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  1. Don't underestimate VMF AP

    Thats awesome haha. When you finally gained sight of him, was his ship just a trollface?
  2. Don't underestimate VMF AP

    Well I'll be damned. At what range? I love me some Kirov AP. Hits so hard at that tier. Doesn't seem to work that well against BBs though that I've ever seen.
  3. Loyang VS HSF Harikaze

    Thing I like the MOST about harekaze... its a premium that I can share any of my IJN dd captains on it for different setups without penalty. Something that annoys me a little with anshan, (and would with lo yang) is that it only can train the PA captains. I have 4 distinctly different 19pt IJN captains, and all of them change the harekaze a little. Torp boat, gun boat, aa boat, and all around. You can't say its the same as akizuki because of that ability to switch captains and builds on the fly. My most used cap is full AA from my akizuki (no IFHE). The main difference between the two is two racks of torps and better concealment for only giving up 2 100mm guns from the aki. You gotta kindof decide what you're going for, but i find hare is nice all-around and i can do more consistent damage to BBs with it than I ever could with benson. That 100mm AP on battleships can really tear them up without even talking about 8 torps (or 16 if u run trb). I stole around 50,000hp from a montana yesterday inside one smoke cloud, and i didn't fire any torps. Just volley after volley of 1000-2000 damage with AP. Akizuki obviously does this better with guns, but you don't get 2 racks of torps unless your TRB is ready. I struggled to do decent damage with benson, and i think i would struggle with loyang in the same manner. I run kidd when i want T8 USN DD action. And I run sims when i want nimble lolbote action.
  4. It'd be easy to handle like is done in many amateur sports. Someone changing teams mid-season, has to sit for a period of time before being allowed to contribute to their team. As was suggested, a 14 or 30 day timeout after every change of team before someone is allowed to compete might suffice to discourage this type of unwanted behavior. *EDIT* Thinking about it more, all my idea will cause is people instead just sharing accounts, rather than switching teams. Agreed with RC above, just taking away the incentives to cheat in the first place may just be the best approach.
  5. If harekaze isn't different than kagero or akizuki i don't know what exactly is? Aki with 2 torp launchers? Or kag with gun options? I run a full spec aa captain on harekaze. It doesn't melt whole squadrons like kidd obviously, but it prevents the permaspot and can do pretty decent when it has to. I had 28 planes one game with it. A full aa build means you give up IFHE though, but I find the 100mm AP to be all I need.
  6. Rudy started a potato. Experience & Hard work brought rudy from Poor to Good. Crowd influence brought him on the field only when it didn't matter, and he got lucky. A closer explanation? An experienced co-op potato sitting in queue long enough can still get in a game and detonate someone accidentally. lol
  7. If only this was how all youth sports orientations began , whereas parents also had to sit through this slide twice to make sure they understand. Not every participant in something has an olympian ceiling (and also that there is nothing wrong with that). :)
  8. EXP : Planes vs Ships

    Well she did openly publish that a ship frag itself is 15%. Not sure if you were referring to her post, or calculating it yourself. But you're basically spot on. So my 7ish number isn't incorrect, but its not 7 planes = 1 full ship's worth of XP. Just 7 planes ~ 1 ship frag, maybe that's where i got it in my head.
  9. Izzy Tha Bizzy Beazty

    From this: Immediately back to derailment propagation in only 4 minutes: Should we start calling you "Flynn the fire engine" instead so u can go off the rails and still be very useful ? (you'll get this if you have little kids lol) I was delivered my first izzy loss in 30 days last night :\ Much sadness.
  10. V-25 powaa

    An open letter to that Phoenix last night: Dear Friend/Aversary, You somehow avoided all of our torps and had us cornered in the map. All we were left with for assets was our minuscule v-25 guns, 1 boost, and 800hp against your nearly full strength Phoenix charging us down with hydro at 2.5km. You decided to pull all of your shots because your friends were watching and leave us alive with 300hp. In our haste, we missed the message from your signal lamp stating your intent to let us defect, and mistook your firing for hostile action. Unfortunately, a few volleys and 8 AP citadels later you were dead inside 30 seconds. We could've both retreated and went our separate ways to later solidify the defect at the border. We, the crew of v-25 #328, will always remember your kindness and convincingly disguised aggression. Until we meet again, may your future voyages be safe and more correctly understood. Sincerely , Friedrich Eisenstadt - Captain & Crew - KM V-25 #328
  11. EXP : Planes vs Ships

    I don't have many other tools for icing over a hotlanta. Shirat maybe? Akat? Kagero? or any other dd with 10km torps and trb? If I was purely gonna be anti-atlanta, i'd be in one of those dd's at 8.51km away :) Are an atlanta's turrets weak? Maybe there's something that can start knocking them out, lol. Like pulling the stinger off a bee first before you mess with it.
  12. EXP : Planes vs Ships

    I found what I was thinking of: On the WTR rating explanation it says this: But that is just WTR, which we all know is worthless anyway... On LWM's recent XP Calculation post she mentions this: Ok so maybe I didn't have the number correct, though I still swear the number 7 comes in memory vividly. It all seems to work right with 7's on Sims games, 28 plane ribbon games with sims net a crapload of xp for me and roughly equivalent to 4 ship kill games when i compare base xp's. But maybe thats just confirmation bias, or sims with its xp boost is a bad example ship. I still don't have an actual source to back up my claim with 7.
  13. EXP : Planes vs Ships

    Seems the UKBB HE might be both physically and mentally well suited to such an endeavor no? I only say "seems" because, I don't dare venture to recruit such a slow and unwieldy weapon as a battleship to exact my vengeance.
  14. EXP : Planes vs Ships

    Wouldn't that be like... Battleship shaped?