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  1. I use it as an easily populated list of people that I don't like. Its an easy to check area that tells me whether they are currently in a battle, or not. If I know they're not in battle, chances go up i could queue with them. Sometimes I'll wait til they go into a battle before entering queue myself. The blacklist helps me keep track of them. It also quiets down the clan chat window for those whose opinions i do not value.
  2. One might reasonably conclude that they feel its somewhat balanced now given the lack of any "balance changes" in the 0.8.3 dev bulletin.
  3. I do, every time. I average one SC every 2 weeks or so. So far I've never gotten the 100 AA flag crate. I keep getting papa papa, and detonation flags, and Green Irish camos.
  4. Thanks for the heads up on the dailies. I already cashed in all crowns and all florins for 550 flags, plus the campaign mission based stuff, plus any crates I get lucky enough on, but I still would like to know when the achievement will be restored to us.
  5. I still have not been able to find any information on when we can expect an achievement to be restored/reimagined that gets us the ability to earn AA signal flags. Paying 100,000 silver each is not a suitable replacement process to get AA flags.
  6. AnimaL21

    I hate free ships and doubloons!!

    As just about always, reward the top players with even more benefits, on top of their exclusive benefits. This one doesn't even have a random drawing :(
  7. AnimaL21

    Tired of Timid DDs in Radar/CV matches?

    Same!. Here here brother! For me, there is little to no joy at all in playing DD T3+ with things how they currently are. Umikaze and V-25 are still tons of fun, and I still take out asashio, but I stay 19.8 km from the action. Theres 1 or 2 others still worth playing but I get bored with full AA DD roles only. I am laying heavily on my BBs now, and I am pretty terrible with them but at least I am not destroying things near my computer after every match like i was when playing my favorite DDs. I don't know if I am happy that I bought WV last weekend (because it rocks), or mad that I gave WG money to support something i hate so much. And of course now 0.8.3 being outlined in dev with ZERO balance changes to CV/DD interaction, oh yay . I am understanding the hints pretty clearly though: unless you love class-based punishment, leave all the DDs in port and just play something else.
  8. DF can help for sure, though it works exceedingly less by the day because the flak is too predictable. The effect of floatplane fighters is laughable at best. Of all the games I played since January, I've shot down about 10 total planes with fighters, before they are wiped out by the attackers. I had to have deployed fighter consumables 60? 70? 100 times? Always with plenty of time for them to get in the air prior to an attack squad. Absolutely worthless in practice and as a deterrent. I only keep fighter consumables mounted because I can't stand the spotter plane view. I can't hit anything at all with it, with any kind of reliability whatsoever. In fact most times that I deploy spotter plane, i regret doing so because my effectiveness goes down for the duration. Its like the self-nerf button that you can't cancel.
  9. I feel like i want to put the obnoxious british flag camo permanently on every ship.
  10. YES PLEASE. And also please allow this for ships below T6. It doesn't even need to provide bonuses besides the normal 3%/4%.
  11. I spent all 350 crowns and 2500 florins on AA flags to the tune of 500+ flags. I had to do this because WG has taken away our ability to earn these signal flags when they removed AA defense expert and never gave it back. Buying them with silver to the tune of 100,000 silver per flag per game is not economical (nor helpful at all).
  12. AnimaL21

    Okay, help unwrap this guy's thinking?

    From an unpopular perspective, I can't say its a bad strat if both of you were 1/4 health as you say. Given this same situation I could argue it might be the best move vs the buffed yugo guns (they really DO hit hard) to force you to chase and take your rear turrets out of the equation. Really, vs a 1/4 health kita (~5000hp), 2-3 solid broadside volleys with yugo and thats over. If I'm in a yugo, i am always gonna try to kite with the two rears vs chase with the single. By running he forces you to chase bow-on if you want to a) keep the distance, and b) avoid his likely incoming torp spread. That means you only have one turret on him, and he's a smaller target to hit end-on with 2 faster firing turrets facing back at you. He's getting 8 shots to your 2 by kiting you. Plus, he's got about 10 rear modules (2 turrets, rudder, engine, 6 aa) that will absorb damage to your 2 (turret, aa). I guess I'd take those odds, that low of health being equal. He'd likely trade less health for your death in this fashion, than in a rocky vs drago broadside brawl, if it didn't end up being a traded simultaneous kill. This is where the story shifts away from my above assertion though, and thank you for following up with him about it. It is clear from your aftermath, that the above wasn't his planned scenario at all. Its how I would probably approach it though all things considered.
  13. AnimaL21

    Please participate

    So that the most elite players in the game can have more rewards than they already have. Just grind the random xp threshold for camo entry, play relaxed after that, and cross your fingers you randomly win the camo pack.
  14. I don't get why this needs to be a separate ship. Add a F3 option to asashio and remarket it? Or dumb this new one down and call it t7.
  15. That is a good call it's been nearly impossible to get a liquidator specifically since the rework. Bad example of an achievement for flags i guess, lol.