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Forum Shutdown - July 28, 2023 Read more... ×
Forum Shutdown - July 28, 2023 Read more... ×


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  1. AnimaL21

    Forum Shutdown – July 28, 2023

    Sounds like another bad decision...
  2. AnimaL21

    Forum Shutdown – July 28, 2023

    Lol whatever. Just yet another terribly bad decision made in an entire timeline of bad decisions surrounding this game. There isnt a day goes by that i don't go to bed hating this game. I wish it no spectacular or memorable ending. May its death spiral be as lame as the gameplay has become, lol.
  3. AnimaL21

    Submarine counterplay

    If only this was the exclusive terrible design item. Just another thing that was added to make the game worse. I deal with them by leaving the area and immediately find a new game when i inevitably die to one.
  4. AnimaL21

    Submarine counterplay

    I just sail the other way when i encounter one. Some games i make it, other games i sink and hit "Battle On". Oh well.
  5. AnimaL21

    How do you farm Potential Damage?

    Easy potential damage: Take a stealthy t10 DD. park within 0.5km of the kremlin on your team. Let people shoot at it and just sit there while you're undetected. Any shell landing within 0.7km of your own ship adds to your potential damage. Every now and then you might take a shell yourself, but since 50% of all shells fired at russian ships do nothing anyways, you'll do fine.
  6. AnimaL21

    Red Boosters for Summer Tokens

    Most definitely agreed, but i fixed it for you to be more accurate.
  7. AnimaL21

    Red Boosters for Summer Tokens

    The decisions on this stuff never cease to amaze.
  8. Asashio has 20km torps. Just launch them from 18km, and be torpedo deadeye.
  9. AnimaL21

    Any one else getting ocean map a lot?

    I think ocean is a better mid-tier map but it only seems to come up in high tier now.
  10. AnimaL21

    post-nerf super container

    I got a 25k freexp one this weekend. Pretty Lame.
  11. I am already taking part in a different boycott, unfortunately i can only do one at a time. As soon as the boycott slot frees up though, i'll definitely switch it to wows.
  12. AnimaL21

    Tier 3 Clan Battles

    I'd bite on this. I don't think the battles would go long, but it might be fun.
  13. AnimaL21

    Trapped in a can of orange paint.

    You're free of the wows shackles.... RUN! Don't walk. I would leave this game if i could.
  14. AnimaL21

    Unusual collison

    True, it didnt seem to otherwise affect gameplay.