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  1. ^ Just saying pretty sure flooding already works like that. If you slow down it slows down.
  2. Last Stand, opinions on the skill?

    I think you are confusing last stand with adrenaline rush. Adrenaline rush boosts your main armamant reload as you die so I can understand what you are saying about it on a cruiser. Last stand gives you some use of your engine and rudder after they have been knocked out. Which technically you don't have to lose any health for that to happen.
  3. Gun caliber in inches

    Amen to that. I live in Manitoba and we have mile roads. Every mile there is a dirt road. Yet the height on my drivers license is In centimetres and I watch CFL and they measure the field in yards lol it's a crazy world we live in and it doesn't bother me to use both systems.
  4. Higher WR in ranked or randoms?

    At 1500 battles I have a 59% win rate for randoms. Now that's with just under 1200 battles solo and the rest a mix of 2 or 3 person divisions. In ranked I have just over 100 battles played and a 65% win rate. My highest rank is only 9 unfortunately. I just don't seem to have the patience to grind out the final ranks. What do your stats look like OP??
  5. The Konig Disaster

    I think I get what you are saying but I am going to clarify anyway. if you compare in game distances to real life, yes plenty of fuel. Because 30 km is nothing for a plane. But in real life, planning how much fuel the planes had was a major part of mission planning.
  6. It would be cool, but I think the dev teams have a lot more important things to work on and balance and such.
  7. Because Russian DDs are actually small cruisers in disguise with more armour than other DDs
  8. Fletcher clear skies?

    I wonder if you specced it out for AA, like captain skills and all how good it would be? With manual AA I guess really good but you would probably have to give up other skills that help your guns or torps. Would be interesting but I don't think I would ever try it lol
  9. I disagree. Starting with caps controlled is just another way to speed up games because both teams start tallying points immediately. also your argument kind of trips over its own feet. You say there are too many objectives in one sentence, and then in the next you say you like more objectives to go after. I don't think they should get rid of the cap domination, whether it is 3 or 4 caps.
  10. Bayern ranked build?

    I'm just starting the German BBs and I'm on the Bayern now. Let's just say that I'm surprised at the accuracy of the guns. I seem to get decent groupings. I think she'll work in ranked although I can't comment on captain skills
  11. Few things as disheartening as

    In what way does knowing someone's winrate affect how you play? Say you have a scenario where you know you need to push, but you know that your team is full of sub 50% players. All of the sudden you aren't going to push because you have no faith in them to support you? Now you are letting them dictate how you play and that's no good. I don't look up team mates stats before the game, I don't run any mods. I play the way I see best to win the match, regardless of teammates,
  12. Top 10 PvP Players on NA - 6/6

    Don't read his posts then lol super simple fix right there
  13. Damn Im Good.*

    526 total battles in USN DDs, considering I have 31 in the gearing that means I reached a T10 in 495 battles. And I'm not even counting how many extra battles I've played in the line since then so I reached it in far less than 500. And that's without skipping half the line like you did. Oh and no reroll account either. Don't sound so cocky next time OP.
  14. Bismark Challenge.

    I was the opposite. I completed the collection and got the camos but I've been busy lately, didn't get the chance to get the bis :/ oh well I will just have to grind it out.
  15. Username Origins?

    I PMed you in forum. Hope you see this