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  1. Nine_Lives_

    Are BB lines worth getting to T10?

    Yes, with the exception of the Italians and the Germans, where you're better off stopping at 9 and 8 respectively.
  2. Nine_Lives_

    Grand Battle

    Honestly this event is kind of disappointing. I was hoping for a Death Star fighting a bunch of smaller ships, not randoms with extra steps.
  3. Maybe he'll be a Legendary captain like Cunningham, Swirski, Sansonetti?
  4. Nine_Lives_

    Japanese Light Cruisers

    I like this idea, for two reasons. It gives the Japanese the same cruiser treatment as most of the other nations in game (at this point only the French and the Italians don't have a light cruiser line; even the Germans have the new destroyer leaders and a bunch of premium CLs), and it will shine the spotlight on one of the oldest nations in game, with the update cycle giving WG the opportunity for Japanese-themed ports, missions, flags, camos and to highlight Japanese premiums. I also like the idea of giving them a heal from T8 up; honestly I think all T8 cruisers should get a heal, even if it's just a bastard one like HMS London's (which is basically a British destroyer's heal on a T6 heavy cruiser, with I think less charges to boot). Although T8 matchmaking is no longer as screwed as it used to be--that honor now goes to T7--you will still get screwed even if only uptiered just by one.
  5. Nine_Lives_

    HMS Agincourt (For sale ever?)

    I would certainly hope so. She's only T5, and she looks fun but not OP in any way.
  6. Nine_Lives_

    Choice of Steel: Shikishima or Bourgogne

    Bourgogne, hands down, no question about it. Shiki used to have good secondaries for a Japanese battleship, but now the only real advantage she has over Yamato is the gun sound.
  7. Nine_Lives_

    Remove the MvR at this point.

    Honestly, not the direction I expected this post to take
  8. I wonder what @Lert's thoughts on this are.
  9. Nine_Lives_

    Prepare thy booty

    This has got to have something to do with the anniversary of the Battle of Jutland
  10. Nine_Lives_

    Clan Battles: Tears of the Desert Season

    Rental CVs...this is going to end well...
  11. Nine_Lives_

    Plymouth - anyone seen one in battle?

    I have one. She’s very good without being OP or completely replacing Minotaur. She’s excellent at hunting and killing DDs and farming battleships from smoke, but not so good at fighting other cruisers or in engaging enemies when her smoke is on cool down. Not the best ship for randoms but she has a place in competitive.
  12. Nine_Lives_

    Premium Ship Preview - Yukon (LIVE!)

    IMO the theory that she'll be a FXP replacement for Nelson is getting more and more plausible.
  13. Thank goodness, it's only T8 and 9 in Silver. The Dev Blog made it seem like it would be 8-10
  14. Nine_Lives_

    USN DD split proposal

    Swedish DDs: "Am I a joke to you?" (specifically the tech-tree ones, the premiums are either pure gunboats like Blysca, Friesland and Orkan or a hybrid like Smaland. Also they're not Swedish )
  15. Nine_Lives_

    Amagi Godzilla horn is too quiet.

    He's not the only one; Kong is mute too.