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  1. Nine_Lives_

    Victory at the Battle of Saipan

    USS North Carolina scoring the final victorious salvo against an enemy Bismarck.
  2. Keep Khaba and Groz. Two T10s mean you have two supercontainers during the Birthday event and 2 santa crates during Christmas.
  3. Bismarck and NC for me, since I don't actually have any premium T8 bbs
  4. Nine_Lives_

    USS Monaghan on patrol

    USS Fletcher doing Fletcher things.
  5. Nine_Lives_

    California Release

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she is a free reward ship for July 4, like Texas was last year.
  6. Nine_Lives_

    Battle of Midway

    USS Indianapolis winning the day in Ranked. Although she didn't participate at Midway, she would later serve as flagship for one of the two victorious American Admirals, Raynmond Spruance.
  7. Nine_Lives_

    Premium Ship Review #147 - Mikoyan

    Iz okay. We still wuvs you. You are vewy smol and just widdow 🥰🥰🥰
  8. Nine_Lives_

    Premium Ship Review #147 - Mikoyan

    Exeter doesn't have smoke, remember? She does have decent AA although I think that's more due to her having an actually useful Fighter Plane Consumable. Mikoyan confuses and angers me. Confuses, because she's a worse Kirov, and Kirov will become a free premium in the next update (if you've owned her at any time) so what's the point? Why did talented people waste their time putting this thing together? If WG wanted us to unlock a Soviet ship as the first step to get our bundles, they have PLENTY of other options: Murmansk, October Revolution, Ohotnik, Krispy Kreme, Molotov, Makarov, or even Leningrad, Lazo or Poltava if they were feeling generous. Angry, because the thing that we HAVE to do to have even a slight chance of accessing the higher-tier goodies is spend 300 of our hard-won rubles on this piece of crap. And unless you whale or get really lucky, this might be the only thing you get.
  9. Nine_Lives_

    Using subs to balance CV.

    Not a bad idea. To build upon it: now might actually be a good idea for WG to bring back the idea of alt-line CVs that they suggested a while back. With depth charges instead of bombs.
  10. Nine_Lives_

    Subs do need their own mode.....randoms!

    I honestly cannot tell whether you’re joking or serious 😂😅🤣
  11. Nine_Lives_

    unintended Sub Effects

    Ah, somebody else who remembers the magic P key that renders you invisible or planes unless they end up right on top of you, and which startles them and throws off their first attack when they don’t expect you
  12. Nine_Lives_

    Premium Ship Review #146 - Pyotr Bagration

    That’s not the worst of it, the worst of it is that she only has 6 guns with a 13 second reload at T5...Kirov has the same reload but 9 guns. Furutaka and Exeter have six guns and longer reloads, but they have 8 inch guns
  13. Nine_Lives_

    Premium Ship Review #146 - Pyotr Bagration

    Don’t stress too much about it. In my experience so far she’s only a worse Kirov.