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  1. kill assist

    Let's not say that whoever gets the kill doesn't matter, as this game is setup in many ways to only reward actual killshots. They could fix that, and make all mission and achievement targets based on damage only (confederate, High caliber, witherer), but instead they require actual killshots for achievements and certain game events (arsonist, liquidator, kraken, double strike, first blood, fleshwound, etc). Since some of the game economy and future successes, is in part based on the earning/use of the very signal flags you need kills to acquire, you're GD right it irritates me when someone purposely holds fire and farms that last 200 damage for the killshot between my reloads. Most lost kills are innocent, good willed people that just happened to connect with their volleys in bad timing but were otherwise firing the whole time. Thats fine. It is however, pretty easy to tell who is just farming and who is not. Sometimes you get a teammate obviously intentionally holding fire until a full health target becomes a low health target just to farm the ribbon. Since holding fire for the kill is so much more important to them, then they can take their future kills without my interference or damage getting in the way of their goals. I just use the opportunity to move elsewhere on the map at that point so they can do their thing unimpeded.
  2. Yes please! I would LOVE to be able to artificially set my adrenaline rush reload times like the sky cancer can! Plz 2 add damaging border, kthx.
  3. Do whatever you can to get your first 19. The rest fall like dominoes. I Upped a 14 to 19 over this weekend with the +200% event. he is my... 7th? 8th? Lost count they come so easy now when every match i play is with a 19. It helps when i got a single game with loaded camo/flags that gave out 56k elite commander xp lol. Leveling goes quick with that kind of progress.
  4. The grind involved to get each of them should allow you to bank enough elite commander xp such that you can instantly level him to 19 anyway.
  5. I've never seen a basexp requirement that wasn't overcome with a completely average performance win in Sims.
  6. When the original RU DD split happened I was on gnevny at the time, so I got pod for free and never bothered to play it. This review, as with others, opened my eyes to it. It took me through this weekend's xp bonuses to do so ,but I finally 19 pointed my special RU captain and moved him to pod with EM and MBM2 like I run on all my RU DDs. Pleasantly surprised that pod's turrets turn like a nicholas, and hit like my leningrad. I can't wait to get some T4/5 games in this boat for the LOLs. Pod build: PT, LS, EM, BFT, DE, AFT, CE. Only a single game in this boat so far. Verdict is out if this captain is better left on Izy.
  7. I was trying to figure this out a while back. Has it actually been confirmed officially that this is the case? I only came up with much conjecture when i tried to find an answer whether it was predetermined or determined at time of opening.
  8. I guess its better than NOT having one. lol Its like the free toaster when you open a bank account.
  9. Why improve mahan concealment and not also sims?
  10. This. Theres too much money in it for it not to be offered.... like kids with the marshmallow test.
  11. Smaller Round Ovepen AP Shell holes are easily plugged with all the spare chewing gum found under the tables on the mess deck. Torpedoes and ramming damage causing tears in the metal are more complex and larger. This scale of repair depletes the under-table gum supply, thus requiring the damage control crew to chew all that gum anew for the next Dcon activation. More recently to note, the October Revolution crews were given a small supply of Flex Seal. Tests are ongoing....
  12. Buying new port slots and wasting silver on T8 ships to play 5 coop games is not in the cards for me.
  13. It feels like a raffle waiting for them to select a boat that I actually WANT to play for 5 games...
  14. I couldn't resist, i paid 475 to respec two 19pointers last night for kitakaze and haragumo, lol.