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  1. This is a bad feeling this game can generate. The frustration of making a mistake that may cause your team to lose the battle. This match comes to mind every time I think about playing WoWs since it happened yesterday. I still feel frustrated for not finishing off that Bayern when he had 9k hp at the start. At the end, our team was less than 10 points behind and we lost when time ran out. The Bayern survived with less than 4k hp and only the Kamikaze wouldn't be enough to win the game for the enemy. If only that Bayern was dead we would have enough points to win, but who knows...
  2. Is this a bug?

    Maybe you had the Gnevny before the RU destroyer line split and when it was placed a tier higher you received the new tier 5 (Podvoisky) as compensation. I'm not sure but I think the DDs received as compensation came in their stock form, that's why you have only the A hull.
  3. Oh, I didn't know the new WOWS installer brings the Game Center by default now. I think I will upload to a cloud the normal installer I use everytime I need to reinstall WOWS (its quite an old version from october/2015, btw).
  4. Yes, you can get it back by reinstalling the game. You need to uninstall the Game Center after uninstalling WOWS and then reinstall the game in another folder. I did it last saturday and now I'm back to the old launcher.
  5. I once killed a Dunkerque in one salvo in my dear Fuso, not from full health tho. He came around an island showing broadside 6Km away from my 12 guns. 45K damage. Dunkerque sunk.