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  1. Isoroku Yamamoto

    I bumped him immediately to 19points, and then moved him to umikaze. lol.
  2. Run a St louis troll captain... PM,PT,or EL / AR / DE / FP
  3. I've tried to view every snippet of talk about monaghan since its existence was brought to my attention way back in like Jan. No where did i catch that it got hydro... got a source for that claim?
  4. I told them a long time ago if they made this one I had cash in hand, so I guess I am on the hook to buy her immediately, and I have anxiously been awaiting this Friday to get my hands on another USN prem dd... even if it is a mehboat.
  5. Clemson definitely has the better torps (i ran the 5.0's not the 5.5's with her) I won't argue there. The izy gun range kind of offsets the difference in torps though imo, which is where I tend to see the tables turn.
  6. Yeah I dunno, Iall of a sudden she just stopped working for me one day like i used up all the magic elixir at the bottom of the keel. 15-20 games in a row went down in the $hitter surrounding the inability to escape a chasing attacker. Layed into izy even more in the interim and found it more viable in the role i previously played clemson. Moved that 19pt US cap to nicholas and never looked back. I tried rebooting clemson a couple times with 6 and 10 pointers and never had the crushing performances I once had in her, and i just seem to outperform clemson(under my command) 100% of the time using izy.
  7. Harekaze - So many options, so little time

    There is a good post in the IJN DD forum about running hare and kagero (same applies to yugumo also) without smoke. It can be feast or famine. I ran Hari gunboat before i earned akizuki. Now in doing so i just feel like i have a akizuki that lost a turret, lol.
  8. Harekaze - So many options, so little time

    My harekaze build: PT, LS, AR, TAE, BFT, AFT, CE I do not run IFHE. Most of the time I run TRB. When i just want to gun, i run smoke. But usually if I just want to gun, I run akizuki instead (where i don't use IFHE either). I tried Harekaze out with the US 127's for a short time. They seemed MEH to me compared to the 100's. I have not, and will not, run the kagero 127's.
  9. I run both on my anshan (and also did on gnevny), and kept them both on GM because I share my GM captain. I think overall fushun does need EM, but I'd never take it over LS. Run MBM2 as a poor-man's EM until you get 12 pts. (I run both EM and MBM2 on my anshan, and did on gnevny also).
  10. Nice game. It pains me to see these, as I miss playing clemson. I just had so much frustration trying to deal with that concealment that I gave up on her in favor of izy, lol.
  11. it should do this much ----> || <----- LESS damage tho.
  12. I replied to this one instead. It was short enough to read through yet still present my complaint without running short of attention.
  13. I have not ever noticed a memory leak on my system, I even keep plenty of paper towels and napkins on standby, but everything is dry every time i check. Since 7.2 went up I've had to turn down all my video settings to low, and run 1280x720 resolution for the game to remain above 30fps any time there are a bunch of torpedoes nearby (looking up at the sky always goes back to 60-70fps). After making that settings change, the game has acted normal ever since, even with hours on end of playtime. My lag last night did not seem to be, in any way, client side lag. Biggest thing i noticed, you fire at something, the visual shots don't go off immediately. They are instead delayed. You watch the shots head towards the target, and all of a sudden before they even land, the ribbons pop up for the hit, then finally a second or two later, it finally renders the hits on the target. Didn't seem to have anything to do with ping. I was consistently between 30-100ms. After the server pop went below 7000 last night, everything seemed to clean itself up. The last few matches I had were as normal.
  14. New Host = No More Dasha???

    The same outcry that got us animated horns by popular request when we complained loudly about fps lag?
  15. No horse#$% jack. As would seem usual, you and i have the similar line of thinking.