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  1. AnimaL21

    Shikishima - Still worth the steel?

    I am working on this one only for the "Mine's bigger" novelty. Of course, by the time i acquire 8k more steel, there will be some new balanced russian ship with 24" guns, 1-meter armor, 35 knots, 25km DWT,and super-DFAA.
  2. AnimaL21

    I want to like WoWS, but I hate it

    I'm with OP. I start optimistic, wanting to like playing this game. Then I go to bed, every night, hating this game. Maybe I would feel better about it if i was blissfully unaware of how good/fun it used to be.
  3. AnimaL21

    Weird Stuff Happening

    That is an insult all the more. It normally wouldn't change it, but if it can't change it, it forces change? Sigh.
  4. AnimaL21

    Weird Stuff Happening

    Does it not let you launch with the xml set read-only? If so, I could see making a batch that will write in that file with previous values just prior to calling the game to launch. That might work unless they are going in and changing these settings on you during the launch. Also you might be able to deny just the game exe the ability to write to that file, but that may have other unforeseen consequences too.
  5. AnimaL21

    Weird Stuff Happening

    Is there a way to set it permanently to a certain one, so that it never gets switched until which time that port maybe was removed? Like an ini file or something, somewhere where i can set it to the "dont-change-my-settings" port?
  6. I've reground a lot of lines so far. Unless you're freexp'ing, *I* recommend you pick the line that you liked the t9 (and probably the t8) ship the best in. You'll spend the most amount of time on the 8 and 9 grinds, might as well grind one you liked, versus one you hated. I reset USN DD a few times because it seemed easier, until you factor in that i hate hate hate fletcher. The fletcher regrind became so boring and drawn out playing a ship you hate to play. Now I only reset French BB. Dare I say I enjoy Rich and Alsace grinds. I realize french BB is one of the more costly lines in xp, but I play better and make more xp per game in a ship i like, versus one I can't stand. Regrinds take me about 3-4 weeks of play at my regular levels. I have permacamo on Lyon, Rich, and Alsace, and 21pt captains on each. Makes regrinding them a piece of cake and doesn't really cost me my expendable camos. I only reset when i get 2x, and I only play bretagne, normadie, and repub once a grind, and I always freexp to upgraded Lyon to start a regrind. I end up regrinding like 500k+ worth of XP when its all said and done, and the captains XP earning usually is 700-800k, so a regrind gets me 20k research points and most of the way to another 19->21pt captain upgrade cost. So now I have ALLLL these RP's and no ships that i even want to buy with them... though vampire2 is intriguing me as of late.
  7. I do not use Q/E for rudder lock, i use Del/End. Thats what I mean by non standard key bindings, but others here report the problem with standard bindings. I have never had and will never have mods. This happens across ships and ship types. The replays don't show rudder input, nor the indicator of rudder lock. my screenshot above does show the rudder locked with the wake going straight, and my replay above shows the behavior from the same game as the screenshot, but you have to tie them both together to actually see it happening. I am highly confident that support could sync up the screenshot to the replay as "proof" which is what they seemed to be looking for when i tried the ticket process... making me feel like i made it up or something. The recreation process is really all anyone needs, and i'm not alone looking at the other replies, so its not just my system. Someone else can do a ticket for this or you could just point support at the thread. I provided examples here, and I provided the recreation description. I don't plan on jumping through any more hoops than I already have. Yeah, like when running into an island or torps is imminent, lol.
  8. AnimaL21

    MM is a piece of BROKEN TR*SH!!

    I have done that for 8-10 mo, and its not 40, nor does it approach even close to 40 over many many games, and many many notebook pages full of tally marks and tiny little letters, per tier.
  9. AnimaL21

    MM is a piece of BROKEN TR*SH!!

    The 40% MM claim... is the elevator door-close button of wows world. Some of us are not passified by that claim anymore...
  10. AnimaL21

    Vampire 2

    Do the commander skills for vampire 2 overlap with those most needed for haida? Was considering buying both if I am gonna buy one and dedicate all the CXP for a 21 pointer.
  11. I use every token, from every one of these goofy release events on whatever expendable camo is able to be bought with them. On some of the events you can really buy a LOT of camo's. Having a boatload of +100% xp ones really help when you're regrinding lines.
  12. This seems most likely. Those containers have 24 hours prem in them plus a flag or two iirc.
  13. AnimaL21

    Vampire 2

    I absolutely hated jervis and abandoned the entire brit DD line because of it (though i love icarus for some reason). I am very intrigued by vampire 2 but is it worth going for if i didnt like jervis? Too bad you cant rent it for a couple thousand RPs to try it out.
  14. I kept getting them from the auto system, sometimes almost back to back 15 days at a time, 1 day on 15 days banned again. Then mysteriously they stopped shrug. I think the auto system is broken or something now.