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  1. Haida - Hat Trick Accomplished

    I just wish they would get rid of the G63 on the hull and put the proper number on the side
  2. T-61: RIP

    https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/special/t-time/ not dead but when to NA?? nvm just popped up in game
  3. That Ship You Should Do Well In But Don’t

    Musashi I love that ship and refuse to stop playing it however my win rate is horrible
  4. I guess I did it wrong I started 2 lines: The German DD and Pan Asian, I'm having a blast.
  5. Gallant surprisingly surprising

    I got mine in a Xmas crate as well, haven't played it a lot but I've also enjoyed it
  6. Favorite BB Line

    USN is my favourite line however the cesar salad is my favourite single battleship
  7. T-61: RIP

    It will come at some point as they are giving them to the winners of the 3rd place match of the King of the Sea: NA vs. EU
  8. Musashi Gameplay

    Just got mo yesterday now begins the new grind
  9. The race to get Mighty Mo. Who is in?

    Boom just got my mo :)
  10. The race to get Mighty Mo. Who is in?

    36k free xp and a lot of dubs to go
  11. Is THIS Normal?!

    I got detonated in my Colorado by a single torp to my aft the other day, I don't run det flags on bb's
  12. The race to get Mighty Mo. Who is in?

    Just hit 200k exp and 200k to convert... this is going to get pricy