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  1. Maybe you had the Gnevny before the RU destroyer line split and when it was placed a tier higher you received the new tier 5 (Podvoisky) as compensation. I'm not sure but I think the DDs received as compensation came in their stock form, that's why you have only the A hull.
  2. Oh, I didn't know the new WOWS installer brings the Game Center by default now. I think I will upload to a cloud the normal installer I use everytime I need to reinstall WOWS (its quite an old version from october/2015, btw).
  3. Yes, you can get it back by reinstalling the game. You need to uninstall the Game Center after uninstalling WOWS and then reinstall the game in another folder. I did it last saturday and now I'm back to the old launcher.
  4. I once killed a Dunkerque in one salvo in my dear Fuso, not from full health tho. He came around an island showing broadside 6Km away from my 12 guns. 45K damage. Dunkerque sunk.