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  1. GrayMaulkin

    How to support DD

    As a DD player I don't expect a lot from the BB's really. Maybe to shoot at the cruisers I spot for them (especially the radar ones), but they typically have a dispersion that will prevent them from helping me in any real way against enemy DD's. If there is nothing else to shoot at then go ahead and take a shot at the enemy DD and you might get lucky. Any damage helps. But I expect a great deal more from Cruisers. A lot can happen in the first 3 minutes of the game. So typically I will try to get to a cap as soon as I can, but when I see cruisers behind or beside the BB's I know that it is much more likely I will be destroyed if I try to contest the cap (but then I get yelled at for not contesting the cap.....ironic). This is even worse when they are radar cruisers since I really need that radar to reveal the enemy DD's. How many times I have seen cruisers sitting at spawn for 8-10 minutes, not moving an inch, only to start moving when the enemy finally pushes on them.
  2. The camo rewards came in for me just now.
  3. I believe I managed to complete this challenge: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/community/yes-to-the-dress/ But I did not get these camo's......did anyone get them?
  4. GrayMaulkin

    and done

    Actually I felt it was pretty easy. Just play the game and you complete the two Daily missions pretty easily. But that is all relative I suppose
  5. GrayMaulkin

    Update 0.7.11 Bug Report

    Just updated and loaded up the WoW client now and it appears the next stage of Royal Navy Event missions are missing. EDIT: Just recalled that the Events are started on Thursdays. I was alarmed because the Royal Navy patch went missing from the GUI and the Arsenal was reduced to just the Cossack (which does make sense at this point). But it means I cannot check and see where I am with the Hall of Fame.
  6. I have the American DD line to T7, German to T6, and Japanese to T6 (torp line...not the gunboat line). I also have the Haida and then Gallant. So far the Icarus and Jervis have been my favorite DD's I have played so far and I just unlocked the Lightning last night. I played the Icarus a great deal and loved every game. I would just hunt the enemy DD's and kill them. I cannot speak for the Acasta as I didn't really play it. Got the crates to unlock the Acasta and the Icarus the same night so I didn't need to.
  7. GrayMaulkin

    British destroyers winners mission

    Can anyone confirm definitively that this is true? That the commander XP must be all earned in a single mission?
  8. Waiting one day before removing the crates seems like a horribly wasted opportunity on additional revenue. But that is fine with me. Just spend the tokens on crates to get a boost in coal. Get me that much closer to the Salem, and it means I didn't spend any money today that I was planning to spend.
  9. Is it still possible to buy GoNavy! crates? I was hoping to buy some to be able to get more Eagle tokens to buy the Des Moines camo.