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  1. LordJP_

    PSA - Don't complain about MM in all chat

    I don't usually complain about Matchmaking in chat, but when I do is because of this: I'm not expecting to be favoured by MM every single match I'm in and be top tier every time, I just don't like being one out of two or even the single bottom-tier ship and become one of the few the punching bags for enemies 2 tiers above me. Guess which ships had to be EXTRA careful in that match? And it could have been way worse for me, NC is actually a pretty damn fine tier 8 battleship. I wouldn't like to be a Tirpitz/Bismarck in this situation. I wouldn't care about being bottom tier if the number of ships of each tier taking part in the match was divided more equally. Not 1 or 2 tier 8 ships because "F these guys in particular", 2 more tier 9 and all the rest tier 10. At least they could create a rule so the top tier can't be more than half the team's composition or something like that.
  2. LordJP_

    If you could get rid of ONE map which one?

    Mountain range, without any doubt. Even the lighting is bad on that map and can make it hard to see things.
  3. Yeah I agree with Sheik. I don't really think that an enraged post with exclamation marks and full CapsLock will make WG feel any more "pressed" to solve the problems of the game.
  4. LordJP_

    Kronshtadt vs Alaska

    If they keep the 4 weeks cycle between patches, 0.8.0 should go live January 16th. So January 15th is the last day you have to buy it.
  5. LordJP_

    Real WG Doubloons

    One thing I always wanted was one of the miniatures in the background of these posts: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/yesarizonasback/ https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/jingleshells/ https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/docommandersdreamofeclecticships/ Can you imagine this Scharnhost on your table? I would feel like a kid with a new toy.
  6. About a month ago. I was in my Nelson bottom tier in a T9 match, map was Land of Fire. First salvo of damage I received was a couple of citadels through my bow from an Alabama 18km away. "Yeah sure, RNG. Whatever you want!" Healed back to have just enough health to be the devastating strike of an Akatsuki in B while I was retreating from C. Was a quick game not only for me, our T9s were terrible that match and we got stomped. I remember that being the only game I played that night.
  7. LordJP_

    Sims in Dynamo is hilarious

    @Estimated_Prophet Blys can't Def AA but it's guns are great to take care of the Schnellboote. A well coordinated team with Blyskas and some AA specc'ed Sims is a garanteed 5 star.
  8. LordJP_

    Sims in Dynamo is hilarious

    Can confirm, my first attempt in the Sims I got top score with 54 planes shot down using my Cleveland 19pts captain. Blyskawica is also fun if you have it. 7(!) shells per salvo with flat trajectory can easily one shot a Schnellboot if you have good aim!
  9. I was called a cheater in a battle in my Richelieu today and the frustrating part was that the guy just didn't want to understand what happened. Some context: A guy comes around an island full broadside in his NC. I punch his citadel. He then angles away "kitting" me and shooting at my Rich's bow/belt armor while I shoot his superstructure. He, along with some of his teammates, proceeds to call me a chater because he dealt minimal damage to me while I sunk him. Some screenshots with my shots and his return fire: https://imgur.com/a/7Ys5qmY? (None of my teammates told anything in chat so I didn't bother to cover their names, they actually played well, even though we lost. I hope this won't fall under name and shaming) Now the frustrating part: I politely sent a message to the guy in port (I wanted him to pay attention, not rage at me) and tried to explain him what just happened. I felt as if I was talking to a wall. I tried to lead him to the information but he just wanted to remain uninformed. In a situation like this you don't have any way to readly point him in the right direction using the game client. You can only link him to X website Now what I think would have helped? Maybe if we had this information available in the client, moments like these could be avoided. Have access to information directly through the client, the same way we "conveniently" have the premium shop, WG! Name it "Important to Know Before Playing" in big red letters or something like that. Have an introdutory campaign with battles vs bots in which the game manipulates common situations you will find yourself while playing each class happening in a controled environment: "Bounce the enemy shot! To do this you need to be at X angle (Have it show the player he should turn his ship). Enemy guns can't damage you because X reason (have overmatch explained here)". Or "Keeping your ship afloat: This enemy cruiser will set many fires on you but stay calm. Fire damage is 100% repairable (explain how Repair Party works vs each type of damage) and your big battleship don't need to use DCP on a single fire." Spot for your team (Have spotting mechanics explained and show the player how to do it). "Where and how to aim: If your enemy is a BB usually shoot here. If he is angled, shoot here. If it's a cruiser and you are X class, shoot here." Teach the player to shoot the least angled part of an enemy ship and so on... Make each of these matches accessible at any time like a "Single Player Campaign". If the player wants to play the "Angling" or the "Spotting" lesson again he can. I think the "How It Works" series is a big step in the right direction, I'd be ok with resorting to 3rd party websites to find some information but make it also accessible through the client. Same with basic game mechanics. Sure, people can watch CCs for more advanced guides like positioning or how to play a specific ship, but at least hidden stats E.g. torpedo flooding chance or HE pen on specific lines shouldn't be hidden anymore. Back to this specific case: I can't put the fault on WG. I just pointed him what to search and even told him to ask WG support (he told he was sending a ticket) how it works so he could get the information from a trustable source if he didn't want to trust me, but he just ignored. I don't know why he'd want to remain oblivious to something that could give an advantage (knowing a game mechanic) in a competitive environment like a PvP game. You could argue that he doesn't take WoWS as competitive but he clearly showed to be annoyed by the idea of the enemy having an advantage over him. Could also be that I just got trolled. But my point still stands: have more information easily available to the playerbase can't be that bad, can it?
  10. I don't have the Atago, I've only played a couple of battles in the Takao. I do have the Atlanta and as much as I think it is fun, it can be a stressful ship to play sometimes. If the enemy knows how to exploit your weaknesses (mainly range) you will have a tough time. Atago can be more relaxing, it's tier 8 so makes more money, has more tools to deal with more situations and, since you said you plan to only ever buy one premium: Atago has been continuously sold since 2015 without any buffs or nerfs (none that I can remember) and still remains a viable premium.
  11. LordJP_

    How do I report this?

  12. LordJP_

    Gameplay with Ryzen what to expect?

    C:\Games\World_of_Warships\res engine_config.xml
  13. LordJP_

    Tirpitz v. Alabama

    Actually, Alabama is not that inaccurate comparing to the North Carolina. It has 1.9 sigma vs 2.0 on the NC and the same dispersion values (if we compare to the NC without the gun upgrade so they have almost the same range, with 40m of difference).
  14. LordJP_

    New symbol in the UI?

    Isn't that the icon of a target selected as primary for the AA guns/secondaries? I think it's the same case described here: Each icon has it's "code"-a combination of letters- which the client reads and interprets, showing us the appropriate icon in the game in place of the code. In this case the clan tag may be the code for that icon. It's way better explained on Reddit.
  15. LordJP_

    Regarding Alaska...

    Mejash said it will be available for Steel, Flamu said on Reddit there's no confirmation yet.