mk41 VLS.