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    Bro, Thanks a million, I almost understand what you are saying... Late now, I will E mail you tomorrow. Thanks for helping... Panda

    Hi all, Been around for a long time, this is my first post. I need some serious help because I can not understand what may be very simple to most of you. 1) I want to download a MP3 to the games music player (STRIKE BACK THEME by The Heavy) 2) I have checked to box in the audio section to allow this to happen. I have re-booted. 3) I can not find the folder \res\userMusic\ 4) I have found the res, res_mods, res package folders, but not the userMusic. 5) I have read in posts by others that sometimes you have to create the folder yourself. 6) I have no clue how to create a \res\userMusic\ file or folder, or how I would download to it, or anything about it at all. NOOB-[edited] that I am, I need someone to give me step by step instructions being very specific on how to get my music into the game. You may email me if you like GIVEROFDOOM@COMCAST.NET My game name some of you will recognise is PANDA 2 GUNS. I do appreciate any help. Sincerely, Panda