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  1. Error connecting?

  2. "Transfer to another server"

    Stellar timing too, just as my clan mate and I joined a battle and just as the battle ended. Got into the game with 8 AFK's on my team and got shafted. Thanks WG you owe me some signals, a valentine's camo and premium consumables
  3. A Question on the Bogatyr...

    You'll find that a major trait of the russian cruisers is long range and high speed. Most of them have weak armour, poor manoeuvrability and vulnerability to citadel hits and so i've found the best way to use them is at range employing their high speed and range to rain HE down on anything and everything. As for the svetlana , I have had great success in using it as an ambush cruiser, getting into position and then steaming towards slow battleships and then doing a drive-by with the torpedoes. It's probably not a wise thing to do but its a lot of fun!
  4. A Question on the Bogatyr...

    The 130 mm guns are a pure upgrade. They are affected by Basic and Advanced Fire Training, meaning faster and further shots. The Bogatyr is my go to ship when I am warming up and is a great deal of fun. Those 130's can citadel a south carolina at <7km and aren't under-powered at all compared to the 152mm
  5. Game Crash/Lock Up at stats screen at match end.

    I am experiencing this end of match bug. Screen goes black. I also have no crosshairs or radar and no mouse pointer. Can't go into settings either.
  6. T10 SC bug?

    Same. GK no SC
  7. The camo change rewards that came with the Yamamoto collection are really nice. Do you have any plans to expand these for other nations?
  8. An employee is someone contracted by an employer to provide goods and services in return for compensation. Since CC's aren't contractors they aren't employees. If you give a busker money does that make them your employee? no, because there has to be a contract.
  9. 0.6.8 Bug Reporting

    I and a couple of team mates are having the same issue with friendly ships disappearing from view when dead. One or two ships will be visible but the majority won't.
  10. I would hazard a guess that it's more to do with the change to torpedo release than to realism. The problem before was that the audio was triggered and had to complete before torpedoes could release. They seem to have fixed this by having torpedoes release and then have the sound trigger.
  11. 0.6.5 Bug Reporting

    I completed the final task of mission 3 in the "Hunt for Bismarck" campaign. Rather than receive the secondary modification 1 and 2 I received 10,000 credits compensation for duplicates. I don't have any duplicates and 10,000 credits is hardly fair compensation for a 500,000 credit mod anyway
  12. find your wows folder - navigate to the res folder and open scripts_config.xml the last but one line is <DisableTrainingRoom>True</DisableTrainingRoom> Change the true to false and restart the game - voila! where the randombattles/coop/ranked drop down menu is you should now have training room as an option
  13. I had a similar issue when using the spotter plane. The hud disappeared and my ship sailed off while the camera stayed behind
  14. I noticed it in the public test and it is still happening now that the patch has gone live. When I am in a division (either 2 or 3 person) we are spawning right on top of each other (see pic) This has happened fairly frequently and it doesn't matter what ships we are in. It's really annoying because you can't avoid damage right at the start of the game.
  15. PT 0.5.11 - General Feedback

    Issues I have with the latest public test. 1: Boundary markers are not visibile. The dotted lines on the three tier maps are ok. Normal game mode boundaries are not visible - bring back buoys. 2: Torpedo aim markers are barely visible, it is really hard to aim on some maps, particularly when there is high bloom effects. 3: Torpedo markers in the water are screwed up, They look like someone is skipping stones in the water and are very laggy 4: Ships in dock are showing very jerky movement. I have a decent computer, i7 processor 16 GB RAM and a GTX 1070, it looks like xbox frame rates please fix.