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  1. "This is awesome" Oct 2015 "What a waste" Present day
  2. AnimaL21

    Should I get a Friesland?

    This. I was pretty excited to finally get it, dropped a load of CXP to max out the captain for it. Its a fun ship and all, and the AA capabilities really are a shining point, but it basically sits in my port because its kinda after a while. When you get a battle without CV, theres only a couple things to do: HE spam from range, disengage. Smoke up, HE spam, disengage. Find an island, HE spam. HE spam from range, disengage. Smoke up, HE spam, disengage. Hydro a DD in smoke, engage, get the kill stolen before you can get it, disengage. Resume HE spam duties. Not really much great positioning need or tactical play to it. I mean, it gets good damage, and good economy, makes credits, farms xp fine, but damn it sure isn't all that exciting to play. No DD wants to knife fight you, and its justcheating when you hydro the poor thing in smoke for a kill. I tend to use hydro only defensively for that reason, to prevent getting torped in smoke.
  3. AnimaL21

    PSA - terrible teams are an opportunity

    ... and here i thought the punchline was going to be about leaving early to start a new game.
  4. AnimaL21

    If you could buff just one ship...

    I always thought kidd should have access to the slot 6 AA module. IF we have to pay for t9 AA with loss of a tube, then give Kidd actual T9 AA option, especially now with the flak puff module nerf.
  5. That pic looks like a room full of all the leftover neon/led honda tail lights they trimmed off while making the southern and eastern dragon myokos. The 3 anime girls being pictured are only there to show their sadness that there wasn't enough leftover neon/led rope to puke any other designs onto myokos that would also sell for 38 dollars.
  6. AnimaL21

    DD's get [edited] yet again

    Don't forget that kami torps ONLY apply if you fail div to t6 AND get a t8 match, AND the t8's in that match actually take the new module.
  7. AnimaL21

    P button for shutting AA

    The only useful reason: Immediately cancels DFAA and starts cooldown timer.
  8. *I* am not going to create anything. Players putting work into bull (edit) like that is a waste of time. it wasn't even my idea to provide more xp/credits, i merely agreed with the prior poster and provided an example. Feel free to balance that example on your own time to whatever will make you happy.
  9. If I shoot down 20 planes in a T4 DD (which is the context in this discussion), shouldn't it be worth that?
  10. I agree. Each aircraft shot down should be worth 100basexp and 10k silver.
  11. Make it so dropped fighters can't spot and I'm all for it.
  12. Yeah just what we need, even more permaspotting of new DD players at t3 & t4.
  13. AnimaL21

    4 Directives 0 Botes

    Wouldn't want to give away the farm or anything. Kinda like the relatively rare thanksgiving camos that include +5% FXP. WHOA... how game breaking!
  14. AnimaL21

    WoWs players have a HUGE karma problem.

    My zero karma is my protector. It both shields from, and renders inert 100% of all negative karma.
  15. AnimaL21

    Why do players do this?

    Sometimes i strangely turn and take guns off target, even mid brawl, because I am getting too far to the side of the map with a slow BB like colorado. I try to plan where i want to be once my flank is cleared or once i win my brawl. Once you get positioned in the outer two columns or rows with a slow BB, you might as well not be in the battle anymore once your flank is cleared. I'll usually wait to turn til it looks like the target will inevitably go angled or concealed in a very short amount of time. If i wait for 2 more salvos before turning, thats 2.5 minutes before i will be back to the place i was when i first had the urge to turn. If i turn now, i still keep two turrets on the target, and i'm set up for more action afterwards thats maybe further away from me.