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  1. AnimaL21

    Premium Gallant

    Know what owning gallant is good for? You won't get another gallant. Save yourself headaches, and don't seek out gallant's help for anything.
  2. AnimaL21

    Something is wrong with the queue.

    I do mark down every battle tiering result as I play. It mostly has been adhering to the 40% rule they advertised with the changes, day to day, week to week, and queue times seemed only a few percent longer (5sec? 7sec?) than before the changes. But this week in particular has been different. More like only 15-17% across all my battles over the last week, and almost every t6-8 match I have to cancel the queue 3-4 times before i get a match, yet there are always more than 40 ships in queue. (i cancel before 90 sec elapse). One week versus all the rest is certainly a smaller sample size, but I have plenty of battles to have surpassed the requisite 20 battles for the MM learning to apply (reground farragut, mahan, and benson, plus all my other battles). I don't profess to know the exact cause, but I do agree with the subject here that something seems off in the last week. A thanksgiving influx of players should have come back to normal by now I would think? Maybe MM has a memory leak and needs to be restarted, lol. I am still collecting data though to see if there is a coincidence: whether when i have long queue times it means i am getting the preferential MM. Twice yesterday, i got low tier MM after a long wait, and it queue dumped me into a 6v6 on one occasion and a 9v9 on another after less than 90 sec.
  3. AnimaL21

    Something is wrong with the queue.

    I tried to explain away the wait times and having 70-80 ships in queue and not getting a match with this reasoning as well, but that patch was months ago, and only the last couple days I've noticed a rise in queue times. I am fine waiting if i am getting the favorable matches that this was supposed to create, but I am not. Something definitely isn't right with MM right now.
  4. A recent farragut game. I hit battle, i somehow received the gift of T5-T6 MM. End result 3116 baseXP, 208k DMG, 7 Kill game. Felt like a monster, but now worried it was more like "you should be playing like that anyway with T5-6 matchmaking." Was it right to celebrate it, or was it meh?
  5. AnimaL21

    Missouri GIVEAWAY 1000 follower milestone.

    Smells like something, but it ain't a ship.
  6. AnimaL21

    2019, the Tirpitz is still garbage

    It might not be so hard to give up the AA and Hydro for torps... if the torp tubes lasted long enough to MAKE it to brawling range before being blown off. I lose a torp tube in 4 out of 5 would-be-brawls before getting into torp range. I lose them both in 2 out of 5 matches. Whenever i see a tirpitz in my NC or Rich, i just aim for the torp tubes and defang it before it can get close to turn it into a crappier biz.
  7. AnimaL21

    Permanent Camos are Boring...

    The little color wheel on the color changable camos has like 6-8 colors on it. I see a little wheel like that, and I think: "Look! , i can fully customize how my boat looks and make it mine. Pick two of the colors as a theme and make my own look that gets to only be seen from like 5km before it fades away to average gray in peoples' graphics settings. And look, a lengthy grind where I can even pay my way to the end of it buying containers, and complete all these collections, it must be a spectacular color change ability. One that I've not seen anyone else even get to yet because every boat i see has the same standard camos." Then we complete the grinds and realize we only get 1 extra color, all pre-chosen, and in many cases its just a $^#%$^#@$ negative image of the one thats already there. Lame!!!!!! Will new colors be another grind? I am not grinding out more missions nor pointless collections that add pre-chosen colors and what is essentially no choice at all in customization. Whats the next one gonna be? "Grayscale" versions of the same old junk? At least give us some variety to the looks... the gameplay itself sure isn't providing it.
  8. I can't speak much for others or trends, but I am reasonably long-term to the game, my skill level depends a lot on my attitude at the time. For a handful of very specific reasons that I don't feel directly belong in this discussion, I am growing increasingly disinterested in the last year or so. My in game attitude and effort level have decreased as a result. If the majority of gameplay match-to-match is getting stale and unimaginative, why should my effort levels or enthusiasm be any different? I feel I could write out a single pseudo-code script and be pretty accurate for 80-90% of the matches i've been in the last 12-16 months. I haven't left yet, so i guess thats something.
  9. AnimaL21

    Yūdachi, yay or nay?

    Feast or famine in mine. Seems like 3 of 4 games i maybe get 1 torp landed. Then that last game out of 4, i somehow have magnetic torps and land like 7 of them in a match, on targets that arent even derping around. Strange. It pays the penalty hard though in almost every game, like every other IJN torp boat: Planespotted, immediately 4k damage from rockets while dodging, drop fighters, take 5-8k more from rockets. Especially since it sees enterprise on the regular. Only more recently its this: Planespotted, fighters dropped, 4k damage from rockets, 4k damage from italian cruiser SAP, planes turn around, 4k more damage from rockets, 4k more damage from SAP volley, death in about 23 seconds all for the mere crime of happening to get spotted, even with aa turned off.
  10. AnimaL21

    What keeps you playing the game?

    As a whole its honestly pretty unbearable feeling, but somehow I keep playing this game that i essentially log off hating every single time i play.... -because I trick myself into thinking the next session will be better. i keep reasoning to myself that i'll somehow discover some new way to play, new thing to do, or new ship to play that will make it actually fun again. -because the time and money investment is too great to just leave, and i haven't had my final flip-the-table moment yet. -because not doing the grinds somehow puts me at a disadvantage.
  11. AnimaL21

    Lunar New Year Crate Sale

    If you have a ship, does it pick another of the 4 until you have them all, or do you get the dubs from that first one? Most of the new containers seem to work that way, but I did go look at the news article from last January and for the Lunar containers it doesn't specifically call out that it will reroll until you get a ship you don't have.
  12. AnimaL21

    203 Mogami

    IIRC, as of a bunch of patches ago, all the IJN 203's from aoba on up have the same zao dispersion... ?
  13. AnimaL21

    203 Mogami

    Downgrade. Myoko turret traverse were comfortable as is("as are"?). Any myoko/mogami playing close enough for that to matter is dead anyway. Not only that, but at t8, it should have something better than myoko, not just give up one to buff the other.
  14. AnimaL21

    Black Friday Ships

    Vampire B - it belongs in that color does it not? Could even be a halloween permacamo with a big bat on it or something. I have cash in hand for such a commodity...
  15. AnimaL21

    203 Mogami

    I run the 203 mogami, albeit terribly, and it irritates me that the reload is longer than the myoko with the exact same guns and turrets. I stick with 203's for the same reason, no ifhe. i only have a 10 pt captain for that boat, and no intention on using it long term that it would be worth getting more on it.