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  1. Nx750

    Naval Battle: Clans Competition

    I agree,I have a smaller casual clan made up of mostly friends and family,not all of us can get on at the same time all week or weekend due to work schedules,family priorities and timezones.I have military members that have to leave for months for various reasons,and truck drivers that are on the road all week.Not only does it take forever to accumulate oil and build the port up,Its almost impossible for us to get steel unless we play rank which none of us enjoy.They need a way for those that play alone,but do spend a lot of time in the game to earn these resources. A few drops of oil from daily crates don't do much once you get past the first couple levels of each.At this rate our port will be built up by 2030.
  2. I understand that,but when there is 2 T10 cv's in a match and how long it takes to cap,endless resetting.The mode with just 1 base per side takes I believe 2:30 or 3 mins to cap,which is longer then the cvs reload
  3. The only thing that still annoys me is the unlimited amount of planes. If only cvs left vs a ship at end of game its impossible to cap anything no matter how many planes the ship shoots down, even a small attack gets through and resets cap, over and over and over again while the cv just sits and hides in a corner.
  4. Nx750

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    haha,dont worry,the way WG has been going with this game lately planes will have radar to see through the smoke next
  5. Nx750

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Update is garbage.I rarely post on the forums and give your updates a chance.Im a dd player and even when all the radar was introduced,i didn't hate the game,This patch makes me hate the game. It was bad enough to get a team to work together for the objective and you just made it worse.I don't know what games you devs have been playing in,but when does a cruiser ever try to charge into a cap to take it? That what your trying to make them do,cause dds with lower aa have no way to cap,and need to escorted with an aa spec cruiser.Even then a dd is spotted non stop.Your also forcing dd players to captain spec to one thing.Basicly have to aa spec or never get a cap or always be spotted.If you do that your taking away the variety of captain builds for a gun boat or torp boat,or support with smoke.Heck might as well remove concealment cause your spotted by planes or radar for 18 1\2 mins of the game anyway The use of infinite planes is just plain stupid,what are they building them right there on the CV? I was in a game and we had one cruiser left vs 2 cv's and our player was in their cap.He kept taking their planes out,but not before they kept resetting it.He was in that cap the last 7 mins of the game,they never were able to kill him,but hit him enough just to keep resetting it.We lost the game and he killed 89 planes.What else was he supposed to do,drive around the whole map to try to find them with only 7 mins left? Change this trash back,or Im changing where my yearly premium money goes.
  6. Nx750

    USSR wants compensation

    Were getting this issue also,tried playing a random,but now it wont let anyone make or join a division
  7. Nx750

    New to WoWS but not WG

    Hello new captain. MOD clan is recruiting new players. We have a post here as well. Should still be on from page. We enjoy assisting new players with learning the game. If your interested give me a shout.
  8. Thanks. Ive been running gaming groups for about 8 yrs. Run a guild on wow with 80 members and general of a faction on stronghold kingdoms for years. I enjoy keeping groups together and playing for a long time.
  9. Ministry of darkness has just been started and looking for recruits. Were a laid back, casual clan just looking for other members to pool resources together to enjoy the benefits.We enjoy trying to help new players along in the game and teach them as we go. We dont get caught up in requirements to join us, we here to have fun no matter your skill level. We do own a teamspeak server for communicating. If we get enough member interest we could try some competetive and go from there. We have ship ranging in all tiers. Apply in game or message here if your interested, and well get in touch.