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  1. Jmthebigman

    Italy Cruisers

    Might be, but dealing such horrible dmg shouldnt be a thing either. When a tier 5 cruiser with HE would of done more dmg.
  2. Jmthebigman

    Italy Cruisers

    Just did my 1st match in the genova. SAP against DD's; looks fine SAP against 3km away broadside emerald, whilst im bow on.... less than 2k dmg.... Somethings awful if that occurs.
  3. Jmthebigman

    Best anime opening ever?

    Im watching it, always been a sucker for vampire/demon animes. (no pun intended) Nice anime indeed!
  4. Jmthebigman

    Remove ramming option in Co-op!!!!

    Considering the kill events, no. Seen so many killsecuring noobs for 1000 hp even in co-op. Just keep it and get better.
  5. Jmthebigman

    Q: Build for CV's with new update and Graf Zep

    Tnx! Any advice for GZ?
  6. I wanna know the general builds as well as a build for the graf zep. This include modification options. Also any informative videos are also welcome. Thanks in advance.
  7. Jmthebigman

    German DD T61 vs Z39

    Honestly I needed Prem time, had 7 days left. Had 21k doubloons, bought a few. Profit. This is just a bonus for some nothing more nothing less.
  8. Jmthebigman

    Premium Ship Review - IRN Imperator Nikolai I

    She will do it same for grem, source? the grem topic.
  9. Jmthebigman

    Premium Ship Review - VMF Gremyashchy

    Dont stress out take your time and enjoy xmas
  10. Jmthebigman

    Premium Ship Review - Yubari 2.0

    Personally I wouldnt get the Concealment but get AFT or DE depending on what you picked before. Great review as always.
  11. Jmthebigman

    OUT OF DATE: Premium Ship Review - HMS Warspite (2.0)

    Might as well throw in a laugh: (turn down sound if you are wearing an headphone)