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  1. Nine_Lives_

    Update 0.11.6: British Battleships

    So I just realized something: The T10 British battlecruiser is called St. Vincent. In keeping with Royal Navy and Wargaming tradition she is named for a famous admiral, in this case John Jervis, Earl of St. Vincent (after his victory over a larger Spanish fleet at the 1797 Battle of Cape Saint Vincent). There's just one problem...we already have a ship named after him in game, the T7 British destroyer Jervis. Is it too late to change the name? @Ahskance and anyone else.
  2. Nine_Lives_

    Any news on Yorktown

    The concept of a support CV wasn't shot down, just the outrageous idea of them dropping stun bombs that could cripple a ship's consumables for an eternity.
  3. Nine_Lives_

    How do I sink thee..... sub?

    This never made sense to me. DD leaders like Yahagi, Atlanta, Dido, that makes sense. Light cruisers like Perth or Minotaur...eh it's very dangerous but again, not entirely stupid. But Hindy and Venezia???
  4. Nine_Lives_

    DevBlog 310 - Closed Test 0.11.4, New Ships

    I would like to apologize to Goliath and Nelson for calling them the ugliest British ships in the game.
  5. Nine_Lives_

    Yukon in Bronze League Ranked

    I may or may not have spent a few thousand community tokens to get the doggo flag in honor of LWM. I don't have Yukon so I fly it on Haida and Thunderer instead
  6. Nine_Lives_

    Changes to San Diego (2022.03.31) - She Still Sucks

    Also by virtue of her weeb status Just like Yudachi, and even that ship was present at the Battle of the Java Sea...although her most significant action was in the Battle of Friday the 13th, where she torpedoed but did not sink Indianapolis's sister Portland, stupidly turned on her recognition lights, got mauled by USS Sterret for her trouble, and was later finished off by Portland. But weebs gotta have their weeb crap. Eh, not really. Because on the one hand you're asking for a historically accurate ship (i.e. something with god-tier AA that is basically terrible at everything else including engaging enemy ships), but then on the other you're asking for what is basically going to be a worse Cleveland (you're pushing for radar and hydro/DFAA, and HE and AP, but are willing to scrap the heal; Cleveland already has radar, hydro, DFAA, HE and AP, and no heal, but she has more HP and a longer ranged radar that she and the team can actually use). It feels to me like you're trying to have your cake and eat it too. Let Cleveland stay Cleveland, and let Sandy be a T8 Raimundo Montecuccoli that's actually good Or maybe a T8 Atlanta that can survive a little longer, or a T8 Austin that can actually engage targets with a consistently high rate of fire and has a prayer against enemy cruisers.
  7. Nine_Lives_

    Changes to San Diego (2022.03.31) - She Still Sucks

    If you want Sandy to be historically accurate in game, as much as possible...then she'll be an AA monster and absolutely terrible at everything else. Remember her sisters Atlanta and Juneau? In their first serious naval action, the battle of Friday the 13th, they both died, horribly. And didn't do that much to the enemy; that went to the DDs, Helena and the heavies. Speaking of which; historically Helena was called a machine-gun cruiser by the Japanese because of her 8-10 rpm rate of fire. Do you want something like that at T7, especially considering Helena's monstrous broadside? Some sacrifices are going to have to be made for game balance, remember.
  8. Nine_Lives_

    Changes to San Diego (2022.03.31) - She Still Sucks

    And this is one problem with your insistence that San Diego in her current configuration is a selfish ship, whereas giving her Atlanta's radar would make her more of a team player. Atlanta's radar is the height of selfishness; with her armor profile, trying to get into a position where that 7.5 km radar can help the team (unless you've got somebody right behind you) is going to get you mauled. Salem gets away with this only because superheal and 27mm bow. If you want a radar team player at T7, then use Indianapolis or Belfast. Atlanta's radar by design is just as selfish as San Diego's gimmicks.
  9. From today's dev blog; I don't know whether this will reach 🐁 's high standards, but this is a marked improvement from what we got initially. Main battery reload time reduced: 8.5 to 5 s. SAP shell damage reduced: 2,700 to 2,400. HE shells replaced with AP shells: Maximum AP shell damage: 2,100. AP initial velocity: 792 m/s. Changed the “Main battery reload booster” consumable: There is now a limited number of charges: 2. Cooldown time increased: 145 to 180 s. Action time reduced: 25 to 15 s. Changed the “Defensive AA fire” consumable: Damage bonus increased: +50% to +100%. Cooldown time reduced: 80 to 60 s. Action time reduced: 40 to 30 s. Added the “Repair Party” consumable, with the following characteristics: Action time: 28 s. Cooldown time: 80s. Number of charges: 3. HP healed per second: 139 Citadel damage recovery: 50%
  10. Nine_Lives_

    San Diego's Initial Stats are a Flaming Turd

    For my part, the thing that made me literally cry out in horror was the HP. 27,800, with 16mm armor and no heal? At T8, seeing T9s and 10s? Almost other American cruiser at T8--Baltimore, Wichita, Anchorage, Rochester, Cleveland, and Montpelier-- will make mincemeat of that in incredibly short order. And Congress has the HP to eventually do the same, it'll just take her a little longer. And that's without factoring every other T8 and up cruiser. And battleships will not have a problem either, since if she has Atlanta's armor scheme we won't be seeing Smolensk-style trollishness.
  11. Nine_Lives_

    Premium Ship Review - Repulse

    That's one way to look at it. I read the dev blog as saying that although BB (and other) airstrikes lose some of their depth charges, the ones they have left get more powerful and more accurate. Personally I would have preferred Renown; Renown actually fought with distinction throughout the war (including winning a battle against both Scharnhorst and Gneisenau simultaneously), whereas Repulse was sunk on her first combat mission. But given how Renown got an extensive, Queen Elizabeth/Warspite/Valiant modernization, perhaps she can be a T7. Maybe even the T7 of a future British battlecruiser line.
  12. Don't discriminate. While we're at it, let's limit the number of ships in general.
  13. Indeed. I assume you watched it?