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  1. Jmthebigman

    Best anime opening ever?

    Im watching it, always been a sucker for vampire/demon animes. (no pun intended) Nice anime indeed!
  2. Jmthebigman

    Remove ramming option in Co-op!!!!

    Considering the kill events, no. Seen so many killsecuring noobs for 1000 hp even in co-op. Just keep it and get better.
  3. Jmthebigman

    Q: Build for CV's with new update and Graf Zep

    Tnx! Any advice for GZ?
  4. I wanna know the general builds as well as a build for the graf zep. This include modification options. Also any informative videos are also welcome. Thanks in advance.
  5. Jmthebigman

    German DD T61 vs Z39

    Honestly I needed Prem time, had 7 days left. Had 21k doubloons, bought a few. Profit. This is just a bonus for some nothing more nothing less.
  6. She will do it same for grem, source? the grem topic.
  7. Jmthebigman

    Premium Ship Review - VMF Gremyashchy

    Dont stress out take your time and enjoy xmas
  8. Jmthebigman

    Premium Ship Review - Yubari 2.0

    Personally I wouldnt get the Concealment but get AFT or DE depending on what you picked before. Great review as always.
  9. Might as well throw in a laugh: (turn down sound if you are wearing an headphone)