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  1. LordJP_

    Monthly Forum Event - Back to School

    Personal score to show when the match ocurred:
  2. LordJP_


    She doesn't get New Orleans' armor or improved reload. The 10KM radar is supposed to be a redeeming feature but it's not nearly enough IMO. The radar doesn't last long enough for two salvos unless you mount the radar upgrade module, but who's going to waste 12750 coal on a radar module to fire two full salvos in a tier 7 cruiser? IDK. Got it for free years ago from a mission chain and it's not an impressive ship. Maneuverability is good for a heavy cruiser though.
  3. LordJP_

    Missouri's Earning Data 10.6 vs 10.7

    As usual, LWM doing good for the community! To think all of this controversy could have been avoided by just creating a perfect copy of old Missouri, changing the copy's name to Missouri II or whatever, applying the current normal tier 9 credit modifier to it and releasing it that way like any other tier 9 premium in the premium shop. But I guess that doesn't generate enough hype to make people want to spend money on gambling.
  4. LordJP_

    LWM Needs Help: Crowd-Sourced Missouri Data

    Random Battle - Win
  5. LordJP_

    Torps bug

    Yes, I have experienced this. Check out Aerroon's testing on this. He found that the problem seems to be when DDs launch torps while turning. He also found that latency makes the problem even worse, with the torps going ever farther away from where you wanted. If you launch torps while your ship is sailing straight they will go where the indicator is telling without any problems though.
  6. Don't know why I'm getting this impression, but at this point I'm suspecting Wargaming is in fact not very good with reworks, or balance, or just good decision-making in general.
  7. LordJP_

    Twitch Mission X-Mas box Haul.

    12 Camos, 50 Zulu flags and a Yudachi from the mega Satan container here. Nothing to complain IMO. Even if the ship isn't anything special compared to other tier 7 DDs, at least it was free and prevents me from getting it in a container I may actually pay for in the future.
  8. LordJP_

    Ideas for mouse button binding

    Oh god, yes! Would be great if that could be fixed, it is so annoying!
  9. LordJP_

    Ideas for mouse button binding

    Mine has three thumb buttons. The one closest to my normal thumb position I binded to "X" to manually lock on to targets. The other 2 are for ~ (AA sector) and Ctrl, which I hold to make the mouse point appear in battle.
  10. LordJP_

    Narai, Boise and Transports with a mind of their own

    The transport ships are showing weird behavior, to say the least. In Narai I had runs where one of the transports decided to not go straight to the beaches, like it should but go full speed to the middle of the fight instead, straight to the enemie's spawn, got killed and prevented us from getting a 5-star win. In Newport one of the heal ships decided to do a random sail-around in front of a wave of enemy bots and got killed, instead of sitting still like they used to do. I don't recall seeing weird behavior in Aegis. While we got your attention on the topic of Scenarios, any news on the removed ones coming back any time soon or even at all?
  11. LordJP_

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    Another one for the history of great posts from you two in all these years contributing to the community! For the giveaway: LordJP_ on NA server. The most memorable ship of 2019 in my opinion is the Thunderer. I would define it as a "comfortable all around" ship to play, kind of like a Giulio Cesare of tier 10. It's more fragile than same tier and ship type competitors but it's still in the range between decent to good in other aspects, with it's most defining characteristic being the good gunnery. You don't feel like you are constantly fighting against your own ship to get things done in the Thunderer. Need to delete a cruiser? The good turret traverse, good alpha and accuracy will get it done. Need to fight an angled battleship? No problem, it's just as powerful spamming HE. You don't like the long rudder shift time of normal battleships? Good news, here's a 10,4s RS time, you can even use DCS mod. 2 without feeling you are giving up on maneuvrability.
  12. LordJP_

    Russian Bias! Not Kremlin or Smolensk!

    Designer's Table and Hawaii port have the best music in my opinion.
  13. LordJP_

    Lunar New Year Crate Sale

    Bought 2x5 Premium containers and got a rock didn't get any ship. Was expecting at least one to make the price worth it. By order of opening: 1x Anshan Special permanent camouflage - I already have the ship so this will have an use 20k Free XP 8 days of premium 20k free XP 12 Lunar Warrior camos ___________________________________ 12 Lunar Warrior camos 12 Lunar Warrior camos 20k free XP 750 doubloons 12 Lunar Warrior camos Oh well, I was willing to gamble...