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  1. Formerly_Wu

    Submarine Gameplay Issues and Suggestions

    All good points. I think a big thing that falls out of your second point is the need for underwater terrain. In the current scenarios there don't seem to be many benefits from having a variable diving depth- all diving deep does is make it take longer to reach the surface and fire torpedos again. You're just as survivable just below periscope depth as you are at maximum depth. Having shallows, deep water areas, or features you could utilize to escape detection- and better ASW mechanics- would make the gameplay that much more interesting.
  2. IJN cruisers and destroyers didn't suffer from a lack of radar, but that was because they were trained extensively in night fighting. The "decisive battle" doctrine was that the battleships would only be required to clean up a thoroughly reduced enemy fleet, so their training was all long range and during daylight hours. Send them down The Slot at night with the cruisers, and you get what the IJN got: lousy gunnery from untrained crews.
  3. Formerly_Wu

    Are there any good books on WW1 and WW2 comerse raiders?

    First I'd heard of this story, and a good one it is. Cheers.
  4. Formerly_Wu

    POLL: Name for the new US Premium WV41 or Maryland?

    That's what they say, but in reality they are not so dedicated to accuracy. Arizona is modeled with 1.1" guns that were only empty tubs when she sunk. New Mexico's AA outfit is total fiction. The top hulls of Wyoming and Pensacola are actually their sister ships Arkansas and Salt Lake City, respectively. Why get persnickety now and break naming protocol over what were surely quite minor differences? If it bothers the historians, put the re-modeling work as a low priority task and update the model a few patches from now. You'll still sell the ship and won't set a weird new naming standard.
  5. I can’t be the only one wondering what subs and fixed torpedo tubes on battleships have to do with one another. Not ingame technology, certainly, because the ships in the April Fools’ bathtub event a few years back had fixed bow torpedo tubes.
  6. Formerly_Wu

    How pathetic can this site get?

    Hell, I'd play that mode without a bribe.
  7. Renaming the T6 Colorado A-hull to Maryland is easy, obvious, and leaves options open for a unique WV further down the line (whatever that ends up being). They should absolutely do that. #WV44.
  8. Formerly_Wu

    How do you feel about Massachusetts now?

    I tried Mass without IFHE and was thoroughly underwhelmed. Damage felt much more consistent with it. If I was running ManSec I'd skip it since it'd all be hitting the superstructure, but at 9-11 km and no ManSec they're very often striking deck/plating. YMMV. Your arguments for CE come down to play style. I play Mass- successfully- as an aggressive "wedge" into an objective once we have some intel. I use terrain to cover the approach, obviating #2, and there's little opportunity for #1 once committed.
  9. Formerly_Wu

    How do you feel about Massachusetts now?

    IFHE is required if you want your secondaries to do anything but look pretty. AFT is a great generalist skill, but I consider FP to be a higher priority for other ships. Three tier 4 skills is an 18 point captain with only one tier 3 skill, and if you're speccing into your secondaries, you now have a hard choice between BFT and SI. Why would you take CE in Massachusetts? You're at a disadvantage at range. I mean, I don't ever take CE on battleships, but I admit to being an outlier on that one.
  10. Formerly_Wu

    How do you feel about Massachusetts now?

    Massachusetts is insanely fun, if you have the resources to dedicate a high-level captain to a specialization that is useless for your other American BBs, and if you are comfortable playing an aggressive bully playstyle instead of playing a max-range sniper. If you can't meet her halfway, you'll probably find her a very frustrating play. But if you do, man, what a ship. It's a rare kind of fun to wedge yourself in somewhere awkward near an objective and just project an 11 km no-go zone to the red team, while constantly healing all the annoying HE spam so you're still good to push once you've cleaned out the front.
  11. Formerly_Wu

    Can you selectively fire turrets?

    You should compare that to the historical hit ratio of the ships we're piloting. Single digit percentages are not unusual.
  12. Formerly_Wu

    Helena: Tier VII Jack Hammer

    I'm enjoying Helena a lot. Its biggest problem I'm finding is its vulnerability to 6" and IFHE 5" fire, which makes it a bit of a nail-biter to engage enemy cruisers. Omahas and Atlantas have given me a rough time in a way I'm not really used to. Unlike other US cruisers though, you have the volume of fire to be an intimidating presence even when you're not sitting in cover. Its turrets are nimble even if the ship isn't the most maneuverable. My captain doesn't have IFHE yet (moved from Atlanta and stupidly missed the respec discount), but I still do pretty respectable damage. You still need a pretty good situational awareness and ability to be choosy with your encounters, but that's foundational for both US cruiser lines anyway.