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  1. C:\Games\World_of_Warships\res engine_config.xml
  2. Tirpitz v. Alabama

    Actually, Alabama is not that inaccurate comparing to the North Carolina. It has 1.9 sigma vs 2.0 on the NC and the same dispersion values (if we compare to the NC without the gun upgrade so they have almost the same range, with 40m of difference).
  3. New symbol in the UI?

    Isn't that the icon of a target selected as primary for the AA guns/secondaries? I think it's the same case described here: Each icon has it's "code"-a combination of letters- which the client reads and interprets, showing us the appropriate icon in the game in place of the code. In this case the clan tag may be the code for that icon. It's way better explained on Reddit.
  4. Regarding Alaska...

    Mejash said it will be available for Steel, Flamu said on Reddit there's no confirmation yet.
  5. I've been using http://wowsft.com/ It doesn't have the 3D models but you can make Ships vs Ships comparisons and see how your captain build/modules/signals affect your ship's stats. There's even a slider to see how Adrenaline Rush affects your ship at a certain percentage of health.
  6. pandoet

    Is it something like this? Last time I got this error I deleted the Preferences.xml file in the World of Warships folder and it worked. It will reset all your game settings so take a screenshot of them in game before you delete the file.
  7. Find a friend

    Click the orange button at the bottom left of the screen when in port, click add contact, search for his name (wait a second and his name should appear), right click his name to add him to your contacts list. When you want to play together you can open your contacts list (the orange button) and create a division.
  8. Same here. Couldn't Alt+Tab to end the game using the task manager, had to do a hard reboot. This patch brought a lot of problems. Sequential fire not working (when keeping LMB pressed); the camera isn't fully zoom'ed out at the start of the battle even though I have the option checked; getting locked in free camera mode sometimes and needing to press RMB again to get the normal camera back; clicking enemies to focus your secondaries sometimes works on the first try, sometimes on the fifth, it's up to your luck; using the RMB to lock your guns sometimes points them at the opposite direction (or any other random side) instead of where you want - this one is the most annoying bug I've found since I use RMB to lock my guns a lot.
  9. noob questions

    Nevermind, others already posted the wiki link
  10. Bought the 5 Mega crates pack. Earned an Alabama, a Gallant, 50 60 Frost Fir camo and 15 type 59 camos. After reading about many people having bad luck with the crates, I was already expecting a bunch of camos and flags (not that valuable IMO). I'm really happy with what I got. Stopped buying while I'm still winning tho, won't risk with another pack.
  11. Last time I did this (4 months ago) it worked. Got the full doubloon price for a ship that was 30% off in the premium shop.
  12. This is a bad feeling this game can generate. The frustration of making a mistake that may cause your team to lose the battle. This match comes to mind every time I think about playing WoWs since it happened yesterday. I still feel frustrated for not finishing off that Bayern when he had 9k hp at the start. At the end, our team was less than 10 points behind and we lost when time ran out. The Bayern survived with less than 4k hp and only the Kamikaze wouldn't be enough to win the game for the enemy. If only that Bayern was dead we would have enough points to win, but who knows...
  13. Is this a bug?

    Maybe you had the Gnevny before the RU destroyer line split and when it was placed a tier higher you received the new tier 5 (Podvoisky) as compensation. I'm not sure but I think the DDs received as compensation came in their stock form, that's why you have only the A hull.
  14. Oh, I didn't know the new WOWS installer brings the Game Center by default now. I think I will upload to a cloud the normal installer I use everytime I need to reinstall WOWS (its quite an old version from october/2015, btw).
  15. Yes, you can get it back by reinstalling the game. You need to uninstall the Game Center after uninstalling WOWS and then reinstall the game in another folder. I did it last saturday and now I'm back to the old launcher.