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  1. AnimaL21

    Stat shaming in ranked

    To do it at any point, is totally dumb. But if they wanna label me, I'll be sure to take it to heart and strive to meet their poor expectations.
  2. AnimaL21

    Stat shaming in ranked

    I always try to play to the shamers' expectations.
  3. AnimaL21

    Late loading or AFK

    The behavior i've observed, you'll be in queue, then the anchor starts spinning before going to the battle load screen, but then stops spinning and locks up. 7 out of 10 times, you can alt-tab to find a crash terminate/restart window in the background. The other 3 times out of 10, it'll sit there for 30 seconds or so, and you'll hear the battle start and sounds of the battle in the background, but it will never leave the queue screen. Reboot is the only fix for that. I can force this second scenario to happen nearly 100% of the time if I am in div and i am chatting on queue screen if i send a message just as the rotating anchor comes up. Shotty programming like everything else in the game having to do with match selection. You try to put in a ticket and you have to jump through hoops with screenshots and video to do all the work for them and all they ever come up with is "reinstall, update drivers, etc". Yeah i tried that already, because thats less work than all the hoops you're demanding out of me. Its your game, i've described the problem with an exact recreation scenario, now you fix... thats how this is supposed to work.
  4. AnimaL21

    camera bug?

    I'm totally vanilla, no mods, will never run mods of any kind, and i've had the same happen. Granted it was only a handful of times since 2016. Can still control the ship but from afar only. Its like the hud goes missing too. I had to reboot windows to get it to reset. Letting one match end and starting another, the same thing happens in the new match until i reboot. Restarting the game only didnt fix it.
  5. AnimaL21

    You were reported! Karma decreased by 2

    Well i'll report you next time i see you, so you can tell me if you get it.
  6. AnimaL21

    You were reported! Karma decreased by 2

    I dont think that's accurate. I've gotten the message for 1. I think it only shows it if you lost points for it. Like if you keep your karma at zero, then it doesnt notify you. A guess anyway, its not like they'll tell us how anything really works. If you get a report all it means is that someone doesnt like either you or something you did. Its otherwise meaningless.
  7. AnimaL21

    Who am I?

    Why couldnt fuso be here? I'd have been able to get at least one of them if it was lol
  8. AnimaL21

    T4 Boosts for Clan Battle rewards?

    You mean reward give away a booster to earnings of an imaginary currency that costs nothing to produce? Why would they change and start doing something like that now when they worked so hard to eliminate such giveaways? Just like first blood, when it actually gave a "reward", only gave one signal flag (and it wasnt even a picture of a cluster of flags at that). Can't give away the pixel farm. stin·gy /ˈstinjē/ adjective INFORMAL unwilling to give or spend; ungenerous.
  9. AnimaL21

    Do you shoot anyway? FISA!

    I just don't ever fire HE in a BB, problem solved. lol
  10. AnimaL21

    Is all Camo Cosmetic now?

    As a 100% cosmetic only thing now, I'd love to know when we will get more "color choices" on the standard camo's that have color choices. The gui would even imply they have options with the little rainbow color wheel on those camos like you could personalize them to taste. Instead we get the choice of two ugly and ugly color combos. Gee thanks.
  11. You gotta pick a line that you don't mind the t8-9 grinds. For me I've regrinded French BB like 7 times now. FXP to Lyon, and go from there.
  12. AnimaL21

    Ocean Map

    I think it would be a fine mid-tier map t5-7 where a single mistake doesnt usually take you out of the game. But I only seem to see it in t8-10 now which makes it that much more painful to play. Make a single mistake and your game is basically over.
  13. AnimaL21

    The issue with the economic update

    Thanks for the clarification. I did hear about the 4% part just wasnt sure on the conceal.
  14. AnimaL21

    The issue with the economic update

    So is all concealment taking a 3% hit or is that getting baked in to all the ships?