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  1. mrdragonfell

    Winners — Deck Poets Society

    damn I cant believe I missed this!
  2. This is all I want to know, does it work 1v1
  3. mrdragonfell

    how to not get cv matches

    step 1 get a hybrid dd with possible AA step 2 do 100 games with aa build step 3 do 100 games with torp build Let me be clear, this is not about me disliking CV's. This is about building ships designed to defend against them and them to be no where around. I have some notes if you do too please feel free to share.
  4. mrdragonfell

    Last stand bug

    Was Rolling ranked in an Udoloi for fun yesterday had last stand perk and ended up dead in the water no rudder or engine power.
  5. mrdragonfell

    Wargaming.net Game Center Feedback

    Software is garbage, I am furious that I was forced to install this crap. Causes constant internet crashes. I Can't download anything now. We warned you as a player base and you just didn't listen...keep it up. This failure to listen to your player base is costing you more money than you have made.
  6. Perfect time usage! TY brother.
  7. mrdragonfell

    An Open Letter To WG Concerning Recent Events

    Me too! If she comes home and I am in a match my whole team dies lol Love is so much more valuable...I guess that's why we are so upset...if they loved the game like we did they wouldn't treat us this way.
  8. mrdragonfell

    This Puerto Rico grind ...

    It was too soon after the research scam...I almost forgot how awful that whole garbage system was...they still have not done anything to remedy it...they probably will make no effort here either...with the exception that several legal consumer agencies are coming after them with bait and switch allegations. They will probably have legal proceedings on several continents. If they don't build a player council like CCP did for eve someone is just going to make a game to run them out of business. They scoff but in this new global climate of awakened consumers...even EA's days are numbered.
  9. mrdragonfell

    An Open Letter To WG Concerning Recent Events

    OMG I almost forgot about the research scam...Doing that without talking to fellow players was the worst choice I have made in this game since launch...I am still 100k xp away from having my Des Moines back and now I have to do the legendary quest all over again.
  10. mrdragonfell

    An Open Letter To WG Concerning Recent Events

    The dockyard what a sad waste of an opportunity. I have been here a long time as well, and I spend a good amount of money here...It's the holiday season...in a world that is WAKING up...corruption and dishonesty will not be tolerated...in politics...religion...entertainment...if Wargaming chooses to align them self with selfish energies the people within the company driven by greed will be replaced if the company intends to keep those people in power it will be replaced...the time to align yourself with the light is now...falter and delay and you will be replaced...there are billions of people in the world...we will find something else. I suggest you actually put people that play the game on payroll and create a real council...The only reason CCP is still producing EVE online is because of their player council...this event and your greed will be immortalized as one of the great mistakes in gaming history even your CC's that have supported you have lost thousands of followers trying to defend your actions. I suggest you have your DBA's sit down with a CFO and find out how much you have lost... Companies that make mistakes and admit it immediately and make it right go on to become super powers...ones that blame the consumer and cowardly put out cop out posts are forgotten in a few years. Your an International company without enough international employees get with the times or get out.
  11. mrdragonfell

    The Trento is lacking in ordnance.

    These ships are pretty much garbage. They have a gimmick that was rendered almost worthless before they were launched. nothing that is listed as a "heavy" should be made out of cardboard.
  12. mrdragonfell

    Research Bureau. Why? Just why?

    I reset my Des Moines I am up to New Orleans it has already been an expensive draining process. There is no way I will ever do this again, I feel they stole money for me when they sold my ships for chump change, I think the rewards are laughable. I want my DM back.
  13. mrdragonfell

    not enough time to complete objectives

    I love both your tag and your post. Thank you and agree.
  14. mrdragonfell

    not enough time to complete objectives

    wargamings communication skills suck so bad part of me thinks it's deliberate.