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  1. 1000 karma

    Good job, you have 1000 more than I do. lol
  2. Because they don't want us to be happy. lol
  3. No new ships in store today. I thought the article said "with new ships arriving each week until July" or something like that. Can't find that text now though, looks like it was edited. I am disappoint.
  4. The party boat!

    Well with AR you have that last point. I will never take PM on any boat because it doesnt help anything. IFA is logical and actually I found I really enjoy its use. Especially with leningrad while harassing at 13km. IFA Indicator goes off? Turn 15 degrees and drop to 1/2 throttle. Count 4-one-thousand, bump back to full and -15 degrees. Almost every time it will make shells miss. Couple that with PT and you have a really good picture of when trouble is imminent. Doesn't work that great at short range tho, lol.
  5. The party boat!

    Your Izy captain is perfectly suited to being a partybote/guncanoe captain. You buy now. My Izy,Partybote/Leningrad captain build: PT, IFA, LS, AR, EM, BFT, AFT, CE I have long run AR/IFA in place of DE figuring more shots on target would equal the same fire chance increase as well as more damage on top.
  6. Do you play it in randoms?
  7. Yes they were. I wish molotov was like... 12 bucks. I keep looking at that $22 and thinking about how much I would want to pay back to unbuy every time i was low tier MM. Kirov is enraging enough as it is.

    I do this ALL the time now when its too dangerous to push hard for a few min. I just pull up alongside a Biz or GK in my DD, and throttle down to 1/4 or 1/2 to match speed. 1M pot damage games are really easy to accomplish when someone is getting focused. Same as with torps, sail within 700m of them to receive the pot damage.
  9. Yes, carmageddon was a favorite of ours as well. Also heretic, hexen, duke3d were staples for us. :)
  10. Topic title sent me back to when i literally only had one 28.8k modem between two computers. i used to set up coax 10Base2 networking to share the modem connection and emulate an IPX network to play DooM II with some friends . :)
  11. I liked the gun report from the gnevny. Took bad the ship sucks so bad.

    So easy tho... take the best t8+ concealment cruiser you have. Stay concealed and mirror next to a camping BB within 700m. Enjoy the free potential damage as the meter goes up.
  13. Premium Ship Wishlist.

    I'd pay money today for an exact BHull nicholas clone just to save the need for keeping a commander assigned to it. I think this would be doable quickly. Pick a famous nicholas, make it premium, give it a camo. Sell it.
  14. Broken Flag

    There's other flags than the MMC?
  15. lol "code_goes_here". They're so busy buffing everything they didn't set up their mail merge correctly? I wish they would bring back that basketball camo event or ones like it. That was fun to see which one people were running most, etc.