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  1. THANK YOU!!!! I've been saying this for AGES but nobody agrees with me. Forget the fact that you have to show full broadside to get off most of your firepower, forget that WG forgot to add meaningful armor, forget that I have on several times brawled with Izmail at point blank range in Exeter, Perth, Indy or Fiji and gotten away with it thanks to the wild inconsistency of the guns even in the supposed death zone (which is real enough on other Russian battleships like Pyotr or Sinop or Vlad) Oh no, it's Russian so it must be good; also Spreadsheet doesn't lie Sorry OP, that was a tangent. I don't remember having too much trouble in Queen Elizabeth myself, but I ground through her back in January of last year so I can't remember how I did it. I do still regularly play Warspite, and although she's very unique some things still stay the same. --You have 15 inch guns at T6. And unlike Warspite your HE is actually good. Use both ammo types. --You have a turtleback, not a great one like the Germans but still better than what the Japanese and the Russians have. So angling helps a lot. --Most BBs at T6 have decent secondary range to complement their main guns. QE does not. So don't be a back-camper but keep a safe distance.
  2. Nine_Lives_

    Rule Britannia

    No matter how fast we go, no matter how many hits we take, I shall never spill my tea!
  3. Nine_Lives_

    Save the Atlanta! (...and Flint too)

    Just like in real life
  4. Nine_Lives_

    Narai is where we need to draw the line...

    As much as I like Narai for being T7 and thus more lucrative, when stupid craplike this happens I don't think it's a bad idea for it to be looked at. And this isn't even the worst example; pretty much every other time the transports don't go for their landing zones but go charging straight at the enemy reinforcements, which forces people to throw away their ships trying to distract the enemy and keep the stupid bots alive.
  5. Nine_Lives_

    Goodbye, Smolensk!

  6. Nine_Lives_

    Your thoughts on British heavy cruisers

    This is working decently well so far for me.
  7. Nine_Lives_

    Your thoughts on British heavy cruisers

    I have Hawkins and Devonshire. So far my favorite British heavy cruiser is...Exeter. Exeter is stealthy and agile. Hawkins and Devonshire are not. Devonshire in particular feels like a truck. Exeter has good AA and an excellent fighter plane. In my experience Hawkins and Devonshire do not, although I do run hydro instead of DFAA Exeter's 14 km range is ideal for her matchmaking. With the same range plus .8 km but the added bonus of seeing t8 MM, Devonshire honestly feels shorter-ranged. I can't speak for Hawkins because I haven't touched her since I unlocked Devonshire. Exeter is stealthy and agile enough that you can make bold plays even with a 15-second reload. Devonshire I spend most of my time kiting at range spamming HE. There was one game over the weekend where I actually did push boldly and use AP on cruisers, but that was a solidly T5-T6 game and the stars just aligned. Honestly I'm struggling to see the point of having a whole line of these ships where the premiums are all either better or more flexible (unless HMS London, which we get for free for completing directives in the next update, has considerably worse reload, concealment and handling than Devonshire, she'll just be straight-up better like Exeter is straight-up better than Hawkins) Hopefully Surrey or Albemarle will wow me.
  8. Nine_Lives_

    WINNERS - The Perthfect Opportunity

    Thank you for the clarification. I keep hearing about this koala but never see it.
  9. I think I'll play a game in Blysca and mount the 303 Squadron camo in his honor. Thanks for sharing @Lert
  10. Nine_Lives_

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Warspite (3.0)

    @LittleWhiteMouse thank you. I know I'm very late to the party, but I've been using this review to guide my Warspite play ever since I first got her as part of the RN Destroyers event. Sometimes I can let her down, but she's never let me down. What with Sir Andrew Cunningham coming to the game in the next update, do you think the time has come for a new look at Warspite? She hasn't changed, but captain skills have and so has the competition, especially Mutsu, Izmail and West Virginia trying to take Warspite's crown (and failing, but that hasn't stopped some of their partisans from continuing to try ) In closing, great review of an amazing ship.
  11. Nine_Lives_

    Mouse's Quick Summary of Premium Battleships

    Well, I guess Duke of York and Vanguard mean that I can never take an Angry Youtuber Grade seriously anymore
  12. Holy crap somebody did that? That's all kinds of stupid; among other reasons, T8 matchmaking back in the day is not something you would want to take a new ship into. Thank you for this post. There seems to be a lot of antagonism against this event and for the life of me I don't understand it.
  13. Nine_Lives_

    Nelson's big squishy front.

    That's not wrong, but in my opinion it's not the biggest reason. After T6 British BBs simply don't have enough secondaries to make it worthwhile. From King George V and Duke of York to Conqueror and Thunderer they are stuck with 8 133 mm guns with a paltry range, reload and fire chance, and although these can be improved with upgrades and captain skills, there are just so many better options that it's not worth it. (Conversely, one of the best brawlers at her tier is Warspite. She has a LOT of secondaries in two different calibers, and they both reload fast and have good stock range. But more importantly they all face and fire forward, so in a brawl she doesn't have to show much side at all while hammering the enemy with the full weight of her secondaries, all the while pounding them with her accurate 15 inch guns. I've been able to fight even T8s like Amagi, Vlad and Massachussetts in Warspite)
  14. Nine_Lives_

    ST, test ships changes

    What "European" Destroyers? I only see Swedish destroyers.
  15. I'm fond of Minotaur's permanent camo myself.