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  1. ctrl-alt delete , bring up task manager. Find the wargaming.net game centre and force close it by right clicking on it and selecting "end task". Restart the wargaming game centre and log in on the account you registered for the beta test with. Open game settings within game centre and click "add additional game instance" select TST from the drop down menu and click accept and install
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    BB's pushing

    Why shouldn't they hug the back line? A BB isn't a death star it needs close support from DD's and cruisers, something that is woefully lacking these days. On the odd occasion where support is available a concerted push is unstoppable, but it happens rarely these days. DD's don't want to move in to screen because of radar, cruisers aren't moving in because island hugging is the new meta and that just leaves battleships who have no desire to be mega torped
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