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  1. Kanak_Unconquerable_hero

    Can we get "classic" Halloween modes back please?

    The old Halloween game modes were definitely more fun. WG should bring them back as 2020 game mode is pretty boring. The 2016 and 2017 game modes were repeated every year and idk why not this year. 2019 was pretty nice too. But WG why break away from the tradition of repeating 2016 and 2017 when they were fun and you guys already did an outstanding job on those years.
  2. @Asassian7A lot of things have happened to AA. Yes, AA is weaker then what it once were but so too are the planes. The thing is that Furious is a tier 6 aircraft carrier and Kongo is a tier 5 Battleship, and Kongo being Japanese most likely has inferior AA to most BBs of her tier meaning Furious won't and shouldn't struggle striking her. I think back then that wasn't really the case because mid range AA used to have flack like the long range so there was a higher probability that the CV player may run into flack. However that means only the less skilled CV players will lose aircraft and the more skilled ones can just evade the flack. AA is not completely worthless. In fact it is significantly more impactful than what it once was. Impactful and not stronger because CV plane groups are no longer randomly focused and are focused one by one making CVs lose a significant amount of planes if not the whole squad. Additionally all CV got their plane speed significantly nerfed making it hard to dodge flack as they'll be in the AA bubble longer as well as eating continuous damage all the while the squad is being focused by a single plane at a time. It also means CVs can attack less targets compared to the past thanks to nerfed plane speed. Finally a lot of CVs for instance the Americans got their rocket and dive bombers nerfed to a point that they are straight up too weak. For instance rocket aircraft are effective but not really against DDs like they once were and same can be said for dive bombers. So American CVs are kind of irrelevant at this meta. Why American if you got Japanese who didn't really get their accuracy nerfed to a point they are too weak. CVs for the most part are balanced and some are weak like certain (not all) American CVs. If you expect one of the weaker t5 BB in terms of AA should be able to fight tier aircraft its like saying Texas should be able to fight West Virginia and that Texas is useless. Of course against higher tier CVs you should struggle the same way lower tier CAs, BBs, and DDs struggle against higher tier CAs, BBs, and DDs especially since it's one of the weakest in terms of AA, especially since AA is more continuous damage instead of it being based on how skilled the enemy CV is. I understand your frustration because I've been in New York and got rekt by Ryujo but New York gets rekt by everything. I've been in stock Furutaka with 22 second reload bottom tier against t7 BBs that can easily overmatch me with a 5 point captain all the while it was retraining. I managed to get 5th and beat most of the tier 7s in such a great disadvantage. As a bottom tier, you have to know that your are significantly disadvantaged and can't let enemy CV attack you alone the same way if you were a bottom tier ship of any class and won't go out alone. Good luck, and I hope this helps or at the least is informative.
  3. Kanak_Unconquerable_hero

    Yudachi Do not buy it.

    People talking about skill being require to play a ship is missing the point. Just because you can do good in a Yudachi doesn't make her good for the same reason T-22 is not a good ship even though I have unicum stats in her and for the same matter Emerald. Any ship no matter how trash can be played "right." Now as that is out of the way, Yudachi is a trash ship of a premium. 57kts and 1.9 torp detectability not only means that they are slow but easy to avoid, especially for players the more capable player base. I'd much rather play that Akatsuki who is far more reliable if I do want an IJN DD as she has good guns and reliable torps in 3 separate sets. If I want a pREEmium, then get the Z-39 or Lenningrad. Lenningrad is extremely fast and can go over 45kts and is just a very solid DD. Z-39 is also very strong with her hydro and large hp pool.
  4. Kanak_Unconquerable_hero


    I hope it's soon and not 2-3 weeks later down the road.
  5. Kanak_Unconquerable_hero

    AA should regenerate

    You have to keep in mind that regeneration of aircraft doesn't mean they have an endless supply thanks to long waiting times. WG could have given CVs a larger hangar capacity like the amount of how much they were designed to carry and not have regeneration like how old CVs had. But that can be problematic in the new CV design as that would mean a CV can constantly use one air group which can be problematic. The whole point of regeneration was to compensate for the CV to carry less planes while at the same time prevent the CV player from using one air group. So regeneration isn't really regeneration, more like reserves that can't be used till later. So regeneration of AA is a bit over the top like for instance a Minotaur regenerating is a bit too insane, unless lets say the Mino gets half the AA it should have gotten and regenerates over time if it loses it just like the CVs. However your concept of regeneration with the use of consumables like damage control is interesting, specifically for battleships primarily as they are usually spotted 24/7 by destroyers and spammed by destroyers, cruisers, and even other BBs by HE for the entire game. It should also improve the quality of like of BBs as a Audacious can knock half the health of a untouched Missouri with a single torp squad so even if the regeneration was insane for set BBs, it still can be nuked by carriers. I don't think regeneration has to be insane though because CV players have other things to deal with. And if the planes are too powerful, it makes sense of nerfing the planes than introducing gimmicks for certain classes. For BBs, forcing the repair on damage control only instead of damage repair is an interesting concept. The reasons are 1. BB cannot repair AA over a period of 5 times which may be a bit too much for CVs 2. BB will be have to think even more about smart usage of damage control. Should they recover AA and be susceptible to multiple fires and floods or not recover AA? 3. BB can only repair AA when damage control is used means usually if they get set on fire or flood (usually fire) which can sort of compensate the insane power of HE. So they can only repair AA if they get hit during a specific time period and not just constantly repair AA. Some things to consider is to not give BBs too much regeneration of AA because that may make HE spam irrelevant. This can also cause game balance issues as RU BBs can benefit more than the other nations because they have short damage control cool downs so after a long game, they can repair and get set on fire and do that again. Additionally RU BBs are already very resistant to HE spam anyways and have very little superstructure so the only thing HE can really do to them is damage AA mounts and set fires. Since RU BBs aren't really vulnerable to HE spam, weakening the power of HE isn't very smart as these BBs are already extremely resistant to HE.
  6. Kanak_Unconquerable_hero

    Elite Captian Retraining? Why?

    Firstly, you do not need to complete that specific mission if it's that difficult. You can repeat missions for stars. But if you completed all the campaigns and want to complete all the missions, you can just select the mission and forget about it as you'll eventually get it and the reward isn't that great anyways. There are retraining costs and there always were for as long as I know the game, I don't know how this is anything new. Retraining costs apply when you're moving the commander that has been designated to one silver ship and your moving that to another silver ship. Let's say you have the black, there would be no retraining costs because Black is a premium ship. Commanders elite or not will have to pay a retraining penalty of a certain amount, the more skill points you have the more you have to pay. You can use 200k credits to cut the retraining in half or use 500 doubloons to entirely skip retraining. I usually use 200k credits. WG never claimed nor have they intended elite commanders to be invincible to retraining. I remember when you'd reach the top at 19 points, you'd stop there. WG introduced the ability to earn "elite" commander exp when back then you couldn't. WG isn't doing anything crazy as much as I like to criticize WG. Right now I recommend you to repeat easy missions for stars if you didn't complete the campaign. If want to do the retraining, I'd recommend using 200k credits to cut the retraining in half, then use elite commander exp, or put that captain in a premium ship and grind the exp that way, because not having captain skills at this high tier is pretty brutal. Good luck.
  7. Kanak_Unconquerable_hero

    Moskva — Soviet Tier X cruiser.

    Moskva was a nice balanced ship before WG gave it the bias treatment. Now all she is a braindead cruiser similar to Stalingrad. I guess the things that keep her from going to borderline OP is her bad concealment and IJN AP bombs.
  8. Kanak_Unconquerable_hero

    How about make 2-4 players play 1 CV?

    Oh hell no. This will never work as team play is far too much to ask for in a MMO game. To balance CVs, there is a reason why the player cannot control more than one squad. Additionally issues include one player destroying all the aircraft of the carrier while the other player is f*cked up. And if we balance that, then if one CV gets 3 good players, they can attack from 3 different angles and coordinately attack a ship to have perma fires and floods. Basically CVs will be more OP than old CVs. Even if it got somehow magically balanced which it won't be, it's like asking to share a cruiser or share a battleship or even destroyer. No one want to share a part of a ship. This receives soo many no in soo many levels that it shouldn't even be considered.
  9. Kanak_Unconquerable_hero

    Do top clans get secret buffs?

    No they do not get any buffs. If anything matchmaking heavily discriminates against them. You bounced shells and got penetrated by HE at the same time? Please be clear. If you penetrated him with HE, then probably the section of the ship you hit him in was saturated. He can penetrate you with HE because he'll shoot your superstructure where he will damage you. If you shot him 3 times in a row, it can make sense if he bounces you ounce but never 3 times. If you have a video of it, please post it.
  10. Kanak_Unconquerable_hero

    Any containers worth buying?

    If you completed the collection for the designated container, then it's absolutely not worth buying. Even if you haven't completed the collection, I'd highly recommend you save up you coal for Jean Bart or upcoming Georgia as those are very good ships and are worth it.
  11. Kanak_Unconquerable_hero

    Why am I saving up my coal for the Yoshino?

    I like Kron even though she doesn't have improved AP, because for some reason her guns do a ton of damage even when angled slightly while Azuma's bounce. I guess it has to do with penetration? The only time I made Azuma's AP work is when someone was completely flat to me then the AP did devastating amounts of damage. The AP feels like "all or nothing." I agree that Kron has fantastic armor. Sometimes she feels more tanky than Stalin thanks to her concealment and near stealth radar and the side armor is ridiculous. The side armor extends almost to the deck and almost from bow to stern exposing very little extremities unlike Alaska and Azuma. This gives Kron a crazy amount of survivability when you also add in the factor that she has near the same HP pool of Stalin who already has a lot at tier 10, but she's tier 9. Citadels really never bother me that much unless I decide to yolo rush half of the enemy team. Since the guns are the same I don't think I'll like the Azuma. I like the guns of Stalin and Kron. I sort of like Alaska but Alaska's guns aren't bad, it's just me not used to have battleship shells go slower than Montana. (Or at least it feels that way) So there are no major changes other than torps and armor?
  12. Kanak_Unconquerable_hero

    Is the Daring being punished?

    They really don't care about what you wear. It's that if you reach a certain win rate threshold, WG's MM system is designed to discriminate against you and the higher you are the more unfair it is to the point the only way of winning is to have a full division of 60% win rate players and higher. It's absolute cancer. I don't always have someone to division with and even then, I need alone time sometimes.
  13. Kanak_Unconquerable_hero

    Old replay wont play

    I've been having the exact same issue. These guys probably explained why they don't work anymore, thanks. It sucks because I think I had a super 188k Bayern monster game way back then in 2016 or so.
  14. Kanak_Unconquerable_hero

    Is the Daring being punished?

    It's not your fault. WG has a secret matchmaking system that discriminates against players who have a very high win rate. This happens to me now on a regular basis because I reached 59% win rate. Yesterday and the day before, I was first place in almost all my games with super carries and around 120k-200k average damage in my battleship with around 1.5million - 2.4million tanked and yet I was struggling to maintain a 40% win rate. My PR ranges in the unicum range but my win rate is straight up the worst at "bad." This isn't a one time thing, I can pull multiple examples in my Chapayev and many other ships. Here is an example of my recent stats.
  15. Kanak_Unconquerable_hero

    New To this Game

    Hello, and welcome to the game. For cruisers, I would recommend IJN cruisers. All cruisers at lower tiers are very lightly armored and take significant damage, however the Kuma at tier 4 is sort of fun. The main reason why I recommend IJN cruisers is starting from tier 5, you that's when you start to experience the playstyle of the IJN cruisers while other nations you have to wait till around tier 8 or for USN cruisers the Des Moines does not play anything like the ships before her. At tier 5, the Furutaka is the most heavily armored for a tier 5 cruiser and will be more forgiving to a new player while giving you a taste of what to expect of upcoming tiers. You may be wondering what about when you're an experienced player? Then Zao at tier 10 is extremely powerful for experienced players. For battleships, new Russian battleships will be released so I recommend going down the new Russian battleships as at the lower tiers they absolutely have the best armor without a doubt and will be more forgiving to you as a new player. If you're good at the game Russian battleships will also be lethal to opponents, especially in tiers 3, 4, and 5 where they are straight up better than their competition. For aircraft carriers, I like them all and can't really pick one for you. I'll just say if you like torps IJN CVs have the best torp bombers. IJN CVs got AP bombs that can really wreck certain battleships and cruisers but must be aimed well and can take a bit getting used to. USN CVs got HE bombs on the other hand which are lethal against destroyers and ships with bad anti-aircraft defenses. Both got very good rocket aircraft. At higher tiers USN rocket aircraft has an alternative rocket group that is better against larger ships while the IJN ones are more accurate and usually focus destroyers. Royal Navy Carriers are relatively new and are interesting. Their rocket aircraft are ok, torpedoes very good but not as good as IJN, and HE bombs very good against battleships. For destroyers when you do decide to go down it, I'd recommend the British destroyers. The reason is because the tier t10 Yueyang is just as strong as a tier 8 destroyer after it got heavily nerfed. The Gearing is now like a tier 9 destroyer thanks to all the power creep. Shimakaze and Harugumo are very good destroyers, but I didn't recommend that because if you do competitive play later on, Harugumo's concealment really hinders her performance, while for Shimakaze, the low tier IJN destroyers are not very good and not a good introduction for a new player and don't really teach a new player how to destroyer. For me personally was Americans but a lot has changed and USN DDs though being very good in the low tiers, the high tier ones got heavily power crept. Germans and Russians are nice if you want to play later on but concealment isn't good for competitive. I feel like British destroyers will be good for you as they have relatively short smoke reload times allowing you to panic drop when you need it the most, especially when you're learning game mechanics. The limited torpedo range will make you think of you're positioning and gameplay on how to better adapt. British destroyers also got self defense hydro I think starting from tier 5 which should help you avoid torpedoes as these really ruin a new DD player's day, and British acceleration should help you accelerate in time. When you reach the Daring, she is very good. One of the strongest destroyers in the game, second to Harugumo. So she is very reliable in competitive play. I got up to the tier 7 Jervis and stopped because I had multiple ships to grind and will come back to her eventually. Random battle is harder than co-op as random battle has real players and in co-op though there are real players, all the enemies are bots when in random, both allied and enemies are real players. However though random is more difficult, you get more experience points and credits in random compared to co-op.