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  1. My 19pt yamamoto is homed on isokaze. w00t.
  2. Z-23. I play it with 128's like i played Maass, i fail. I play it with 150's like i played gaede, I fail. I play it with 128's like I play loyang, I fail. And this one is the most baffling to me, at the same tier, they are close to being almost the same boat. Z23 in my hands is a failbote, and i hate it so much.
  3. Lets say there was someone that couldn't stand the gameplay of fletcher nor that of grozovoi, and sold off both, would this person like or hate this premium ship? Is it a downtiered groz or a better ogne? Asking for a friend.
  4. AnimaL21

    Been Grinding up the IJN DD Line

    Umikaze, wakatake, and Isokaze are my keepers. Kamikaze, r & fujin are why i dont need to keep minikaze shino is why i dont need to keep akat (in fact i never even played akat) or fubuki asashio and harekaze means i dont need to keep shirat, akizuki, kagero ,nor yugumo.
  5. AnimaL21

    USS Charleston vs the USS St. Louis

    I like to use my 19pt St Louis captain in my charleston. :)
  6. AnimaL21

    Convert steel to coal for Jean Bart?

    I already said I am not interested in these. I have atlanta, no flint needed, and I hate fletcher, no black needed. Neither scenario would result in overactive tear ducts, let alone such an occurrence being brought to your attention.
  7. AnimaL21

    Convert steel to coal for Jean Bart?

    Indeed! I would've paid steel anyway for a premium St louis :) Hey WG!!! I'll also pay steel for a premium phoenix premium nicholas clones. ALL my steel. ALL of it. I'd pay steel for permacamos on my t3&4's also.
  8. AnimaL21

    Convert steel to coal for Jean Bart?

    I bought Charleston with steel, lol. Not one of the steel ships current or future, interests me in the least. If they're already making steel easier to get , what less than a year later, you can bet it will get even easier over time.
  9. AnimaL21

    Friend Just Told Me This Code

    Seemed to work for me just now. Copy/paste to notepad copy/paste to browser and hold ctrl when clicking.
  10. AnimaL21

    Is Atlanta worth $41 in 2019

    Not entirely accurate. I do fine with a non-ifhe build shared DD captain, but its a learning curve that is harder than a lot of the other ships in the game.
  11. AnimaL21

    Is Atlanta worth $41 in 2019

    Yes. I dont have z-39, but i can say with confidence, you want t-61 if you're asking this question.
  12. AnimaL21

    Is Atlanta worth $41 in 2019

    I'm a dd main, and i feel like the ATL is just a big DD anyway :)
  13. AnimaL21

    Is Atlanta worth $41 in 2019

    Atl went on deep discount last year on or just after new years. It was like $27. Hold out a bit and see if it goes cheaper.
  14. AnimaL21

    Double strikes - Increase time limit?

    I'm all for it. Its not like there are a plethora of 11 second kills either that would make it too easy. Gotta keep it 15 and under though i think, so you can't just farm them incredibly easily with, say, sharnhorst + AR (though its somewhat easy with sharn anyway even currently).