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  1. Looks interesting to me as a trainer for my v-25 captain.
  2. They'd prolly just credit you with something useless like elitexp and not elite commander xp, saying you could then pay dubloons to convert it.
  3. Give Sims another look. I bought it post-stealth firing changes and have since been somewhat amazed with its performance. I cant speak to Blys, as i don't want a boat with a non-shared captain.
  4. I'd welcome the chance to spend the 2.5 games to grind those again for the free stuff. I swear this is the easiest grind i've ever had. Which makes it, not a grind, at all really, lol.
  5. How much effectiveness are you seeing in the 0.8km window of difference with smoke firing blys or sims? Is that even one volley's worth of time when someone is that close?
  6. U guys r kidding right? You wanna refund sims and blysk because of .8 or less of extra spotting? Just sit in the back of your smoke cloud and the difference will be made up.
  7. Clemson is clemson. Nicholas plays well for me. I play Sims, mahan and benson like i play nicholas and they also seem work for me. I play farragut this same way and i just f'n STINK with that boat. I can't figure it out why. I should, on paper, play mahan way worse.
  8. YMMV... i do very well with my nicholas AA build.
  9. Akizuki/Harekaze 100mm AP against just about everything except DDs <T8, lol. T8+DDs, Cruisers, BB supers, all ap all the time for the 100mm shells. Works so well that I don't even bother to run IFHE.
  10. Maybe try to go div up or find your friendly neighborhood ijn dd player (since we are hated in every other instance) on your team to come torp the naughty iron duke out of existence? Maybe div up with an aa boat or keep one nearby if you can't keep your AA active? Both? So many mechanisms outside of yourself for you to defeat da wittle royal fire boat, and yet you chose the worst way to do so: tank alone, and make a post about it? Cmon man, all I'm hearing here is battleship tears hitting the ground. Take the steps to get help to eliminate the duke if you have no solution for it yourself. Kindof like me in my destroyer, when theres an atlanta or any other stupid radar winboat. I'm instead calling you battleship people over to deal with it. Not gonna sit there and try to out shoot it myself, and not gonna go dedicate a post yelling about it (at least not anymore*) * included in case I ever did so, lol.
  11. Meh, i will still run full aa on all my dd's that can aa. This won't really change much.
  12. With EM and MBM2, I can't say that I've ever been found wanting with regards to my guns not being on target in Leningrad. I don't play her as much as I should when i play t7 Spoiled by Sims and trying to get rid of shirat and into akizuki. I have a dedicated 19 point captain for izyaslav, okhotnik, and leningrad.
  13. The best is when the squadron icon appears on the deck as a plane is taking off, and you score kills on it before its even airborne. "Just fire at the flight deck, men! "